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  1. They did mention him twice: When Clarice & Esquivel were looking at the gum wrapper with writing inside, Esquivel said: "looks like Hebrew, where's Tripathi when you need him?". Later, in the office, Esquivel asks Murray: "Did you here from Tripathi yet?", to which he replies: "He's out in Chicago, helping out his wife's parents" and Esquivel mentions that his wife passed. The question of why Kal Penns seems to have taken a break, is of course still open.
  2. The summary for the next two episodes on IMDb begs to differ:)
  3. I found this extremely frustrating. Even the way the FBI seemed so gentle and understanding when they questioned him was outrageous. After he realized that his first post resulted in the murder of two innocent people he continued posting names of supposed "suspects". How is this not accessory to murder?
  4. Isn't one nickname enough? None are nicknames. Her name is Jet Slootmaekers
  5. I was also confused at first but from their conversation I realized it was not Frankie. To quote from Reddit: pacmanlad0607: No, that's Tommy from season 1. In the conversation Cathy & Tommy were having, Tommy mentions how she's holding up after what happened to Frankie & not letting the kids know. Tommy's head is shaven & he has a scar now. This seems to imply Frankie is dead (the actor playing him is now in the main cast of Debris, so I guess they had to disappear him:)
  6. 1. At first I though Liam must be dead because of Jenny's expression when she came back. However, her mother was sleeping on the couch and looked back with the same kind of sorrow, and when we last saw her, she was following Gordo (Jenny's father) up the stairs. So its more likely that her father died and this is what they are sharing. I think both the father and Liam's fates were intentionally left open until they decide about the next season. 2. The tape worms came from the wild boars the father and Aaron hunted and later cooked and ate. Caleb is vegetarian and never ate them. 3.
  7. And the trivial fact that he murdered the original Harry 🙂
  8. After the first fall, Asta looked at her phone and said: "I guess glaciers aren't part of a cell plan". When they did get out she did call her father.
  9. meira.hand


    Why was Tiffany at the stakeout for the ransom drop off? Her face was unmasked and Sergei could easily have recognized her. This was very sloppy.
  10. I had the same problem with this. It was not a reaction of recognition of the song, but of the song triggering an emotional memory. It did not make sense at all.
  11. meira.hand


    This. Also whenever Maggie is angry at him it looks very convincing but when she relents and smiles at him it looks forced and unconvincing (not just in this episode but also before). There is zero chemistry between them which makes his presence on the show perplexing.
  12. I suspect this is why the writers added the unicorn socks for luck, as this is the only way this all worked 🙂
  13. meira.hand

    S18.E06: 1mm

    Chris Boudreaux
  14. meira.hand

    S18.E06: 1mm

    Gibbs knows he is driving to an area with bad cell connection, needs directions from his office and his agents are probably in danger. Don't they have satellite phones for these kinds of emergencies?
  15. The one thing that amazes me every single episode is the 911 operator. She manages to be calm, efficient, resourceful & creative no matter what is thrown at her. She may not be in physical danger but answering those calls must be so stressful.
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