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  1. You really get to know someone when you have a fight with them. The fact that he so easily flipped and told her to get out was chilling. This behavior is SO MUCH more unacceptable than her calling him by a different name. That's some cold-hearted shit right there. I feel bad for Rachel if she goes back to him.
  2. I liked it more than I expected. there's lots of superficial silliness, but layers to be peeled away. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. I never saw one episode of Glee but even I got the impression that's where it was birthed from.
  3. Regarding the cheating husband social media wh*re, I was only half-listening because I couldn't believe I was even giving partial attention to these idiots. But, did Dr. Phil ever mention how horribly immature they were? I mean, boo-hooing on Instgram/Twitter/whatever, then coming on TV to snark and "confront" the woman who egged her house - are these people 12 years old, fighting over the captain of the football team?!?!
  4. The grand prize for Making The Cut with Tim and Heidi was $1M. I feel a little bit sorry for Project Runway now, left in the dust . . .
  5. My take is that the victims are actually greedy. The catfisher always has a story about some type of inheritance or settlement they are on the verge of receiving, and the catfishee has visions of being married to a millionaire. They consider the money they're sending as an investment in order to cash in down the line. I do feel sorry for them for being so gullible, but they need to learn that if a story sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't.
  6. This right here! I can see a scenario where they had a private conversation early on where Myrla told Gil "Look, this is never gonna work, you are the exact opposite of what I asked for. But, you're a nice enough guy, let's just play this for the cameras until decision day." And Gil was like "Works for me, I'll be getting DM'd till eternity with this exposure as long as I play nice guy along with you." Also, I cringed at Brett's roots in the sunlight.
  7. There used to be a term for women like Myrla - F-R-I-G-I-D. According to her friend at the party, he has NEVER seen her show any PDA with anyone. RED FLAG right there! I'm pretty introverted myself and I can manage a kiss for someone I care about. This girl has intimacy issues, big time. Poor Zack, has anxiety just walking into the apartment. Oh, and can we discuss the apartments? Quite nice, IMHO! The views are spectacular. I stand by my original assessment, NONE of these couples stay together.
  8. My viewing of this show has changed from watching to see if love grows instead to watching to figure out WHY these people appear normal on the surface yet can't seem to find true love on their own. This season has been way too obvious for all except Gil. But, Gil is W-A-A-A-Y too fine and wonderful to not be able to find a match outside of this show. My guess is he's already been the cover boy for the local fireman calendar and is auditioning for the national hunky fireman calendar. He's ready for a lower maintenance, better looking trophy wife.
  9. It was this episode that made me realize that I've probably aged out of this show. I couldn't keep up with who's who. Although, do people who are in the same demographic even watch TV anymore? Or, are these shows geared toward us "old folk" so we can think we're "hip"?
  10. If this was MAFS Australia, that SO would have happened!
  11. So, Michaela acting like a selfish brat may take some of the heat off of Myrla. I get Myrla, she has high self esteem and high standards, but she is exhausting. Gil sees through her and is just going along to get along until this thing is over. I got a feeling watching last night that everyone was acting. Except Michaela and Myrla. Johnnie and Bao - acting. Jose and Rachel - acting. Ryan and Brett, barely civil, acting like they're both stuck on jury duty.
  12. Kail needs to remind herself that MTV is her employer, NOT her friend. They owe her nothing more than what is in her contract. The producers befriend her to manipulate and manage her. MTV cares no more about her as a human being with feelings than any other employer does about their employees. Cold, hard truth.
  13. I'm not a fan of any of these girls, but I did LOVE the way Bar and Ashley shut down Dr. Drew's questions about Bar's arrest. Well done! Jade's mom understandably (because she was lying) was having difficulty keeping her story straight about Jade's prescriptions. But, why did no one address the way her surgeon handled the entire process? He let them dump her in the back of a van and take off without assuring that she received the proper medical attention. I don't think he got the positive PR he thought he would get with this media attention.
  14. The masturbation phone call was disgusting and I had to walk out of the room. That crap does not need to be on tv. My God, Natalie's friend was creepy the way she was crawling all over her! I was expecting the porn music to start . . . another inappropriate look-away moment. Julia couldn't be more rude. Grow up, girl! And, landlord isn't gonna approve a stripper pole installation, just sayin'.
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