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  1. I think that was her not so successful attempt at sounding like Marilyn Monroe singing Happy BUTHday Mr. President.
  2. Or hide it with a great big hat. She almost looks pregnant to me. And I agree she has a pretty good body for her age. She just looked a little self conscious walking next to long, lean and luscious Luann in her black bikini.
  3. Wasn't Dorinda right behind Leah doing that straddle dance? I know I saw a shot of her right behind Leah grinding away. So why didn't Ramona go after her? I really think that Ramona is jealous of Leah's long, lean body. I really do.
  4. As vain as Romona is I'm surprised she hasn't had her tummy liposuctioned. She looked funny dancing in that blue bathing suit while watching Luann play volleyball. That bathing suit did her and her belly no favors. And they were all out of line at that restaurant where there were kids present talking about vajayjays and rubbing their faces in Dorinda's humongous fake boobs. The guy on the violin was clearly not amused. In fact, he seemed a little perturbed, and rightly so.
  5. Agreed on that. What is it with these ladies not understanding seafood and shell fish? I for one believe people should have the right to eat their food the way they like it. I get that from people sometimes too and for the life of me don't understand why my food preference annoys them. I give Kyle a pass on this one. You like it the way you like it. It's as simple as that.
  6. Face it. The producers are pissed at Denise. They showed over and over her lying about talking to Brandi. Everybody seems to blame Kyle but I really believe the producers are the ones who brought Brandi in to go after Denise. Maybe because of the Bravo Bravo Bravo thing she keeps doing. I don't know, they just don't like her. Period!
  7. Except the subject was brought up to have a fun discussion in the group. I guess i don't hate Kyle as much as others do.
  8. To me this is being two faced but since it is Garcelle she gets a pass. I for one don't give her a pass and I guess I'm the only one not on the Garcelle love train. I think she's boring. And if she was not asked back next season it wouldn't bother me one bit. The same goes for Sutton.
  9. I think it might have had more to do with Avery and her friends being there. I wouldn't want my young daughter and her friends witnessing that behavior. And it's not uncommon to expect YOUR birthday party to be about YOU. It's your day. It should be about you. And I don't understand why Sonja can't throw herself her own birthday party. She acts like Ramona doesn't have the right to not have to share her birthday.
  10. Sonya's townhouse looks like it smells like mildew and dog piss. $50,000.00 a month?! On what?! And with a broken toilet no less.
  11. Did you hear Rinna say that pitching in a thousand a month was ok? It wouldn't surprise me if Rinna paid the full rent for her spoiled brat. Of course the daughter would have to pick out all of the plants and flowers to contribute her part and make her mama proud. <eyeroll>
  12. Kim should never wear her hair pulled back like that. That haggard face needs some bangs or tendrils or something. And Brandi looks like she's trying to give Jocelyn Wildenstein a run for the money for the most plastic surgeries. Her talking heads were painful to watch. And I don't know why Garcelle gets s pass for asking Sutton about her finances. Whenever anyone else does it on the show they get dragged for filth. Isn't it supposed to be an unwritten law that a housewife's financial history is forbidden to talk about? I mean just ask Camille. The whole reason I think all of the shock over Denise sleeping with Brandi is bullshit because of the fact that they all pretty much admitted to some pretty racy sex acts while at Denise's BBQ. Erika admitted to being in a throuple and last season Denise admitted to buying her husband happy endings massages, etc. What's the big deal about her getting it on with Brandi? I don't get it.
  13. To be fair, she's a cancer survivor. Cancer treatments can wreak havoc on your overall appearance.
  14. I'm not really liking Garcelle at this point. The way she jumped on the "trash Kyle" bandwagon without even being available for anyone to interact with her on a deeper level put me off. It's one thing to have a problem with someone who has treated you bad, but i could tell by Kyle's reaction when Garcelle made that speech about not considering one of the group her friend that she was taken aback. And I think if a new housewife can't fit filming with the others into her schedule, she needs to move on and let them hire someone more available.
  15. You're not alone! We can have a table for two. 😊
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