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  2. phoenics

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    I have a feeling if this show gets renewed - I'm gonna hate Season 2.
  3. Take note, Denise. You may mention Charlie Sheen ("Did you know I was married to him? My ex-husband, Charlie? Charlie Sheen? I was married to him. S-H-E-E-N. My ex. Has the Tiger's Blood. Charlie. Charles. Mr. Sheen, if you're nasty.") and you've gotten his voice on the show once but Dorit can not only deliver Boy George for two backstage segments plus concert footage, she, P.K., and her CHA and NEL earrings can get him to pretend that he actually keeps up with and cares about the LVP drama. That is how you name-drop some fame-whores. Also: props to LVP for being the most talked about thing on the show and never having to lift a finger, darling.
  4. If she clashes with Rinna, Dorito, and Teddi, I would be in favor of it.
  5. ciarra

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Mikey throws a fit, but doesn't tell anything about Willow's "initiation" to DoD? Not directly mentioning her by name, of course, but can't he at least explain what the ritual is, that they drugged Lemonface to make her compliant? I'm hoping she makes it back to DoD house in time to mess up Sam's plans. But then I think Sam is suddenly going to be called away, given that she likely sent an SOS message on her phone. I didn't think Willow looked anything like Harmony, who looks like Shania Twain's elder sister.
  6. Leila6

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    For the fun of it, who do y’all think is gonna die next ep? I think the following are goners: Theon Podrick Beric Jorah Tormund Ghost (But gods I hope not! He hasn’t had quality time with Jon yet.) Melisandre (?) Alys Karstark (if they even bother showing her)
  7. Valny

    Season 16 Discussion

    Said no one! 🙂
  8. layofluthien

    S04.E13: The Seam

    I think that this episode has destroyed the show for me. What Quentin did was suicide. He has shown zero regard for his well-being and has been spiraling all season. To quote Wikipedia “Altruistic suicide is sacrifice of one's life to save or benefit others, for the good of the group, or to preserve the traditions and honor of a society. It is always intentional.” The writers are trying to now claim that it was a heroic sacrifice and not suicide. But John McNamera said in an interview that he wanted Q’s death to be ambiguously suicide. And an eagle eyed viewer has pointed out that during the bonfire scene the King of Heart, also know as the Suicide King, is designed to look like Quentin. I don’t think I can rewatch the show knowing that the depressed bi super nerd, who tried so hard and cared so much, kills himself. It’s too depressing. I can’t even get started on Hale. His interviews from 4x05 are heartbreaking now.
  9. Does anyone on this show have a filter? Or a brain? Or a working memory? Kyle was in the middle of telling Boy George he should be afraid someone is going to hurt him when he performs. Of course PK got pissed. Any manager would, let alone one whose entire lifestyle depends on BG performing. Of course, PK opens his mouth and it becomes clear that he does not understand all that has gone on in the women's fight, or even remember what he and his own wife have said on camera. Teddi jumps in to point out what PK said - does she seriously not remember she started this whole thing? Seriously?
  10. CeeBeeGee

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Might I suggest...A Song of Ice and Fire? I don't know, it has a nice ring to it, I think.
  11. announcergirl

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    I really wish they would stop extending these reunions to two and three episodes. It’s really not enough new or entertaining material for this many.
  12. Right - when has Jason complained that Bethenny has denied him any custodial time? She doesn't refuse to drop the kid off, the phone call issue appears to be mutual and has Jason filed any formal complaints that he has been denied access to his child during times that he is supposed to have access? I don't think so, based on all the commenting that *Bethenny* is the one filing for more custody and Jason is perfectly content with the shared custody where he insists Bryn is thriving. If it wasn't important enough for him to initiate his own custody request, then it obviously wasn't that big a deal.
  13. DivaLasVegas82

    S09.E11: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

    I have a hard time believing that LVP and Ken wanted to keep Doggygate off the show. If they did, they would have asked their employees not to discuss it on the show. Of course, they cannot control what their employees say, but I think their employees wouldn't have talked about it so willy-nilly if LVP and Ken had asked them not to.
  14. ellieart

