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  1. Even if the Alyssa-shot-Chance plot resolution is super-contrived and full of potholes large enough to drive through, I will accept it if it will end the the toxic overdose of Buttbiscuit we've been subjected to since he was arrested! Billy has become the new Marcia (tm The Brady Bunch) of daytime tv.
  2. If there is one teeny-weeny positive thing to come out of Covid, it's that we don't have to watch endless, repetitive flashbacks of Liam and Steffy hitting the sheets! Finn's black pants today had a noticeable rip in the knee. Is that a thing guys are doing now? Doctor guys? it just seemed so out-of-character for him.
  3. Poor Kloie...growing up in the House of Eeyore...everyone is just so damn miserable all. the. time. I shudder to think about future teenage Kloie who mouths off at her mom or dad and what could happen next. And you know she's going to turn out that way given her role models. I could easily see her turning to boys and/or drugs or alcohol just to escape that situation. I just hope that Jade watches the footage and gets a clue about how they're all affecting that little girl. Before watching either of the Teen Mom shows I'd never seen anyone rent a house in which to hold their child's birthday party. Is it just me or is that really some over-the-top ish?
  4. Isn't this the umpteenth time that Billy and Chelsey have been packing up to "leave Genoa City and start a new life"? Yet here they still are...stinking up our tv screens. At this point I'd be more than willing to chip in on some one-way tickets for them. If they promise to never return!
  5. I agree. When she was first on the show, years back, she was much heavier but seemed a lot calmer. I noticed a huge change in her last season. Still, it's nice that at least one of these girls has had a consistent friend throughout the years, unlike Kail's revolving door of acquaintances-who-want-to-be-on-tv.
  6. Oh, absolutely! But in the past, there was usually some build-up of connection/attraction between two characters before they became a couple. Or something horrible that broke them apart. I still have no clue how/why Kyle fell out of love with Lola and found himself suddenly in love with Dummer, for example.
  7. The lightening speed at which some characters flip their "love" from one character to another has my head spinning! First we had Kyle suddenly "realize" he no longer loved his beloved Lola and was really, truly in love with the formerly loathed (by him and all the rest of us, of course) Dummer. Then, out of the blue, the so-in-love-with-Darvon Elana accidentally falls on Nate's dick. And now Adam is declaring his love for Sharon after fighting forever to get back to the love-of-his-life Chelsea. How are we supposed to invest in any of the relationships on this show when they can be ripped apart in a second and for absolutely no reason? On a side note, I gasped when I saw Sharon's shorter bob cut at the beginning of Show and was filled with admiration for her for finally taking the step of getting a more flattering haircut. Then I saw that the rest of that mess was just stuck in her coat collar. Once again I've been tricked by Show!
  8. Why can I not remember anything about Nicole? I'm slightly too young to be experiencing severe memory loss!
  9. Two phrases I wish Brooke would quit using : "Your bestie, Shauna..." "Your BFF, Shauna..." Not only are they dated but it makes her look like she's trying too hard to be young and hip. Now if she said, "Your beastie, Shauna...", I could get behind that! 😊
  10. The end of yesterday's episode...with Sharon collapsing on the steps in tears...completely pulled me right out of the story into reality. I know the new restrictions/precautions are in place for a good reason but to have Rey just stand there instead of rushing over to pull Sharon into a comforting embrace just felt so completely wrong.
  11. It looks like Zoe sprouted some extra teeth during the quarantine, making her smile even more shark-like than it was before!
  12. Those eyebrows were very coveted back then. I don't know if you remember Brooke Shields around that time...when she did the infamous "Nothing gets between me and my Calvins" ads for jeans...but she was rocking the thickest brows ever!
  13. What is going on with Carrie Ann's camera? It's jerking around so much that it made me nauseous and I had to turn the show off.
  14. I completely agree with your husband. When they were showing the Cricket and Lauren "murders" I wish they'd shown the next chronological episode so we could see what actually happened to them. I mean, we know they survived but it would've been nice to see how...especially Lauren on that blown-up boat.
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