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  1. I never thought I would be happy to see anyone shoot himself in the head but this was so right. Especially after I was sure they would go the projected route of David sins, misses the church group that is slaughtered and is haunted by guilt thru the remainder of the series. . Yes indeed - All right, show!
  2. I also don't like her personality and am often annoyed by her interference and meddling but in this case she was right on both counts. Its a matter of context and degree. Glassman does need to let Shaun handle more decisions on his own but the death of his father is a major life change and anyone, especially young people, not just someone with Shaun difficulties, need emotional support to handle it.
  3. After liking Freddie Highmore so much in this series I started watching Bates Motel and when Shawn said to Glassman: "I liked it better when it was just the two of us" I was eerily reminded of Norman Bates reaction to discovering his mother married the Sheriff. This is the third series where Freddie Highmore plays a character who is emotionally damaged in varying degrees (he played a returning soldier form ww2 suffering from PTSD in the BBC mini series Close to the Enemy, between the two last seasons of Bates Motel). What I find really impressive is how, while physically looking exactly the same he managed to give such completely different yet nuanced performances in all three series.
  4. He clearly did this on purpose so he could follow him and find out who he was working for. This is why he was waiting in the bushes until the guy drove by and followed him.
  5. I went thru the same process when I saw him in Altered Carbon and it took me awhile to figure out I know him from Falling Water. So this time I knew right away☺️Agree with your assessment of Falling Water. It got so confusing at times that I nearly gave up on it but was glad I stayed.
  6. I just keep being distracted by the fact that the actors are a married couple IRL (and working together like their characters:).
  7. wanted to delete my post but there is no option for it, and cannot submit an empty one.
  8. Maybe because than the production would have to do a lot of CGI instead of probably using the Boston Dynamics real robots :).
  9. Dad too actually, Bellamy Young is 49 Michael Sheen is 50 Tom Payne is 36
  10. Maybe they learnt at the last minute that the series will be canceled and had to fit in some sort of ending to replace a planned season end cliff hanger. I was also surprised at the number of episodes as the first season was 13 episodes and I have seen 10, 12,13 episodes series but never 11 for some reason. This can explain the choppy feel of it, like the had to edit two or three episodes into one and make each new story opening into a semi-closure one.
  11. Yes, Marcia's got (at least?) one child, a son. I think he was in the Thanksgiving episode and there was a bit about how Logan had put him in charge of some division at Waystar. It was apparently a surprise to Logan's kids when it came up in conversation. It was Marcia's son that said he saw Kendall, all wet, coming back from the pond to the house and sort of forced him to cave in to his father's assumption of his being in the car. If it was just his room key card being found at the scene he might have tried to deny he was involved.
  12. What was the end of the last scene about? Kendall stealing the packet of batteries and throwing them in the trash.
  13. The pilot;d fate was basically due to Jessie using his powers of command without considering the consequence. The pilot's legs got burnt by the sun because Jessie commanded him to be optimistic and so he did not bother to cover them. Then Jessie got tired of his excess chat, and commanded him to stop being optimistic so he started crying with the pain of his burnt legs and so Jessie commanded him to feel no pain. Later the pilot was leaning on the edge with his hand in the water and did not feel the pain of it being bitten off by a shark. He died from loss of blood.
  14. Plus, he clearly still loves his estranged wife and treats her with respect, loves and insists on a continued relationship with his children. He is the only one that I am sure would have been a really good man if he was raised in a better family. Not so sure about the rest of them.
  15. Ryan left his phone in the car. Dylan went after him to return it.
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