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  1. It's hard to say exactly, since not much on the MLS looks like that one -- most are modern/contemporary, not on flat lots, and many have ocean views. For a 4/3 or bigger, the prices seem to range from $1.9 million to $12 million. This 4/5 that's 3,800 square feet with a pool and pool house looks the most like Jen's of any I saw, and it's listed for $8.2 million.
  2. I just binged this season and came here to see what people thought. I'm really glad I didn't read here during watching because it might have soured the whole thing for me. It kind of makes me wonder what other shows I would've enjoyed more if I didn't look up internet discussions on them. Like many here, I was also a regular on TWoP, and Mighty Big TV before that. "Without Pity" was not actually a mandate, just a tongue-in-cheek ethos. There was always a difference between totally ragging on a trash heap show and humorously tweaking on a show that most did really like.
  3. Geoffrey and Ash are cut from the same psycho cloth. Varya and Avery are two of the most level-headed, not-stupid people ever on this show, but when they calmly drew appropriate boundaries, the men's eyes turned black with rage. For Geoffrey, everything has to be on his terms. He talked about marrying Varya and bringing her to America, but when Varya alluded to not pouring money into her apartment in Russia, he immediately started to gaslight her about her "motives." I know life is harder in Russia, but Varya seems to be doing fairly well for herself. She's not one of the desperate third-world women putting up with a totally gross old dude just for the green card. Then Geoffrey proposes, and she tells him "not now." But since that's not on his timing, it must be "never." He's done. He coldly shuts her down at at the airport, and heads back to what the previews would have us believe is that thirsty female friend back in TN. I hope Varya realizes that she's smart, pretty, employed, and totally capable of finding a decent man who doesn't have permanent nipple doilies. Ash pulled the same gaslighting trick on Avery, repeatedly. He's such a bullshitter and has no idea how stupid and obvious he actually is. I really hope Avery is just riding this one out for the TLC cash. [But I don't want spoilers or cutesy not-spoilers that are totally spoilers about it!]
  4. This reminds me of our Season 2 sweetheart, Dinyell, whose affect was almost always inappropriate for the situation. She would smirk and grimace at the oddest times. I always wondered if she was really competent to sign contracts for marriage and TV without a guardian ad litem. Some people just don't like looking at ourselves themselves. 🤷‍♀️
  5. That's right! Now I feel bad. Tiffany is just kind of terrible. Tania is the worst of all time!
  6. She should've pulled a "Tiffany in South Africa" and just found another 90-day fiancé at the local bar! TV gold!
  7. Usman: I have serious cultural differences with my American girlfriend and her very American attitudes about gender roles. Also Usman: I must live in America. I will not be happy until I live in America with Americans. Ash's response to Avery very diplomatically pointing out some issues with his stupid talk was to gaslight, accuse her of cruelty, and whinge about his "pain." She handled it much better than I would have, but I can't figure out why she even stuck around to have the conversation. It's obviously not going to work out with the bug-eyed caveman plagiarist, so why waste her time? She should go enjoy MelbOURNe on her own without having to navigate the minefield that is Ash's extremely addled, "feminine" brain. I guess I don't see how Ed is that much worse than Rose. They're both in this for something other than romantic love between two people of comparable age, looks (?), and socioeconomic status. Yes, he should have definitely brought up the kid thing sooner. Rose is entitled to have a few more kids she can't afford, I guess. If her plan was to get a "rich" (LOL) American to bankroll that dream, well, that's a plan with tradeoffs, my chick. Maybe aim higher than 4'10" next time. If someone in an equally matched relationship wrote to an advice column to ask what to do about their partner's atrocious breath, I imagine the columnist would suggest the person bring it up calmly but directly, and perhaps offer a solution, such as mouthwash. Ed shouldn't have done this on camera, but he had a right to mention it. Is he just supposed to deal with it because...? To intuit that a young woman has an ulcer, and know that ulcers cause halitosis? (I didn't know that until this show.) These are two kind of gross people who are unwilling to change for each other. Shut it down. "Take the L," as Robert said to David on Pillow Talk. David and Yolanda are obviously meant for each other, but they both feel entitled to imaginary young hotties from sexy lands. Neither can see that they're both just decent looking, middle-aged Americans with marshmallows for brains. Someone upthread (or previous thread?) mentioned another, similar Catfish episode, but it reminded me of the guy who was absolutely positive that Katy Perry had been messaging him from a Canadian phone number since before, and throughout, her marriage to Russell Brand. Even after Nev dragged that fool to England and introduced him to a woman who said "Hi, I'm so-and-so, and I'm the one you've been texting. Here's proof," that guy was like, nah. He actually believed the woman was conveying a secret message from Katy through symbolic language. This man is the only one who ever came close to the Vegas Idiot Twins' delusions. When will we get the 90DF/Catfish crossover we deserve? I know that one is Discovery and one is Viacom, but if Disney and Warner Bros. could come together for Who Framed Roger Rabbit? then I believe we can make this happen.
