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  1. Its just that Olivia keeps bringing it up like its a bad thing.
  2. Brett and I would be a perfect match. We'd spend the whole day out-sarcasming each other and laughing til our sides hurt. And, yes, there are people that can't handle sarcasm. They get all butt-hurt and I've had HR meetings over it. (Just 1) 不不不不
  3. I would expect five year olds to boo. I wouldn't support it, but I wouldn't be surprised given the age. I don't expect adults to boo, especially at an event where RBG lies in state. Sunny: "I'm all about decorum." Yes, Sunny, lemme show you a video of you spinning in your chair loudly say "Woooooow...Wooooow....Woooooow" last week.
  4. It was AWFUL today. I wish they would watch a recording of the show to see how bad they sound. I think that a producer is in their ear saying who's turn it is to talk. Then Whoopi takes that as a cue to moderate, but she's so slow and the person who's turn it is to talk is already talking and it becomes a total clusterfvck! And Joy needs to stop trying to add things as they occur to her. She's done talking and then....oh, one more thing!
  5. Did i hear correctly...did Whoopi really say that RBG was 4ft tall!?
  6. Cody feels David is beneath him thats why he thinks it's ok to get unreasonably angry at him in front of everyone for choosing him as a have-not. And typical Groundhog Day, saw Cody's reaction and jumped on the bandwagon.
  7. It's just so hard when we grew up watching Kamala the Ugandan Giant!
  8. Ok, but Christmas asking Dayvonne for safety?! The nerve of that one!
  9. I thought they were having audio problems. Dayvonne hand-signaled and said "we can't hear you." I'm not mad at Julie for the TnL reference. She just meant girlfriends 'til the end.
  10. I don't think she was complaining about he competition. She was just negating Christmas' win. As in..."Christmas didn't really win. It was just that I lost." I agree with her, but I do understand that's the way the competition is set up. (isn't that the way Christmas gets most of her wins? 不)
  11. Whoopi is not a good moderator PERIOD! i think Sara is more middle than not. She has mentioned that her parents are Republicans, so I'm sure she has not rid herself of all her Republican ways. TBH, I like it. Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny are too far left. MM is too far right. I enjoy Sara in the Middle.
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