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  1. When CI first aired, I watched the first episode and I couldn't stand VDO and how he played the character. I thought it was so over the top and the head-tilt thing he did annoyed me I was definitely in love with SVU more and compared Chris Meloni to VDO, I was in love with Chris Meloni and that definitely overshadowed CI. 20 years later, I'm watching the reruns, and I'm in love with the Goren character lol His quirks, like the head- tilt and him getting physically close to people, makes his character so much more enjoyable. SVU made Elliott so angry, I stopped watchin
  2. The Jessica episode was a waste of time. Why even show it? I feel like she and Amanda just met each other 5 minutes before. This episode seemed like it was an advertisement for Amanda's life coach crap.
  3. It was so awkward when George asked Cencera to go to his appointment with him and she was hesitant and basically said she wasn't interested in him romantically.
  4. Corey said what a lot of us are thinking, Dr. Procter is beautiful!
  5. Also got the 7 day trial to see if it's worth it. Kinda only tuned in because I have a crush on Dr. Procter.
  6. What are your thoughts on this show?
  7. I feel like the kids see very little to none of that TLC money. Without the kids, Trent and Amber wouldn't have that nice house and material things. They should be nicer to their kids if they want that cushy lifestyle to go on longer. Poor Anna can't get her words out or articulate because bitch, ogre Amber steam rolls over her with every word. Amber has to have the last word on everything. Amber's inner ugliness has definitely been showing up on the outside. Her and Trent are ruthless. They love to bully their kids. The light in their kids eyes are gone. It's sad to
  8. Fuck Amber. I teared up at poor Anna crying and asking the crew what she did to make her mom so mad. Amber needs to see a therapist. She has some serious demons in her. Anna can never do right in Amber's warped mind.
  9. The way Amy speaks, she acts like she's 100lbs, even though she still is very obese.
  10. This show needs more Dr. Procter.
  11. Does this mean no more Dr. Procter 😞 He's like 99% of why I watch this crap lol
  12. I think he's gorgeous. His demeanor makes him extra sexy. He's just so calm and nice. I would gain 500lbs just be his patient lol
  13. I watch this show just to see Dr. Proctor.
  14. Amy and Amanda have Instagrams where you can see how they are doing. I'm not sure if I can post their Instagrams or not. Amanda is married now and she got the extra skin around her stomach taken off. Amy has a boyfriend and they both said themselves that they have gained a little weight back.
  15. Aw 😞 I was looking forward to it coming back. Hopefully Hulu or Netflix picks it up. POP had so many commercials, it would be great to watch it commercial free.
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