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  1. Rhys Coiro Check his filmography: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1711052/
  2. But they clearly noticed and looked at each other and even commented on it, so I expect it will be elaborated/explained in future episodes.
  3. Alexa Davalos. She was amazing in the main cast of "The Man in the High Castle" SciFi series.
  4. It was in the first episode.
  5. meira.hand


    According to a news article this was not the case: see: https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1483380/Vera-series-11-Brenda-Blethyn-horrified-change-DCI-Vera-Stanhope
  6. For those (like me) who do not know Spanish and/or French), there is a way to at least get most of the interviews. Turn on the CC option and then in the settings option choose subtitles -> auto generate -> English. Getting an auto translate on top of auto generate of the spoken language is not ideal but when I really want to understand a Youtube clip in another language, it is not bad.
  7. Freddie Highmore studied several languages at college and also spent some time in Spain. Here are two interviews on Spanish & French TV, i.e. not scripted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl4m3u3p01c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpWHpO81wC0
  8. This. Also the long term psychological effect on Ryan (having to deal with the guilt of what he has done, the guilt of his father being in jail for him and keeping this secret for the rest of his life) would have ruined his life. At least now he can hope to heal.
  9. The point here is that Mare is more experienced and clearly could push Zabel to do as she wished. She knew she had no gun and could not provide backup for Zabel. His mother knew the true balance of power in this relationship and so was really justified in blaming Mare for being reckless. The fact that mare yet again ignored the command to wait for backup only proves it again.
  10. The first part of this episode reminded me of the the episode "The Body" (S05E16) of BTVS. It had the same feeling of time slowing down. It left an unforgettable impression on me at the time. One of the writers for this episode, was a writer on several of Joss Whedon's series and I am sure this was a sort of homage to that episode.
  11. No, it's a sort of talisman to keep evil spirits from her unborn child that La-Fiera left for her as a gift. Not sure if/how Nolan knew about it but I think it was shown for us to make the connection. It was shown again in the "previously" scenes for this episode.
  12. They did mention him twice: When Clarice & Esquivel were looking at the gum wrapper with writing inside, Esquivel said: "looks like Hebrew, where's Tripathi when you need him?". Later, in the office, Esquivel asks Murray: "Did you here from Tripathi yet?", to which he replies: "He's out in Chicago, helping out his wife's parents" and Esquivel mentions that his wife passed. The question of why Kal Penns seems to have taken a break, is of course still open.
  13. The summary for the next two episodes on IMDb begs to differ:)
  14. I found this extremely frustrating. Even the way the FBI seemed so gentle and understanding when they questioned him was outrageous. After he realized that his first post resulted in the murder of two innocent people he continued posting names of supposed "suspects". How is this not accessory to murder?
  15. Isn't one nickname enough? None are nicknames. Her name is Jet Slootmaekers
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