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  1. Forget them! Maybe I'm an old fogey, but they were showing Lindsay and her guy screwing....AND SHE'S ON HER PERIOD!!! EWWWW!!! So, I'm new to this show (I only started watching after seeing Hannah on that show with Gizelle and Porsha), so have they always shown them fucking like that? I know they were covered up, but even Stevie Wonder could see that they were humping.
  2. Melissa reminds me a lot of Sarah Jessica Parker in her Sex and the City days. One minute she looks stunning, then you blink and she looks like Ruth Buzzi of Laugh In fame. The way Joe makes all of those references to their sex life makes me think they hardly do it at all. If you've got it Iike that you don't talk about it to anybody who will listen. Sounds to me like he's trying too hard to convince everybody he's a stud. I have to say, Teresa's daughters, including Milania, are all stunning. Antonia, not so much. I mean she's not ugly, she's just not as pretty as her cousins.
  3. Jennifer was channeling Shirley McClain in Terms Of Endearment with her dress on the boat. And Delores was channeling her in the dress she wore to the restaurant. It looked like the dress Shirley McClaine wore on her lunch date with Jack Nicholson I the speeding car. Very frilly.
  4. Kenya makes me feel all stabby! 😠
  5. Toya is just greedy and wants so bad to be a millionaire. She stated on WWHL that some of her neighbors were listing their homes and getting a million dollars over what they paid for them so she wants to see what they can get for theirs. I agree with Quad, or was it Heavenly, who said Toya doesn't care if Eugene works himself into an early grave as long as she can continue to spend, spend, spend. And to have all that they do have, she still doesn't seem happy. I feel bad for Eugene working 14 hour days trying to save covid patients and she's spending hours a day playing tennis, but still does nothing but complain once he comes home. She's one selfish bitch!
  6. As they say on this show, Latoya is one thirsty bitch. I think she has it in her head that if she causes enough drama she'll get a peach. Little does she know that if she has no story line other than trying to cause fights with the other ladies she'll more than likely get the boot. If nobody will film with you, you're out of there. So far she's pissed off the majority of the cast. Not a good game plan at all. Every time they show Drew's house I cringe. I don't mind Drew, I just don't like her family scenes. The less I see of her husband the better. I felt bad for her son having to be put on the spot in front of the cameras. How is his bio dad going to feel watching this? It's going to make it awkward if or when he does meet with him. This kind of thing is way too personal to be brought out in front of TV cameras. I felt the same way when Kandi put Riley through this with her bio dad. It doesn't help the relationship any so why do it? As for the Halloween thing (I'm not even going to call it a party), it was so lame considering the fact that it supposedly took someone 2 days to decorate for it. I bet Porsha is damned glad she didn't sit in any makeup chair for hours like some of the others did. And I bet the others were pissed off having to wash all of that makeup off.
  7. The other red headed lady (her name escapes me) asked D'andra why her last name was the same as her stepdad's and not her biological dad's. Why that question popped into her head escapes me.
  8. I laughed out loud in the beginning when she got out of bed and threw her wig on. I was like, "She has a wig with bed head!" 🤣 I must say though, she had some really cute clothes. And another plus, she wore different outfits throughout the show. So many of them seem to wear the same torn and worn out clothes throughout the show.
  9. I think they were very young when their father was murdered. I know she said the youngest was only one when it happened. Plus, he wasn't with their mother when it happened so maybe they didn't spend a lot of time with him.
  10. I pray that they just chose not to show him wiping her after she pottied and she didn't just sit naked assed on the bed without wiping the way it looked. The whole time I'm cringing at the thought of her sitting on that bed naked, with a shitty ass! Ewww! I just threw up in my mouth. 🤮
  11. Mama Dee makes Mama Joyce from RHOA look like a Sunday school teacher when it comes to the bitch factor. It's no wonder D'andra is the hot mess that she is. It's almost like Mama Dee is determined to embarrass her daughter at every turn. Is that her sick idea of tough love? I'm baffled. And what's up with Brandi and her holier than thou bullcrap? I can't stand Sunday morning Christians who sin like the devil the rest of the week but have the nerve to tell other Christians that they aren't Christianing correctly. Again, girl bye! 😒
  12. So Brandi, you can chase people around with a big black dildo, assault people with the penis of your blow-up sex doll, twerk on top of a table in front of a room full of people, dry hump your friends, let your friends dry hump you, drink until you pass out drunk, conjure up spirits and jump into a river naked...but meditation is against your religion?! Girl bye! 😒
  13. I remember that show. His stupid wife refused to follow the doctor's orders to stop enabling him. She made me so mad watching it.
  14. I think Cynthia was trying to compete with Nene's and Eva's weddings. I would include Kandi's but nobody's wedding on this show was as over the top as hers. But I seriously think Cynthia was trying to out-wedding Nene. Especially since they aren't friends anymore.
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