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  1. ghoulina

    S08.E12: The Weight of the World

    If Bentley is struggling, maybe keep it off TV. Entirely. I mean, great that you didn't film therapy. But now the entire world, including his classmates, knows he is IN therapy. Maci generally does a pretty good job with her kids, but I'm not okay with that. Mack and Ryan ooops into another pregnancy. No words. Brandon and Teresa staying two hours away was smart. Until Cate and Tyler decided to go rent closer. And I have no words for her and the fucking scrapbook. All these years and you're just NOW trying to finish it? You're making people who drove across the country to see you wait around at the zoo because your jam-packed schedule just didn't afford you the time to finish it until this weekend? I can't. I just can't with this heifer. MacKenzie's mom's cancer is super intense. Good God, I don't want to watch this woman die. And poor Gannon just breaks my heart. He seems like a very introspective and inquisitive child and I really wanted them to explain more to him. Charity is great; but Cheyenne is, once again, not understanding what is age appropriate for her daughter. Whatever. I read Taylor's tweets and they were definitely... Yikes. I do believe her, though, that she was just sheltered and trying to be funny. I also don't think Cheyenne really gave a fuck until her mother brought it up. On camera. I'm all up to date on Amber's situation, so not much to say there. I just feel for those kids. Leah's first thought is her brother. And Gary is so sad, thinking of that baby going through all the shit Leah went through. It's just a mess. Is cousin Krystal pregnant again???
  2. ghoulina

    S03.E03: Two Haileys And A Baptism

    No. Jessica literally told Chloe to tell Max and his dad that they can't TALK to anyone in her family. She is incredibly arrogant and petty. I hate her way more than Max.
  3. ghoulina

    S02.E09: Episode 9

    It was definitely revealed that he was adopted last season. I cannot remember if they said how old he was when it happened, but I was already concerned about reactive attachment disorder; so, somehow, I was under the impression they didn't take him as a newborn. I had never really heard about this case until they mentioned it on My Favorite Murder. I then went to listen to Atlanta Monster. I spent the entire podcast being pretty unsure. At the very end I landed on Williams being guilty; but I was surprised when I started reading more about it afterwards. There was a lot more convincing evidence. I tend to think Payne was just trying to be "fair", but it didn't really come off that way.
  4. ghoulina

    S03.E03: Two Haileys And A Baptism

    Hailey #2 looked like she really didn't care and/or was enjoying all the drama. How many times is Tyra gonna pop into labour and delivery? Those people must be sick of seeing her. The new girl's mom - she moved an hour away out of spite, right? I wonder if they'll find out if that baby really is Anthony's? I continue to hate Jessica and her sychophant husband. Max and his father did everything you told them to do. They sat where you told them. They never approached you. They waited patiently until princess Chole deigned to include them. And then YOUR relatives go over by them and Max's dad tells them to have a nice day and "they came to start drama". What??? She is just too much. Thankfully no McKayla!
  5. Exactly. He seems very spoiled. He has a wife. He has kids. He can study. But I don't think it's fair to COMPLETELY shirk his duties as a husband and father to study for this test. It's his choice to do this now, at this point in his life; so he needs to make it work around his family.
  6. No, I get it. I feel like she's always been ashamed of where she started; and that includes Ryan. Once she got married to Simon, he likely got iced out. It's still on him - the choices he makes as an adult. But I do have some empathy for child Ryan.
  7. ghoulina

    S02.E09: Episode 9

    Yea, there's really no way BTK can be a huge focal point right now. He's still got a ways to go. I liked this season. I actually enjoyed Tench's personal story very much. I was worried about that kid season one and it made for some interesting parallels with Tench's work. You notice him starting to identify a bit with Henley and can't help but wonder if the situation with his son is making him biased. I really loved the scene of them flipping burgers. I hope he can work things out with Nancy next season. Tench is my favorite character anyhow; so the more I get of him, the better. All the casting in this is top notch. I think this season felt a little different because all of the prison interviews were in the first half and one case really dominated the story. Last season they helped out with several cases and there was a good a mix of interviews throughout. But given the real life participation in the Atlanta case, I understood why it had to be that way. I just really enjoy the prison interviews. I wanted to see more with Henley. That case really fascinates me and makes me question a lot of things. I would have liked to see Holden and Tench question him. I literally JUST got done listening to the Atlanta Monster podcast a few weeks back, so that entire story was very fresh in my head. Which made watching it play out a little slow for me. All the suspense was taken out. But I was still enthralled with the actor playing Wayne Williams. And the STOP women were just amazing and gave me chills. Overall, one of the best current shows out there and I'm kind of sad I binged it in two days.
  8. ghoulina

    S02.E01: Episode 1

    Was he dressed up in something? An apron maybe? It all happened so fast. But I thought he was trying to asphyxiate himself with whatever he had rigged up between the rope and the door. My guess was that he was sort of acting out his fantasies on himself. Maybe he was laying low and couldn't kill at that point? So he was trying to play both parts? I have no idea if that's anywhere close to what was going on....
  9. Did grass clippings get stuck to her dress?
  10. Eh, I don't see it as that big of a deal. I think a 14-year-old is more than mature enough to babysit, let alone hang out with their siblings until the nanny arrives. Obviously every teenager is different; but from the little we saw of her kids, they seemed pretty level-headed. I left my 9 and 7 year old home alone for a five minutes the other day. I was taking my oldest to our therapy appointment and my husband got stuck in traffic on the way home. We missed each other by a matter of moments. But they were fine. I was babysitting for the neighbours when I was ten. So maybe I just have a weird bias, but I don't think it's a big deal.
  11. ghoulina

    Mackenzie McKee: Somebody We're Supposed to Know

    I hope Josh gets gored to death by a bull. That is all.
  12. ghoulina

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    11 to win. I'm a dessert girl, no question.
  13. YES!!! I was waiting for her to update us about Eddie's heart. It was as if nothing ever happened. This is exactly what I think happened. She thought she was being the "cool girl". It didn't bother her. She's so chill. Who WOULDN'T want a girl like that???? And then it all came crashing down. But she was really rude and haughty, IMO, to Shannon; about HER divorce. So I have little empathy for ol Gina.
  14. Jolie is overweight???? I'm sorry, I just do not see that. At all. She looks like a perfectly normal young girl, to me.
  15. ghoulina

    S08.E11: Handle with Care

    I would go so far as to say that Amber doesn't WANT to better herself, because she likes having her mental struggles as an excuse for everything. I know that mental illnesses aren't necessarily "solveable" (and personality disorders certainly aren't). But if she was consistently attending treatment, taking meds, and working on herself....you know, actually FEELING better; she couldn't pull out the "depression and anxiety" card any time she flipped her shit. I don't think it's as callous as all that. I think they'd care very much for her, no matter what. But I think the show has made it impossible to move on. MTV likes the "Carly" storyline, so this necessitates that Cate and Tyler hyper focus on her. That's their niche and MTV just isn't going to drop it. I'm not saying they have zero responsibility. But they were very young when they started this show and I do think they were taken advantage of to a degree. I wish they would have gone off to college and left the show. It's been so unhealthy for them, more than most anyone. Or maybe she locked them out there all day and they're sad and lonely. I felt so badly for those dogs.