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  1. It's so anticlimactic whenever Jan goes and bangs on the giant SHADE button. Couldn't production have added a sound effect to prevent it from being such a huge letdown. In other news... I couldn't stop thinking of the wonderful Nicky Doll. I bet she would have made a great Victoria Beckham.
  2. Oh, me neither! As a matter of fact, I'm sure I come off as a goody-two-shoes to some people because I tend to be a rule follower, I don't drink, etc....I just think that some people (Sharon) are so wild (for lack of better word), that they cannot believe that a person can actually be THAT good and assumes that that person is lying or being fake.
  3. Right?! I just binged the show and because of things I've seen and read, I expected to see Joe as a sympathetic character. As I watched, I kept telling myself, "Maybe in the next episode...". It never happened.
  4. Oooooh...i can't believe I missed this. But yeah, SO hates Marie. I think it's because of the goody-two-shoes-persona . Remember when they had that little tiff about Spanx.
  5. She said, "Cheers to the Castleton House. We made it."
  6. I think that was just all part of the script. I don't think Meka is unreasonable either. The reason I threw the word "unreasonable" in there is to describe how Sheila came across to her husband (can't remember his name). What I meant is that, to me, it seems that each season there is a black couple that is portrayed in this manner: wife= angry/unreasonable husband=victim BTW, Derek and Katie can fit that bill too, BUT they have a sexual relationship and they manage to get along sometimes.
  7. Before that commercial break, Whoopi said, "We will be back with Dr. _____. He was here with me, Sunny, and Sara yesterday." But, yes, Whoopi and Sunny were wearing the same thing on yesterday's show as they were on today's show so apparently their filming schedule is all askew.
  8. I think they do. And I think Derek is a bad actor. His stilted, "Are. You. O....k?" As Katie angrily left the dining area.😂 Also, Taylor was borderline smiling during the fight in the bathroom. The angry black woman couple. Although, I understand this stereotype is wrong, the show seems to edit the show in such a way that portrays one black wife per season as being angry/unreasonable ...Sheila, Jasmine, Meka.
  9. Megan is so adamant about having the American flag show in the background that she positions her camera in such an angle as to leave a foot of space above her head. It looks especially awkward when all four ladies are on screen. Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny look normal; Megan looks tiny...oh, but look, the American flag!
  10. Especially with his hoodie and his backpack. He's a BOY, dad! Are you kidding! I want to confront her. "oh, so this breakfast is ok, but not the one that Michael made the other day?!...So did you LIE when you said you're not a breakfast person, because I clearly see you eating THIS breakfast!...I wish you would just tell us the TRUTH!"
  11. Meka almost had to bring out her machine-gun mouth on Jessica. At dinner, when Jessica almost said "the L-word," Meka called her on it real quick! At first Jessica tried to play it off, but she admitted it pretty easily and Meka was forced to put her machine-gun mouth back in its holster. I can imagine, "But i HEARD the 'l' come out of your mouth! What were you gonna say if it wasn't 'love'?"
  12. But wasn't that Meka sitting there eating BREAKFAST?! With nary a word of negativity or a pout! Ok, I get it...its only when MICHAEL makes her breakfast. Why did she even go and sit on his lap? That was so weird. And I do think Taylor was being flirtatious toward Derek. Derek is just such a dork (Katie' s word, not mine) that he doesn't see it. Seriously, jessica! Austin needed to kick her under the table. 🙄 This whole show is just so producer-driven.
  13. You know Sunny. 🙄 She's sooo vain....I bet she thinks this song is about her...🎵 on the contrary...she has been so relaaaaxed this week. Kelly and Ryan are so BAAAD at it.
  14. All i could think of was that this clip didn't age well considering that the world is now very cootie-avert because of coronavirus.
  15. MAFSfan had a Instagram post recently in which a former friend of Lindsey's shared some unflattering opinions of her.
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