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S08.E25: Quicksand

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Special Time 8/7c

Javi gets some work news that puts pressure on his relationships with both Briana and Kailyn.

Leah reveals a secret about her and Jeremy.

Chelsea and Cole confront Adam’s parents for the first time since court.

(No mention of the Dumbfucks)

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I can only assume 'quicksand' is in relation to the Sinking Land. Which, heh heh heh. We can forgive the episode-titling people for not naming the last one 'Playing Family Ski Cabin' now. Their sins have been forgiven.

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22 minutes ago, Isthisok said:

David threatening the Vice President of the Esteemed Modular Homes Society with all the wrath of Jenelle’s followers, as he stands in the middle of his sinking, fancy trailer.


This is my favorite thing today. 

I’m so stoned. That chess piece got a big ol lopsided ass just like Bri does ?

I'm also stoned. DumbFucks still gave my the fucking creeps! *PPP*

Damn Bri is dumb

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WTF did Swamp Donkey and Swamp Princess expect when they built their house in a marsh????


Was nice to see Javi calling Kail on her bullshit you're hurting the kids nonsense when she had a kid as a booty call to some random guy. 

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7 minutes ago, ClassyCourtHeels said:

WTF did Swamp Donkey and Swamp Princess expect when they built their house in a marsh????

Built? Didn't they basically decide to plop it down mid-swamp?...after David "leveled!!", "raked!!!", and "WORKED!!!!!" the land?

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1 hour ago, Rebecca said:

Jen Edwards from Teen Mom even like, “whoa, Mrs. Lind is a next level enabler!” What the fuck is wrong with the Linds? How can they even deny his problems at this point? He’s been arrested so many times! His mom sounds literally crazy.

I wonder if Stacia's broken arm was a lie as well?

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33 minutes ago, ClassyCourtHeels said:

Legoed their house? Does that fit better?

Hey, now, don't go dissing Legos.  The swamp donkey assuredly is not bright enough to build with those any more than he is bright enough to build with anything.

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Isn't Leah's home a modular as well? The holler definitely holds up better than a swamp.

Javi: *glazed over eyes* You [the cameras] better be there when I get back. That's all I'm saying. You [the cameras] better be there this time.

Is it true that Corey from the Challenge is the new Teen Mom? If so, Javi must be gutted. Tee-hee

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Can someone share more details on David and Jenelle's house problems?  I no longer watch, but am very curious about this.  I think I get the general idea, but more details would be great :-)

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9 hours ago, zenme said:

So you're saying that all of Jenelle's trashy fans will take their modular home purchases elsewhere? Go ahead and roll the dice on that one, Mr. Vice Pres. 

Yes, my thoughts exactly. I don't deny any of these people and their social media barnacles, but do any of us really think that these barnacles are going to be buying modular houses?

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12 hours ago, BitterApple said:

Can someone also explain to me why Lux not having his own room precludes Chris from having overnight visits? Don't many parents put a crib in their bedroom so the baby is close by? Kail is such a bitter baby mama it isn't even funny.

She will grasp at anything to be able to control her kids and their fathers. That is a ridiculous argument. As if a baby not having his own room means he should not spend appreciable time with his dad? @@

The coven’s apartment is so cluttered because five of them live there. Can you imagine how cramped it is with the camera crew? And baby gear and toys take up a lot of room. Why do they continue to live together? Seems like Brianna and the kids could share an apartment and Brittany and the mom could. They are renting - they could even get neighoring apartments but they need more space!

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Just a couple of things:

  • Am I the only one that doesn't see one drop of chemistry between Javi and Bri? It seems to be such a one-sided relationship. When she declared her excitement about him being there, I was like, "Girl, I am more excited that I actually have been able to take a shit after three days."  
  • An engagement ring? LMAO!!!!!! I wonder if he gave the same ring to the chic he is engaged to now?
  • I am not defending Kail but she was right about Javi creating the mess they were in because he chose to start dating her co-worker who is messy, #Javiisafamewhore
  • I don't care how much you aren't getting along with your ex but if your chic is dissing your baby mama you may want to think twice or three times about really being in a relationship with her.  I wouldn't want my kid around some nasty thing that talking shit about me either. #TeamKailonthatone
  • Kail was wrong for making a big deal about Lil Soapy's daddy not having a crib for him and complaining about the items that he purchased for Lil Suds
  • Almost forgot!!!! Watching Bri walk from behind is horrendous! She actually has wings on her ass! Not a cute look.


