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  1. Still feeling that Tom is horseshit. FOUR years of chatting via text with Darcy and he had no idea what he was getting? Right. Darcy is just painful to watch. I FF past Angela because I just don't care. Ben and Akili (sp?): I ff past them from the beginning because I just saw a nerdy guy who couldn't find anyone here so he found an online gal who'd take him for everything he has. I only see clips of his scenes in commercials and think Akili's brother is a clown putting on his best mob attitude on teevee. I have zero clue what is going on with these people and could not possibly care less. I never get too invested in the people on this program but Avery is such an interesting one. What is she looking for? What is she running away from? She said she was a wild child and then chose life in a culture that puts incredibly heavy restrictions on women. It's as if she felt she needed structure and wanted something to demand that she behave in a certain way. Omar seems very detached and determined to delay this wedding as long as possible. Part of me really feels for Avery. She thought she would marry Omar and live a very sheltered existence from now on and that existence would save her. Her mother is quite ignorant and to me does not have any empathy for the deep crisis that her daughter is mired in. Every time I get ready to post about this show, I have to double and triple check that I'm in the right forum. I'll be reading this one and wonder why no one is talking about Jenny and Sumit and then realize it's the wrong show....
  2. When I was 16, I was a junior in high school, playing softball and hanging with friends. I had a couple of boyfriends in high school. This was in the 80s and I just don't remember the weight of the world sapping every last ounce of life out of me even when in the throes of teen angst. Now these girls are pregnant so that adds a whole other dimension but even their friends... everything they do is filled with strife and stress and they are 16ish. What do they have to look forward to when they grow up? Hailey's boyfriend admits that he was playing many other girls and is now pulling a fast one on her with her best friend, who seems to relish being with this elfin mushmouth. I mean, what's left in life now? They won't experience the joy of life as an adult. They will get the euphoria after giving birth but then return to a life of intense struggle and low life guys who treat them like dirt. They'll work part time at Walmart and never seem to have enough money to live with any feeling of stability. It's just awful to watch. Now you add in their parents who are just as bad if not worse than the kids and you have nothing but an incredibly sad bunch of I don't know whats... This season I find that I cannot stand McKayla's grandparents. The sight of them sickens me with their enabling and pampering of this little bitch. Chloe is on another planet and headed for a serious reality check. Rilah's mother was just vile to Anthony and he deserve serious credit for being able to restrain himself. My parents were of the "once you hit 18, you're on your own. No more support, nada, zero, nothing. Make your own way and if you want to remain living at home you need to start paying rent" so I'm all too familiar with being cut off. Part of me would love to see Chloe's parents do that to her and take Ava. You're such a grown up, then go live with your drug addicted, criminal boyfriend. Have fun. What an eff'd up cast of character we have here.
  3. Haha! "... and be protected from mayhem, like meow."
  4. I feel as though I'm in the Twilight Zone or that I've been watching another show or something. Blindsided? The experts were blindsided by Keith and Iris not staying together? Iris was blindsided? Everyone was blindsided? What? Were people here blindsided? I sure as hell wasn't. You could see it coming a mile away. Keith was a plant. He wasn't an unlucky in love, "can't find anyone so I'll apply for this show" type of guy. The show found him. Does anyone think the experts approached this target by saying, "You look sad and lonely, come on our show"? Or that he agreed to be on the show because he could not find a wife? There was something promised there. Anything else doesn't make sense. They likely dangled the carrot of publicity and told him he'd have an easy time of it with no need to commit. Pairing him with a virgin, and a high strung, odd one at that, guaranteed that he would not get into a messy situation by getting intimate and walking later. In the overall scheme of things, he looks like a prince: he didn't attempt to take her virginity away and then bail on her. He came across as honorable in that regard and she didn't help matters with her inability to have an adult conversation. He had an easy 8 weeks on television and his looks made many female watchers swoon straight over to Google and check out his music. I didn't watch the final show. Once I heard that jellyfish Greg didn't toss Deonna to the curb, I lost interest. It makes me feel so bad for my friends, all around that age who are professionally employed, nice, stable women who are fun, friendly and just awesome people who struggle to find a decent guy and snippy, bitchy, condescending, my way only Deonna lands a guy like Greg.
  5. I came here searching to see if this show was being talked about here. I watched the first two and it's garbage. The comic was a wishy washy, weirdo that looks like David Berkowitz. Awful hair, weird personality. He gave me a stalker vibe. Good for Jordan to lose that creep.
