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  1. Oy vey. Just watched Part 2 and just cannot stand McKayla's grandparents and their constant putting down of Caelan. Maybe he's getting a good edit but I don't believe that. He got them a house and McKayla wanted to move back to her grandparents-- I would bet-- because she had to do real work. At the grandparents' home, she could come and go as she pleased and they did all the childcare. They are total enablers and have seriously created a monster. I have zero sympathy for them. Alex and Tyra are a couple that I actually like. It was stupid for them to be irresponsible and not use protection but I liked when Tyra said that she could say to Alex, "I'm tired, can you change her diaper," or occupy her in some way and he did not give her grief about it. They did not seem to be faking that they actually get along. It's nice to see a young couple who are not constantly fighting. I still don't like Rilah. She strikes me as bossy and bitchy and Anthony seems chill. Chloe is just blah. High and mighty know it all that she is. I have not followed any of these people off camera but did Max relapse? She said they weren't together because she wanted him to straighten up and fly right and since his rehab, I thought (hoped) he was doing okay. The Haileys and Matthew will never be anything other than trash. Hailey 1 looked all smug on the couch with her mother when mom was talking about the day Matthew came over to get some at six weeks. If these girls have nothing to do in life except give themselves to these lowlife, shiftless, on their way to nowhere young men, then they'll all have 10 kids by the time they're 30.
  2. The best part of the video is the dog passed out on the couch.
  3. Just watched and before reading: Why the fuck was Kail acting like a person with a 650 FICO score who got turned down for a dozen houses when she got this one? I get that it's a happy occasion but this was not her first purchase (and won't be the last 'forever home' she buys). Please with the drama. Briana is just a dirty looking skanky thing. Devoin looked under the influence of something both when he came to the house and the next day at the school. Why is second grade worthy of all this awe and wonder? Cole kept it chill last week when he said to Aubree that he can't believe she's going in to 4th grade. That's totally what people say. But OMG 2nd grade is a huge deal.... what? Where? On another note and a week old: why did her BF invite to meet his entire family at an event if he's miserable with her? It made zero sense. Jade's situation is sad and since we are products of our experiences, I just cannot comprehend why she has any contact whatsoever with her drug addicted criminal parents. I guess she thinks or hopes that magically one day they will wake up and be the Brady Bunch. I just don't get choosing to live in such misery. Chelsea celebrating a birthday with Layne. Chelsea hawking a clothing line or whatever. Chelsea showing off how perfect her family is. Cole playing to the cameras in a perpetual state of "Look how great I am." Okay, I get it. I'm happy that she's living a regular life and is successful but it's just not TV worthy. I FF past Leah because she just makes my skin crawl.
  4. Any time I see any sort of animal mentioned in the blurb on the DVR, I delete it. I just can't watch or hear about it or I get so upset. The CO that got involved with the criminal seemed like a Love after Lockup situation. Dude was enamored of this plain Jane because she could keep him in commissary and whatever else while he was in but as soon as he got out it's all about hanging with friends. He seemed to have a major layer of anger under there. She should be glad he's gone. I finally watched the case with the pregnancy and was so confused at what went on there. I am not for violence of any kind but I spent the entire episode thinking that defendant in the cheap wig needed the smirk smacked off her face.
  5. First: I do not believe anyone should take video or photos of anyone and post them online without their consent. I also thought the defendant was a total douche. That being said, this gal saw him with the selfie stick in the parking lot of the restaurant. She said when she got in the car and he put the phone in the vent, she saw it was recording her. When they were in the car, she was dying laughing. It did not sound like nervous laughter to me. She then said, at one point, and I quote, "I'm going to say that you kidnapped me...." She told JJ that she told him that she was very uncomfortable and she felt like he was kidnapping her because he would not take her back to her car. I didn't hear her say any of that in the video in the context that she was trying to portray to JJ. The defendant was an extremely unlikeable douche and I did feel bad for the plaintiff but just got a weird vibe from the whole thing. The "I'm going to say that you kidnapped me...." completely changed the case. JJ made it sound like because he did not get a release signed from her that he is not allowed to film her and post it or broadcast. That opens up millions of options for people to head over to JJ for their $5k pay day. Maybe I'm just weird or something but the personality that the plaintiff showed on the video seemed like a completely different person than the one in the video. She looked like she was truly bewildered in court but was a hysterically laughing person in the car.
