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  1. Found this show early today and watched every episode. Loved, loved, loved Ruth and Thomas! I was so happy to see Michael meet Dawn Wells! Andrew is adorable. There was something about Kelvin that I just loved. He really wants to find someone and it will take a bit of work to get him ready. I agree with others that Sharnae was not on the spectrum but her reaction to his proposal was just awesome. I want more episodes!
  2. It said 50000 on each bill. Pic below. I Googled and 50000 Korean Won is 41.85. From day one, Janice struck me as an "I'm better than you" type. She's like Kalani's father without the violence, "I'm here to make sure my daughter lives in the lifestyle to which she is accustomed." Well then take her home. Not happening. I'm sure it sucks to watch her kid make what she thinks will be a terrible decision, but she can look no further than the nearest mirror to see why Ari is as clueless as she is.
  3. Quick thoughts: I'm sorry but I'm not eating raw meat. Period. I would seriously gag if someone tried to hand feed me, let alone raw meat. There are some things you can suck up when visiting a different culture, but I would not be successful at this one. His sisters did not look friendly at first. One of them said that Bini doesn't have a good history and now brought "another American." Coupled with his explanation of having to tell white lies because you know, women just get too angry at the truth.... cue Connie Francis' Lipstick on Your Collar. Jihoon looked crushed when /Deavan said they could use "his" money to find another apartment. Tim is trash. Melzya (sp) is way above his league. He just comes across as such a dolt, a dumbass big galoot. Forwarded past Jenny and Sumit. Ari's mom gets to watch her totally unprepared for life daughter consider staying in Ethiopia with a guy who will cheat in no time at all. I say again: way to go, mom and dad!
  4. I'm a defective person. I don't wear dresses. I don't own one. I would forego an invitation to something that required a dress. It's just so incredibly uncomfortable that I can't even begin to explain it. So I don't buy into the "cater to" the bride's wishes. I'd decline the invite to be a bridesmaid. Not in a pissed way. I just can't do the dress thing. If Olivia was upset, she could have chosen other bridesmaids, or had only one. It made me happy that she had no problem with her friends dressing in a way that was comfortable for them.
  5. You're lucky you didn't see their season. She was an absolute bitch to him the entire time. One of those dish it out but can't take it types. She hadn't dated in 10 years because she was so devastated that her high school relationship ended badly. So she spent the next ten years "doing me." It didn't do her any favors and to me, her maturity level suffered greatly. She dictated what words he could use and seemed to criticize nearly everything Greg did. I remember a scene when he was massaging her shoulders and she had this face on like she was tolerating him but wished he'd go away. He should have. The current season is only the third one I've watched, and Deonna is my least favorite person of the women I've seen (and there have been a few doozies). The first thing she did after the wedding was take a scalpel, cut off his balls and place them in her purse where they remain today. That he allowed that to happen made me sad. I will say that Deonna and Greg were a lightning rod in this forum. Some absolutely loved them and others hated them. It was interesting to read all these posts that went all over the place on the love/hate scale.
  6. I live in NYC where you can get every authentic food you can dream of. We hired a guy from New Hampshire about a year ago and he was astonished to hear two colleagues talking about how they can't wait to try some new fast food limited edition item. He said the only option he had where he lived in NH was fast food and could not for the life of him, understand why with all the authentic options here, why someone would choose fast food. We're used to having options and despite all the authentic choices, sometimes you just feel like having Sonic or Taco Bell or Burger King. Nothing wrong with that.
  7. Do we know if he is working at all? I wondered about the drama aspect especially since he turned into even more of a caveman in Moldova. He seems a good villain and would relish the role as a most hated person. I just can't stand him. Drama or not, there is no way in hell that I would be spoken to the way he speak to Libby.
  8. Of course they are. That wasn't my point. My point was that if Libby had bit parts in films and whatever, that generates even more income and the more Libby makes, the more Andrei can justify staying home so it's surprising that he's not pushing her to pursue more of that.
  9. I'm surprised Andrei isn't pushing her out the door to try out for more bit parts in addition to her working for her father. I mean, you can't expect him to work. He's the king of the castle!
  10. @Neurochick I saw this today and thought of you: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/31/style/karen-name-meme-history.html
  11. In the clip they showed, he shook his head no but I will bet that that was producer shenanigans and his response to a different question entirely. I was a bit put off by the way they played up them having met before. The tone that Bennett used when he said, "Not the first time," did not evoke a visual of a casual conversation at a party or whatever. It almost sounded sinister, like they had hooked up before. Then it turns out that the big "OMG I know him!" into a "Yeah, you explained credit cards to me," at a party. But of course, it's all about the shenanigans.
  12. No. the vegetables shown in the commercial look like the ones you'd get in a misfits box. No offense to anyone! Here it is: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/oBYn/xiaflex-normal
  13. I have no patience for that level of quirky so Amelia and Bennett are quite irritating to me. I like them as a couple and hope they make it but their personalities are just not something I could deal with. Every time I see Karen, I think she looks like she's 20 years older than Miles. Henry is another one that I'd run away from. I get that he's awkward and has tics and has troubles, but as a new bride, I would not be interested in inheriting those troubles. I have to be honest, I'd be embarrassed at this awkwardness in public. He needs to get some therapy to help him get where he needs to be socially, not marry a stranger and expect them to pull him out out of whatever it is that he's stuck in. Unfortunately, he got matched with a lemon. Wow, what a bitch she is. She reminds me of Aparna from Indian Matchmaking. Still not a fan of Woody. His personality is such a turn off to me. The only person he loves is himself. Not much to say about Brett and Olivia. He seems like a bad match for anyone. I don't know if I can explain it but he does not seem to have any sort of genuineness to him. He just seems like he's 100% douche all the time.
  14. Someone had to have mentioned this commercial but this page moves quickly so I did not see it. The commercial for some drug or doctor to see if your male organ is bent or has other issues. They show all sorts of vegetables in different states of bent and oddness and ask if you have one of those problems. Yikes. Funny enough, I've been reading and watching all sorts of stuff about Jeffrey Epstein and remember a couple of his victims saying he had an egg shaped penis that was fat on the bottom and thinner at the top. In the commercial I mentioned, there is a vegetable that fits that description.
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