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  1. But…It’s a size 6 and all muscle, she says.
  2. I’ll help you. Click the arrow on the right. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTusjj1F1KG/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. 1. yes. But she argued on TikTok that he has to learn. She refuses to accept she is ever wrong. So she blames the 6/7 yr old.
  4. Nah. She’s posting away on TikTok. Today Kaiser forgot his backpack and homework at home but it’s his fault because it’s his responsibility. Rosie, the golden doodle, is now pregnant by Junior, the Kangle dog they have. That spells bad news on Swampland.
  5. She rented it. Almost one yr to the day she moved back in. Guess their lease ran out and she timed the house building to be at the same time.
  6. Yes. She is in her and Javi’s “old” house. The one he wasn’t allowed back in when he came home from overseas.
  7. They will have to turn on captions because his mumble speak is hard to follow. I won’t be watching, I’ll just read here. 🙄🙄
  8. Yep. Or she did at one point. Probably still does.
  9. She admits it came from her.
  10. She probably claims religion though she’s a proud atheist.
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