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  1. Thank you for saying this. People equate online with inferior, fake, no work required, etc. There are real programs online. Anyone that thinks otherwise got shortchanged in the critical thinking piece of their own education.
  2. Oh come on now. You know the song. It's the one that goes, "AHHHHHHHHHH." The assinine premise that when you buy a house, you not only turn into your parents but you dress like a sclub, change your speech pattern, become totally clueless to obvious things, etc. are what I hate about these commercials. Why is it terrible for a 30 year old to read a book about submarines and be made to feel like he's wrong to do so? Did he gain his interest in them after buying a house and buying insurance? It makes zero sense. The moron with the "jala-peeno" poppers forgot how to pronouce it because he bought a house? The woman with her frumpy gait, "big lunch" and "small snack" for dinner sounds like she's trying to channel Gilda Radner. It just doesn't make any sense. The way the guy says "Blu!" about the hair is funny, but it's just so disconnected from the commercial which purports to show what people turn into after they buy a house. If the commercials were showing people comparing the value of using one type of pvc piping or light switch cover plates, fighting over plumbing supplies, etc. that could make for funny commercials because when people buy a house, they do start paying attention to the smallest things like that and there are endless scenarios that they could come up with. But most of the scenarios they came up with for these commercials just don't match the product they are selling. But apparently they are very popular so they're doing their job.
  3. You know, ever since I saw that vile, absolutely disgusting picture of Libby with the string-- a pic that is just so classless and tasteless, and even that is an understatement-- I have been wondering the same thing. As we've seen on this show, many (most) of these people have no adequate source of income. I'm just thinking about my monthly bills. I'm frugal but life is expensive and lots of these people could probably not afford, rent/mortgage, utilities, a car note and other necessaries every month. So they go on television and get some form of payment for the show that enables them to pay their monthlies and maybe live a little high on the hog for a while. They get a feel of what it's like not to struggle every month, then the show is over and it's back to minimum wage, or no wage at all and now what? I guess they decide this will be their big break or something, much the same way a lot of women posed for Playboy in trying to capitalize on some small role they had on a television program in the old days. So they do this while their name is still familiar to people. This is prostitution, plain and simple. They are putting out images of themselves that feed the fetishes of paying customers in order to make money to pay their bills because they want easy money. Don't get me started on the husbands who are probably taking these pictures and participating in the selling of their spouse, you know, someone they supposedly love and cherish. Get a fucking job. Start at the bottom like the rest of us.
  4. I just think it looks stupid to wear dress up clothing and no socks. To me, it ruins the look. If you're going to put on a jacket and tie, ffs put on socks.
  5. I watched the boat episode twice and for the life of me do not understand what happened. I was desperately trying to understand all the boat jargon and just could not picture the situation and what could have happened there. I have zero experience with boats. This was one case in which a diagram was needed because I'm still completely lost. Please excuse my parking/car reference here. I'm just trying to understand: Are these boats in the equivalent of parking spots and some one waves one out, so that person backs out and drives away? Then the next one is waved out, backs out and drives away. Did the defendant back out of the spot but not drive away? So the plaintiff sat there watching someone trying to tell them to drive away? The plaintiff said something about five lanes which lost me too. Did the defendant who had not driven away, hit reverse and backed into the plaintiff's boat? This case just had me completely baffled. I laughed at the defendant wife saying, "I took responsibility for the damage we did to the rental boat, only." Well, the damage you did to the rental boat was because you were clueless and hit the plaintiff's boat, you nimrod. I thought JJ found out way too late that the daughter was driving so she couldn't discount what the father/plaintiff was saying. The daughter was 17, you know, one of those "as soon as their mouth moves, they're lying" kids so JJ may have had a lot more inquiry of the daughter had she known from the jump that she was driving the boat. I thought JJ was very cranky with the plaintiff at the beginning of the case.
  6. I'm no prude, but it is absolutely disgusting what people are willing to do in the name of being "famous" and not having a get a real job. So her "old fashioned" husband is okay with her putting her ta tas on display as long as it enables him to sit on the couch all day playing video games. Would love his parents' take on that. Then when they are short on rent, it's the Bank of Dad, who will cave and continue enabling this behavior. Makes me sick.
  7. I was wondering where the speech about "You are have control over a two thousand pound piece of machinery, so you are responsible for..." like she has done in many cases when bicyclists and pedestrians were foolishly doing something that got them hit. I thought the defendant came across as an oblivious, entitled little snowflake. The look on her face throughout the case screamed, "I'm above all this," and "I shouldn't have to be dealing with this, I'm special."
  8. I am very, very late to the party on this case because my DVR is just backed up with stuff but I loved this case. I loved the defendant's preparedness. It reminded me of a case a long time ago in which a nurse from Canada worked in a Michigan hospital and got her car towed while out out to lunch at a diner. The scammy tow company claimed that she parked, left the lot and left her car there all day but the nurse/plaintiff had all of her ducks lined up and more. She had the placard, the time she entered and left the garage, her own time card, I mean, this gal was preee-pared. The defendant in the Bridezilla case reminded me of her. God help Mr. Bridezilla.
  9. Shows like this have what I call the "America's Funniest Home Videos effect." The first season, the videos are legit. The show collects a ton of them from viewers so for the first few seasons, the events are legit and hilarious. Then the newer submissions arrive and are full of scams: set up videos, bogus "falls" and whatever, all in the name of winning money. On MAFS, even though it's had a lot of seasons, you can see that more and more, it's all about exposure and cashing in after the show is over via social media. It has nothing to do with getting married because you're unable to find a quality person. It's a lark. Something to get attention for yourself. The recruiting of some of the people on the show just adds to that. The formula for the pros seems to be to match one couple who will become the darlings of the season, one couple who will be the ultimate trainwreck, and the rest are toss ups that lean to the drama/trainwreck side. I wish they would have a version of this show for the 50 and over crowd who are not all about social media and simply do not want to be alone anymore: divorced, widowed, etc. It would be interesting to see. Of course, the first season of that would likely be awesome and then the older scammers would appear. But that's for the show to sift through and ditch those who are very obviously not there for the right reason. I would bet that this show has passed on some potential contestants because they were overweight or not that attractive. Those people were probably the legit ones, too.
  10. I'm only half-heartedly into this show anymore because the first 5-6 episodes are just too slow for me: all the repetitive "Are you sure you want to do this..." conversations that we have to watch with the bride/groom and their family followed by the same crap with their friends, nauseatingly lengthy scenes of trying on dresses and hearing again the same babble over and over and the finally waiting and waiting fo the weddings to be over with. I'll be back when they are on the honeymoon. I'm recording the show but will binge watch and ff through most of the first handful of episodes. I seriously threw up in my mouth a little when I read above that Ryan spoke of himself in the third person. Lord.
  11. You and me both! I read that they were going to be running both commercials this holiday season but I have seen the breakaway to cookies version dozens of times and the classic one zero times.
  12. There were all sorts of posts online over the past six months from people raging that their delivery dates were being cancelled. Some found out the day before delivery that it was postponed, sometimes for months. I mean, people were really going crazy. A friend of mine is still waiting after months and months and that's what got me looking online to see if there were delays all around. Oh boy. They did a relatively low key pitch for their new bike and dropped the price of the original but still laid low. I am guessing that they knew they would be unable to fulfill orders from six months ago by Christmas so heavy advertising during the holidays might make people think they were available. That is, until they received a delivery date of next August or something.
  13. Just chiming in to add rage to the changing of the Hershey Kisses bells commercial. Yeah, I know, they said they'd play both but that they modified that commercial at all makes me stabby.
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