  6. I think there are way more exceptions than childhood friends. It surprises me that there are people who think that way. My circle of friends for over 20 years has consisted of marrieds and singles and there have been plenty of times that various groups sans spouses went to concerts or events that the others were not into or they had to work or whatever. Honorable, grown up people do not view these types of things as opportunities to cheat on their spouse. My prediction for next week: Greg and Deonna will stay married and Greg will be a henpecked, whipped jellyfish. Elizabeth and Jamie will stay married and divorce within a year. Keith and Iris will divorce. Amber and Matt will divorce.
  7. If I am remembering correctly, Steven said it was very important to him to name the kid after his father. It's odd to me that something so desired would turn in "I don't feel comfortable calling him the name I really wanted him to have."
  8. I don't understand how the information above applies to any of these couples. I was married for 25 years and it was wonderful and yes there were rough times, but none of the difficult times occurred in the early part of our marriage. I can understand not walking away and working through the hard times in a solid marriage that began on a foundation of love and contentment. These people have none of that. They've been married for 8 weeks and there's no true joy on the faces of these people. Amber is bawling crying all night long because Matt is out doing whatever. Iris is incapable of having an adult conversation. Elizabeth is a lunatic as is Jamie and in my opinion Deonna has been a total bitch to Greg and he is a jellyfish about it. If you have to decide whether or not to stay with someone that you can't stand half the time after only a few weeks, it's a whole different ballgame than a committed couple who toughs it out. I won't be celebrating. I will be thinking that Greg is an idiot. He was a finalist on this show. So there's that. What I really don't understand is why the interactions that all the couples have are taken at face value but when it comes to Greg and Deonna, many believe that they probably behave completely differently off camera.
  9. Greg seems like such a dud when he constantly whines, “I need her to open up.” It’s like a broken record every week with him saying the same thing. He got all the answers that he needed from Deonna throughout the weeks, but this week his face said it all. Why on earth would he settle for something that requires such exhausting work? Deonna is just as stunted growth wise as Iris. Every time I see Iris on the screen I think that she needs to grow up and then begin to look for a life partner. Deonna rings up the same thing to me. I get the premise of the show is marrying a stranger but these people are living together 24/7 for two months. I've been in relationships in which I'd see the person a few times a week and after two months, hell, after one month, you have a pretty good feeling if it has potential to go anywhere. By this point, if things were real, you'd be in a state of "I can't wait to see X," but none of these couples show that at all except for Amber. They've all seen exactly what they are getting if they stay married and if they decide to stay and are miserable then it's all self-inflicted. Jamie and Elizabeth they deserve each other. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at the post that talked about Jamie's vanilla bean peen not being up to par for Elizabeth. Too funny. Jamie has a mean streak and seems to take some sort of pleasure cutting Elizabeth down when he doesn't get his way. She's a loon to be sure but he seems cruel to me. I've never found anything remotely interesting about Iris or Keith. She's too childish and seems to have zero capability of having an adult relationship. Their entire presence on this show reeked of fake to me. What to say about Amber? She was clearly devastated after Raven told her about Matt. I think she is a fool, but watching her made me feel bad that she is so desperate that her deep grief is because she won't be able to keep this loser. Raven is a good friend that was very upset for her. I wonder why those two have not gotten together. Raven tried out to be on the show and was almost selected so he's available and obviously cares very deeply for Amber. Does Matt think everyone is stupid? His comments in every talking head, every convo with the fellas, experts and Amber should be accompanied by the Twilight Zone theme. He says things that are so far removed from the reality that we are seeing. He's a fucking dolt. Can anybody be that dense? I guess so. I, too, though this was decision week and watching all the "will you, won't you" conversations was boring as hell because no one was going to say with the big show coming up next week. Off to read your snark now.
  10. My DVR description says Deonna and Jamie are on tonight's Unfiltered.
  11. They had sex. Once. He inquired about that. Not sure what's wrong with that. It was Deonna's answers that made him ask questions like, "So do I need to invite my friends over more?" I think if a couple gets together and has consensual sex, it's not a stretch for the other partner to be puzzled if the sex stops cold but the other person wants to remain in the relationship, but provides little in the way of substance in a conversation. If Deonna was a grown up, she would have told him, "I think we went too fast...," or, "This is too intense for me and I'd like to slow it down..." then Greg would have an answer and would not need to bring up the subject because he'd know exactly where she stands. Saying, that it happened because he was in the moment having a good time with his friends, and it will happen when it happens, leaves Greg to wonder at what point she will decide that a particular moment or event is worthy of another encounter. That's not only confusing but juvenile. It goes with her stupid baby voice. Middle school students who find out their teacher is on a TV show? And a TV show on which she marries a stranger? You bet they are watching it.
