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  1. You keep bringing up that Sarah is an idiot for marrying Michael in jail. There was an actual reason for that, it was stated multiple times on the show. He had to marry her to parole to NY where she lives with their daughter. So...there was a little practicality in that decision. Not that Sarah is a brain trust or anything, but you keep going back to the "she's stupid because she married and got pregnant by the father of her daughter!" line whenever comparing who is the "better" or "smarter" of the two (I use those descriptors VERY loosely.)
  2. Except she's still talking to him and doesn't have to due to the kids so she wins the Stupid Crown.
  3. I don't disagree and I'm not trying to go off topic, here. But page after page of nothing but "this show is so stupid, I hate it. I'm never watching it again!!" gets old after a while. My point is merely that it's nice to see some positive opinions on here. It's not an argument, it's an observation.
  4. After reading things about the show, I don't believe for a hot second Megan didn't know Sarah and Michael were married, that's why. Also, she's still talking to him, which speaks volumes about her attitude and willingness to carry on a relationship with a married man. I think Megan and Sarah are both morons, but Megan is the worst of the two. Sarah has kids by him (as ill advised as she was conceiving them.) She has a reason for needing to stay in contact (arguably.) Megan doesn't.
  5. You'd think ASL would be an invaluable thing to know in the ZA, since you can communicate silently (without waiting for notes to be written.) I'm glad so many others enjoyed this episode, usually this forum is just people slamming the show (while continuing to watch.) I definitely enjoyed it and I've been enjoying the more lighthearted moments being threaded throughout these past episodes (the music distracting the zombies last episode and the movie bartering this one.) I love watching them actually begin to rebuild civilization. There's only so much "surviving" people want to watch. Eve
  6. I got Sarah's point tho, although her delivery was cringe worthy. Megan came in there without an ounce of remorse or contrition. Even if she DIDN'T know about Sarah (which I don't believe for a millisecond) the minute she found out she SHOULD have been contrite and apologetic, along with angry. I was glad when Sarah was finally able to articulate that calmly (notice Megan immediately took it down a few notches once she said it.) I'd go off too if the woman my husband was cheating with came at me with a funky attitude and called me a ho. I mean, GTFO with that. I was so relieved after the
  7. Who said anything about kids having cell phones? My daughter texts her nana from my phone. And I believe Beth said Brynn texted Dennis from Beth's phone and signed the text "from Brynn." My response was to the poster who said a nine year old texting at all was "inappropriate." Nothing about having a cell phone (for what it's worth, I agree nine is too young to have your own phone except for under circumstances you described.)
  8. Cosign this. Dorinda is a NASTY drunk and she does, in fact, turn. Luanne was speaking the truth. And many people have discussed it with her so her whole "that's just a Luanneism" is not only delusional, it's patently false, as evidenced on film. Does she not recall the conversation with Bethanny on the plane on their way to Puerto Rico after Drunk Dorinda humiliated herself and Bethanny after behaving dreadfully at a business dinner while drunk as a skunk? Last year's reunion when none of the "dream team" dared to raise their hands when asked if she had a drinking problem made me nuts. i
  9. Your experience differs from many. My four year old's favorite thing to do is text her nana, she loves using the emojis. All of my friends with kids of a similar age say the same thing. How in the world is it inappropriate? It's not like she's texting strangers she meets on the internet, it's her nana! I have memories of visiting cemeteries as a child. I loved to walk around and read the headstones. Still do. Maybe that's why I'm so inappropriate, letting my four year old text her nana. 😉
  10. It looked to all be shellfish and I think shellfish is okay (which is odd, usually it's the opposite.) Dorinda has ZERO shame. I can't believe she could watch last season back and not be mortified to the point of never showing her face again. It's amazing, really. I wish I had that kind of confidence. Or delusion. Whatever gets you out of the house, I guess.
  11. I've been saying for years that if Ramona and Sonja were men, they'd be in jail by now. Honestly, getting a pass for sexually harassing people because you're a rich older woman is gross.
  12. What, you don't keep "guacamola" in your fridge? 😄 😄 😄
  13. I think we can cut her a little slack, he died three weeks prior. She's not going to be over it over night. And from the OUTSTANDING season preview, it looks like there will be plenty of other drama going on. 😄
  14. I get what you're saying, there's a line though. There's a playful drunk slap on the ass and there's constant, unrelenting attempts to kiss, grope and slap. It looked to me that Tanya didn't want to make a scene and that's why she was "laughing it off."
  15. I could hardly stand her ass kissing "oh, I'm just so glad I got to talk to you even for just a minute!" I mean, I get it. She gets to live her fabulous life and have her very expensive vanity project paid for but damn. It's like listening to a little girl talk to her daddy. Does he ground her if she's disrespectful? I was getting frustrated with the women, too. Dorit is officially Teflon Wife. Nothing sticks to her. She gets away with EVERYTHING. Her powers of deflection are something else. Yes, the way Lisa handled it was transparently manipulative, but that doesn't take away
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