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  1. People can be obnoxious when they're drunk. But you don't stick your unwanted tongue down a woman's throat - TWICE - just because you're drunk. You don't attack the van you're riding in JUST because you're drunk. Maybe he holds it better together when he's not liquored up, but these behaviors are indicators of a bigger problem. I agree with a lot of what you've said about Rhylee. I have my own issues with her. But I do not think Ashton is a good bosun. Lee even told him that his idea to just fire Rhylee, instead of trying to manage her, was not the behavior of a good leader. I also think he's very gamey - I feel like he intentionally set Ryhlee up with that fishing trip, maybe even hoped she'd get in trouble over it. He's immature and petty and unprofessional. I liked him a lot last season, but I really changed my opinion of him this year.
  2. Margaret only accepted Marty back in because she had an ally against Danielle. I like Margaret, but she is very hyper-focused on this Danielle thing and it's making her look ridiculous. She does not haven to prove to anyone why she has issues with Danielle. It will all come out in the wash. And now that Danielle and Marty are being all friendly again, I wouldn't be surprised if Margaret stops talking to him again.
  3. At least Kaiser has Doris. Who does Ensley have???
  4. oh man, I LIVED for the Fofty drama? Does anyone know if that coincided with filming at all?
  5. Yea, I don't know what his deal is. I don't know if Bravo tells him to call at certain times. Can they even have contact with him? Or does he just call A LOT? I get that he's sad that he's missing all of this stuff.....but this was all totally preventable. And while Teresa is certainly no angel, I feel like Joe always kinds of "starts it". He asks what they're doing and then when they tell him he either has to turn it negative ("how much do those dresses cost?") or make it about him ("*I* once got you a name necklace"). I wonder if it's not so much about making sure the GIRLS don't have a good time, but maybe more punishing TRE - because he's all bitter that she's out and he's not. Either way the kids suffer. I really really don't like Teresa, but I do feel for her when the kids she's raising on her own instantly jump to defend their father, who is being an asshole. I agree. I actually think her mother is trying. She was raised in a very different culture and a strict religion. She didn't know any other way. She has not disowned her son or refused to be around him or anything like that. She's trying. And I feel like it's kind of gross that Jennifer is using her family issues as a storyline. Let them figure it out on their own. I don't really like name necklaces at all; but I think if I WERE to wear one, it would bear my children's names or my husband's or something. No offense to anyone, but it seems a bit narcissistic to go around with your own name on your chest.
  6. Did Joey and Gino really need to hear about their dad's 3 lone sperm? Of course Juicy had to start a fight with Tre on Mother's Day. And then her kids jump in to defend him. He can't ever just ask how they're doing. He's got to comment. So immature. At this point, I think David only continues with Dolores because Frank is building his house. I can see them having a totally different kind of "talk" when it's done. Marge SR. wants to give her dusty stilettos to was vets?? What exactly does Tre think Margaret has done to her? Margaret was attacked at Teresa's event, by Teresa's friend, and Teresa didn't really defend her. So Margaret is taking a step back. Can't say I blame her. Jackie's house is lovely. Who knew she was a secret baller?
  7. Thank you for sharing. I truly was not aware.
  8. So the only way to be a douche is to fight amongst each other? I tend to think ganging up on someone and making their job miserable is worse. Also, there have been plenty of seasons where guys have fought with each on this show. Women ARE capable of getting along. Bravo just likes to highlight the ones who don't.
  9. I love him too! But I also love Stassi. I am not mentally prepared for what is to come.
  10. Scheana can say it's just a vibe, but she is 100% making Dayna do the grunt work because of Max. I mean, she bought the guy an Apple watch for Thanksgiving!! (Who buys Thanksgiving gifts???) What I really can't figure out is how Ariana is okay with Dayna doing stand up. But she was actually not too bad. Thankfully Max didn't have to use the, "You did it!" line. (But I'm filing that away for later.) Then there's Brett's 7 hour "I'm just not that into you" speech.... Which left Scheana confused - because he kissed her the first night they met. So he MUST have felt something. Well, yea, until he kissed you. Hmmmm...I just realized that even though I was resistant to the new people, they're really the only ones I have much to say about. I'm totally over the James-LaLa dysfunction. I'm over the Kristen-Carter dysfunction. But that is one manipulative motherfucker. "When I'm gone, who's gonna be there?" Not YOU, bitch! That's the point! It was nice to see Katie apologize and go over to help Kristin. But homegirl has to do right by HERSELF.
  11. Shock therapy? Haven't we moved away from that as a society? Also, how does one get pregnant when there's a restraining order in place? Was there a fence involved?
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