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  1. I think I had a smile on my face for pretty much the entirety of this movie. Downton always impressed me with its ability to fully embody every inch of its landscape with authenticity; I could watch an episode and forget that these are modern actors existing in the same world as me. It felt really good to once again slip back in time. It was great to get a more complete resolution for Tom, since the last season of the show shortchanged him quite a bit. Lucy was lovely, and I would have enjoyed seeing even more of them together. Entwining Tom's politics with his devotion to the Crawleys was a nice nod to his history. I adored the staff overthrowing their usurpers, no matter how improbable it may be. After seasons of heartbreak between Anna and Bates, strife between kitchen maids, etc., I appreciated everyone uniting for the dignity of their service. Violet and Mary's conversation was probably my favorite part, and was absolutely necessary. Much as I may wish Violet could be an eternal pillar of pithy wit, she cannot. Downton has never shied away from showing the inevitability of change, both good and bad, and for these characters in 1927, we know plenty more change awaits them. More than just passing the reins to Mary, Violet solidified her faith in Mary's ability to stand tall, make decisions with composure, and bear any challenges before her with grace.
  2. Sonny's awfulness was at its prime today, bargaining Joss' place in his home in exchange for Dev. His hemming and hawing about just "thinking out loud" was utter bullshit. I'd almost feel sorry for Carly that Sonny would cast out her daughter in order to keep a random kid in a situation that clearly makes Carly uncomfortable, but y'know, she's chosen this dick over and over again, and he's only proving himself to be everything she's always known him to be. Sam was working my nerves today, too, from the indignant look on her face when Shiloh described her relationship with his father to her snooty tone regarding Robert. Yes, Sam, the audacity of Robert warning Jason not to do anything illegal mere seconds before Jason confirms he will do said illegal act sure is something. Everyone knows Jason is a thug with no concern for the law, cool it with the umbrage. God, she sucks. Those Pentonville vans really don't have a good track record, do they? Just once I'd like there to be a more creative way for the criminals to run amok. It's so lazy to have the cops be so woefully inept that the bad guy can outmaneuver them without breaking a sweat. But Bobbie's probably glad to be featured in a story with more prominence than the tribulations of Scott's love life or her own diabetes diagnosis, so good for her, I guess? Whatever, I can't get too upset with this stupidity (saving my energy for Kim/Franco, sigh) so I'm just gonna roll with it. (And how sad is it that I'm evaluating which shitty story stinks slightly less than the other and is less deserving of my outrage? This show, I swear.)
  3. Liz's slap definitely should've been ten times harder today. Kim's character is completely obliterated now. She avoided any accountability for the damage to Liz's marriage (not just the sex, but encouraging Franco to relive Drew's memories and completely cut Liz out of the equation) and she ditched Julian via letter, thus avoiding any fallout for her actions with him. So she's selfish AND a coward AND totally callous, on top of being delusional enough to believe she and "Drew" will live happily ever after (of the myriad of obstacles facing them, chief among them is Franco's marriage to Liz, which is still valid no matter what he calls himself). What do they do with this character who's burning bridges left and right without a single backwards glance? None of this feels good. The only thing I have to root for here is for Franco to come back (words I never thought I'd say, yet here we are) and for Kim to reap the destruction she's sewn, mainly with Julian. He's given her SO MANY chances, but no amount of grief or confused and conflicting emotions can excuse what Kim's done.
  4. Oh, Devoin. It doesn't suck that you "happened to be drunk" during your time with Nova. It sucks that you CHOSE to get drunk while your daughter was in your care. After hearing that bullshit explanation of what happened, I don't blame Briana one bit for wanting to distance Nova from him. If he can't take responsibility for himself, he can't be responsible for a kid. Chelsea and Cole have decided that since Jenelle and David are no longer on the show, they're going to step up and provide the audience with a new Land experience, now with 100% less swamp. That area really was beautiful, I can see why Chelsea fell in love. It's nice that Chelsea's segments this episode were drama free, as I really do root for her and want the best for her family. Bypassing Leah's hand-wringing over Jeremy and Addie to focus on what's really important: everyone on that Costa Rica trip laughing their asses off at Kail eating shit during white water rafting. That was fucking SPECTACULAR (and I've said this before, but I appreciate Kail's ability to laugh at herself). Jade and Sean could not be any more unhappy together. They just have no idea what healthy communication looks like. She gives him grief over pretty much everything, it seems, and Sean snaps back immediately with his own insults, and the situation is blown entirely out of proportion. Jade implied to her cousin that she couldn't walk away from Sean because of Kloie, and that is understandable but sad reasoning. A baby is NOT a reliable foundation for a relationship. It's a huge bond, for sure, but it won't make two people suddenly compatible, and Jade and Sean will have to learn that the hard way.
