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  1. JocelynCavanaugh

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Pistol Pete is just the Great Value version of the Masked Rider. (And yes, Raider Red must then be the Up & Up version of Pistol Pete but we don’t need to get into that.) I actually think it’s kind of cool that Derrick got to have that role at his alma mater. It’s easy to stay connected to your university and identify as an alum when it’s a big sports school and the colors/logo/mascot have a lot of exposure. Or, say, when your former QB-turned-head coach is hot AF and failed his way up to an NFL head coaching gig or your more recent former QB is the NFL MVP and on the cover of Madden. Just throwing those out as some totally arbitrary examples. There weren’t many from OSU so I just happened to choose another Big 12 school. 😎👆🏻
  2. JocelynCavanaugh

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I just watched Nova’s freestyle and I can’t stop cringing. My entire body is sore from the cringe. I need to take 20mg of Tezlee and lie down. “Nova and Vaeda” is hard to say. I guess “Vaeda and Nova” works but as an oldest sister I reject this unholy order of names. If people absolutely insist on giving their children k’reigh8if names, they should have to pass a rigorous test: • Say it out loud. - Does it sound weird? Could it be a Mad Gab playing card? (I know a “Loose Eclair” and a “Time Alone,” both unintentional.) - Does it work with the last name? Siblings’ names? (By siblings, I mean the children with whom they will be raised, not ones you placed for adoption ten years ago who live in a different time zone and probably don’t think about you ever.) • Go down this checklist (TBA) of curse words, diseases, sexual acts, mass murderers, and euphemisms for gastroenteritis. Make sure your proposed name isn’t on there. • Write the name down, and without giving any hints, ask at least five other people to pronounce it. If they all say it differently from how you intended, YOU MISSPELLED IT. Try again. - Hint: vowels are tricky but they do follow certain rules. You are not powerful enough to break these rules. - See also: Dwyane “Dwayne” Wade; Keira “Kiera” Knightley. • Did you get the name idea from a recent movie, book, or other popular culture phenomenon? Wait ten years, then see if you really want a kid named Khaleesi Renesmee. In the mean time, may I suggest Elizabeth, Matthew, Lauren, or Joseph as placeholders? (List negotiable for those with varying family backgrounds.) • Does the name contain Arabic numerals or more than one apostrophe? We live in computer times now. Do not do this to computers. • Is the name just plain ugly? Did Family Guy use it as a secret code, the answer to “what’s the ugliest male name of all time?” (A: Keith) Is it a synonym for an unattractive woman (Big Bertha, Brunhilda)? Does it sound like a sneeze? If so, please refer to placeholder list above. This is just a working draft but I wanted to go ahead and get it out there before Catelynn and Tyler start working on their next Notcarly Divorcedelayer.
  3. JocelynCavanaugh

    S09.E10: Are You Committed?

    Just grabbed these from YouTube. (Beth’s hot pink romper also featured.) PSA: the official MAFS account posts Unfiltered episodes on YT and it’s pretty easy to find.
  4. JocelynCavanaugh

    Who's The Worst? (The Other Way, S1)

    Haha I didn’t even notice! I’m as clueless as Aladin!
  5. JocelynCavanaugh

    Who's The Worst? (The Other Way, S1)

    I don't think this list is complete without a certain purple vibrator...
  6. JocelynCavanaugh


    Khloe is starting to look like a cross between LaToya Jackson and Pat Smith (Emmitt’s wife). Pat is gorgeous but she has a completely different frame and proportions from Khloe’s. A slender nose works better on her, and so does platinum blonde, which is funny since Khloe was blonde-ish as a kid (at least compared to her siblings) and I somehow doubt Pat was. Ive been catching up on the latest season and in some scenes I honestly can’t tell if I’m looking at Khloe or Kylie, and neither of them resemble themselves from a few years ago. Both have ruined everything that made them cute and unique.
  7. JocelynCavanaugh

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    Genuine question because I honestly can’t tell: are the comments about how Jeremy should be feeding the homeless joking or serious? I’m not sure how many mealtimes a seminary student is supposed to spend doing community service instead of just relaxing with family or friends, or if I’m missing the “sarcasm font” here! I’m always a little confused by society’s expectations of how Christians are supposed to behave compared to “normal” people. But anyway maybe I’m also a weirdo because I take food pics any time I have a pretty or exciting meal, and I usually snap them at least to my sister and some close friends. I equally enjoy receiving theirs!
  8. JocelynCavanaugh

    Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    That's really all you had to say.
  9. JocelynCavanaugh

