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  1. I guess I'm just tired; IDK what you expect Sandy to do to make it all better? This is housekeeping for GAWD-sake; why would she care as long as the job got done! That's Hannah's job and instead of making a big production out of how inexperienced Kasey is, why not just train her like Sandy said? It was an entry level position even with the experience needed to do the job! It's always been very hard for me to relate! My resume has always been a quiet mainstay of boredom with "just the facts!" All my friends kvetch at me about it needing a punch! I don't need to work for anyone who needs to be i
  2. Taking her cues from Joao, Kasey was being quite smart to suck up to the captain, unlike Hannah who was slacking off right in front of her, disobeying orders, and rolling her eyes when being dressed down! As a captain of a boat, that amount of disrespect should have warranted her termination, but for the sake of the show she survives! Can you imagine her pulling that $#!t with Captain Lee? He's even more stern while Sandy felt she was taken advantage of being a little lax! She turned that around and now people feels she's a tyrant! Hardly, she just has expectations! ;-)
  3. ^^^I don't understand; why should Sandy have known anything about Casey and her lack of experience? Hannah would have to tell her to act on it! It's not like Casey's a deck hand with duties that need monitoring more by a captain! Housekeeping is low on the totem-pole I think! ;-)
  4. It's like these women don't know what to do over the most boring of tasks! They're sorta like my old mom; if the car doesn't start, she jumps a cab and called my dad saying "your car stopped running on State St. …" and keeps it moving! Can they put gas in their cars in the ATL? Lauren's losing her mind and I'd have to smack her throwing all those expensive dresses on the floor like that? Never in life have I ever done that even with old, old clothes! She really has no idea how good she has it! Toya looking to go back into debt even though she nixed the $2.9 M home with grotto pool and an eleva
  5. Well don't most of the women say Toya's the "messiest!" Tonight, I missed a little, but from little I've seen, Quad's not getting all the sympathy she feels entitled! She's up here fighting with her friends, crying, and pushing all concerned away; FOR WHAT? Like she really gives 2 $#!ts about Greg? I think not! She was halfway out the door after season 1 from what I hear; had already moved out of the Master BR! She spends more time with her dogs than anyone and she loves talking to them! The b!tch is bent in so many ways! No one cares because Quad's as fake as $#!t and cant be taken seriously;
  6. ^^^What's Sandy supposed to do; send her packing and then not even give her a chance to be useful? If Hannah had been a better boss, she could have gotten the max out of that girl "who at least tried!" Hannah was always too busy doing other things than her job which is the other reason the ship was short even more than 1 hand! She and Conrad were sad; regardless of how they think it went, this season was abysmal and they should be ashamed of themselves! ;-)
  7. ^^^Maybe I just expect more from the Chief Stew because Kate seems to do it all; picking up the slack from her staff that don't pick up a towel or replace a toilet roll! Does Hannah ever? Not likely! ;-)
  8. I was totally on Conrad's side initially, but over time I found him to be some kid you can't tell anything! He even questioned Sandy to the very end of the reunion, never coming around to seeing his inexperience showed and he was wrong! He did fk up; not getting that Tender out in the cramped dock, needing Sandy repeatedly to "put the toys out" when they dropped anchor, and relentlessly taking smoke breaks! ;-(
  9. The viewership would be non-existent if they went to seasoned, responsible yacht-ies who only do there jobs and don't talk back to their bosses! That would be boring! ;-)
  10. Brooke and Casey didn't need to see Hannah getting reamed by Sandy to lose respect for her! She had already done that by slacking off and making demands of them while she's changing her vacation tickets, kvetchin' about Conrad, getting involved in other people's relationship (Joao/Brooke), and taking endless smoke breaks! It was wrong of Casey to pad her resume, but what responsible boss goes all over the ship b!tchin' about it? We would be done! No matter the editing, it showed all! I have little sympathy for cigarette smokers anyway since they think they have a freakin' right to do so anywhe
  11. ^^^Good luck trying to make that fly! I already said Sandy was "perfectly clear" what she expected from Hannah when it came to her leaving the boat and having a drink with the guests! The only miscommunication was with Conrad who had no idea Hannah should have been brought back to the ship to do her job when her staff was covering for her! Sandy's ego was extensively stroked by Andy last season at the reunion! Sandy was on the outside looking in, but this past reunion she was sitting there front and center! ;-)
  12. Whether people like Sandy or not, she's the captain! Hannah and Conrad were falling down on the job and deserved a good reaming by her! I would have been livid if I spoke to a crew person, laid it out what was expected like "you can have a drink with the guests, but I don't want you gone for hours!" Hannah left the ship for 5 hours IIRC and can "Him & Haw" all she wants about satisfying the guests, but she was in the wrong and should have been fired then and there! Rolling of the eyes while being dressed down isn't acceptable either! That b!tch should be gone! You saw how she realized how
  13. The thing with the ring; GG's looking for trouble! Why reveal the true value on TV like that? Idiot! ;-(
  14. Ok; I'm an idiot and just have too vivid an imagination! I just would wonder why not mention a call? "Oh, I called Adam about the PR charity and he said FO!" They would probably still be in sync! ;-0
  15. Nice hypothetical, but Real Life's a b!tch and all bets are off when it comes to something this delicate! Being open and cold to the situation is great on paper, but I'd love to see how you'd feel if a bestie called your man a few months before and nether one mentioned it! Jealousy has little to nothing to do with it! I blab at my age about my latest pedicure or if I have a great bowel movement; that's human nature! To conceal something like that just saying "it was nothing" is a joke and you'd have to wonder regardless if something happened or not! With Bethenny, it just infuriated me how she
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