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  1. I can’t find that the famous Crying Pam of TS was on but there was a couple who sued over their makeover: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3548268/Couple-appeared-reality-Love-List-sue-producers-ruining-home-botched-renovation.html
  2. ML89


    My vote is Jeremy Abbott - they even sort of look similar. I know Terry must be having flashbacks.
  3. ML89

    Barney Miller

    Since you've got Mr T as your avatar - Stephen Cannell, Don Bellisario, Glen Larson and most of the folks who went out on their own after working for them constantly reused the same troupe of folks as well. Same with so many shows that shot in Vancouver in the 90s and 00s.
  4. I thought her friend, who was worried about her and reported it and helped Mike and Lennie, was amazing. Camryn Manheim is just amazing too, as the foster mom who doesn't give a damn.
  5. I didn't know Azores was pronounced like that! Also, yes, glad they had B&B experience... That last place...right, after I've hacked the forest out of it, I might as well knock it down and start over.
  6. Whereas for me, I see them spend enormous amounts for junk piles with 1 bathroom and tiny rooms. In my part of Florida, the amount they're spending would get them much better than what they're getting. I still cannot see how that 4 story townhouse was 1000 square feet.
  7. I am shocked, not just by the prices, but by the size of some of these places - how do they fit 3 stories into 1065 sq feet?
  8. That's why I loved him on The Chew and he's doing the same on Symon's Dinners/Cooking Out/whatever Food Network is calling it. He gives you lots of tips while he's making something I wouldn't attempt to make.
  9. I was spoiled on the win because I watched next day but I was pretty sure on my watch that once the Flip Lady said they were designing for the area, that they had it (I also wonder, if it had been any other team, what would the road have been called? cf Nate Jeremiah or Berkus Brent?). I would love to see the next one in North Carolina and get Hillary and David V to judge (or host. Ty was so shouty). LOVE this idea. Iron Chef style? (if there is an online suggestion box, I'd like to talk to HGTV about having some of the agents from House Hunters International together to dish on s
  10. I hated that whole thing with Olivet, considering when she could have been sleeping with Logan (which I also don’t buy), it was right before she tore up another psychologist for doing that in Season 3 (Promises to Keep). I like Olivet with Logan as friends and I thought this was a bit of a cheap shot even though it was around the time that Mothership did more with everyone’s backstories and also when Logan was on CI so we’d all make the connection. I did like Green and Lupo as a team, though.
  11. I remember Chris Carter of The X-Files saying why Mulder was always well dressed was that it was TV and he learned in his first show that even someone who should be dressed by JC Penney will be dressed better. Yes. An alternate universe where the crew isn’t there to turn him... Yes, this is par for the course from the old series. McCall helped people out of all sorts of jams.
  12. ML89

    Figure Skating

    I love H/B’s free and their Bee Gees/SNF RD (even though I HATE that version of “You Should Be Dancing” from the musical). The Heart of Glass piece is just intriguing to me and I’d rather watch that than fake romance any day of the week.
  13. Maybe the couples should have switched so that Rural Texas Big Space would have been with Farm Australia Dude? I’m only halfway through her ep in Brisbane but her “grew up in a small town” schtick seems to fit.
  14. Finally saw it and I agree, everyone seems to be getting into their parts. Love Latifah and Noth together, especially in their good clothes. Very Leverage/Mission: Impossible vibe in the second half. When Auntie was telling Moody Teen to do something, echoes of Shambala Green. I’m glad it got renewed.
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