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  1. ML89

    Figure Skating

    Thank you! i loved watching them and this is a wow.
  2. ML89

    Figure Skating

    Didn’t Rakama & Koko invent the Finnstep, hence the name?
  3. ML89

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    TAR is back! Hurrah! Love Phil's Travelocity commercial. I remember Art & JJ as being pains, I vaguely remember there was a female team that were cops that lied and said they were kindergarten teachers that Art & JJ were trying to suss out (really, tho, I'd bet on kindergarten teachers on TAR, they know how to be Zen). I'd forgotten they were on against Rachel and Brendan. I see Jedi Janey's luck is still intact, Rachel is still annoying, I'll be begging the Afghanimals to take it down several notches in a week or so, Becca's okay but Floyd is so fun, and I'm glad that one of either Art & JJ or Brett and Chris got eliminated because I could not tell them apart. Rupert walking by the park was comedy gold. Corine and Eliza did at least make an attempt to eat some crow (Eliza is tweeting facts after the ep airs) so... I stopped watching Tyler & Koury's season so I have no memory of them. It was a solid start, if exhausting for the teams and I was just happy to see the show back - although I'm sure it was fun to be covered in beach sand for the flight. That was really useless with no advantage.
  4. ML89

    Figure Skating

    Manta & Johnson are retiring to join Cirque de Soleil: Tweet. Johnson Tweet Manta
  5. ML89

    Figure Skating

    Ah, time to post this oldie from CBS's coverage of the 1994 Olympics - heavily sarcastic: Dying on the Ice
  6. ML89

    Figure Skating

    I like some ice dance these days - when teams are doing something besides pretty, flowy "in love" programs- Fear & Gibson's disco, Manta & Johnson's Sweet Dreams. I'm with Terry G on the "still think T&D are the best" train. I love Jason even if his music choices sometimes confound me (that S&G program) because he has some charisma - I liked Tobel, Galindo and Stojko more than I ever liked Kulik, Yags and the rest. Thank you! Nice enough guy but wow was he a snooze to watch.
  7. ML89

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    Happy to see Kovid gone - he got so exhausting, and those kulottes were hideous. Although I'm on team "the whole bottom 3 could have gone." Jamal's dress was horrible - it wasn't street unless street is defined as a housedress I threw on to get the newspaper. Rakan's was at least competently made but while I absolutely agree with eating, your model is standing there and you go traipse off to get a snack? Wait until they're gone and then go. Not that the winners were much better - Vennie's dress barely covered his model's butt - seriously, have any of these guys tried to sit in a dress like that? Would they like their bare butt on, say, a subway seat? Bishme's bomber jacket - I had one in the 70s, but at least his outfit looked good and was a pretty color. Garo's corset looked like it was made out of an Ace bandage and I was floored at the love for that outfit - it was aggressively ugly. Hester's conglomeration must have been fourth from the bottom. I've never seen such ugly fabric - I guess they hit the Mood end of season clearance sale for it. I hate to tell PR that street wear in my part of Florida is jeans or jean shorts, flip flops and tee shirts. Or leggings, sneakers, and a top.
  8. I spent one night at the hotel at Victoria Station and heard the damn bell announcing the bus arrivals all night. No way.
  9. ML89

    Figure Skating

    And Lim Thanks! And it’s Ensoo Lim, sorry, I conflated her name. It’s been that kind of day.... Ah, Worlds scoring, makes sense. I saw some of the Davis&White hate, I think Ashley got dragged into the Bell/Lim fight, and yeah, I saw the Fanyus.
  10. ML89

    Figure Skating

    So is this why Skating Twitter is throwing shade and snarking at each other or is something else going on? I mean besides the usual Zag vs Med, Bell vs LIM which apparently is still going on, and arguing with Ashley. I swear I saw someone post on fandom being terrible and thought it was another fandom I'm in (which are all pretty terrible at the moment) but nope, skating. Edit to correct screwing up Lim’s name. Sigh.
  11. He said something about being a partner or giving it up and I thought immediately that he didn't make partner at the firm, so he decided to take a new direction. The sabbatical line also led me that way. He seemed pretty friendly with his "boss." But why he bought the Riptide (any old fans besides me?) with sails and no space is absolutely beyond me.
  12. I would be terrible on HHI - I don't want "XXX charm," I want modern conveniences and my requests would be "washer/dryer or access to one in the building, an American style bathroom, and good Internet/cable/cable like for TV." Don't care about outdoor space or room for guests or whatever.
  13. ML89

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    It cracks me up that one of the judges' go-to criticisms is "figure skating costume"....and boot covers are part of a skating costume (although they are somewhat out of fashion lately). That's what I think of every time I see shoe covers.
  14. ML89

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Ram going on about wanting houndstooth while the camera crew was showing closeups of him standing near bolts of it was great work.
  15. ML89

    The Chew

    I thought she said 11, that's what's stuck in my head! It must have been seven and I misheard her.