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  1. ThirdLove sponsors almost every podcast I listen to. Maybe they could throw a few properly fitted bras Jill’s way? She’s already hawked the Kama Sutra; surely she could find a way to advertise underwear modestly! ETA: I’d love to see her with the right support garments and a flattering haircut, maybe a lob. She gets flak for being the least pretty of the older sisters but I think she has a lot of potential.
  2. I guess Jana and I are both vain and silly then. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  3. I wonder if the connection Zoey seemed to have with the woman at the Indian clothing store was just about her being Indian, or also her manner with Zoey. She was calm and natural with her, picked up on her interest in speaking Indian languages, and gave her a simple lesson that made Zoey feel like she was really speaking Hindi and Gujarati(?) for a moment. (I really hope her parents follow up on that, BTW. Learning Indian dance is great but learning a second language is invaluable, and so much easier when the kid is still young!) Bill is a laid-back “fun dad,” and Jen is kind of awkward with her kids even now. She goes into the high-pitched voice you normally hear from people who don’t work in pediatrics and have two kids of their own. She’s nice to her kids and usually not too hyper, but the woman at the store had a certain warmth and ease that seemed to draw Zoey in. I’m not saying Z wishes she could leave the Arnold-Klein home and live with this lady, just that it was an unexpectedly sweet moment during a shopping trip staged for the cameras. I have no doubt that Bill and Jen provide a good life for their children, but there’s no harm in bringing other good influences into their lives and allowing them to feel connected to both their family and their cultures of origin (which is obviously why they were at the store in the first place).
  4. I would absolutely wear makeup in that situation: meeting strangers, being photographed, possibly being videotaped and put on cable TV. It wouldn’t matter that I was there to work and help others; I’m not giving this cruel world a permanent record of what I look like without eyeliner and concealer. I’m far too Caucasian for that. Don’t need everybody speculating on whether I have anemia or cancer or something. Jana probably doesn’t look as deep-sea-creature translucent as I do (but Josie does!) but if she’s used to looking a certain way and has her routine down it probably didn’t take any longer than drinking a second cup of coffee.
  5. This show is not must-watch TV for me, but whenever I do catch up I really enjoy seeing what an interesting and self-possessed child Zoey has become. She’s so bright and funny and maybe a little bratty but not bad. It’s almost sad to see her and Will together just because she outshines him in every way, at least in my observation. He’s extremely immature and impulsive, and his obsession with food is not cute. He tries to emulate Zoey’s sass and just comes across as unpleasant. If this show were just Zoey, Bill, and some occasional extended family, I’d be fine. Jen isn’t a bad person or anything but I don’t enjoy her activities or find her interviews interesting. She reminds me of other high achievers I’ve known who weren’t necessarily gifted, but smarter than average, very driven, and intensely (almost aggressively) normal. She seems to want to do everything that a classic American family does, by the numbers, right down to the ghost stories around the campfire with flashlight under the chin as we saw in the previews. Nothing wrong with that but sometimes it seems a little forced. I think she might feel a little insecure about her lack of creativity, despite being successful in other ways. She used to do a lot of things to make Zoey her little twin, like the tea parties and the obsession with the beach, but as Zoey has come into her own personality so strongly, Jen seems to have accepted this is a lost cause. Zoey is going to be a handful as a teenager, and I could see her bopping off to NYU or Berkeley and majoring in something very different from her parents’ sensible business and medicine pursuits. She’s going to be taking South Asian folklore, studying abroad, dating whoever she finds interesting, getting into activism, driving unglamorous cars, all kinds of stuff that Jen would never consider and Bill would never get around to. To their credit I don’t believe they’d discourage her (they don’t even discourage their kids from actual bad behavior, TBH); they’d just be bemused and try to keep up with her stories. As someone mentioned earlier, that dance recital was a pretty typical mess, to the point where I really couldn’t tell who was doing it right and who was off. Zoey seemed so self-assured and had such descriptive movements that I tend to think she was the only one doing the routine, but I’m obviously biased. One of the girls in the back was just kind of flailing around sluggishly with a derpy look on her face, so I think we can rule her out as the prima ballerina. Oops, sorry Zoey — Bollywood means dance that’s NOT ballet! 😅 I think Zoey’s exceptional self-awareness is the reason she’s hyperfocused on her Indian identity. She doesn’t have the life experience to contextualize ethnicity vs. nationality, but she likes to have a definition and a name for things, so that’s how she’s approaching being Indian. From what I’ve seen, she doesn’t randomly ask all brown people if they’re Indian. She asks people at Indian stores and Indian dance studios and Indian festivals if they were *born* in India, and that is a different question. She knows she’s different from her family and friends, and I don’t think she’s a sociopath with an attachment disorder, just a highly independent child who wants to understand how she fits in to her family and community.
  6. Iris and Keith are both exceptionally attractive people, but I liked both of their hair better during the season than on the reunion. Keith's braids aren't terrible but they put him ever-so-slightly into Xzibit territory for me, and Iris's extensions were wearing her just like Jamie's on Unfiltered. That interview was hard to watch because I think they are both decent people who were hurt and disappointed by how their "marriage experiment" turned out. Keith made some mistakes, Iris made several, and they both failed to communicated effectively. Iris is her own worst enemy when she gets worked up and starts the stream of consciousness, and Keith just looked unhappy and shut down. I believe he really does care about her and wish that she could've been the right match for him mentally and emotionally, but that conversation confirmed that she's not. She thinks they could be a match but her trying to put conditions on a possible reconciliation was the wrong tack to take at that moment. Iris is a gorgeous and charming woman who also happens to be kind of an idiot when it comes to reading a room.
