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  1. Dang, I was hoping Maryssa did Kaiser's makeup like she did Ensley's.
  2. If "that is so fetch" was a person, it would be Nikolai...NOT GONNA HAPPEN! This couldn't have happened to a better person. Oh, but what will I ever do without Beau & his silly suspenders?
  3. The only thing this franchise has shown me is that these whackadoodles are fascinatingly incapable of being alone. Does becoming pregnant at 16 implant something in your head that you MUST HAVE A PARTNER AT ALL TIMES? Why can none of these people date "normally", ESPECIALLY when they are meeting prospective partners through social media & dating apps? Why does every conversation with a man online turn into them moving in upon first meeting? And WHY do the people in their lives that seem like they might have a glimmer of intelligence surrounding the situation end up giving their undying support to these ludicrous situations?! Oh yeah, fame + money.
  4. Of course no drugs were found, Billy snorted them all the night before. Anybody who doesn't think he was coked out, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell ya'!
  5. To be fair, this was filmed almost a year ago, long before the TP shortage.
  6. Way to make Bentley feel included. I hope there's a tacky "E" somewhere in that mess.
  7. Maybe that's her angle? Instead of "not to hot", she's trying for a "hot to not" show? Either that, or maybe this is the beginning stages of her trying to get on "My 600 lb Life" *Disclaimer* I've never found any version of her to be "hot". I used to be able to look directly at her before feeling myself slowly start to turn into stone though.
  8. She's trying to get attention by arguing about her vaccine ignorance. Jenelle is trying to get attention by splashing her relationship drama in a vague way on social media. Cole continues to blather on about what a lucky man he is while Chelsea mirror selfies whatever she's trying to plug. Who else is on this show again? At any rate, these bitches are nothing but Groundhog's Day.
  9. OMG, I can't figure out how to upload the pic, but there is a typo on my episode description that legit says "Brett insults Scheanal". 😆🤣
  10. Is anybody here watching Tiger King, because Carole Baskin totally reminded me of Deborah?
  11. I think she's female Jerry Seinfeld.
  12. I'm guessing as a quarantine activity she must be binge watching America's Next Top Model...with all of Tyra's different cycles (America's Next Top "short", "old", "male", "deaf", "horrible fake-beard wearing" Model!!!), Jenelle now thinks she has hope. That Tyra is good I tell you!!...but please note I am NOT rooting for Jenelle. I WILL NEVER ROOT FOR JENELLE!!! Does anybody know if vitiligo makes you high risk for the virus? 🤞
  13. I'm surprised I haven't seen more activity on this thread in light of everything going on. I mean, they're survivalists aren't they? Where are all their "nanny nanny boo boos" to all the hatters for how prepared they are? 🤔
  14. I think she ruined her "ammo" when she said straight away that she'd seen guests drink hard before, but the rate that those guys were going was "alarming". Then, they proceeded to act like the bitches they are throughout the day being EXTREMELY demanding and obnoxious....and she decides to leave one person on lates? Aside from any safety standpoint, even if Andre the Giant was put on service, there should have been another person to help, and Princess Adam should have been the one dealing with the food.
  15. I don't know who is more disgusting to me...the biggest group of bitches to ever grace a charter, or the crew who were all aware of their bitch ass behavior which began "alarming" Jenna the second they got on the boat, yet they all (sans Parker) left Madison alone to deal with it all. Georgia has a nice voice...completely generic and unoriginal...but nice! I don't like her though. Quit flirting with people's boyfriends in front of them (or at all) you vivacious piece of shit.
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