  5. The juxtaposition of Franco and Kim in bed as Julian told Brad he would never do anything to betray Kim's faith in him was a real punch to the gut. For Kim to lie there and list all the ways Julian changed for her and yet still cuddle into Franco like none of it matters makes me so angry on Julian's behalf. Even if I bought what the show is selling, that Kim and FrankenDrew are a love that can't be stopped, that would still not be enough justification for Kim to backstab Julian AND Liz in one fell swoop. It actually makes it worse that Kim is admitting that what she's doing with FrankenDrew will hurt multiple people, because knowing it's wrong and continuing to do it is the height of entitlement. Kim spent years building up a relationship in her head as the be all, end all, only to find the real Drew and be confronted with his romantic indifference for her. Now he's gone, and she's settling for a bastardized version of Drew because it feels good, and it feels like validation for everything she romanticized for the last 16 years. What Kim's doing with Franco isn't healthy, and it isn't real, and it's a shame the show is presenting it as a continuation of true love when it's really an obsession she's clinging to at the expense of everything else.
  6. It delights me to see Liesl hanging around Sasha basically just to remind Valentin that not only does she know all his secrets, she's also judging the fuck out of his and Sasha's sloppy handling of things. I have to think Valentin didn't vet Sasha for anything other than her looks, as she seems really ill-equipped to run a long con. If Sasha can't endure Michael's gentle wheedling for info without spilling the beans, then she'd never manage being in the public eye as a model. Lordy, how many more times are we going to see Julian shuffle his feet and insist that he and Kim are ready to move, any second now, sure thing, and no, Brad, Liesl's dead body will NOT be left behind as a keepsake? Regardless, Julian's conversation with Alexis was actually pretty nice. It's appropriate for each of them to regard their relationship as a huge, defining aspect of their lives, while still knowing they're can't turn back time and reclaim what they once shared. What kind of a Friday cliffhanger, y'all. Laura about to walk in on Lulu getting busy and Curtis receiving yet another uncomfortable memory associated with the Haunted Star. I really hope it was Nikolas skulking around the boat; spying on his sister before she gets laid doesn't seem great, but actually is quite mild on the Cassadine scale of familial weirdness, so.
  7. Jax pitching the Aurora offer to Sam today immediately raised my hackles, because NO. After Sam dropped Aurora (and Drew) like a hot potato and endlessly bemoaned how stifling she considered it, I have no desire to see her involved with the company in any way, even if it were for Scout's benefit. Scout's gonna be just fine anyway, Monica will no doubt see sure of that, so hopefully we won't have to see Sam sleepwalking her way around Aurora like she gives a damn. I didn't like that Liz and Sam's discussion had little to do with worry or mourning over Drew and was much more about Franco. Even if Sam doesn't deem Franco worthy of Drew's mission to retrieve Andre, Drew clearly felt differently, and Sam really should not be undermining the last act of a (presumably) dead man. And telling Liz, who is effectively Franco's widow for the time being, that she's happy he's gone and Liz should accept it and move on is tacky as all hell. Sam isn't obligated to forgive Franco and she's entitled to any private thoughts about him, but trashing him to Liz's face under these circumstances is not cool. And I don't think Sam's attitude can be chalked up to misplaced anger over Drew's condition, I think the show just couldn't pass up the opportunity to pit Liz and Sam against each other for the nth time, and that took precedence over real grief for Drew.