  7. They're trying to copy the success of Pillow Talk on TLC, where previous fiances watch new episodes of 90-Day Fiance with a spouse or relative, but it's just not as fun. On TLC they seem to be encouraged to be outrageous (for those who watch, Tarek and Dean will say whatever is on their minds!). I'm not sure if the MAFS couples are discouraged from being candid or they're just weenies. Well, I'm pretty sure Bobby and Danielle are just weenies. It might work if they took a more "behind the scenes" approach. The other night someone (Anthony?) alluded to Cal being really mad in one scene, and someone else (Jasmine?) said he was a freak. I'd like to know a little more about those hints and how the cast members got those reads on him. Then Jamie Otis let out a pretty salty comment about Matt, which was funny since she has to pretend to be neutral on Unfiltered. I wish they'd tell us more about what it's like to film and how much time they actually spend with the "experts," and what those relationships are really like. There are evangelical beliefs, but then there are also innate personalities. It's not unheard of for a more laid-back guy to marry a more assertive or goal-oriented woman, while both are also devout believers. Some good examples in the public sphere are Ben and Jessa (Duggar) Seewald, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, Zack and Tori Roloff, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and Emmitt and Pat Smith. Most of those men seem quite happy with their spouses, or if they aren't, it doesn't appear to be a result of the relative levels of dominance but because they're just crazy or dumb. Damn. That is by far the most impressive. Madison is no joke and that field of study is NO JOKE.
  8. Can we get a summary for those of us who don't use LinkedIn? I can't view anything unless I sign up and I'm not spamming all my contacts just for some minor tea! 😆
  9. I think this is a good theory, and Amber is the counterpoint. Her marriage was likely doomed no matter what because Matt... is... but her insatiable, giddy obsession with him from the altar on did NOT help. Maybe in his twisted ethical yoga, if she had at least played it cool he would’ve done her the honor of not cheating as much. This keeps getting repeated but it is NOT what Deonna said or intended in that conversation. Greg asked her what the least frequent she could put up with was, and that was her limit. She said IF it were that rare it would have to be mind-blowing to make up for the infrequency. Sometimes these forums feel like a game of Whisper Down the Lane! This is actually why I think they could last a long time. They both seem to accept that their relationship is going to be volatile, even if they pay lip service to the idea that it shouldn’t be. Some couples just like being miserable together and these two might be that type. As Beth said when they were toasting the decision, “he’s crazy, but he’s my kind of crazy!” She sounded kind of happy about it. I just feel bad for their pets and hope they don’t bring any small humans into that environment. Fortunately they seem to agree on being childfree which is a first on MAFS.
  10. It’s freckles/sun damage. I guess when occasionally ventures outside she forgets the sunscreen.
  11. That’s not supposed to be a before and after, right? Her body is exactly the same, just posed differently. She even has the same lumps in her ponytail. Maybe this is just the “after”? I like Pumpkin better than most of her family and associates, but this is not her best moment.
  12. So many idiots! American idiots, Asian idiots, South American idiots, African idiots! All we are missing are some European and Pacific Islander idiots! Why can’t the world come together in peace and harmony over our shared idiots? I feel bad for approximately zero of these technical adults. Major exception tonight: seeing Corey blindsided by grief. Man, no thanks, that was not fun at all. I’m so glad Evilyn encouraged him not to skip the funeral and pretend his dad was just far away. She may have done it just to get him out of her ratty hair for a while, but it was the right thing nonetheless. Corey would regret it the rest of his life if he missed that opportunity to honor his dad. Sincere condolences to him and his family if they’re unlucky enough to discover this site. Of all the people I dislike on this show — and there are many, in case that wasn’t clear — I have a special place of disdain and repulsion in my soul for Karine. What a nasty little pig she turned out to be! Pregnancy does NOT look good on her, nor does being a lazy, petulant, manipulative trollop. Her only talent in this life appears to be making Pole NOT the worst person in Brazil. Congrats, you miserable little tater tot in a tank top. You’ve got me sympathizing with a convicted arsonist who requires subtitles in his native language. Slow clap.
  13. It's a super catchy slow jam with a little bit of audience participation: "throw your hands in the air if you's a true player." (I'm sure Derick says "true pray-er" instead to make it OK.) If you put this on at a party everybody of a certain age will stop what they're doing and sing along. RIP BIGGIE!!! GONE TOO SOON!
  14. That was definitely a Biggie reference and I’m here for it. I think Derrick is well aware of what people think of him and slips some of those Easter eggs (Resurrection eggs?) in for fun. He did go to a Big XII school, after all — you don’t spend four years in Stillwater, Norman, Ames, Manhattan, College Station (now SEC of course), Lubbock, or hell even Waco, and not pick up some fondness for 90s hip-hop.
  15. Hey Catelynn maybe put down your dumb phone and help your kid. Vaeda is obviously scratching Nova’s chest and Nova asks her mother more than once to “geddahaint offa may!” which even I could tell meant “get her hand off of me.” Look, I know Nova is a lame consolation prize after seeing your true heroine and goddess Carly, but she is your actual kid that no one else is raising and you should probably at least help her avoid getting mauled by her sister. (I’m sure Vaeda means well but we all know that babies aren’t especially good at social cues.) You might also consider intensive speech therapy but... you know what, never mind. The Baltierras would never admit that A) their kid has a ragingly obvious speech delay in addition to some concerning physical tics, and B) their kid needs any kind of treatment that might require regular office visits or family involvement at home. If riding that sad-ass pony around whenever Catelynn remembers it exists won’t get Nova up to speed, then Nova will just have to figure it out herself.
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