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  1. That’s fine. They can eat it. But you can’t spotlight and definitely can’t shoot from the road.
  2. She also has the other Cane Corso names Karma.
  3. Had to crop it to get the comments on for y’all. 😆
  4. Her butt is as big as the tree. When someone asked her why she bought them with their ears cropped that it was cruel she asked them if they had their son circumcised when they were born. WTH?
  5. It’s illegal. You spotlight (bright light) the deer to shoot. It’s Illegal because your basically blinding them to get the shot. And he’s doing it from his truck. Also:
  6. Leah is going with her. They just might come back knocked up.
  7. He had her out spotlighting with him last night. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Someone posted it on twitter. I’ll seee if I can find it. Unless @druzy finds it before me because I am forgetful. 😆
  8. Yes. She was in court, too. Honestly I can’t see her being able to pull a boat or trailer. So no. I don’t think it was her. I believe he threw a fit when served and he probably sold or hocked the other stuff.
  9. I know it’s scary but maybe they were just finally trying to get the book they bought and she didn’t ship. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. I took it as he cut off the WiFi because he couldn’t afford it. I need to go back and reread it.
  11. Big true crime fan here. I’m with ya on that. 🙋‍♀️
  12. I watched the first two seasons and one random season where they were in Arizona.
  13. Not me. He did it. He had a temper tantrum and either sold or hocked his other items. Court for the Restraining order.
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