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  1. It's so easy to say how you would react to a situation that hasn't actually happened to you. Kary knows damned well she would be butt hurt if they rode her jewelry out the way she and Deandra rode out Leanne's dress. She just really hates Leanne. I also take issue with Kary not wanting to follow rules because she doesn't like being told what to do. She was definitely going to keep her hat on at the temple until Leanne spoke up about it. She was just being a jerk. And I must admit I was secretly wishing that orangutan would have grabbed her fingers off when the guide told her not to feed it from her hands because it doesn't like humans. Some rules are for your own safety dumbass!
  2. It kills me that they can make fun of someone and it's "just a joke" but let someone make a joke on them and it's fighting words. I would just love to see someone beat the crap out of Teresa. She's becoming a bigger bully than Nene. I'm tired of hearing about the bad time they're going through. (That they brought on themselves.) Just because you're going through some crap that you brought on yourself doesn't mean you can piss all over everyone else because of it. And to me Delores is nothing more than Teresa's lapdog. The only time I like her is when she's going in on Danielle. Otherwise she can STFU!
  3. Is it me or did he look really annoyed sitting outside with Vicki's family? It's like he couldn't eek out a smile if his life depended on it. I bet he was counting the hours til Brianna and those kids head back home. I think he has control over Vicki since they've been together. Notice she doesn't WooWoo anymore since she's been with him. If they actually make it down the aisle I give them a year, two tops. Vicki can't pretend that long.
  4. Tamra lacks any empathy/sympathy gene. The sooner Shannon realizes what type of person Tamra really is the better. I mean she sat there and blamed you for everyone turning against her. What real friend does that? I believe every word Kelly said about Tamra trashing Shannon on the phone with her. Shannon is so clueless sometimes. As much as Shannon irritates the crap out of me, I think it would be a travesty if she doesn't get anything from the divorce. That would be total bullshit!
  5. I wonder if Cynthia offered Eva a friend contract? 🤣
  6. Good grief! It's safe to say Eva doesn't need to worry about her ex ever getting visitation let alone custody of their daughter. That guy is nuts! If I was her I wouldn't even want my daughter being filmed for fear of setting that idiot off if he sees her. He sounds hella dangerous. And Kenya may not see it but drama has been her middle name on this show.
  7. I feel differently. Eva knows from past shows how Kenya can bring out the worst in her foes and how her gatherings come close to being violent. I would be hesitant to have my kids around that behavior also. Her daughter has already been involved in drama with the situation with her birth father. I think that might be why Eva is extra protective of her kids. At least she showed up herself.
  8. How come I get the feeling Kary and her husband are heading for splitsville? All of these references to her husband controlling the money, they have a prenup that virtually leaves her nothing, she really needs to make her own money... I haven't heard her say anything positive about her husband yet. Makes me think he's one of those guys that talked his wife into being on the show so he can dump her.
  9. Loved Teresa's daughter setting her straight on their feelings. She just keeps repeating how she just wants her girls to be happy. She and Joe should have thought of that before they did what they did. Her girls are brutally honest. I like that about them. Please get Danielle's Skeletor looking ass off of my TV screen. I agree that this show is very boring. (((YAWN)))
  10. I'm disliking Gina more and more. I don't even like Brawnywind but when Gina yelled at her like a banshee I wanted her to smack her. She asked if your kids were in public school idiot. Not as an insult, but leading into a complement you egregious cow! Gina needs to go! Her voice alone aggravates the crap out of me. I'm silently living for the day Matt drops her again and I don't usually wish that on anybody. Tamra is such a bully and a hypocrite. I look forward to her being served for a change. She has always been a nasty piece of work. And she wonders why her kids are so screwed up. I would love for her to be on the receiving end of being snubbed by the whole cast like Vicki was last season. Make her ass sweat for a change! Truth!
  11. Stephanie really needs to get off of this show and continue her therapy. She's cried every single episode. To be fair, Stephanie made it all about herself when Kameron said that Brandi throwing the f-bomb was trash. And somehow it went from trash, to white trash to trailor trash and Kameron never said any of that. Like I said, Stephanie doesn't need to be on this show in her depressed state.
  12. Wow! Was it just me or did Kari's daughter seem like she really hates her mother? Or maybe she just resented having to be filmed talking to her mother. She just didn't seem like a happy camper in that scene.
  13. Kelly is cray cray! She needs someone to kick her ass and put her in her place. That being said, I would choose Kelly over Tamra any day! I wish these woman would stop acting so afraid of Tamra. When she asked Emily why she didn't invite her to her dance I wish Emily would have responded, "Because I don't like you and I know you don't like me.", and left it at that. I can just picture Tamra sitting there with her mouth gaping open.
  14. I'm really not liking Gina this season. For her to blame Emily for Shane's cousin lying to her is ridiculous. At least give her a chance to explain herself. That's what friends do. If I was Emily I would just tell her to kick rocks and turn my back on her when Matt dumps her dumb ass again. And if she really thinks Tamra and Shannon are her friends she's all kinds of delusional.
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