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  1. Kim looks sooo bad! All that shit she did to her face aged her so much.
  2. Did anyone watch the behind the scenes episode? There are so many cameras.
  3. How much did Dorinda pay Hannah to say all those flattering things about her?? I do get a kick out of Sonja constantly being gravitated to the free food in every scene. It's kind of refreshing because so much food gets wasted on these housewives shows.
  4. Nantes is gorgeous! The ocean, the mountains and the small town feel. I would also love to visit one day.
  5. I know this isn't an exact replicate of the original, and it reminds me of Dateline or 48 Hours, but I still liked it. I don't think the reboot could ever be like the original, because Robert Stack played a major part of how creepy it was.
  6. I can just see how angry and annoyed she get in the first 5 minutes of teaching.
  7. Amber is a terrible person. She always has the ugliest sneer on her face. She is unhappy with her life and it's so noticeable. she definitely needs to get therapy. She takes out all of her unhappiness on her family. People on Reddit and on the TLC Facebook page really dislike Amber and the way she treats Anna.
  8. I follow them on Instagram and they have a few comments about how Amber is terrible to Anna. Amber replies that the viewers only see an edited version of their lives. But, Amber has said many times that what we see is their real life. So, she can't use that bullshit editing excuse.
  9. Oops! Lol I didn't even notice my mistake.
  10. I felt so badly for her. Amber gets so giddy when she's bashing Amber Anna. She really dislikes her, we all see it no matter how much she denies it on her Instagram.
  11. Damn, I hate Dorinda! She's such an ugly, drunken, hateful, jealous, witch- looking bitch. I strongly dislike people like her who like to diminish and downplay other people's woes. Only Queen Dorinda can feel any sadness. Only she can be mean and cry and be hateful. God forbid anyone who even tries to tells a hint of a sad story, she will tear you down and belittle you because, in her mind, it's not on the same level as losing her husband.
  12. So true! I hate how she treats Anna. I like Anna. I kind of feel sorry for her because everyone just dismisses her. Elizabeth superiority act is not cute and gets old really fast.
  13. They really do. They shouldn't give these people air time.
  14. That ginormous boob lady has some ugly breasts. They look red, inflamed and painful. One day they are just going to burst. She can't even walk or stand properly with them. How does she sleep?
  15. I agree with @Mahamid Frauded Me (by the way, I love your username lol) this whole family does need to go to therapy. They all use Anna as a scapegoat to blame all of their problems on. I have a soft spot for Anna because she just looks so sad all the time. She always sounds very nervous when she speaks, like she is hoping she doesn't say the wrong thing. Amber and Trent basically turned the whole family against her, so any mistake she does, they never let her forget it. Jonah is just so immature. I can't believe he actually blamed Anna as his reason for failing math 🙄 he was really grasping at straws. He seems very spoiled; his mother still makes his bed, cleans his room and probably does his laundry for him! Elizabeth is just like Amber, always having to prove someone wrong. Her personality is really grating. The way she was speaking down to Anna was really disgusting. Anna is nervous to leave home, that's understandable. But, Elizabeth was making it seem like the way Anna was feeling was wrong. It's easy to tell that Elizabeth doesn't really like Anna. Alex is a spoiled brat and the way everyone treats him like he is a toddler is really disturbing. He throws temper tantrums and cries when he doesn't get his way, yet they all act like it's normal. But for some reason, they all dislike Anna.
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