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  1. Damn, I was determined NOT to watch this mess but got sucked in and am actually enjoying it, and hating myself for doing so! My heart goes out to Pedro and his teary couch confessional that he does not know his dad. My current theory is that Pedro is easy manipulated and taken advantage of by both his family and Chantel. I was glad that Pedro mentioned again that it was Chantel's idea in the first place when Pedro first arrived to lie about his reason for coming. Too bad it seemed to go right over Thomas and Rivers' heads. And, no matter how well Pedro gets along with Family Chantel, we are left to wonder if it's all just a way to get Chantel to agree to have his family come to the US. My hope for Pedro is that he sees the dark side of his mother/sister and keeps them in the DR for sporadic visits only, while warming up to Family Chantel and being treated with some respect in his adopted country. And I'm loving this Jah drama! Jah got away with his slick background role all this time, enjoying the Chantel/Pedro drama. Now it's HIS turn to experience the Family Chantel drama and come clean about who he really is.
  2. suzeecat

    S09.E10: Are You Committed?

    She's reality TV gold! And with Jamie, a match made in reality TV heaven!
  3. suzeecat

    S08.E11: Handle with Care

    Since I live in SE Michigan I am familiar with both the Detroit Zoo and Stoney Creek Metropark that Caitlyn referred to. The Detroit Zoo is a beautiful park but they designed it so well for the animals to be in their natural habitat that the animals have many places to hide and although one can enjoy a beautiful stroll through the grounds you may not see many animals - at least that has been my experience. Stoney Creek is an absolutely beautiful huge sprawling park that allows for just about every way to enjoy nature at its finest (trails, beaches, paddle boats, etc). I think Carly would love the zoo but younger children like Nova and Vaeda would be bored and tire quickly. Stoney Creek would probably be a better choice for everyone. With that being said B&T are coming from out of town so I think their choice should rule. Tyler and Cait are in a unique situation with their notoriety. They gave up their baby and that is the whole reason they are on this show and making the $$ that they do. In a way you could say that they unwittingly sold their first born, and that's what they have to live with. I wish they could find a way to count the blessings that they have - two children to freely love and raise and a limited connection with the one they sold. Amber: Wow, it really does seem like the editors quickly went to work to draw a story line connecting Amber's story to the recent events! Maci: Really? Who cares about your birth control? Not me! Mackenzie: Why is she on this show? Cheyenne: I FF through her segments.
  4. Hopefully there are no limits to the amount of "likes" I can give here because I'm seriously agreeing with every single post! I want to be Parry when I grow up and, Sheesh, Braunwyn's mom, yikes! I wonder how long it takes to look that crazy? And she's a dr.! Hopefully a pediatrician because if she walked into my exam room I'd be looking for hidden cameras! Or, maybe she practices with Shannon's Dr. Ho.
  5. suzeecat


    A poster on the Q bulletin board called it a mullet top - PERFECT ! ! !
  6. suzeecat

    S07:E38: Tristyn & Lara

    This was a really unsatisfying episode. It turned out that both were real people who had real feelings and Nev seemed to help them each get out of their own heads and take the first REAL LIVE step. Apparently they needed more than that. Too bad, they seemed a good match in many ways. I was confused about the house Tristyn lived in. Did you have to actually go THROUGH THE GARAGE to get into the house??? That was a first! (pun intended)
  7. suzeecat

    S03.E03: Pack Your Bags

    Did anyone happen to catch Avery pretending to wash her face by splashing some water around (careful not to smear the eye makeup), then proceed to dry her face by smearing her jean jacket over her face? I did a double take at that.
  8. TLC, you are SOOOO busted! OK, OK, so of course we all know how scripted these "reality" shows are. But, I still want to know how much cash he sent.
  9. She's in good shape for her age and having 7 kids. That doesn't come naturally. I would assume she spends a good amount of time at the gym with personal trainers, hair, nails, makeup, facials, fillers, wardrobe, all that high maintenance stuff. That doesn't leave much time for kids.
  10. And, thank you Andy! My guess is Vicki's story line will revolve around her engagement/wedding.
  11. I would bet that it happened at Dorit's house as well, just without the cameras rolling.
  12. So, I guess Bronwyn was born in a Welsh trailer park, LOL!!!
  13. suzeecat

    S01.E11: Blind Trust

    Jenny seems like the type that, even in America, if she went to her local grocery store and found they were closed, she would whine "what am I gonna do NOOOOOW????"
  14. Not me. I can wait indefinitely. Who names their kid "Bronwyn"? (or, however you spell it)
  15. Last night's episode proved to me that we 100% DO NOT NEED VICKI GUNVALSON ON THIS SHOW! Shannon looks great, Gina looks terrible, the new girl looks amazing for having seven (!!!) kids. Is Kelly really that raw and unfiltered in real life, or is this all for show? And, how could that cameraperson watch that kid kick the dog repeatedly and not do something to stop him?!?! Sign my name to the NO POLITICS ON MY HOUSEWIVES SHOWS petition! Better yet, keep Ryan off totally. He's creepy. How many times is Tamra going move? Love the new house though! A city near where I live is encouraging residents to erect owl houses to attract owls to control the rat population. Not sure if that would work in the OC.