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  1. ghoulina

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    Well, darn. 12 was literally one of my top 5 moments of the entire series. still 26 and 28. Also, 30.
  2. Tamra looks like Glenn Close.
  3. ghoulina

    S08.E07: Mother of a Mother’s Day

    I really hate the attitude around Mother's Day - someone needs to do something for ME. What about HER mom? Did she have anything planned for April? We often feel better about ourselves when we do something kind for others. Just saying...
  4. ghoulina

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    still 23 and 26. Also, 28. Poor Jackson.
  5. ghoulina

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    Yes! I will sometimes miss votes over a weekend. Please, join us when you can!
  6. ghoulina

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Did she tell Jo beforehand? Did he know they were out of the country when his day rolled around? That's a bit confusing. If it were anyone but Kail, I'd say it sounds like Jo is being kind of petty about blocking filming. But she definitely deserves it.
  7. ghoulina

    S08.E07: Mother of a Mother’s Day

    I agree with this. I generally like Kristina. But she really should have pulled Amber aside privately and not made a big deal about it in front of Leah. Wasn't is something about her dogs?
  8. ghoulina

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    Still 23 and 26. Also, 27.
  9. ghoulina

    S08.E07: Mother of a Mother’s Day

    Could Maci not chomp gum when she's going to meet a member of Congress? Ryan's eyes still look all squirrelly to me. Cory got a damn nice mother's day gift for a woman he's not even with. Conversely, I LOVED Tyler and his one bottle of essential oils. Bahaha! That was awesome. Should've got her some shampoo, though. Butch is such an infant. When you're the parent there's an expectation to do the right thing and set the example. Poor Leah. I hope she's not really having panic attacks. But, you know, Amber - instead of berating her stepmother about not telling you soon enough, maybe just talk to Leah about it. She's all freaking out about 8 times. But it's possible Gary and Kristina didn't know it had happened that many times. I understand where Gary is coming from. After dealing with Amber, I can see him being scared that Leah is going down that path. But it's best to be proactive and see someone now. And it doesn't even have to be a hereditary issue. Maybe it's Amber's behavior that is causing stress in Leah's life. Either way, let her talk to someone.
  10. Richard was an ass in that episode, but I kind of felt badly for him. He had just retired and didn't know what to do with himself. This was a man who had worked hard his entire life. Suddenly he feels useless; and unwanted in his own home. It was also quite obvious that Lorelai didn't really want him hanging out in Stars Hollow with her either. Richard was a smart man. He KNEW everyone was pawning him off on each other. So, to me, his behavior that day was about fighting for a modicum of control. Making himself feel like he was still that "businessman". That leader. It wasn't his place (in either case); he was definitely out of line. But I understood where he was coming from. But I'm one who generally likes the elder Gilmores more than daughter and granddaughter, so I likely have a different perspective.
  11. ghoulina

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Those ducks look like they just witnessed a crime.
  12. ghoulina

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I can see Cate going to bed with full makeup on. But that picture is staged as a motherfucker.
  13. ghoulina

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    3 - I always found Glen very OTT and annoying. 23 - this is one of the few times I couldn't stand Luke. 26 - just not super memorable *This is going to be super hard because these are all such great moments; and, since there's no strong theme, I'm going to have trouble finding my basis for voting. LOL
  14. ghoulina

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    When the girls teach Emily how to order from the food court. When Rory guesses the Clash song while "tutoring" Jess. When Lorelai's business school classmates go on and on about rich people and then find out she's one of THEM. Rory calling Paris a "pop up book from hell". Sookie flipping the golf ball themed cake into the trash after that crazy guy (name is eluding me) changed his mind for the 4548th time. When the roommates are discussing the message left on their door and Paris says she has her "East Side 860 guys" on it. When Dave gives Lane a coded message about where he'll be during the dance marathon. The entire scene where Robert asks Rory to the Tarantino dance. Emily and Lorelai dancing in matching outfits down the runway. Kirk staying at Lorelai's and getting yelled at to turn the TV off. When Rory comes to visit the Kim's during the termite infestation and Mrs. Kim chases her down the walkway with the hose. Logan bothers Rory in the library and she calls him a "buttfaced miscreant".
  15. Agreed. Ryder had a different haircut; but, otherwise, looked fine to me. Harbour definitely had more of a schleppy look this season.