  12. I'm a middle school teacher and truth be told, in some ways I am like Amber: I never wear make up or dresses or skirts and am considered a cool teacher. I talk to my students like they are people. We all own and are part of the class rather than I am in charge and you do what I say. It makes for a great environment and kids LOVE to give opinions on all sorts of topics if they believe that people are actually listening to them. This in no way means I speak like the kids do, try to be relatable to the point that I look foolish, or anything like that. There is a line. A very obvious one. There is no way on earth I'd go on any sort of television program or blog or anything else and "open up" about anything intimately personal. Kids know that adults have personal lives. It's not about keeping them away from real life. It's about putting yourself on display and showing your (sometimes severe) imperfections to the world. In the case of Amber, she has shown her female students that she is so incredibly desperate to have a man that she will put up with just about anything. And, when she gets to the point that she does not want to put up with it anymore, she does not take an, "I'm better than this. I deserve to be treated well," attitude. Instead, she gets sad and all "Woe is me." Great role modeling there. You tell your students, "You can be anything you want to be. I hope you become better than me at this subject. Never sell yourself short...." Then they see you on television groveling and allowing yourself to be treated like dirt and saying that you will do absolutely anything you have to to keep this loser and continue to sleep with him. It's lunacy.
  13. I hope he doesn't. I don't get why anyone should put up with the tone and way she's treated him at the beginning of the relationship. If this is her "best," he's in for being talked down to much worse later. God, I hope so. He deserves more than a broken object that he has to constantly try to fix and practically beg to like him. She treats him very poorly. Even when she is trying to be nice to him it's in response to something rather than her taking the initiative and doing something nice. Me too. It surprises me that he seems to be in a perpetual state of kissing her ass. He deserves a mature adult for a wife. My cable box rebooted and did not record nearly all of the episode. Doesn't seem like I missed much.
  14. Wow. I came to read these posts and decide whether or not to watch this ep now or tomorrow. Sounds like a snoozefest.
  15. This is exactly how I feel about Deonna. I might be the unpopular one but I have to wonder about his whole "walls" thing. So she was hurt by her teen boyfriend. I don't buy the we broke up when we went to college and it got nasty tripe either. I'm sorry, if the result of that sort of break up stunted your growth for 10 years, then you're not an adult. And she worked on herself (babe) by doing the situationship thing for 10 years. And then gets married blindly on television. Her inability to be in a grown up relationship shows. Anyway, so are we supposed to believe that Deonna is this warm, wonderful, soft, emotional woman who will light up and tingle when Greg walks into a room if only she removes these walls that she has? We have seen her personality and attitude on the show and while things may happen off camera, her general way of communicating with Greg and talking down to him is not something that I think vanishes off camera. It's part of who she is. Her general disposition is having to be winning or in the driver's seat having control over whatever is currently happening and calling the shots whether it be bowling or a conversation about their relationship. Meanwhile, she's afraid that Greg will see how she truly is (her words) and not like her. That tells me what we see is her version of "best behavior" at the beginning of a relationship. How's that working for Greg now? You mean there's more? I see a lot not to like now. What's hidden? If her personality is to wall herself off and disengage for long periods of time when something upsets her, what does that say when the marriage experiences seriously issues and decisions? If that reaction has been her MO all her life, that does not flip off like a switch. I just can't buy that she is going to wake up one morning and say, "Okay, the walls are down," and suddenly a completely different person will appear. I am just not getting what Greg is seeing here. It's like opening an Amazon box and taking out your brand new whatever and it's broken and you have to decide whether it is worth the trouble to send it back because then you have to search for another similar item, or frustrate the hell out of yourself trying to figure out what is wrong and fix it. I'm not objectifying here, just a sort of, kind of analogy. I think they hit it out of the park show-wise with this faux pairing for Keith. He can come across as this amazing guy who was just so tolerant and patient and the poor thing was paired with a totally immature woman. Iris, on the other hand, comes across as a fool. I'm sure Keith's mailbox-- in addition to Greg's-- is full of potential mates.
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