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  1. Regarding Cate getting counseling from Bethenny Services. I’m not going to go back and watch, but I remember Cate going to a BS retreat with other teens who chose adoption. I think she turned down a few before finally going to one, at Dawn’s encouragement. And, Dawn regularly checked in with both of them. IMO, BS did what I would expect an agency to do by having periodic check-ins with the birth parents and provide them opportunities to talk to peers and others at their agency. If Cate, or any birth parent, needed true mental health resources that’s not something I think should be an agen
  2. Booger666


    The Farrah word salad is strong in this one.
  3. It’s interesting so many of you think Shawniece needs to work on her communication skills. I mean they both do, but I think Jephte is far worse than Shawniece. He makes zero effort to compromise. He wants 4 kids and she wants fewer than 4 so he tells her to come up with a plan to have 4. Uhhh, seems like it’s his way or the highway. She actually comes up with a good list and then asks to hear his plan. He never acknowledges her list and refuses to answer the question about his plan. Instead, he says that the plan was to try for a kid in the spring, she delayed the plan until fall, her d
  4. I wish they would show more of Keith and Kristine. Seems like we only see them at home or on vacay. Jephte needs to leave Shawniece. He doesn’t seem interested in what she has to say or how she feels, and does the passive aggressive blame game. Sadly, Shawniece really thinks she is in love with him so I don’t think she will ever make the decision to leave him. Ashley and Anthony make cute babies. I felt kind of bad for Deonna hearing how bad the birth was with her being so close to the end of her term.
  5. I hope the feds take everything except her fugly outfits so we can see this on the people of walmart site when it’s all over.
  6. I feel so bad for Shawniece. Jephte just isn’t that in to her. It was nice to see the NOLA couples so happy.
  7. He’s a grifter and doesn’t have that much money. We saw them filmed for 8 weeks and only saw two suits. Dude can’t even get credit at the Men’s Warehouse. Everything is leased or borrowed will be repo’d if it hasn’t already.
  8. I guess I’m in the minority because I don’t think the Winders and Kimberley are doing this for camera time. They seem earnest to me. Garrick sucks - because it can’t be said enough.
  9. Does anyone know how long after decision day this was filmed?
  10. Amber has a track record of not paying CS. Is there a CS order on file? Do we know how much the order is for and if she is current? I doubt she is paying enough to cover 100% of James and Andrew’s living expenses. TBH, even if she was I would consider it karma because she has not provided appropriate financial support for Leah. While she is earning good money now it is unlikely to continue for the next 18 years. Amber has proven she will not behave like an adult by staying sober, getting a job, and putting the financial needs of her children ahead of her spending whims. She has had
  11. They weren’t on last night’s ep but the previews showed Dmitri talking to Ashley about making Cristaline his legal wife so we will be subjected to their awfulness again.
  12. The king doesn’t want a sister wife, he wants a nanny willing to be paid in sperm. Garrick does not care at all about Dannielle’s feelings. He actually seems to low level despise her.
  13. Good point. Didn’t one of the crew have sex in the van a few years back? And one time Kate went to some random guy’s boat. Using the guest suites is often allowed when a GF / BF comes to visit. Maybe with covid limiting the crew’s movement production encouraged onboard hookups.
  14. Regarding the pink ring Erik gave VA. It looked like a silicon ring. Lots of active people wear them because they don’t hurt if they get caught on anything. I noticed Erik wore one all season. Perhaps VA liked his and asked him to get her one.
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