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  1. You know, on the one hand, if MY daughter talked to me the way Brooklyn did too Brandi; I'm sure she would have to find her own way of paying for cheer lessons. On the other hand, maybe Brandi should stop trying to upstage her own kid. Kam is just impossible. Poor Stephanie can't win. Plus, Kam is a hypocrite. Stephanie was the only one who actually apologized and owned anything. Kam accepts it makes nice. Then talks shit and calls the least fake person on this show "fake". At this point, I'm tired of both Cary and LeeAnn. Cary needs to stop lecturing LeeAnn. You're not her life coach. You're not even A life coach. Live your life; let LeeAnn live hers. And it is her wedding event, so don't make it about someone else. That said, LeeAnn needs to honest about her expectations and desires with D'andra. I like LeeAnn and have had my fill of D'andra, but LeeAnn is saying one thing to her face and another thing behind her back. She also needs to stop with the one-upping stories. I know she does it because she craves attention and equates it with approval. I do empathize with her. But it has to stop. I did laugh my ass off about the "vasectomy line", especially when she acknowledged it made no sense, but just went with it. Never heard of fillers in your hands!
  2. Yes. Emily can only stay calm for so long. She probably IS extra emotional right now with her own marital issues and the weight gain/health problems. But Gina basically ghosted her and is talking shit about Emily to everyone else. Then when it gets brought up, Gina dares to say - "This isn't the venue". She gaslights Emily and makes her think that she's being paranoid and overemotional. But I don't have a single friend who would flat out ignore me for days on end if something I did upset them. THEN they make up, and Gina is back to shading Emily in her THs - "she has some personality flaws". FUCK. YOU. Right. From the overall conversation Kelly had with the girls on the bus, it did seem like she wants him to periodically "check in" throughout the day - which I find a bit unrealistic, given his profession, and exhausting. However, in regards to the actual incident in question - Kelly was in the right. She calls. He's busy and says he'll call back. He DOESN'T call back. That would bother me. Do what you say you're going to do. It's not that hard to make a quick call, or even shoot off a text.
  3. And it really bothered me how Kail asked Isaac if he'd rather go to Hawaii or his dad's house; and then, when Isaac chose Hawaii, she acted like that was some big proof of something. What kid wouldn't pick Hawaii??? That's not the point.
  4. I was wondering a similar thing. I'm sure Kristina wants family photos with her other daughter while they're on vacation. Do they retake some of the same photos with her?
  5. Right? Typically I love Shannon; but you walk into a bar/restaurant I'M in blowing that damn whistle? I'm gonna lose my shit on you. I think that's exactly what it was. I also think she's largely influenced by Steve, who does not seem as much of a carefree, party guy as her previous partners. He seems pretty judgmental and uptight. This is a woman who has said her boobs wanted to come out to play and flashed Terry Dubrow over the phone. But now that she's with Steve, she won't even get in the hot tub with her Tres Amigas.
  6. Except she was blaming it all on Braunwyn. As if her BFF Tamballs hasn't been a crass asshole from day one. I've never cottoned to the idea that it's not cheating if a girl messes with another girl. How? Why? I wouldn't be okay with it. Eddie always seems so nice and reasonable. I cannot fathom what he sees in Tamra.
  7. I like Chelsea, but I really don't care about bag line or whatever it is. Snoozed through those segments. Brianna and John are also coma inducing. They should break up. They have no chemistry. And he ain't never moving to Florida. Leah needs a new storyline other than "will they or won't they?" with Jeremy. Kail is the worst. In all honesty, it probably wouldn't have killed Jo to switch holidays. But I HATE how she always has to have her way. She doesn't get that she's been getting on so well with him because he bites his tongue. A lot. Also, save me with that "once in a lifetime" spiel. You'll go to Hawaii twice more before next Tuesday. Jade is trying to keep Kloie safe from her dad, but what about Grandma? That broad is doing everything while driving BUT holding the steering wheel. And did that baby have a fucking balloon in her arms back there? This poor child. She doesn't stand a chance with that crew.
  8. I'm no prude, but there was a lot of FFing going on this episode. The sex stuff was just too much. Largely because it's so intentional. I loved when Tamra and Braunwyn tried to shock the waiter with their "love" and he brusquely responded, "cool". No one is phased. Except Vicky. Who is losing her fucking mind. I mean, I agree that Braunwyn wants attention, but coming from Vicky that's real rich. Kelly's boyfriend is a dud and they aren't right for each other. But she was cracking me up this episode. I loved when Gina said, "This isn't the venue" in regards to bringing up the date scandal and Kelly quickly yelled, "Emily!" I'm still team Emily. Gina is scum. Yes, it's okay to be hurt and mad, but you don't flat out ignore someone. Just say, "I'm feeling a bit hurt and confused and need a few days to sort through my feelings." And.... What's the big fucking deal??? You never even went out with him. But then they makeup and Gina is still talking trash in her THs. "I love Emily, but there's a real character flaw there." YOU don't have flaws? Shannon's daughter models now? Heaven help me.
  9. We are beyond casual around here, so I don't know about these things - is it typical to see a man's undershirt through his regular shirt?
  10. Is this drawn from an actual picture? Did this actually happen? Or did some rabid fan concoct this out of thin air?
  11. I'm beginning to think the chef came into this season with an agenda against Kate. He is super uptight and looks to find fault with every single thing she does. I've been watching this show for years and I know that charter guests sit down to eat when they want to sit down to eat. I don't get why all the guys are gaga over Courtney. She seems pretty plain looking with zero personality. I was with her, though, when Brian told her to smile. I HATE that shit. But putting that aside, she just seems like a total downer. She doesn't like anything and complains a lot about her job. (Albeit, not to her superior; I'll give her that.) Simone and Abbi both seem to have more spark to them. I'm kind of loving Tanner's infatuation with Kate. I think Ashton is cute and I like his interactions with his co-workers, but I cringe watching "romantic Ashton." Please, just focus on being Bosun this year. The guests: I'm quite certain that if any man had ever started a marriage proposal to me by saying, "I guess I owe you this", I'd run away. Fast. WHAT is up with Drunky McDrunkerson from the second round of guests? Wow. She's going to be an issue.
  12. I feel like crying. 18 was my favourite. I think this moment encapsulated all of Luke's character. It was so simply sweet. It makes me cry every time. 1
  13. I know the best way to get me to carry on a conversation is if someone insults me and yells at me to "TALK!" Works every time.
  14. I have no words. Is she trying to compete with Jenelle in the "Garbage Human Being" competition?
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