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  1. I think Greg meant it was the first solo overnight. In previous eps they showed them splitting nighttime duty and both of them being very involved with Declan’s care. He is such an adorable baby. I don’t like Bobby for many reasons, but am skeptical if the “more babies” isn’t a manufactured story line. He previously expressed concern about her difficult pregnancies and seems to understand the severity. They don’t show his work, their families, trips, etc. so maybe they feel the need to creat a little drama.
  2. Michaela said she hasn’t spoken to him in months so don’t think she can confirm or deny anything.
  3. In TX you can’t do ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘all day mimosas’ like in some other states so bars tend to run specials where you buy the first drink for $12-15 and the refills are insignificant.
  4. I thought it was 2-3 yrs ago and quite unexpected.
  5. If the drink is like one I’ve had, it is blue poured into a yellow drink. You think yellow + blue = green, but instead you get a purple drink. The bartender explained that the yellow is lemon which is acidic and the color change is due to a pH change when you add the blue. This was about 3 yrs ago in MI so Kyle isn’t as trendy as she thinks she is. If you ever are in northern MI check out Ethanology Distillery which has the most amazing cocktails. Cheers, mates!
  6. She looks like Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies here. She needs to be in a rocker on the back of the truck instead of in the cab.
  7. It’s kind of in between what you and @Stan39 are saying. I am not rich, but do have investments. My investment banker, we’ll call “IB”, doesn’t want me to cash out any investments to use as a down payment for a house. So IB has a program where I get a letter saying that I qualify for all cash house purchase up to $XX. When I buy house IB does a short term loan for me and pays all cash for the house and quick close. When deal is done IB works with a mortgage broker to convert the short term loan to a mortgage. IB benefits cause investments aren’t touched so their fees aren’t negatively im
  8. The rude, know it all sister with ridiculously fake lips looked more like a muppet than a kartrashian to me.
  9. I find this offensive. Child support is for the child, not the parent. It has been shown multiple times that Amber has not paid child support in full thus Gary has to cover ALL of Leah’s expenses. Leah looks to be well taken care of and provided for so what little money Gary does get from Amber appears to be going to the care of Leah. Gary has mentioned a college fund for Leah. Amber has mentioned cars and couches for herself, and guitars, movie equipment and “collectibles” for the boy of the moment. In no way do I believe that Amber is trying to provide financially for Leah and Gary is
  10. So much gross behavior in this episode it’s hard to know where to start. Johnny has really, really let me down. He is constantly judging Bao’s emotions. You can see the wheels turning in his head while he searches for something about her to be negative about. Not cool. It’s hard to believe Myrla is the introvert she says she is when she is all about going out to hip, busy restaurants where she will be surrounded by people. I like that she is confident in who she is, but wish she would recognize that she can be very nasty and change that. The shade about Jose’s house in the subur
  11. My issue with Myrla isn’t the spending, it’s the focus on the labels. She has mentioned it multiple times and her friends shamed her for showing up to a clothes drive dripping in labels. For someone so into beauty and aesthetics she keeps empty liquor bottles lined up on her counter to show off the labels. It doesn’t get more tacky than that. She defines herself by designer labels and an extreme focus on physical appearances and that makes her come across as shallow.
  12. This explains a lot, thank you. Wish this kind of stuff was on the show instead of unfiltered (don’t watch it as I’m not a Jamie fan) because it gives good context as to why Zach is anxious around her.
  13. Honestly asking, what are you all seeing with Mikaela that I’m missing? The only aggressive thing I remember her doing is slamming down what looked like paper towels when Zach wasn’t in the apartment. I’m not clear on if Zach texted about the dog day care and when he got home - she seemed genuinely upset and clueless about where he was but I don’t think he’d lie over something like that. After their fight totally understand not wanting to host a party when things are tense. Don’t recall seeing or hearing any physical, verbal or emotional abuse coming from Mikaela, but absolutely believe Za
  14. I don’t follow SM. Are the ladies still supporting Erika or have they started to distance themselves?
  15. Rachel and Gil are my favs on this season and I wish they would have been paired up. Am I the only one who found the most shocking thing about this episode is that OCD perfectionists Bao and Johnny brush their teeth the old school way? Can’t believe they aren’t using ultrasonic brushes.
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