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  1. I'm glad the girls got to see their dad, but why is Gia copping such an attitude with Teresa? She's 18. Shouldn't she be responsible for her own license? Joe Go, man. He took me on a roller coaster ride tonight. I actually teared up when he was saying he never saw Juicy treat her right and how a real man can look his wife in the eye and tell her he loves her. Teresa has a mountain of fucking flaws and I generally don't like her; but I felt so sad for her in that moment. But then he was back to being a pig by the end of the episode. It's actually kind of nice that all the guys can get along, and then he goes and makes Dr. Bill all uncomfortable by telling him he should bang his wife more. Yikes! I don't know why he thinks the man is responsible for Jennifer's foul behavior. Just stay out of it, Joe. I didn't really feel Jennifer's apology was sincere, so I didn't care that Jackie didn't really want to hear it. Jackie's dad's house just seems way too big for one person. I'm worried he's just gonna fill it right back up with junk. Maybe he should downsize.
  2. The burning questions are : How late does David now stay up? And will Lesley let him eat potatoes?
  3. So wait - they did it doggy style on the kitchen counter??? I'm not sure physics would support that. (Nor would the counter.)
  4. I don't get the big deal about Frankie going to the prom because he's a few years out of HS. Then again, I'VE never understood why we box kids in because of their ages. When I was 17, I dated a 23-year-old that was less mature than some of my classmates. Seriously. Still living off of his parents and everything. When I was 24 I dated a 23-year-old that already owned his own home, had a really decent job, a reliable, vehicle, never paid a bill late, etc.
  5. She's not. Tyler does it. Those extensions are not flattering for her face shape, at all.
  6. Because it was all about the adults - impressing them - not the kids. Jackie gave her boys exactly what THEY wanted.
  7. I'm honestly very unsure about when they met myself. However, the two don't have to be mutually exclusive. The families could have known each other a long time, but it was when they started seriously dating that Joey noticed a change in the relationship with his sister. I would believe this before I believe it was a production set up or that she intentionally forgot them. I could definitely see it being a subconscious slip, though. Gina is 18, no? Could she not have taken two of her sisters? I don't think I would have been offended by Melissa; and I'm generally on her and Jackie's side in all of this, but Dolores did have a point - Mel doesn't know what the others have or haven't set up for their kids. I think she should have kept it simply about praising Jackie's frugal ways, and not making comparisons with the others. I realize, though, that anyone could get easily frustrated trying to converse with Jennifer.
  8. I'm so glad Jennifer went home. I couldn't take any more yelling. I was surprised Teresa actually chose to stay. You could see the wheels turning as she tried to decide which person to listen to. She certainly can't think for herself. I loved Jackie opening up about her eating disorder. I struggled with anorexia, myself, as a young girl. I totally got her frustration. To others, it seems like she's not eating very much. But to HER? She's actually eating a lot. One thing I love about Margaret is her ability to be empathetic and humble. She can learn and admit wrongs. Were Joe Go and Frank wearing the same shirt at the bar?? I also loved the Uncle Eric scene. What a sweetheart. Jackie can be annoying sometimes, but I think she's a good egg. What's up with her dad having no food and 7 gallons of mouthwash? Was NoNo cooking a fucking octopus??? At six am??? I guess Melissa was right. Tre really IS ignorant. Forgetting all their documents like that. Yikes.
  9. Remember when Amber claimed she couldn't go to AA/NA because she's so "famous" that everyone would recognize her? She probably feels the same about attending parenting classes.
  10. That's a valid point. He can't just hang in the background as Stassi's boyfriend any more. I like how he handled it as well. He didn't back down, but when he realized it was going nowhere - he peaced out. Sandoval has become insufferable. Stassi is fucking hilarious. We have very similar senses of humor, which is probably why i just can't quit her. I get all that. But what I don't understand is how any of that is Stassi's problem. If her requested party date was coming up too quickly to get everything done, and no one told her this - then Sandoval should have taken it up with Lisa or the other Tom. If neither of them told her that they couldn't do it, why would she be expected to believe otherwise?
  11. If the sign truly is something the club does for every bride, then it's kind of funny. If not, I can understand Brittany getting upset. I mean, it's Jax. The sign ain't wrong (did you see him lying his ass off about the strip club?) But that's not what you wanna see at your bachelorette party. I'm so sick of hearing about Carter. I'M gonna flip my shit of Kristen doesn't end it soon. Ariana was being a little arrogant bitch this episode. When Kristen asked, "Who does he think he is?" and she replied, "The owner of TomTom"? THE owner??? He's PART owner. And not a big part. Then the book thing. She 💯 was trying to act like Stassi planted her own book there. Maybe Ariana is pissed because her cocktail book isn't in airport bookstores. And Sandoval can't even own his shit. I still do not see how not having a bartender is Stassi's fault. As much as Beau didn't need to get involved, he was right in that Sandoval should have taken the issue to Schwartz. I just really don't think it's that big of a deal. They got the bartender covered. Schwartz was willing to do it himself, if need be. Sandoval can make fun of Schwartz's panic attack from 5 years ago, but he's not the one panicking now. Final thought - Jax is an ungrateful bastard. Next wife? Throw him a party on a motherfuckering rowboat.
  12. I don't think she's that into him either. She's had to really reign in her whoop-it-up persona since getting with him. But Vicki is really desperate at this point. I think she'd hang onto anyone willing to stick with her.
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