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  1. It's okay, everybody! I was mostly kidding! I need to change my avatar to a warning: when Jocelyn says sassy things, she's not being that serious so no need to take it that way! That said, I think Moriah has even told us on the show that she hates school and reading. Occasionally, those types turn into great teachers, but it's about as common as singers with voices like Bob Dylan's becoming superstars.
  2. This feels like exquisite shade. 😂
  3. I missed a lot of this episode because so much took place with Moriah’s treacly warbling in the background. Just couldn’t take it. It sounds like I didn’t miss anything important. It’s fine to make music because you enjoy it even if you’re not great. I just hope she doesn’t expect the entire community to play along. Moriah, you are no Rory Gilmore and Cairo is not Stars Hollow. They aren’t going to prop up your mealy mouthed aspirations. There are some famous examples of “bad” voices becoming beloved performers — Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Adam Duritz, Macy Gray, etc. — but I don’t thi
  4. Mercy’s problem was “diagnosed” as soon as it occurred, when her eye was injured by a pice of plastic that flew off of something in the yard. She’s spent weeks in the hospital having multiple surgeries and the family has helped to work with her on rehabilitation exercises. Kim detailed it at length on their family blog. If she’s lying to make herself look good, it’s an elaborate and extremely detailed lie carried out over more than a year.
  5. I’m truly glad he came out all of that okay, but this anti-medication message is so dangerous. Obviously the one prescription he tried didn’t work for him, but it’s normal to have to try several to find one that works. Some people never find one, and that is sad and frustrating. The right medications can help, though, because mental illnesses are usually related to brain chemistry. He’s right that we shouldn’t stigmatize mental illness, but we also shouldn’t stigmatize a treatment that does save thousands of people. It’s like advocating treating diabetes just with diet and telling people
  6. Tiny women do tend to lean in to the “I’m sooooo tineeyyy” routine. I’m still uncomfortable with the Asian stereotypes that get thrown around here. I haven’t seen people making these kinds of claims about Myrla and Rachel’s Hispanic heritage, etc. It’s like the last acceptable group to write off as a monolith.
  7. This show has gotten progressively worse about intentional bad matches for drama, but this season really takes the cake. You cannot tell me that with everybody involved in producing the series, not a single person noticed that Michaela has Serious Fucking Issues? That Johnny and Bao knew each other? That Ryan and Brett are nice people but also the walking embodiment of a donkey and elephant political cartoon? That José isn't str... anyway you get the point. The greatest trollery of the season is that Gil and Myrla, who were obviously paired with the expectation that they would despise each oth
  8. I thought so, too. When Rachel and José were leaving for the honeymoon, she swatted condoms out of his hand and said something about "you don't make babies that way!" Plus, as someone mentioned earlier, Michaela asking Zach about kids the second they met. But if any of them would rather have vacations than kids, who cares? It's better for society when motherhood is an opt-in activity and children are wanted.
  9. She's been nearly immobilized by back pain for a while. That may have something to do with it. I like this show better when there's more Todd and Towel, some Ashley, maybe 2 seconds of Heather, and a lot of Whitney's adorable pets. Despite the bizarre accusations I've seen online, I think she is actually a pretty good pet owner. The poodle is a high-strung breed AND a rescue. It probably doesn't want to be snoozled all the time like Whitney does to the cats. Anyway, those are the fun parts. I can take or leave Buddy, who clearly doesn't want to be there, the father-daughter fitness t
  10. I've always suspected that Kim was the reason for the vast majority of toxicity in the family and this episode underscored that. Barry has his problems for sure, but he doesn't spend time devising ways to wield sneaky, weird power over his children. I think he is more awkward and weak than calculating or malicious. All of this perseverating and plotting over Moriah and her treacly nothing music and cringey makeup choices. I try to avoid regional stereotypes but is there seriously nothing better to do in south Georgia?
  11. Bringing Luka on for drinks in the messy galley with strangers was so weird. Like, hey, we definitely didn't work with you and we're about to go out for fun without you, but super glad you could stop by. Clearly production just needed footage of Luka entering the galley and Mat throwing a hissy fit about it so they could air it in previews and trick viewers. Fun system, enjoyed it so much. The caginess about what happened in Split was silly. After a whole season of watching this group get wasted, the guys constantly injuring themselves and/or crying, and the girls going to bed without the
  12. According to a source that spoke with The Sun, Josh’s brothers and sisters are allegedly beginning to “have doubts” even while Jim Bob allegedly continues to work hard to prove Josh’s innocence. The source notes Jim Bob is “working hard behind the scenes to get him off,” adding, “he’s setting up meetings, paying lawyers and consultants, doing whatever he can to make sure his son doesn’t go to jail.” Nothing in the reporting around this has actually indicated that JB believes Josh is “innocent”; he’s just tying to keep him from going to federal prison. Josh definitely deserves it but JB is
  13. I'm from Texas and I'm on an academic schedule. Nothing here is new info to me! But even in the summers that I don't get to bop off to Europe, I don't put myself on house arrest and make my husband suffer. It wouldn't even occur to me to approach summer that way, even though I fucking despise hot weather. Rachel's apparent inability to self-soothe is what's concerning.
  14. True... but we have yet to see Bao excuse herself to a private room to make wounded zebu noises. That could just be editing, though.
  15. Johnny and Bao have me trapped in their dysfunctional cycle: Johnny is an unreasonable jerk. However, Bao does exaggerate or play up the martyrdom thing, which is annoying. She is really too old to act like this. So Johnny isn't totally unreasonable. He's definitely a jerk, but he does have a point. But then he starts ballistic arguments about nothing. It's unfair to Bao. How is she supposed to handle that? But how does she handle it? Like a pouty baby cartoon, cuddling herself and making dopey eyes at the camera. Spare me, Elmyra! But Johnny is awful. Defi
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