  • Chelsea is better than me because after that little diddy that was brought by Adam's mom with Aubrey, she would only be seeing her at the supervised visits
  • I love Watson!!!


  • David trying to blackmail the VP to fix his house was hilarious!! Do these dumbfucks know that you can catch more flies with honey and all that jazz?
  • In that scene of just DF #1 and DF #2 talking about what kind of house he always wanted-they were both high, just high!


  • I thought Leah's scenes were cute!
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1 hour ago, alexa said:

Can someone share more details on David and Jenelle's house problems?  I no longer watch, but am very curious about this.  I think I get the general idea, but more details would be great :-)

Yes please!  Especially since I don't understand how a modular home company would be responsible for the condition of their land.    Someone mentioned something about fill, though, so is that the angle they are going for?  The company didn't put enough fill dirt/gravel/whatever in?

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Kail and her “I feel like I’m handing my baby over to a stranger”.  Yes Kail, if you have unprotected sex with strangers you will have babies with strangers.  She just went from bitch with a big ass to dumb bitch with a big ass.

Does anyone who follows Janelle’s IG know if she ever called out the modular home company?  If not I’m guessing they caved and fixed it for them.

On the news this morning a leading pediatrician said that frequent high levels of stress hormones in children rewires the brain, alters development, and is a form of child abuse.  Poor Kaiser immediately came to mind.  I really hope he goes to child care year round because he needs a break from his toxic environment as much as possible.

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There was entirely too much Briana on this episode. I had had enough and fast forwarded her scenes. I'm forever grateful for missing the belching. She's disgusting.

DF#1 and DF#2 make me cringe with second hand embarrassment. They need to go away for good. Hope the swamp swallows them up.

Adam's mother is something else. It's unfortunate the courts ruled she could still have visitation with Aubree.

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Man, o’ Man, how I wished that all of jenelles “12 million” followers clicked the unfollow button during the airing of this episode last night. That would have been an AMAZING Fuck YOU to David and Jenelle.

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11 hours ago, Linny said:

God, David's such a douche. The vice president of the housing company (who wisely didn't consent to having his face, name, or company's name revealed on camera) was talking to David in a perfectly rational tone, but since he wasn't telling David exactly what he wanted to hear, David busted out the threats.

I don't even think he UNDERSTOOD what the dude was saying. He went into it preparing for a fight. 


10 hours ago, FlowerofCarnage said:

So let me guess, because Chris didn't want to play house, nothing he does for Lux will ever be good enough?

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot - the way they were trashing the "plain, white onsies" was so tacky! Who do they think they are????


10 hours ago, SuzyLee said:

Javi needs to be on a wedding ring blacklist.  When he enters a jewelry store to buy a new ring, it’s an automatic refusal of service and a mandate to wait at least another six months to propose to his latest squeeze.  At least.

Hahaha, this cracked me up! There should be some sort of detector that starts a siren and red light whenever he comes within 10 feet of a jewelry store! 


4 minutes ago, Mr. Minor said:

The moron POS was trimming his nosehair.

Ohhh. I didn't realize. My husband has a device for that (which he uses IN THE BATHROOM), but it didn't look the same at all. It looked like a little bottle with some sort of fluid in it. 

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I cannot wait to read the comments on this episode! Here's my take:

What was Jenelle talking about with “the Land” and that the builder said they were putting too much water on it when it was her ceiling that was cracked. I never lived in a house (have a condo) so I don’t really understand what’s going on there. The “vice president” sounded like the typical corporate, “We need to take care of this,” bs. David’s threats to go on social media must have had him shaking in his boots /sarcasm. and WTF? David wants to live in a shoe house and Jenelle says "Crazy cat lady?" To quote Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon."

Hey Jenelle, newsflash: if your world comes to an end, it probably won’t be due to some “nucular” event. Maybe you can find a Survival Guide for living with David. And get the toddler version and read it to Kaiser. Jenelle saying “nucular” made me want to smash the TV. 