  8. I feel like Chelsea's anxiety stems from a mixture of the stresses of having two babies in quick succession, the insecurity created from the home burglary, and a general inability to take care of herself. She's always relied heavily on Randy and now Cole and never had to be self-sufficient. Now she's battling something no one but her can solve, and I'm sure that's disorienting for her. Therapy would be an excellent option for her, I hope she takes it. I was glad to see that despite Jeremy and Leah's carefree, childless weekend in NYC, Leah is aware that they have to be responsible and not jerk Addie around. Nothing between them will ever be casual when their daughter is stuck in the middle. Kail kept emphasizing that this vacation she was flying solo without help, and then we see her turning to production for assistance multiple times. And even with their aid, she still seemed totally overwhelmed, which kind of diminishes her "I'm a badass single mom" narrative. I felt terrible watching Nova in the backseat as Briana drove a drunk Devoin home. It's hard to understand as a kid what's happening with an intoxicated parent; all you know is they're not themselves and that's scary. Briana needs to find a way of communicating to Nova because ignoring the issue will just be even more confusing to her. Jade seems to have a lot of good things going for her, but her relationship with Sean ain't one of them. Even sober, his temper flares out of control easily, and Jade screaming back is accelerant to the blaze. She needs to make her baby her priority and avoid the toxicity that arises when she's with Sean.
  9. I came extremely close to muting Sonny and Carly's petty bickering today, though it would have meant missing Sonny's spectacular pot calling the kettle black "you're selfish" barb. Give me a break with the "we're fighting each other because we're terrified" nonsense. No, you're fighting because you're both absolute assholes, the end (and also reason number one why giving this couple another kid was a terrible, terrible idea). Wyatt the PC Pioneer and that mention of Martina, Sonny's divorce lawyer belong alongside the llama from the Nurses' Ball as random things that didn't deserve a callback. I am all for history, but maybe we could reference things that are more significant and salient to the current stories instead of such trivial characters. "So the only thing left of Drew are the memories implanted in Franco?" Actually, what's left of Drew is his daughter, not this proxy-Drew that has no relation to the real Drew and the man he's been since 2012. Whatever's in Franco's head is not representative of the man who was Monica's son, the man who loved Oscar and Scout with ferocity, the man who gave his friends and family his utmost loyalty. It is the memory of that man and his legacy that everyone who loved him should cling to, not the ghost of someone that none of them (minus Kim) ever knew.
  10. In today's installment of "Shut up, Sonny, you giant mush-mouth man-child," I honestly don't know how Jax attempts reasonable conversation with him instead of just clocking his ass to the floor and being done with it. No matter how petulant and pissy Sonny gets, Jax has EVERY RIGHT to question what goes on in his daughter's home. I'm shocked Carly actually went to bat for Jax and stood up to Sonny, though her Alexis/Kristina analogy should have used Ava/Avery instead, 'cause God knows if Ava pulled a fraction of the shit Sonny does he'd be calling for her public stoning. Though slightly weird to see Alexis and Neil's date via flashbacks, it was still cute. I do wish Alexis had a friend other than Diane to share things with, as Diane is overall way too pushy and invasive for me. (Finn? Jax? Ned? Laura? Alexis needs a bigger social circle, is what I'm saying.) Liesl on that elevator with Lucas, Michael, and Wiley with that shit-eating look on her face was priceless. It's about time that we got an actual good use of the show's incessant reminders that Michael is Wiley's dad. And now that we've reached this pinnacle, someone should just spill the beans already, because at the rate we're going, Wiley's gonna be old enough to run his own DNA test (and falsify the results so he can continue having some safe distance from the Corinthos) before the truth is out.
  11. "The man who did give [Oscar] his DNA, he doesn't remember anything...I'm way more Drew Cain than that guy ever was." Okay, this storyline is infuriating in a lot of ways, but this line right here is extra special. First of all, it's so insulting to imply that Drew doesn't have a true claim to his own identity or his SON just because he lost his memories. Second of all, it's not consistent with the show's own logic surrounding memory transfers that was established with Jason and Drew. Drew walking around with a head full of Jason's memories didn't actually make him Jason Morgan, and Franco spewing out glimpses of Drew's past doesn't make him Drew. It's so distasteful to see Franco's "Drew" speaking like he has any authority as Oscar's father or any claim to the name Drew Cain when really, he's nothing more than a time capsule of a man who no longer exists. Thank God Trina was on hand to give Cam a hug after witnessing all that grossness between Kim and Franco. Kid is in desperate need of lots of hugs, and also a reprieve from navigating all the very adult drama that's surrounding him.
