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  1. News flash - back in "ancient" times (i.e. when I had my babies) women were known to SAVE THEIR PREGNANCY CLOTHES for the next pregnancy.
  2. They seem to like to jerk the viewers back and forth with the editing. First, we see all happy-happy joy-joy, then we see the disagreements. Then, back and forth a few more times so that by "decision day" we're really not sure which way any of the couples will go.
  3. I disagree that Zach is out of her league. IMO Mindy is on par with Zach on the physical attractiveness scale. She's just not what Zach finds attractive. I think Mindy's beauty is more classic and she is graceful, professional and poised. I could easily see her on the arm of some rich and powerful CEO.
  4. Wait a sec, lemme get this straight. Katie has a problem with Derek taking his time to fall in love, yet she's claiming to still have an attraction to her ex. I wonder how she would feel if Derek claimed to always be thinking about his ex? I really hope that Mindy does not cave to the pressure of "making this work" and pull a "Kate" and sleep with this creep. Have some dignity and self respect, please! I wonder if Zack has seen previous seasons and is trying to avoid Luke's "repulsed and dead inside" verbage. I think he's used just about every other word . . . Wow, this season seems to be imploding much earlier than past seasons (with maybe the exception of Mia's pre-honeymoon airport arrest)!
  5. I think that where they disagree is whether Michael did or did not have an ultimatum along with the expectation. I think Michael does not stand up for himself or try to disagree because he senses he's out of his league with Meka's arguing skills. He knows that no matter what he says at this point she will steamroll over it to make him wrong, wrong, WRONG!
  6. I'm glad that the ex wife is getting something out of this, I felt so sorry for her having to work so hard at this stage of her life. It would be poetic justice if she found herself a legitimate wealthy older man to keep her company.
  7. With the bland and corporate décor of those apartments, it was probably the photo that came with the frame.
  8. Honestly, Brandon is scary to me. I would be afraid to be alone with him. And yes, he seemed drunk or high when he came in with the flowers. Why is Mindy staying at the strange apartment by herself? If it were me, I'd go HOME, where I'm comfortable.
  9. I just watched the Grey Gardens/Ugly Basement Sister episode. My, my, UBS is definitely a professional level victim/user. Did they say whatever happened to her husband? Did he by any chance die of some mysterious cause? Hmmmm. Dr. Phil says her life coach will not force her to do anything uncomfortable. Bad promise, Phil. This one's got a good gig going and will never do a thing for herself. Too bad, because as soon as mama kicks the bucket, normal sister is going to put UBS out on her behind.
  10. suzeecat


    I keep trying to make some sense - ANY sense - of any part of this. There's definitely something not right with her brain.
  11. Maybe Kail will get her law degree from the American Samoan Law School correspondence course, like Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul. Go Land Crabs!
  12. I am thoroughly confused about Kayla's mom. She had a nice - I mean REALLY nice house. So, I assumed that she had a decent job/career. Now she's just up and moving 2 hrs. away and "getting approved for" an apartment??? Kiaya seems very emotionally unstable. I'm wondering if it's hormonal.
  13. I just saw the latest movie version of "Little Women" this past weekend. It was really excellent and the cast was stellar. Then, Bob Odenkirk showed up as the girls' father, home from the war. WHAT?!?!?! I could NOT see sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman! Still a good movie though.
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