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  1. Me too. I'm going to miss having her on the show.
  2. Dollar Tree for life! She has no idea what she is missing!
  3. I was sooo glad to see that.
  4. So what drug is Chandlers boyfriend addicted to? They keep saying substance abuse but they don't say what drug.
  5. The future serial killer today.... Now would be a good time for Dr Phil to use his vaunted "Mandated Reporter" status, before someone's head ends up in a jar.
  6. What is this Dennis/drugs thing? Can anyone summarize or point me towards a post?
  7. Couldn't agree more. Love Carole and will miss her on the show.
  8. I don't think Bethenny looks good. Her face is haggard and her tits are saggy in that dress.
  9. I would rather have had an additional regular-season episode than this backstage drama. I don't think it's "show material," as low as that bar has become.
  10. I'm rewatching Sons of Anarchy so thanks for the Jax Teller reference! I don't think Mike could hack it in a motorcycle club!
  11. I'm still going through the stages of grief regarding Carole leaving the show, lol. Then again, I felt the same way about Heather and I moved on. NY is my favorite franchise and I'm too personally invested in this!
  12. How can Dr Tsao be expected to treat Ali as best he can when Leah LIES to him about the wheelchair and activities??
  13. #swimintheshallowend heh. But seriously, I am so mad at Leah for lying to Dr Tsao's face tonight. I have little sympathy for her because she refuses to follow medical instructions for her terminally ill child! Not cool!
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