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    I don't understand how she can suddenly NOW say she "accidentally" sidelined her. Like, she KNEW she only had 13 episodes, that wasn't some surprise thrown at her. It was no accident and she's only bringing it up at this point because she's been called out on it and is trying to save face. Too late, she already looks like an idiot. I haven't watched the entire episode yet, so I have nothing of value to offer there. I'm sure I'll be back at some point to hate on it, as usual 😂
  15. ams1001

    The Village

    I didn't realize this had moved to 8:00 so I missed the first half. Worth going back to watch? Did they tell us why Ron's son hates him so much?
  16. phoenics

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    I agree that your scenario makes more sense and gives more cover for this - but it's clear that Carina did the story this way because she wanted to establish Malex as endgame first before showing us M&M (because I think she was worried fans would flock to them - because 1) their chemistry is off the charts and 2) they are book/OG canon with a huge fanbase). I also believe Carina doesn't mind if her racebent Maria ends up as collateral damage to her fave couple. I have a lot of anger towards Carina for this because she's set things up for things to go so badly for Maria and I don't trust her to make it right. She's shown a clear bias for lifting up her same-sex couple at the expense of everything else (not realizing that having Maria be black and with Michael was groundbreaking too) that I'm annoyed. I hate the Oppression Olympics she's making us play.
  17. LuAnn to RHoBH???? Ackkkk!
  18. DivaLasVegas82

    S09.E11: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

    I would be sad to see LVP go, but if she's not going to film with any of the women (excluding Denise), then I think it may be time for her to leave. It's never fun to watch these shows with one Housewife being so isolated from the rest of the cast. And you're right that LVP doesn't need the money. She's independently wealthy outside of reality TV and her husband.
  19. AsiagoSauce

    S05.E14: Without All Remedy

    Sure. For future reference though, if you're addressing someone else's comment, you should quote that specific person.
  20. meowmommy

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    And I'm sorry, but I've never heard of it or any variation of it. Rings absolutely zero bells. So apparently, according to Rachel, I was not alive and sentient in 1993.
  21. Chick2Chic

    Roswell, New Mexico: In the Media

    @Lady Calypso They also don't seem to get intersectionality. They act like Maria being Black doesn't also come with representation issues, both for her character alone and in being part of an interracial relationship. Maria does not have privilege. Also, I fully agree with you about CAD & MV acting as if LGBT relationships are as uncommon on TV now as they were 10-15 years ago. This one isn't even well-written yet they still want a standing ovation for it while embracing misogynoir.
  22. Just Wondering

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    These ladies explained that it’s creepy for a man to pursue more women, yet the whole point of polygyny is for a man to have more women - since it it his natural inclination. So to legitimize this practice the wives pretend their husbands are not desirous of other women until she finds him one? It seems that the only way to remain consistent is to allow the men to pursue as many women as they want. If it’s not wrong, it’s not wrong and if it’s holy then who dares put a cap on it? Besides, will four lovers cause a man to never look aside again? Not according to their own principle, which means these men are expected to exert some form of ongoing self-denial anyway. Kody once referred to a man with ten wives as a “jack wagon”. He was admitting that having ten women was inappropriate. Where’s the line then and who drew it? Because, really, if it’s better for a man to be faithful to a very small number of women (when he naturally wants lots more) then it’s best to be faithful to one.
  23. iwasish

    The People's Court

    And she still owed 8k on the loan for that 2003 Expedition. Sure she took the plates off it. That’s why, along with the expired registration/inspection sticker, the police considered it “abandoned” and had it towed. Even in my town any any vehicle on the property and especially parked on the street in front of your house has to have a current registration. If it’s a “project” or a “restoration” vehicle, you have to keep it garaged . I’ve gone thru towns where old junky cars are pushed up on the lawn, front or rear, or just left in the street with flat tires and missing pieces. Not attractive.
  24. RedVitC