  6. Where to begin. I haven't read the other comments yet and boy oh boy I cannot wait.... The guy with the son. Seriously? Six thousands angry emojis in under a minute because he didn't send her money? She wants an iPhone and a ring on his Uberish salary? She was such a bitch to him that frankly, he deserves whatever misery he gets from her for being so incredibly stupid and clueless. In the clip, the son looks like he is cut from the same cloth as Drascilla. The rich guy has terrible hair and dresses like such a schlub. Yeah, it's true love with this 22 year old. Nice to see that he has a good relationship with the ex and his kids seem really cool but you can tell there will be friction with the ex as times goes on. Anna the beekeeper and Mercel. Oh boy. Holy language barrier. This will be interesting. The girl in Russia with the workout guy is headed for heartbreak. I got an angry vibe from him that was a little scary. The gal from CT with the South African boyfriend is a class A bitch. She reeks of attitude. This poor dude has no idea what he is in for with her. More Angela and the beegee? Damn.
  7. I think it just comes down to Andrei believing: Woman does what I say. I do what I want. The rules don't apply to me. And of course, Libby went along because she was desperate to find a husband. She called him "traditional" and "old fashioned" to her family as she relayed that he runs the house and she will defer to him on everything :: cue Ralph Kramden's King of the Castle speech:: She also has the luxury (?) of having a father who caves and pays for his adult child and her man child husband's expenses when they don't have money. Not sure if anything's changed there but the idea that an independent, working woman like Libby would bow down to Andrei's demands is just nauseating.
  8. It's the same voice (I think) as the Peter Pan at the high school reunion commercial. That made me want to smash the TV and as much as I like Casper, the voice has me diving for the mute button.
  9. I know that we are never supposed to disappoint "the children" but the drug commercial with the mom who has bathroom issues with the son who looks to be about 12 looking all disappointed that mom doesn't see his basketball games needs to get a grip. Dad is there and as much as it's wonderful to have your mom there cheering you on, if she is not there, she is in PAIN. If she gets up to leave in the middle of the game, it's because she is in PAIN. Dad might want to explain to son that "Mom feels bad enough that she can't be there because she is in PAIN, because only PAIN would keep her from watching you play...." I think at about age 8, kids should be able to understand if mom can't make it to the game because of health issues.
  10. I remember one case several years ago of a guy suing his ex for a pittance for an electric bill. The plaintiff was probably in his late 40s I would guess and it was clear that the defendant was afraid of him. JJ caught on pretty quickly that he only sued her to see her. She gave him a very angry talking to complete with "You have your electric bill now so you have no reason to contact her for anything so LEAVE HER ALONE!" I'm not sure if the defendant had a restraining order or not. The plaintiff brought his daughter with him and JJ said something about his abusive behavior to her and said "Get it?" or something to that effect. The daughter knew her father was a violent asshole.