Bitchface Kail doesn’t let Javi get a word in edgewise when talking about their issues, actually Kail's issues. She looks so pissed that Javi has such a great relationship with Isaac and Lincoln. You can see how happy he was to see them and how happy they were to see him. I’m not understanding what the big deal is that Chris wants to see Lux? Isn’t that a good thing? Her and her bitch friend ragging on the stuff they sent back with Lux made me sad for some reason. Maybe that was what they could afford, you fucking bitches. "They couldn't get a color" for the onesie just enraged me for some reason. YOu know how some things when you hear, send you from zero to sixty and you kind of know why but are surprised at how angry you got? That was me watching these two bitches in the car. 

I think all this giggly playing with the kids that Kail does is for the benefit of the cameras. I don’t think she is mean to her kids but she’s totally impatient and I bet that comes out when the cameras are not around.  

I can’t stand Leah and frankly, other than Ali, I don’t like her kids either. I think they are unruly and would lose my mind if I had to be around them. Sorry, but asking the kid if she is okay with just one birthday party? How about saying, “We’re having one party this year.”  I don’t buy the heart crap that Jeremy attributes to Addie. She can’t sit still long enough to articulate a coherent sentence. I have zero interest in whether or not she and Jeremy get back together so next week I will be back to forwarding when she is shown.

In every episode that I watch, Nova looks absolutely miserable. It doesn’t look like she’s neglected and I get the “all the attention goes to the baby” thing, but outside of that she lacks the happy look of a child. She’s just so straight faced and it looks like you would have to struggle mightily to get a genuine happy laugh out of her and probably would not be successful. 

Javi getting teary about being deployed because he’s leaving his girlfriend of a half an hour behind? Um, this is what you signed up for. Those benefits have strings attached. What was up with "The guy that was supposed to go on this deployment can't go" business? Maybe the military has changed but anyone I know that went in (my husband was in the Navy back in the day) there was no such thing. You did what they told you to do. You didn't say "I can't go, find someone else." Odd. 

He’s so clingy, afraid that Briana is going to leave him when deployed. This is the shit he worries about? He’s like a 14 year old going away to sleepaway camp and is terrified of being away from their first love. How old is Javi now? 26 or something? Stop being so fucking fragile. It’s so incredibly unattractive in my view but his following probably thinks it is adorable. Bleh. An engagement ring? Oy vey!

Chelsea calls Cole to ask if he’s almost done working and then proceeds to start to tell him about her day, something she can do when he gets home. So stupid. Reminds me of some of the gals I work with or see on public transport who call their spouse/SO/whoever and all you hear them say is 'What are you doing?" Then they say, "Nothing," and then there's a bunch of silence. Why call someone for no reason? Argh!!!

Off topic a bit: every time I see Chelsea’s house, I think, “If that was my house, the first thing I would have done was put a fence up. 

I never liked Chelsea but I truly feel for her re: all she is going through with Adam. His mother is the typical, “My baby boy can do no wrong” even though he’s a druggie and probably has stolen from them to support his habit. She was a stupid girl to get involved with him and young women would be wise to take note of what she is dealing with all these years later and how heartbreaking it is for her.

Ensley doesn’t look like a happy baby.  Maybe it’s just me but I have a lots of friends with kids of all ages and their babies, even the very young ones, engage and smile and whatever. Even the less animated babies still engage with their parent or smile at the sight of a piece of cake or while eating something sweet. Every time I see Kaiser, I feel so terrible for him trapped in that house. No one pays attention to him. That poor, poor boy.

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Karl, Quay and Bone trying to find some random street corner looked so stupid.

Nova seems to have Devoid's mannerisms.

Lydia's lips are even bigger than Javi's, at one point it looked like she was trying to hide them.

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27 minutes ago, Blissfool said:

And J does nothing all day, but she had to "run errands" on the day of the VP visit?

I thought that was kind of weird and that there must be more to it...but I couldn't figure out just what. 

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9 hours ago, CaliforniaLove said:

Javi: *glazed over eyes* You [the cameras] better be there when I get back. That's all I'm saying. You [the cameras] better be there this time.

LOL, I see what you did there, Californialove!

If there was ever any doubt about the scarcity of brain cells with these two, those asinine tattoos sealed the deal.  Who gets their body permanently altered based on a two-minute relationship?  AND, decides to make it something as stupid and ugly as a chess piece?  Is that a nod to the game they're playing with their fame-whore-ism?

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