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    Both good and bad things. I didn't mind the plot with the snow family, but I felt that it would have worked better as the secondary plot and have the time travel plot be the main plot. Though I suppose both got a decent amount of time. the ice fight was pretty cool The promotion of this episode was all over the place Cisco missing again? The fight was brutal. I was both impressed by it's rawness (all the awards to Grant and Candice) and very sad over some of the things that were said. I didn't really like how it played out in the episode (talk about leaving? really? ) and didn't feel enough screen time was spent on resolving all of it, but I'm so glad they did resolve it. I wouldn't have liked having that on the back of my mind all week. I was expecting more from the make up after how intense the fight was, but like someone mentioned I really like how both of them owned up to their mistakes. As for the fight itself, I was with Iris on the Barry just taking Nora to the future (in general as well as without talking to her). As part of team flash I suppose I could see it, but as a father that was a terrible thing to do to your daughter. I didn't even know I felt strongly about this till I listened the flashpodcast that brought up how he was basically ruining the rest of Nora's live. To paraphrase: what he did was basically tell Nora she has to pay for the rest of her life by living with the knowledge that her father dislikes her now without ever being able to resolve the issue As a father that is a pretty garbage thing to do to your daughter, especially when you're known for giving villains second chances or at least showing compassion. Joe's advice earlier in the season to Barry about parenting was (something like) let her know that even if she makes mistakes you'll always love her. And in that aspect Barry's action, or rather more his demeanor throughout it all, was a spectacular fail, even if I do understand how hurt he is But I didn't agree with Iris on the way she handled the Thawne aspect of that fight. I get that emotions were running high, but I felt she could have handled that issue with more sensitivity. I really take issue with the writers going the Iris doesn't understand route on this. No, no no. Iris and Joe are the only people on the show who knew Barry before his mom died, they could see firsthand the effects on him. They themselves were affected by it since it changed their live as well. There was an entire episode about how Iris wished that Barry didn't have to live with the darkness Barry's mother being killed brought. Iris was there having lunch with Barry every day for a year and doing everything in her power to make him smile again when they were kids. Obviously she can't understand what it's actually like, but if anyone in this group should get how much this affects Barry, it should be Iris. And then Joe. I'm going to have to chalk it up to the emotions of fighting, because otherwise I'll get mad Despite that, I still would have liked Iris to remind Barry that he himself worked with Thawne after he knew Thawne killed his mother. He was going to let Thawne return to Thawne’s time in return for being taught to timetravel to save his mother. Aka, even though they had caught him, he and the team were going to let this guy loose on the future knowing what he was capable of just so Barry could learn how to save his mom. So if anyone could understand that the need to save your parent sometimes overpowers common sense it should be him (though I guess Nora still hasn't told him that's the real reason she time traveled). They also worked with Thawne twice after that. Not to excuse Nora, but I feel like if Iris had brought that up and the conversation went that direction instead of the whole - you would think differently if it had been your mother- direction I would have felt better about it. Or just handled a little softer I also didn't like Thawne giving love advice to Iris, lol I did like how cute Barry and Iris were when they made up. Barry joking and Iris saying something like, oh we're joking already? And may I echo some of the other comments: Finally a kiss! As for the time travel consequences. I think the team isn't worried about Nora causing things to change because: 1-They're thinking about the fixed point theory (if it's not a fixed point certain things can be changed without affecting other things) 2- they actually want the timeline to change. That was pretty much the team decision when it was revealed that Barry disappeared for 25 years. The conclusion of the team was we can change that headline. In episode 12 Iris was reluctant to name her newspaper central city citizen because it was a clear lead to the article. When they heard that the newspaper had been founded 2 years earlier (2019 instead of 2021) they were like yay the timeline is changing. lol. I guess for them it is the future and not the past. I wonder what they're trying to do with Thawne. He seems genuine, but I also don't trust him. I wonder if they're implying with this storyline that the negative speed force changes you, and thus changed him. Sorry this is a bit of a jumble, but my thought are jumbly tonight
  25. I think that this situation went beyond the petty b.s. seen on the show. PK and Dorit screwed up royally with the Lucy situation, and really hurt Lisa and Ken. Ken is just as passionate, if not more, than Lisa is about the dogs they rescue and care for. Lisa and Ken tried to keep it off the show - Vanderpump Dogs employees and Dorit were the ones who brought it to the public. I could totally see Ken cutting off his friendship with PK over this situation.
  26. Are they really going on an RV trip? This is RHOBH not RHONJ. I don't blame LVP for not going. I love Billy Idol's music. That would have been a lot more fun than hearing Boy George. Damn BI looks so different now. Little girls wearing full makeup = JonBenet Ramsey = creepy Loved seeing Bambi! Stop drinking pool water!
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