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  1. There's also the matter of "surprising" your spouse with x-thousands of dollars missing from the checking account. If I were guessing about who wears the financial pants in that family, it wouldn't be Keith, so unless he was squirreling away thousands of dollars (which has its own set of 'wtf' that the wife would likely not be happy about) it just doesn't make sense. Double trouble if you "surprise" your spouse with an expensive item that they don't even want. I'm not buying that any of this is legit or some small situation like a major purchase gets twisted into a highly fictionalized, d
  2. That a spouse would be "in awe" of their spouse putting them first and caring for them in a medical emergency to me is totally bizarre. If after several years of marriage, my spouse expressed such an emotion, I would think they lost their mind. It's seems to be a theme in these shows: someone always has a "medical issue" that gets everyone all alarmed. It's so old now. I think these people are just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks so they can stay on television. It's like the producers think the audience is stupid and will buy some of this nonsense. How convenient that thes
  3. Was anything mentioned about Danae (sp? and I believe he changed his name but I don't remember what it is). If I remember correctly, when the show ended last time, they were together after having met up and the program ended with Brianna saying that they'll see where it goes.
  4. What kept going through my head while reading this was: "I'm Farrah Abraham. I bridge countries." Oh, and she doesn't have a cultural team... she has a very cultural team.
  5. I feel really stupid here but I don't get this?
  6. So I will confess that I have bookmarked her Yelp review page and each day, I click it hoping for a delicious new review to appear. But I have to say that there is a part of me that is sad for Farrah. I can't believe I said that because I could not stand her from day one on 16&P and still can't, but she's taken delusional to another level. I mean, the phrase "dumb as a box of rocks," really does apply here. It's scary that someone can have zero awareness. Imagine if you were enraged at someone or some organization and were unlucky enough to be recorded venting about it and you
  7. I'm not understanding why it was suggested that she take remedial classes... Ya gotta laugh at this Einstein calling anyone "uneducated." Now excuse me while I go practice my luggage math.
  8. omg. I just can't...
  9. Listen people: She was told "not to proofread" it or do anything but "send it in." OMG watching that video was frightening. She said something like "I'm in a Master's program and paying a higher rate but there are freshmen and kids from high school in my class." LOL. And all of them very likely write and speak better than you do. My head exploded halfway through the writing assignment. I don't think a remedial writing class would help her. Sending her back to 5th grade maybe. P.S. I took a single computer science course from Harvard: CS50. It was no joke. And there were people
  10. The most frightening thing is that she is not a troll. She is truly one of the craziest people I have ever seen.
  11. She flips out at some other school in the Yelp reviews. One includes her telephone number and worst of all, Sophia's name and patient number in a thrashing of a doctor's office. Unreal.
  12. Check out her various Yelp reviews. Instant classics. On a law firm one, she wrote: "[name]is blackmails" The one for Harvard Extension School is hilarious! Love her comments in red on the pic. Props to dogfoodis for posting the pic on reddit of her instagram post. You can also read all her fun yelp reviews at the link https://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=CpouZmneosE66st15HI2eQ
  13. Bricking the computer made it a paperweight. It was great because she was undoubtedly seething about that but couldn't say anything because it was "stolen." We almost had a bet in the office that it would be miraculously discovered under the back seat or something and blamed on a small child, but she said nothing but gave us dagger eyes most of the time. Good times.
  14. LOL. Kail's rage at this reminded me of a time I was working in IT while back. We provided laptops to some of the personnel and one older woman, a high maintenance luddite who whined about having to use a computer, was one of them. One day, she same in and reported that the laptop was stolen from her daughter's car. We knew that was crap and she likely gave the laptop to her daughter. I asked her for a copy of the police report for the theft and she blew a gasket and went up the chain to complain about me. I was called into a meeting and very calmly said that this was a theft and in order
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