  8. The Walking Dead and Sister Wives are in direct competition. Sunday night shows about dysfunctional idiots with an apocalypse complex, constantly being forced to flee their latest homes due to their own stupid actions. But I can understand how people would rather watch Danai Gurira do that, than Moonface Brown and the Roly Poly Lesser Wives.
  9. He might have lymphedema -- not "a lymphodema" as some people on the My 600-Lb. Life forum seem to think is a discrete thing, but the actual condition. It can be primary/hereditary. I have it, although I'm not obese and don't have a syndrome like Ed's. I have to wear compression every day or my feet and ankles swell. I wear long pants over them most of the time, even in the miserable Texas heat, because I don't want people to think I'm tacky and hideous; apparently my instinct was right... It sucks not being able to wear cute sandals or skirts like a normal lady. If Ed has lymphedema on top of everything else, I feel really bad for him. She is SO boring. I could not be less interested in her basic, thirsty life. I will say she seems quite spunky for someone with aplastic anemia, so she probably takes good care of herself. Credit for that, but points deducted for dumb hair and boring personality. Back to zero. Has all of this been discussed on the show, or is it effectively spoiler info? For anyone who watches Teen Mom, Geoffrey reminds me more and more of noted dog-murderer/wife-clavicle-snapper David Eason, both in facial features and expressions/hostile mannerisms.
  10. Yet another area in which Jeanette's taste makes no sense to me whatsoever.
  11. Exactly! Not to mention that salt can be a health issue for some people, and pepper is very polarizing. My "perfect" amount of pepper is "literally none whatsoever." I wouldn't mind if it dropped off the earth altogether. There's nothing worse than having a piece of black pepper stuck in your teeth (I could actually stop here), and then accidentally biting it later when I don't have a drink, and having my mouth filled with nasty, strong pepper flavor. GAG. It gives me PPSD. (Post-Pepper Stress Disorder) Michael's bizarre lack of empathy and apparent detachment from other humans are a huge red flag to me. He's mentioned his insecure upbringing more than once, and I wonder if he has an unresolved attachment disorder or something like that. He seems to charge forward with actions he believes will please people or make him look good, regardless of how misguided, and he somehow hasn't learned that easily disproven lies are never the path to better relationships. And yet, with all that I just described, he's not the worst husband this season. Maybe not even second-worst! I scoffed audibly when he said that. What an obvious humblebrag and dig at Mindy! He's so cruel. He thinks he's smart, charming, and hot, but I think he's a stupid little troll with a personality disorder. Not just the worst husband this season, but Bottom Three of all time.
  12. Statistically, no. It’s not a value judgment.
  13. That’s why I said “not normal” and not “totally impossible.” It can happen, but the chances are even smaller in a situation like this. I think Austin and Derek could both be heading that direction, but Katie and Jessica could browbeat them out of it.
  14. Jazz needs so much professional help, and needs to extricate herself from her suffocating mother. While I think she’s far too anxious and immature to handle college, I do suspect she would’ve had at least a fighting chance at Pomona. Her mother’s ego ruined that. Jeanette wanted to be able to proclaim that her kid went to Harvard. That’s all. She needs to back the hell away and work on herself, starting with a makeover.
  15. Katie and Jessica are both fools. They got men who actually like them, but they’re willing to go to the mat over semantics. Normal people don’t “fall in love” in eight weeks. That’s an unreasonable and childish expectation. They both seem to think they’re extremely mature and impressive professionals, but they’re actually basic and thirsty. Mindy is one of the most likable people on the show, ever, but I can’t take the kicked puppy routine any more. Calling Nasty Ass Zach to come do his American Psycho impersonation over their wedding photos was too much. I don’t care if production told her to. She needed to tell them to screw off. The utter contempt he oozed at her during dinner at the Gaslight Inn was unreal. I don’t think even Derek and Heather of the ill-fated Marijuana Honeymoon had that much hatred for each other. I thought Meka did a good job compared to usual when she made it through breakfast. It sucks to consume calories you do not want, at a time you do not want them, just to placate the martyr ego you’re living with. For her, I consider choking it down and rating it a 7 a solid win.
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