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S08.E25: Quicksand

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On 6/21/2018 at 4:29 PM, BitterApple said:

I'm an evil bitch because all I see is that guy from Fantasy Island whenever I look at Lux.

Totally. Herve Villachesse (sp?) with an AARP membership. 

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On 6/19/2018 at 8:16 AM, lovesnark said:

I haven't watched. But, I can weigh in on the swamp things and the sinking high end trailer. Mr Lovesnark is a concrete contractor and over the 33 years we've been married, I've learned more than a little about foundations. It's ALL about the prep and the prep is determined by the ground itself. The wrong fill material and/or not enough fill pretty much guarantees the foundation will fail, sometimes sooner rather than later. My guess is the swamp things didn't want to spend the money to prep the site properly. Also, the foundation at casa swamp isn't a poured concrete foundation. It's made of brick. While a brick foundation may look nice, it's not nearly as strong as a poured concrete footing and foundation. The weight of a house and everything in it puts a lot of stress on all of those mortar joins. I'm actually surprised the county even gave them a permit to plop the house where they did and that it passed the foundation inspection. Wet, unstable ground, high water table, improper site prep all make for a recipe for failure. The ground is so wet on that property, if it was around here, it would be unbuildable. All that being said, a foundation nightmare couldn't happen to more deserving people. I hope THE LAND swallows the house and the pieces of human garbage while the kids are all away with people who actually care about them.

I wouldn’t be so sure they did get permits. Some counties don’t do inspections until there is a problem, so depending on how hands off the county is it might not come up if they hired unlicensed contractors under the table. If they did that and they don’t have a mortgage on the house and they didn’t bother to get homeowners insurance... I’m just saying it’s possible they are that dumb. 

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