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  1. Unmm...excuuuze me! I think you mean Lil' Kim. 😂 I don't hate the word, I hate the action. Whether its called "canceled" or "held accountable" (as Sunny has suggested), not everyone deserves to have their livelihood be taken away. He even cringed a little. Oh yes, the sciatica mention! That's like when I say "Boy, I've been sneezing an awful lot today" at the office so I can call in sick the next day. 🙃
  2. I agree. And Sunny and Ana don't need to offer polite laughter. They may feel awkward portraying a look of disgust like Meghan, but at least remain stoic. And Sara 🤦🏻‍♀️..Really?! I love Sara, but she needs to mature a little. She always laughs to the point of shoulder-shakes in reaction to these inappropriate "jokes." I dont think it's right for us to pearl-clutch when other cohosts say inappropriate things, then excuse Joy because she's Joy. Joy can be held accountable, too.
  3. Did it surprise anyone that Sunny was the only cohost who knew which team Carl Nassib plays for? No? Me neither! Research shmeesearch.
  4. Same could be said about the Biden apology 🤷🏻‍♀️. I was watching live yesterday as Biden confronted Kaitlyn Collins and I was taken aback by his raised finger, his tone, and his "you're in the wrong field," but I knew right away that The View ladies would excuse it. Whoopi is glad he apologized. Joy excused him by saying "he's old, he gets testy." Ummm..Trump is old too, Joy. I like what Sunny said about the situation.
  5. Can't believe they allowed her to go visit him 10 years later. Why!?
  6. Lol..I can't believe I made that typo. I love HAMILTON so much, I won't even cancel my Disney subscription because I don't want to lose Hamilton. 😄 Same. Same. Same. Also, I think it's targeted to a very specific audience. Latinos who like musicals. In my personal experience, not too many Latinos fall into that category.
  7. I agree with Wendy. Jennifer Lopez needs to give it a break! She just cannot be without a man. Not a good look. But of course, JLo is a "friend of the show" so they couldn't say anything negative. Hypocrites. LMM is another "friend of the show" so they went all saccharine on him. Although, in my opinion, LMM doesn't deserve the negative criticism regarding colorism, I bet you're right that they wouldn't have been so soft with a Caucasian director. Again, hypocrites. I'm part of the Latin community and I didn't like it. I was surprised to not having liked it because I love
  8. I've worked on Zoom all pandemic (teacher) and what has happened to me is that I open a new tab but forget to end the Zoom meeting. So if anyone is left in the meeting they can still see me go about my business, but I can't see them. I never did anything scandalous, though. Sometimes, it pays to be boring. That's what I've always wondered....was somebody from that meeting the object of his affection? Disgusting! Of course,, he'd never admit it.. I'm with everyone, I would never show my face on TV again. He should have just retired.
  9. I'm pretty sure Gavin Newsome will fill up The View's airtime in the weeks leading up to the recall election. It looked like Joni Ernst was sporting a mullet. Whenever they mention Joe Manchin I hear Joe Mansion, y'know, the distant cousin of Joe Dirt.
  10. I'm totally fine with MM dissing The Bachelor. It is a problematic show and I'm glad she said it. If my employer does something I consider problematic, I will call him out too. Joy also called them out and she inadvertently insulted Rachel Lindsay who cohosted last week. (I really liked her as a cohost)
  11. Ugh, Whoopi has that stupid face throughout the whole show--furrowed brow, crinkled nose, open mouth. It drives me crazy!
  12. Why did the kidnappers think it was the ex girlfriend and was she the true target? And if they had planned it being the ex girlfriend, how did they know Denise's childhood home?
  13. Why was she so adamantly against the plaintiff. I totally understood what he was saying and it sounded like normal practice. There was no one "holding the popcorn line." 🙄 I was hoping that Byrd would chime in. The verdict made me so angry.
  14. Virginia's lone "WOOOOOH" at the very end made me laugh. Was she already high on the sippy sippy 🤣
  15. The article says he refused to come out 5 minutes before the Sheryl Crow performance. He wasn't with Fall Out Boy either, though.
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