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  1. Booger666

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Where was Kyle’s anxiety as she put herself and her child in that Vanderhall?! There is a reason it only has 3 wheels - it gets around safety regulations, like airbags and bumpers, that 3+ wheeled vehicles are required to have. In some states it is considered to be a motorcycle and licensed as such. Where were the helmets? Not making light of anyone who has anxiety, but I find it interesting how Kyle picks and chooses her “triggers” and makes dramatic histrionics about the ones she chooses to have to get sympathy and attention.
  2. Booger666

    Ryan: What the hell happened to him?

    Does this jail time make Ryan a rill woman?
  3. Booger666

    S02.E12: Tell All

    I’m warming up to the Winders, too. All season I thought Kermit was kind of blah. He changed my perspective when he essentially told Bernie to knock off his self-centered BS behavior after Brandy’s truth reveal and show some concern for Paige. He has a moral compass that Bernie and Dimitri are grossly lacking.
  4. Booger666

    S02.E12: Tell All

    I thought at the beginning of the season it was mentioned their was a health concern (I think a female issue). You can’t judge someone’s health solely on their appearance, but her skin and hair are beautiful so I hope she is doing well. I believe the other Vanessa and the Snowdens were broken up before the tell all was filmed. When everyone is filming Ashley is leaning as far away from Vanessa as she can. When it is just the three of them Vanessa is leaning as far away from Dimitri as she can.
  5. Booger666

    S02.E12: Tell All

    Dear Meth Jennifer, Putting your drug dealer in pigtail braids does NOT make her your little sister. Love, Everyone.
  6. Booger666

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I believe in the power of positive thinking. I would like to test the power of harm the honky thinking. On May 1st at noon can you all please stop whatever you are doing and think really hard about a world where honky gets harmed very, very badly and disappears. You can use whatever method of harm you prefer, and if you are drawing a blank I suggest honky gets eaten alive by an alligator. Let’s make #harmthehonky a movement! PS. May 1st was selected because I expect the incredible power of our combined snarky thoughts will work and we can celebrate on May 5th with jumbo margaritas and 7 point quesadillas. Love you guys!
  7. Booger666

    S08.E15: Finale Reunion

    I don’t think either Kate or Luke “pushed” for sex. At the end of the season they both said there were multiple times in bed where they were cuddling and kissing, it would escalate and then one of them would ask for sex. And then Luke got caught in a lie about it at the reunion. He said Kate was the one asking for sex. He then acquiesced that he had asked for sex once. Kate called him out on the lie and then he said it was twice. She again called him out for lying and he turned it around on her and she said it was around 60/40. At that point Luke didn’t respond. They had a 2 bedroom apartment and if Luke was free to go into the other room and ignore Kate for hours after sex he certainly was free to go to the other room and ignore her before sex, as was Kate.
  8. Booger666

    S08.E15: Finale Reunion

    I watched the show with CC on. When the host asked all of them to give advice to future participants Will said something like “Give it your all and don’t be selfish”, right after that Jasmine turned to him and muttered “Don’t be throwing any shade”. Will didn’t respond to Jas or they didn’t show it. This quick exchange made me wonder if Will at some point told Jasmine that her expectation of a husband taking on 100% of the financial burden to support a family is selfish and she told him he better not bring it up on camera because the way Will responded to the host’s question seemed like a very generic response and Jas immediately thought it was targeting her.
  9. Booger666

    S08.E15: Finale Reunion

    AJ saying that Luke was “playing a game of mental warfare” was so on point.
  10. Booger666

    S02.E11: The Snowdens Say "We Do!"

    I can’t remember if it was on last season or elsewhere, but Dimitri and Ashley said they aren’t legally married and no future wives will be legally married. Ashley changed her last name to Snowden. They expect all future wives to also change their name to Snowden. It is very easy to do a name change. This is why I refer to Ashley as a baby mama instead of Dimitri’s wife ... because that is the truth of her status and what she is.
  11. I’m not too hung up on Keith’s job progression. He reminds me of my cousin who is a good person and very hard worker, but not a go-getter for the next progression. It wouldn’t surprise me that Keith did what his friends did when graduating HS, then heard about someone who did a medical certification and got a good job and decided to do the same. When you fall into things rather than actively pursue things it takes longer. I do fault Keith for the talk of becoming a doctor BS. Yes, you can change careers at any point but given his age, the expense and difficulty of a medical degree, and the amount of time it takes it just isn’t a good fit for him right now.
  12. Booger666

    S08.E14: The End or the Beginning

    I liked that Dr P asked that, too. Luke says there are things about Kate he finds attractive, he is a big cuddler in bed, initiates sex a few times ... then the weird behavior and saying he isn’t attracted to her. I don’t think Dr P was looking for a particular answer. Maybe, like me, she was wondering what lie he would spin or if he would finally own up to his very odd and shitty behavior.
  13. Booger666

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    And this confuses me and is where things get questionable. Is Dorit in the category of people who chain a dog up in their backyard and neglect it to the point that when a stranger says they’ll take the dog they say “what a relief, I’m sick of that dog”? Or, is LVP someone who doesn’t follow up on a rehomed dog [because if she had Ken ask PK for the name I imagine Dorit would have sudden onset memory recall (the exact opposite of HW sudden onset amnesia)]? I’m also perplexed that no one has asked Teddi why she didn’t call or text Lisa during the alleged setup. It’s been mentioned here that Teddi and LVP talked a lot during VR (I don’t watch). During the weeks of the confusing texts of John and Teddi about who wants what out and when, why wouldn’t Teddi call up LVP and say “What is the deal with Lucy?”. I think everyone is dirty in this ... it’s just hard for me to know who is a little and who is a lot dirty.
  14. Booger666

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    Good question. Dorit said that she told LVP the next day that the dog was rehomed and I don’t think LVP has denied it (someone will correct me if I’m wrong). In that case, per their policies LVP should have gotten the new owner’s contact info and told Dorit that the new owner needed to reach out to Vanderpump Dogs so they could go over the application process and adoption contract. Hopefully this makes sense, if not I can give more explanation.