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  1. Okay, hold up!!! Did Catelynn ever go to the doctor to confirm this pregnancy? Did she actually have a miscarriage or a missed period? I’m not bagging on her if she did but I thought I may have missed something. What I will bag on her about is telling her oldest kid who can barely even write her own name about a dead baby. What the actual hell? I’m all about being open and honest with your children but that’s a little too young to have that conversation. Nova shouldn’t even have known she was pregnant until she was at least out of her first trimester but according to Catelynn once you are out
  2. Just when I thought Leah couldn’t get any dumber. Gurl do you not watch 90 day fiance? She is on the hook for this third baby daddy of her sisters for at least 10 years, they won’t even last for one! Smh
  3. Has anyone actually seen Kalani’s kids in clothing other than pajamas? I don’t know why but it bothers the hell out of me!
  4. Did I miss something? Where are y'all getting this info?
  5. I can't with the stupidity that is Mckayla!! I used to be a fan of the grandparentals but they are way too enabling. Kaeden went and got them what looks to be like a pretty decent house and she doesn't want to stay there because he works long hours (you know, to afford the damn bills) and she can't take care of Timmy by herself. Then the grandparentals are ragging on Kaeden because he doesn't come to their house often enough and he needs to man up? Uh, your Princess of a grand daughter needs to put her big girl panties on and fulfill her part of the parenting and the relationship instead of r
  6. Am I the only one that has noticed that every time they introduce or close Amber's segments they have a sloth somewhere on the book when it opens and closes? I die laughing every time. There is no subtly at all left with MTV.
  7. This needs to be a wake up call for Jenelle. If her and those poor babies have any chance of surviving, she needs to leave NOW!! She is going to lose all of her income jacking around with this asshole and her and the kids will all end up back living with Barb. This is the chance that she needs to take to get out!
  8. @Jeanne222 you are spot on with this!!
  9. So all of their new houses are like 20 minutes away from each other? That makes sense, not!
  10. Brianna, it's called shampoo. Regular or Dry it doesn't matter just use some!!!! Her unkempt hair is one of the main reasons she always looks dirty to me. JMO
  11. You did!!! I am a little confused though cuz isn't she trying to make it sound like her and Chris are a half ass item? So now you have three different baby daddies and you are going on a dating show? I'm sorry but if one of those guys were my son I would tell him to run as far away from all of her baggage as he can.
  12. Kail's excuse for why she is wanting to reconnect with her family is BS. I think she has realized that she will be sitting at home alone when all of her children are at the plethora of Daddy's houses that she will be required to let them spend time with on the holidays. She probably thinks it will give her some kind of leverage if she has some of her own family that they can spend time with on those designated days. Kail to Baby Daddy's- "I think it would be better if they stayed here this Christmas since my third cousin removed will be visiting and they need to get to know my family too
  13. Is Devoid always baked? I mean I would probably have to self medicate if I had to go deal with The Coven but dude is always FAAAAAAAAADED!
  14. I was trying to figure out why they were all looking like characters from A Clock Work Orange. (I totally just dated myself! LOL)
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