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  1. HGTV sunk millions into this project, not to mention all the time and labor. I loved the effort and enjoyed the results but I can't be the only one wondering - what happens to the house NOW?!?! Has there been any news to that effect?
  2. Another example of people so stupid they deserve what they get.
  3. ... and apparently missing a chapter or two!!!
  4. Something is definitely missing from the Laura/Aladin story. He says she complains and left to go to a coffee shop - ALONE ! ! ! ! She says he is controlling and leaves her alone. None of these sounds like reason for divorce, and for Laura to leave Qatar, or Tunisia or wherever they were living.
  5. Maybe Nicole signed up as Meri Brown's downline. I could see Meri selling her a load of crap like "see how much money I make because of my reality show fame? So can you!" Honestly, the only way to make big bucks in MLM is to sign up people under you. The more downline, the more commission. You're making money from every order that someone under you places. So, you sign someone up who orders $15,000 in inventory, you get your slice of the pie. It doesn't matter if that person can't sell it, you've already made your money. Your downline eats the loss.
  6. Well, all in all it was pretty boring. I'm hoping for a more enlightening Part 2. They could have saved a LOT of time by cutting all the waiting for audio/video/walkoffs to resolve. Jenny's neck looks at least 20 years older than her face.
  7. Did the bar Tom took Darcey for salsa dancing not have a dance floor? Or was there a reason they couldn't film them dancing on a dance floor and decided to just dance right in front of the bartender pouring and serving drinks? That looked a little odd to me. Good or bad, at least Tom and his sister knew the moves. Darcy's extensions were ridiculously obvious. Oh yes, and then there were boobs. Tim is missing something . . . a certain . . . piece of anatomy. It's as obvious as Darcy's extensions.
  8. It's sad to think that if this show implodes due to lack of viewers that Vicki is going to take credit, saying that it was because she was demoted.
  9. This is how Darcy looks on a regular day. Well, maybe this is a little too conservative for her taste, but you get the idea.
  10. I wish I could love this by a thousand.
  11. Watching Jenny crying her goodbyes made me sick too. I can only hope that with some time and distance this woman comes to her senses. Deaven and Jihoon's wedding was adorable. They are such a cute couple. Deaven doesn't understand a word that is being said around her so she's probably in a constant state of confusion, hence not smiling. Just my take. I predict that Ronald will never see Tiffany or Daniel again. She's running from a very bad decision and Ronald is on his own now.
  12. suzeecat


    Absolutely deliberate, thanks for catching it!
  13. suzeecat


    My, My, Farrah certainly has been a very busy beaver!
  14. Me & my son celebrating my 64th birthday. No slutwear required, LOL!
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