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  1. I never understood why they wouldn't let the hosts eat during the food presentations (since COVID). It's OK (if we choose to and feel safe) to eat food prepared by someone else at a restaurant. It's even OK to have meals delivered to our homes by strangers. Whatever, it just doesn't make sense to me. But now it's OK for them to guzzle wine on air? Explain, please!
  2. Andre Leon Talley was a recent guest. With the guests filming from home, Andre had his camera set WAAAY too close! His teeth looked really messed up. For someone so well known for his appearance, I would think he would be more conscious of that. I'm sure he can afford to have them fixed.
  3. On the contrary, usually ADD medication will supress the appetite and people often lose weight when taking it. Color me impressed and relieved to see ALL the couples TRYING to get along and make it work, communicating, being open and "vunnerable" (LOL throwback from last season). No cold shoulder, stomping out, saying "it's over". I started out liking Amelia and Bennett the most but now I'm all about Woody and Amani. I swear those two knew each other before the show and were already in love. They go together like burgers and burkas, LOL! I'm ready for their spinoff. However, if Karen doesn't open up and appreciate Miles for all his wonderfulness, I'm just going to cry.
  4. Admittedly I don't watch this show as carefully as I should could and maybe 70-90% of it goes out the window before sinking into my memory. Am I understanding correctly that this whole season was about Denise allegedly lying about sleeping with Brandi? Since when is this even an issue for anyone? This may have been scandalous maybe 20-30 years ago, but today? And in Hollywood? Really? That's the best you got Bravo??? What we need is for Aaron to do a talking head saying "really, I love my wife and believe what she tells me, and even if this is true we will get over it". Case closed.
  5. That lo mein looked awesome and I am definitely craving some right now!
  6. Two points: 1) Nobody owes Jenelle an EXPLANATION why she was "let go". That's how it is with most non-union jobs. Here today, gone tomorrow, plan ahead. 2) I have to agree that Jenelle should not have trusted Lauren or any producer. They are NOT your friends. They are hired to produce an entertaining show. They can and WILL do whatever they can to make it as "entertaining" (i.e. dramastic) as possible. Ya don't want the public to see you highhighhigh on heroin? Guess what, DON'T DO IT WHEN CAMERAS ARE ROLLING. Not that difficult to figure out, really.
  7. I have absolutely no opinion regarding who is telling the truth, Denise or Brandy, because I really don't care. I just came here to say that Garcelle really flung it in Lisa R's face about how Lisa mentions that she was in Chicago every time that Erica doing it is mentioned. I thought that was crude and rude, and I generally like Garcelle. If I was in Chicago on Broadway I'd mention it too, no matter how long ago it was. Sorry not sorry. Makes sense that Kim and Brandy are now good friends. They have more in common than not. I can't remember why people didn't like Dorit (except for puppy-gate), but admittedly I have a short memory span when it comes to these shows. However, I really do like Dorit these days. She gets her role, to show up in a fabulous high-glam get-up every scene, and she seems like a genuinely nice, well-behaved person.
  8. As a Suzanne, it grates like nails on a chalkboard when I'm called Susan. Nothing wrong at all with Susan, but it's not my name. It makes me much more sensitive to being sure to address people by their correct name and especially not to shorten it unless they say it's OK. Yeah, call me Sue, Suze, or Suzy if you want. Just NOT Susan. (shrug)
  9. Does anyone else get a "V" vibe from Henry? Poor guy, he would probably have been happy just to continue living whatever kind of life he had before all this, but I think he maybe got heavily strong-armed by his "friends" to do this because his "friends" realized this might be his only chance to ever get any romantic action in his life.
  10. They should start a new show that addresses people with body-dysmorphic disorder or whatever it is that these freaks have. The anorexic lip lady needs to "get" that she is not sexy-fabulous, but instead scary-looking! If I was ever in a medical situation and something like that came in to take care of my needs I would wonder what kind of psychedelic drugs were added to my IV! They must confuse their freak-show followers with fans who think they are hot. With every "enhancement" they get more followers and believe that it's because they are beautiful when in fact it's the "Karen, come here and get a load of THIS" factor, similar to the People of Walmart attraction. Their entourages of "yes" friends don't help. I felt sorry for the Phillipino nose lady and the DR boob job lady. This show is providing a useful service by promoting the dangers of cut-rate plastic surgery.
  11. Cheesehead Tim and Melyza, I wonder if I'm actually becoming desensitized to how bad his infidelity was, or if I'm just SO VERY TIRED of hearing about it. Her parents are stuck between a rock & a hard place. If they "get over it" they are basically telling Tim that what he did was OK. If they can't get over it, they have nowhere for the story to go. I'm loving Kenneth and Armando's story line but it's clear that Armando is uncomfortable and terrified to be "out". Kenneth has lived as a gay man for many years in a much more permissive society than Armando. I hope that Kenneth reel in the PDA and gives Armando just a little bit more space to ease into this new life they are living together. Deavan and Jihoon are clearly counting on the teevee paycheck, but just can't say that for the cameras. I'm still trying to figure out how it got so dark so fast at that playground, guess it's just the magic of TV. I hope I'm not wrong that Drascilla running in the street is a bunch of nothing. My boys took forever to learn that when we drove somewhere that it WAS NOT OK to get out of the car and RUN THROUGH THE PARKING LOT to get to the store/restaurant/wherever. I swear that every single time I would warn them not to and yet every single time I would be yelling and chasing them as soon as the car door opened. I think they were excited to get to the destination and also saw a clear, open space. Maybe ADD too? Brittney and Yazan, just not going to happen. They are too, too different and neither is willing to compromise ENOUGH (Brittney is trying a little). Also, Brittney will never get along with or be accepted by the in-laws. I think Brittney is just trying to get more followers on her SM platforms.
  12. I gave up trying to keep up with this show when my dvr started recording everything, including the pieced together segments from previous episodes. I can't tell which is new and which is just a new combination of previous episodes. Anyway, running out of things to watch during my quarantine, I decided to catch up on my dvr backlog and discovered the previous couples watching their episodes "together" via Skype (or whatever). Brilliant idea! I love watching them watch their episode together and reminiscing.
  13. Anybody else wondering how Dmitri can manage to up and spend THREE MONTHS away from his home and job??? These people are all weird. Strange that Gary had to have the birth control talk with Amber like a father does with a child. And the references to the Gary condoms was hilarious. So Dmitiri is going to use condoms with his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend's picture on them. These people are all weird.
  14. "Good job, Tom. How much did TLC pay for that appearance and where can we vacation to next?"
  15. Yes, this show turned out to be a little more obviously fake than even most "reality" shows. Whenever they showed the two-toned hair woman all I could see were those LIPS (and, well, obviously, the two-toned hair)!!! How much did they have to pay her mother to act so horridly racist? And, last minute confession, Kiki is still married?!?! That whole scenario reeks of a set-up to me, just for tv exposure no doubt. And then the half-Jewish couple; week after week we hear NO, WE WON'T ALLOW IT, then last episode "SURPRISE, YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED - WE COULDN'T BE MORE HAPPY AND PROUD!" Eesh, I actually watched this.
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