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  1. Wasn't ENSLEY born with pot in her system? I don't think the age difference between her & Jace is 3 months.
  2. I'm guessing a Teen Mom twist on their baby's name...Romella.
  3. Is an inflated moon-face a symptom of Covid?
  4. I don't remember exactly what the video was, but the text she sent Evan about his "secret" had some sort of video attached of Evan as a little boy dressed up as something. I believe that's what she was ribbing him about, not his dyslexia.
  5. I'm enjoying both Suzette & Yolanda's sometimes attempts to have a Texan accent. They're really challenging Kevin Coster's Robin Hood for greatest accent of all time.
  6. Interesting...having the ex be abusive makes his reactions make a lot more sense in a context other than him not being over her. I was distracted by the glass sweeping, but by the end of the scene I had forgotten about it & just thought he wasn't over the ex. It would make sense that he was actually afraid of her & upset that Annie put herself in a potentially dangerous situation. Also, how did she guess who Annie was? If she hadn't so much as called the guy in months, she was still keeping some sort of tabs on him. Anyway, I thought they knew it was a last season, so reading here
  7. I saw Kadeem Hardison was in it & thought "Dwayne Wayne, alright!!"...I was about five episodes in when I caught the credits & thought "oh yeah, Kareem Hardison is supposed to be in this, when is he going to pop up??". Then it dawned on me. Bowser!!!
  8. It just dawned on me who Mursel reminds me of...Napoleon from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
  9. Omg, and besides the live performances, and strange attempts at making her Gwen Stefani Jr, the amount of times it was obviously her warbling over a scene was ridiculous. I finished. I think all I can say is that they gave the hardest zero fucks ever for a series finale. They jumped ahead 8 or 9 years & didn't even have James Lafferty grow his "shaved head #3 clippers" out for a week before shooting the last scene. I guess it's better than the end of Harry Potter where they made 35 year olds look 67, but still...
  10. I can't believe there was a throwaway part that basically confirmed a "Brooke/Peyton" hookup! Brooke gave Julian her diary to give him more insight into the "Brooke Davis" character & she suddenly tears out a page she doesn't want him to read. He asks why & she says "oh, it's just about a time Peyton & I went fishing!", and she tears it up & puts it in her mouth. Never noticed that.
  11. I think he showed his ass pretty clearly over the course of the season, culminating with his little-bitch move of warning Rob that Izzy was going to speak to him about his rudeness. And his excuse boiled down to, he told him because they both have penises!! Misogynistic pieces of absolute shit. And Elizabeth should have been fired when Shane was. She was untrainable, unmanageable, and downright brain dead.
  12. Jamie sucks. He becomes so obnoxious this season. I'm on the episodes where Haley's mom is dying so she has to have a one-on-one scene with every cast member. She's talking to Jamie about his grandpa (her husband...aka Huey Lewis), and Jamie says he really doesn't remember him. Really you little shit?! You don't really remember a grandpa who was a part of your life for the first 4-5 years of it, and gave you your favorite stuffed animal, yet you're legit obsessed with "Grandpa Dan" who was in prison for the first 5 years of your life? I can't with these people. Then Haley wailing about how e
  13. Also, while I personally love Sophia Bush, it tracks that she would be the source, simply for the fact that she dated a few costars & I can see where that could definitely cause rifts (maybe she was jealous of Bethany while dating James Lafferty, and she went through a marriage/divorce with Chad so I can't even imagine what that caused). There's also the Mark Schwan thing so he could be "the one" as well.
  14. I totally agree. Something went amiss with the character of Mouth in S7. I'm about halfway through, and he was all but a non-entity in a storyline where his live-in girlfriend became a raging cokehead. It's unfortunate too, because his tearful reactions were so much better performed than Millie's "look at me! I'm hopped up on coke!!" performance.
  15. And how many times is Mouth going to risk/lose his job for refusing to report about Nathan's scandals? Sorry, but that DOES make him crappy at his job & not deserve to be on air!!
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