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  1. meira.hand

    S01.E08 Prague

    Plus, he clearly still loves his estranged wife and treats her with respect, loves and insists on a continued relationship with his children. He is the only one that I am sure would have been a really good man if he was raised in a better family. Not so sure about the rest of them.
  2. meira.hand


    Ryan left his phone in the car. Dylan went after him to return it.
  3. meira.hand

    S05.E12: The Beginning...

    Ah, so that's it, sort of a SMG/MT Buffy situation.  So SMG is Sarah Michelle Gellar but who/what is MT and what situation are you referring to? SMG being small was a plus because she did have special powers as a born slayer and the contrast between this strength and her being petite added to the charm. I was simply trying to figure out he reasoning behind the replacement. There are many series with time jumps issues and each seem to solve it in different ways but when you start with still growing & developing young children, you really depend on luck. While you could see, during the series, David Mazouz growing from a child to a man, both physically and in maturity, Camren Bicondova hardly changed despite being two years older than him.
  4. meira.hand


    Exactly. In fact the whole methodical and detailed police teamwork reminds me fondly of Major Crimes.
  5. meira.hand


    This. I actually found this episode an improvement on last season. By making Julian part of the team and creating the two couples dynamics with the partners being left out so often, it almost became a relationship dramedy at times. I just ignore the actual cases plots and enjoy it for what it is: a mental palate cleanser between the many complex/ heavy/dark/stressing shows that I also watch.
  6. meira.hand

    S02.E04: She Knows

    After this second Ambien episode, I am beginning to think Mary Louise may have switched Celeste's medicine into some other roofie. We did see her finding it in Celeste's drawer and it could have given her the idea.
  7. meira.hand

    S02.E04: She Knows

    I guess Renata was right: We stay :)
  8. meira.hand

    Killing Eve

    Another new one is "You" and they really blurred the lines there. If the main protagonist would just avoid reluctantly killing everyone that is messing with the people he loves he would actually be an empathetic caring person. Talk about ludicrous.
  9. meira.hand

    Killing Eve

    I assume that Eve was just following Hugo's advice and this was why they had the previous exchange, as a hint for us: Eve: Omigawd, you're alive! Hugo: I played dead. A hero's technique.
  10. meira.hand

    SEAL Team

    They were slapping their Trident wings into the coffin as a sign of respect for a fallen comrade. https://movies.stackexchange.com/questions/30481/what-is-the-meaning-of-the-badges-on-the-caskets-in-american-sniper
  11. meira.hand

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I know its a trivial point, but I found the bad guys in black and good ones in white hilariously anachronistic. I know you need to tell which is which on the snow, but still...
  12. meira.hand

    S06.E04: The Face Behind the Glass

    I was just about to post this. He must have had a strong feeling of deja vous :)
  13. meira.hand

    S16. E24. Daughters

    Ziva is clearly another hallucination as Diane specifically said: "We are all here for you, Inside", i.e. inside his mind. This season drew quite a lot from early story lines and characters and I suspect next season will include an ongoing "Gibbs gets in touch with his feelings" character development, with maybe more "visits". I think they tried to decrease the feeling of Gibbs going crazy by showing that both Fornell and his daughter saw her and had a conversation with her that included parts of Gibbs internal dialogue. This made it more of a fanciful fantasy element than a full fledged sign of mental breakup. Ziva looked older because IRL she is but they did their best to give her the same look to indicate it the old Ziva.
  14. meira.hand

    S06.E22: Robert Diaz

    Including two strong actors (Laila Robins and Brett Cullen) for a few minutes seems unlikely, so I assume both will play an important part next season.
  15. meira.hand