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  1. ML89

    Figure Skating

    It also sounded awful on TV and probably in the arena. Then again, I think that about a lot of the music people use - have they actually listened to it through the awful arena PA systems before they use it?
  2. It's sort of a mirror as to how Thompson got into acting - he played himself in a Sissy Spacek movie and then went on from there - Marie is the movie.
  3. 18 to 20 are much better - I was upset when they got cancelled since they were just hitting a good stride.
  4. Most evil non perp - Camryn Mannheim in “Nurture” - the foster mom of Wendy. She was just banal evil.
  5. ML89

    Figure Skating

    The Fame RD is dull. Is that first part from the stage show? At least they finally got to the real music. Torvill and Dean skated to Hot Lunch Jam, why not them?
  6. Mine is next to my dining area - there’s no problem with it, just don’t wash at dinner time. It’s certainly great for the inevitable dish towel load!
  7. Whoa, then they are a close match then, I could swear it was the same kid....thanks!
  8. What cracks me up is the kid in Wannabe is also the killer in the one with kids the season before, "Born Bad." I wonder if the kid is still acting.... one of the L&O repeat offenders.
  9. Yes. I have a friend whose boyfriend just did the Caribbean route about three years ago in Grenada.
  10. I don’t remember that, I’m not sure they ever explained it. Although Bernard took over from Fontana in the “check the quality of the dead guy’s suit” department.
  11. I had to laugh when Gordon shushed Shari with that line about being heard at the palace just before he yelled, cursed and threw food... I felt sorry for Noah in his yokel outfit at the Savoy too, that was cruel. The best line was something about three going home before they leave London and all I could think was, well, technically all six of them are going home...
  12. Thanks! Not sure about the music but the title sequence seems to be the same for all the early seasons.
  13. Since I’ve got Hulu and am going to rewatch - there’s an episode where some woman asks Anthony in a condescending way if he’s related to Jackie Kennedy and he gives a fantastic answer, name checking the whole family and ending with “I’ll tell Jackie you were asking about her, she always appreciates that the little people still care.” What episode is it? I just watched the pilot and it was cut really weirdly - are these edited? Julia’s speech to Ray Don is still perfect.
  14. ML89

    Figure Skating

    Thanks @HartofDixie - I give them all the points in the world for getting onto the ice. I hope they do continue.
  15. I had forgotten that he gets mentioned in that ep with the reality show, with Jim Gaffigam running one family, based on the Octomom and Jim and Kate Plus 8 - where he’s the judge of the new reality show at the end and McCoy is shocked. Thompson could act - he played a preacher/con man in an arc on Wiseguy and was terrific - that was the first time I saw him.
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