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  1. The empathy she displayed re Shan's mom touched my heart and it helped me forget that I was mad at her for going through Xander's bag.
  2. Maybe it was Opposite Day.
  3. I don't think it's a matter of "momentarily forgetting" as evidenced by the picture below. Everyone around him is wearing it (if that's not a reminder, what is?). I know I have forgotten my mask before and when I walk out of my car, take a few steps in the parking lot, see people with their mask on, I quickly u-turn it back to my car to get it and put it on. Biden is holding it in his hands. He made a conscious decision about not putting it on until he was well outside the restaurant. And although, I agree that he was most likely safe, I do agree with Sunny that it's a matter of optics.
  4. Do you mean S.E. Cupp? I liked her, but my favorite so far has been Carly Fiorina.
  5. I don't think Sherry knows the meaning of the word "nerdy."
  6. But did y'all see Myrla at the volleyball game? MVP! Brett's boxy red top did her no favors.
  7. Me too! And I was picturing him watching from home, gloating and being hyped up by his friends and family, especially because of the slow-mo and the audio effects that really made him seem beast-mode.
  8. Because he needs to pretend to be the "good guy" in front of the other couples. Just like he presented her with the flower at the fancy dinner they all attended recently. Funny I thought the same thing at first. But then I remembered, it's Michaela and apparently those twitches and jerking reactions are part of her transformation into Mr Hyde Hurricane K.
  9. You mean like how I get when someone forgets to bring the cranberries?! Jk 😜, but don't forget them please. Lots of people look pretty in glasses, but she looks pretty in those glasses. That's the way I took it too. Like, "I'm ready, let's go." Sherry was also on an episode or two of Friends playing Ross' coworker at the museum. I think she just said her gun was in her nightstand along with her toys in order to set up the joke. "If you break into my room you're either gonna have a happy ending or just an ending." I'm sure gun is in a more secure location. Hopef
  10. UO: I enjoyed the episode and thought Kim did great. I never watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but I do follow Kim and Kourtney on social media. I like both sisters (+ Kendall). As a poster above mentioned, Kim always comes across as sweet in interviews.
  11. Yet Brad's phrase was the easiest to incorporate into Survivor. He could have said that he was so hungry out here on the island that the trees were starting to look like overgrown broccoli, his favorite food. Honestly, the phrase about the goats would have been easy for Brad too, being that he's a farmer. Butterflies and dead relatives, that's a hard one.
  12. Excuse me and I apologize if I'm not understanding some aspects of the culture, but why was Bao trying to learn their names in Mandarin. It would have been just fine to call them Frank and Joanne as their chyron said. After all, it would have been her first time meeting them. If they wanted to, F & J could have told Bao their Mandarin names there, at the party. To me, it just came off as Bao trying to be a Little Miss Perfect and "look at me, like me," type of person. I can see how Johnny is annoyed with her constantly trying to impress people. When they first married, I remembe
  13. Can you blamer her? She's scared, y'all!
  14. Yes, I think she was saying happy drawer, but the captions were picking up "happy chore." It was his sister. Nah, he says things that are really hurtful. I wouldn't be able to eat. Actually, I wouldn't be having dinner with him because I would have already kicked him to the curb. That was bad. I may not need things to be clean-clean, but I need things to be orderly. I kinda hoped she would have said that Ryan bought her a roomful of flowers to make up for it. Did you see her bathroom?! Brett doesn't care about filth.
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