  11. I think I read through this whole thread, can someone please tell me what the "shocking results" that Lizzy stunned Daniel with? What was stunning? She took the test, played it up and said she wasn't preggo. When he didn't melt in a pile of tears, she got annoyed. Um, where the stunning/shocking part? Josh looks like Howdy Doody to me. Or Richie Cunningham. Not like a bank robber. But he'll be back to robbing banks in no time. The restitution alone means he will never be able to live any comfortable way. Couple that with a shrew who wants a five grand engagement ring and he's toast. I can totally get that he wants a speaker. He was inside for a long time and used to tinny sounding crap. In the mind of the felon, it's the little things. I would not be surprised if many drop nearly the entire release fee that they are given on a boatload of items from the McDonald's menu. He won't be able to handle not having the money to buy whatever it is he wants, so he'll help himself to cash or the items themselves. These relationships don't work because when everyone is locked in, there's nowhere to go. There are no immediate temptations and the boring days mean you look forward more than anything to the calls and letters you get. For others, they just need commissary and funding for other things so they'll do/say what's needed to keep the flow coming. But once they're out? All bets are off. It's the kid in a candy store time if the person has been in for a long time. The person who supported them wants 100% of their time and attention and there are just too many distractions that they want to experience (good and bad) so there's friction. Then there's the whole "I supported you! I was there for you!" and the felon's feeling obligated in some way because of that. That seems to wear off after a while though as seen with Josh and Cheryl. He clearly said that he felt that he owes her, but she is like a pinball with her moods and she doesn't seem the type that has a career path that will launch them in to the middle class and cover those needs along with paying back his debts. So he'll tire of the shrew and want to enjoy himself and will bail and she will be all shocked and devastated asking what went wrong? Not an Alex fan, although his handling of crazy ass mom was great. Calling his old "baby girl" from the lobby of the hotel after sexing up whatever her name is shows what a piece of shit he is. Another user. But another stupid gal falling for this stuff. Even if they marry, him staying faithful is at about the same odds as me winning the Powerball. Vince and Amber are a non-story. Whatever was there, the show stretched it out so long that I completely lost interest and now forward past their segments. The blonde one is a real psycho. Shane seems dense. This John guy gives me a violent vibe and I haven't even seen him out of prison yet. We'll see.
  12. Why do I keep watching this show? I can't watch Mykala. She's just such an entitled little bitch with grandparents who see nothing wrong with her but put down Caelan every chance they get. A day later and I'm still sitting here with a severe case of secondhand embarrassment after watching Caelan sing, if you can call it that. It was doubly mortifying having mommy in studio swaying to the beat. The Haileys and Matthew are trash. Perhaps this is the environment that they were raised in and know nothing else but they are trash, nonetheles. None of them have any ambition whatsoever except to get boys to like them. They believe by having sexm that that makes them special to these boys. It's all about outdoing the other girls while the boys get all the action. I don't get it. Besides babies, what are these girls getting out of these encounters? Matthew does not seem the romantic type or one to care about the experience of whomever is underneath him but these girls line up. And in 1's case, her mother thinks that is just swell. The mother with her "the claws are coming out now" at the news that these teens have dating drama is just disgustingly juvenile to me. I need a shower after watching their segments. Chloe needs a smack in the face. She's Miss Know it All from the jump. Before giving birth, I specifically remember her being pissed at Jessica an saying more than once, "I know what I'm dooooooooooing-uh." Speaking of Jessica, she's no better than a petulant high school girl whining about everything and storming off. Rilah comes across as a joyless, demanding shrew. Yeah, she was all mush after giving birth but her attitude with Anthony on the beach was her regular personality and it sucks. I like Anthony and feel bad for him once the real Rilah returns.
  13. I thought at one point at the end I saw Hailey 1's mother peevishly saying to her that Matthew came over and spent a few minutes with his daughter and then an hour in the bedroom having sex with her. Hailey then had the cat who ate the canary face on. She looked proud that she was getting it on with what is now Hailey 2's boyfriend. Ugh.
  14. I hear you and wondered about the religious angle. Perhaps dad wants to prevent mom from getting involved with anyone else and won't divorce, meanwhile, he has "met a girl" and took her kids in as his own. What a prize. I thought the plaintiff in the graphic design case hurt her case by having such an attitude. I think JJ did not like her and that affected how the case went. Maybe I misheard it but I thought the defendant was supposed to print flyers or brochures or something and had sent her one in an email which she printed and brought to court. JJ kept saying, "Did you get this?" pointing at the flyer and the plaintiff kept saying that she only got it in an email, which technically means she did get a copy but she did not get the printed ones that the defendant was supposed to do. I thought the case felt very drawn out and my interest waned. What a total racket the guy in Arkansas had collecting large sums of money for hiring people with disabilities, paying them pennies and ripping off the state for "transportation" costs. Yeah, Mr. "I call them people with abilities" was all about altruism. Right. I thought the kid was using the "I didn't want to go into debt" as a line to make himself look better and avoid more scrutiny. Just a vibe I got. Totally agree that there's a lot more going on there.
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