  12. Welp, my opinion of Kim just massively nosedived. It is BEYOND self-indulgent of her to have such an intimate conversation with a man she knows she has no claim to, and to share such personal details about Oscar to a man she knows isn't his father. Even if Franco is talking the right talk as "Drew" I don't understand how Kim looks at him and sees anything other than Liz's husband. And if she can't make that differentiation, then she should have walked away from Franco out of loyalty to her friend, who she knows wants nothing more than her husband back. Guess nothing matters more than the "passion," "tingling," and "butterflies" born from a three-month long relationship that ended more than a DECADE ago. And poor Julian is, as always in this relationship, getting the short end of the stick. Kim blows hot and cold and does whatever she wants regardless of his feelings and he just takes it. I don't know when I became a fan of Julian but MAN could he do better than Kim.
  13. Nina's exchange with Sonny today highlighted my major issue with CW: there's no longer any edge or venom to Nina and instead she's mostly giving us wide-eyed stares. She seemed rattled and intimidated by Sonny and like she really needed Jax to jump in to rescue her, which is a far cry from the old Nina who could stand her ground and defend herself and issue verbally merciless attacks to anyone she saw fit. If the show is trying to adapt the character to fit the new actress then fine, but so far she hasn't found her groove for me. Dammit, Curtis, NO. We have so few good men on this show, do NOT debase yourself by acting as a thug for Valentin fucking Cassadine just to pay off Jordan's medical bills. It's ludicrous that he'd think that would be a better option than going into debt or you know, picking up literally ANY other job in the world that's not illegal. Neil and Alexis bring out the ridiculous inner teenage girl side of me who just wants to squeal that wheeee!, Alexis' crush likes her back!! Love, love, LOVE the vibe between those two.
  14. Hot damn, if it wasn't satisfying to see Sonny receive a dismissive smackdown from Mac, Jordan, AND Robert. Nice that they made it clear to him that no, he can't just swagger into the PCPD and make demands and threaten to withhold information from them if he doesn't like how they do their jobs. Establishing Mac as a permanent member of law enforcement was a great move, especially if it means there'll be more opportunities for him to show Sonny's ass the door. It's tough to watch Cam trying in vain to get through to Franco and feeling his desperate obligation to make things right. His use of the word "selfish" to describe Franco walking away seems significant and puts into perspective how hard Cam is working to bring back a man he isn't particularly close to, just to make things right for his mom and little brothers. Jason's apology to Monica, while nice enough, isn't going to mean much to me until he improves his overall behavior to her. He can start by giving her a genuine hug instead of whatever that one-armed squeeze was. Monica is clearly going through it right now, it wouldn't kill him to offer her some affection. Poor Monica was so close to Drew and now she's right back to settling for whatever scraps of attention Jason deigns to throw her way.
  15. Top 5 worst parts of today's "Sonny and Carly are equally awful and inevitable, so deal with it" vow renewal: 1) Ugly floral dresses galore. Everyone save Bobbie would have been fine individually, but as a group it was an eyesore. 2) The super lame "Oh no, where's Joss?" fakeout. That living room was dripping in flowers and yet she had to run out for a bouquet, riiiight. 3) That big-ass cake. Eleven people at this ceremony and they've got a cake that feeds at least fifty. 4) "I love you both, so much." Shut up, Sam, until you can find friends or interests that aren't just copies of Jason's. 5) "Aim for Sam." Listen, Kristina, you may pride yourself on being the leading JaSam pusher, but Carly really does not need any assistance in that department, okay? Relax and mind your own business. In contrast, Chase and Willow accomplished ten times as much love and romance with something as simple as an honest conversation. No grand gesture required, just two people genuinely into each other, and it worked beautifully.
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