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  1. THANK YOU!!! I'm so happy someone else noticed this. I thought I was just imagining it. I even looked up his info to see if he was born in Ireland. Maybe he spent a long time there at one point in his life? He might be come across as more handsome if he could act and imbue any sort of personality into his character. It's difficult to imagine why Stuffy fell in love with him.
  2. I missed the whole "Abby saves the day" episode. Where was Stitch hiding Mariah?
  3. Where does the nickname Rodan come from? That's a new one to me.
  4. I fear Kristin Chenowith was off because she was hungover! She, as others have stated, was on Watch What Happens Live last night and admitted to having wine before the show and was chugging two big what looked like chocolate or coffee martinis through the half hour show. Even Andy called her tipsy. She was so cute and snarky, though...I think I like me some tipsy K. C.!
  5. My only concern about the Mike/Natalie breakup is what's going to happen to Natalie's pet rat? That's how invested I am in those two . I care more about a rat than either of them.
  6. This is perfection, Bannana! Dayum...I'm on vacation and missed a couch wedding featuring the blankie of doom??? Will my life ever be the same? I'm just so invested in the snooze-fest known as Sinn.
  7. I had a breast reduction several years ago and it's one of the best decisions I ever made. I'm no longer self-conscious, my clothes fit better and it was a literal weight off my back. I, too, struggle to understand why plastic surgeons on reality shows push for larger breasts than their patients want. Is it because the patients in question aren't actually paying for their surgeries? I get the feeling that many of these doctors are providing free surgeries in exchange for the publicity they'll receive by being on these shows.
  8. I wasn't really paying attention but it occurred in a conversation about racism and discrimination between Bar and Ashley.
  9. That would require some introspection, self-awareness, and insight on Eboni's part. I get the sense she's lacking in all of these aspects.
  10. I don't blame Ramona one bit for getting up and leaving that whole scene. Dealing with Eboni and/or Leah is a no-win situation. What makes them feel so superior to the rest of the women?
  11. Is there anybody in that family that's NICE to Kloie? All she sees around her is fighting, swearing, sour expressions, yelling, etc. Even when Jade was trying to be patient with her making the bath bombs she had that sour puss on. I just feel so bad for that little girl. Is it any wonder she's acting out? And not even acting out badly, just acting out in the usual 3-yr-old way.
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