    S03.E01: Crazy In Love

    Have we ever seen a season this delusional? I don't think a single couple on here is in a remotely reciprocal relationship. The closest I can tell is Darcey and her Brit, and even that one seems doomed. Heathrow in particular has private lounges that any passenger can buy a pass to. I actually used one a couple of weeks ago and it was the best £40 I've ever spent. All kinds of delicious food, drinks, wifi, quiet spaces to relax, and for another £12 I got a private shower. I didn't want to leave! Avery is such a textbook version of That Girl who's always getting into something and acting like it's her true identity, and then you ask her about it a year later and she's like "Mus-what? I'm a Pastafarian now, duh. And I work for PETA. Have you tried essential oils?" That said, she did weakly mention that Omar's profile said he was in America, not Syria, so she may have at least attempted to date a Muslim closer to home first. I am so done with the whole "X culture is unique because it has family values" trope. Like what do they think the rest of the world does? Every culture has family values. It's how cultures persist. Some may be more reserved or have smaller families or different traditions, but acting like one country is superior because they have an overtly demonstrative version of family is silly and frankly a bit racist. I could also live without the "pretty girls are delicate birds who must eat rainbows and clouds and the rest of you can peck French fries off the sidewalk" mentality. It's a cousin to using some variation of "beautiful" to describe why a missing or murdered child is exceptionally tragic. Gee, I guess if Kyron Horman weren't cute we wouldn't even bother looking for him, right, guys??? In conclusion, this guy is dumb. I was wondering that, too. Like @Gobi mentioned, it's probably legal if the tracker is the legal owner of the vehicle. (Maybe also the insurer?) Or it could be legal due to a loophole since privacy laws can be spotty in general.
  10. JocelynCavanaugh

    Zach and Tori

    I agree with Tori that the “are you sure it’s not twins?” question is obnoxious, but the whole “I’m growing a freakin human” thing can also go in the garbage. It’s what mammals do. Calm down. If you grow a fruit-bearing avocado tree in Oregon or a multi-billion-dollar startup, then we can act like you’re special.
  11. JocelynCavanaugh

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    That person has an interesting relationship with capital letters. Betting she’s a fan of Michigan’s poet laureate, Tyler Baltierra. To expand on my previous comment about the j-word, I’m getting pretty tired of the old “nobody’s perfect, who are you to judge, they’re just human” argument. It only goes so far. The standard is not perfection. It’s basic decency. And even if some of us have failed to meet that standard at some point, that doesn’t mean we may never speak of it again. It also doesn’t mean we can’t pray for someone (or vibe or whatever) and still have things to say about their actions. Our brains are amazing, all the complex ideas they can hold! Well maybe not that tweeter’s, but most of us...
  12. JocelynCavanaugh

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Amen! 🙌🏻 I would include “judging” as one of these words, too. Nothing sets off my college students like perceived “judging.” They’ve somehow been trained that the absolute worst thing you can do is judge someone, especially them. Never mind that sometimes it’s okay, even necessary, to judge. I judge that sexually abusing children is wrong and people who do it are bad, and I’m not the least bit sorry! I’ll judge that ‘til the cows come home. It’s gotten to the point where they’ll freak out when I have them take a free Myers-Briggs-esque quiz as a fun introductory discussion, because half of them get a “J” for “judging” in their type “This must be wrong because I don’t judge!” I have to talk them off the ledge and introduce the apparently foreign concept that a word can have multiple connotations. (Don’t even get me started on “introversion is not a defect.”) They also have some massive blind spots about the ways they absolutely DO judge certain groups or ways of thinking or living. It’s trendy to hate certain politicians or celebrities or types of government, so they’ll jump headfirst into judging anyone who doesn’t hate those things, often without the slightest clue why they even take those positions. (If you’ve seen the kind of “man on the street” interviews where people don’t know who the Vice President is, or agree heartily that they love Barack Obama’s pro-life legislation or George W Bush’s pacifism or some other thing that’s the opposite of what a given politician actually says or does, you know what I’m describing here.) This is how we end up with about 90% of Teen Moms and other reality “stars” writing off even the most polite and measured critics as “hatters.” Hatters gonna hat, as we all know, therefore it’s impossible that they could have a valid point. People we disagree with aren’t just wrong anymore; now they’re evil and subhuman. Cool world, love livin’ in it! 👍🏻
  13. JocelynCavanaugh

    S01.E06: Another World

    Evelin is a sociopath. Deavenenne(???) is truly a mess. Like I’m pretty sure I saw detritus falling off her as she walked. She and Druscilla are like those smoke ghost things in Spirited Away. Somebody on PTV once described Pole as an alligator running on its hind legs and it was one of the best things I’ve ever read.
  14. JocelynCavanaugh

    Christine Brown: She Wanted a Family, Not Just the Man

    Yeah, I didn't want to get too detailed, but the glasses aren't great. I also have a thing about glasses on kids which is my own issue, but I hate how it looks! (Obviously that is not a reason for kids not to wear them.) I'm not sure about lasting effects, but I definitely remember at least one incidence of the Browns waiting way too long to get Truley medical care. Was this the time she was lying on the couch, nearly catatonic, and I think Aspyn was the one who finally had to say "this kid needs to go to the hospital!"?
  15. JocelynCavanaugh

    Christine Brown: She Wanted a Family, Not Just the Man

    Wow, those Brown genes must be strong! Or maybe it's that Allred-Jessup "family wreath" thing. All of those girls can be pretty when they know what to do with their hair and how to style themselves!