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  1. I don't blame Garcelle for going mute at that dinner. They would have all ganged up on her and that's not a good position to be in.
  2. Erika, you told everybody that Tom broke his foot in the accident and that's all. Now you're saying he suffered a severe head injury. One of those two statements isn't true. So guess what? That makes you a liar bitch! So you STFU!
  3. The way she fishes for compliments is so cringeworthy it's pathetic. I found myself having secondhand embarrassment when she was talking to the Frenchman and I'm home alone. Did she really think he was going to say yes when she asked him if he wants to get married? I always knew she was desperate but this seals the deal.
  4. If I was Gizelle I would have pointed out that she does have Jamal's last name and any man can cheat. If Wendy is so convinced it's not true, why be bothered by it? She protesteth too much. Mia can go if you ask me. THE LIES...THE LIES!!! (In my Kandi Burruss voice.) Lol!
  5. That whole hospital story was Ramona's way of (in her mind) "proving" that there is no racism. She was disputing what that poor girl went through by trying to say that it happens to white people too. Again, no empathy AND she managed to make the whole moment about her. And notice the nurse in her story just had to be black. So not only is she discriminated against by the Jewish community, but now a black nurse discriminated against her. Girl please!!!
  6. Ramona is one if those people who don't believe that racism still exists. I will bet the whole farm she's an, "ALL lives matter" argument pusher. I'm not saying she's racist; I'm saying she has no empathy for people who are discriminated against because it doesn't affect her lilly white life one iota. She just doesn't give a fat rat's ass about other people's trials and tribulations...PERIOD!
  7. He lives with them. Supposedly PK is his manager or some such bullshit.
  8. Exactly! This whole pretentious act like she's of the manor born is such bullshit! She's just a lazy cow who is used to sitting in a makeup chair all day and pretending to run a business while everybody else does all the work.
  9. What the hell did Erica mean, "You got it out of me twice."? She volunteered the information that Tom calls her. It wasn't like Garcelle asked, "Does Tom call you?" and browbeat her into answering. If I was Garcelle I would have said, "Bitch, don't blame me for your diarrhea of the mouth in front of the cameras!" And I think she and Tom both should go to jail just like Theresa and Joe Judice.
  10. A clear sign Erika is lying is when she said Tom was still doing something or other and she quickly added, "Or so I've heard." I think she forgets sometimes that she's being filmed which also makes it weird that she got so mad at Garcelle for repeating that Tom still calls her when she said it on camera to begin with. I never liked Erika, so I can't say I'm sorry to see her going through this. But then I never feel sorry for uber rich people who end up losing their ill gotten gains.
  11. These people always have the smallest bathrooms!
  12. Did I hear Leah say, "Don't call her a drunk, she's intoxicated!"? Lol!
  13. This girl is so mentally bankrupt it's pathetic. 23 with the mind of an 8 year old. Her go to answer of, "I don't know." was driving me crazy! It kills kills kills me when they get off of the scale after failing to reach their goal and they say they don't know why they failed! You failed because you've been chugging ice cream and pastries you idiot! I just can't with them.
  14. But Crystal has called Sutton, crazy, irrational and told the others that she violated her. Not to mention the fact that she insinuated that Sutton was racist in the very beginning which is what started their friction in the first place. I think that is quite enough to make someone mad. Yet she fell apart because another woman saw her naked.
  15. Yes, it was when they were making Clash Of The Titans I believe. She played one of the Goddesses. I thought he was sooooo handsome in that movie! Yum Yum! 😋
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