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  1. To clarify, I meant that Amy and Zach’s achondroplasia seem to contribute to their mouth breathing and inability to eat with their mouths closed. (At least I hope that’s the reason — otherwise they’re just being gross.) I don’t think it has anything to do with intelligence or verbal skills. There may be some physiological effects on their speech as well, but I haven’t noticed. Zach probably has some hearing loss. That can affect pronunciation, but it doesn’t result in the same type of errors as people make when they either have a learning/speech disorder and/or come from a place where a m
  2. Most likely! Probably nature and nurture. Other than Molly, they don’t seem to be a “school” family.
  3. Amy’s issues with spelling and pronunciation strike me as evidence of a mild or moderate learning disability or linguistic disorder. She doesn’t have a speech impediment, per se, although she and Zach both have some issues with tongue thrust, mouth breathing, and orthodontics that I assume are a result of achondroplasia. I would guess Amy is within a standard deviation of average, IQ-wise, but she has a tenuous relationship with phonemes.
  4. Kenny on Pillow Talk is like that one girl in the background of every workout video doing the modified version for people who can’t keep up. Tim is the one in the middle doing the advanced version.
  5. Jake's sense of humor is very dry. There were a couple of moments this season where I caught him saying something witty, but many more where I could tell he was trying to be funny but actually he was just being a dick. I also have a dry sense of humor, and I've learned that my delivery comes across differently in my head, and sometimes people have thought I was being mean or weird when I was just having a good time. The thing is, when I learned this was happening, I didn't double down and become a self-pitying victim or decide everyone who didn't laugh was just stupid. I learned from the exper
  6. If Farrah gets a degree from Harvard, I will seriously give up on my whole field! I still don't know how she could take graduate courses without a Bachelor's degree, but there are so many other holes in the story, it's not even worth wondering! I've taught college freshmen for over 10 years. It's an open admission institution and many students are from underserved school districts, or are not native English speakers, and/or have undiagnosed or untreated learning disabilities. Some face food insecurity. Some come to their morning class straight from working a night shift. Occasionally one
  7. I'm honestly kind of jealous of her "confidence." So many years in non-Harvard academia can really give you a complex.
  8. God bless her. She's barely literate, but she does try to be strategic. If Harvard doesn't like people pretending they're more involved in the school than they really are, I'm guessing that making the distinction that far down the page, after mentioning Harvard without "Extension" after it several times, is not going to cut it! That could be it, too, but if so, she's still not pursuing an MA at Harvard University! I actually took an MIT class via EdX last fall for professional development. It was neat, I'm glad I did it, and I absolutely do not list MIT in the education section of my
  9. “Farrah is the #1 reality star and she has out grown and rose above the statics of teen pregnancy as 1out of every 4 women beat the depressive statics of teen pregnancy.” I know her writing has always been batshit, but wow. The profile currently says MA, Harvard University, and “current Masters At Harvard University in creative writing and literature expected 2023.” I don’t see Extension on the mobile site, at least nowhere in the Harvard mentions at the top. 1. This has to be a lie. 2. Creative Writing graduate programs are usually an MFA, not MA (not always, don’t @
  10. Farrah has always been remarkably unsexy for someone who is that sexualized.
  11. No. Maybe she was ready and he just sucked at it. It's not always the woman's fault. This is unrealistic and unfair.
  12. My guess, just based on their dynamic and the way she (doesn’t) talk about it: it’s just one of those things that happens. You agree to date (or marry on TV) a guy you’re not quite sure about. You don’t necessarily click at first — maybe he stares you down at the altar and doesn’t even pretend to smile at you, and you go from beaming and laughing to deflated and apprehensive. Or whatever. One night, you’re trying to have a good time and connect with the guy. On paper, he’s decent and you feel like you should give him a chance. The night progresses, your inhibitions are low, and you go for
  13. All season, Haley declined to confirm that Jake was bad in bed, and people said she should just come out and admit it. As I suspected, when she finally does — upon being asked directly, not just bringing it up for fun — she confirms, doesn’t go into gory detail, but is still excoriated. This is BEC at critical mass. I don’t think Haley needs to define “good sex” to anyone. Don’t adults understand that it’s different for everyone? Isn’t that a constant topic of discussion in movies, TV, podcasts, bars, and everywhere else? Maybe Jake is a fantastic sex person. (It’s hard to imagine, but l
  14. Definitely not just you. It sounded like she was making sure he understood his Berenstain Bears bedtime story. "Zied, do you know what co-op-er-a-tion is?"
  15. I’m pleased to announce that I’m starting a book club about the back of my toothpaste tube. Study guide forthcoming.
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