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  1. So many shows work because of the cast and Designing Women is one - it's those people because, wow, do they make some ridiculous concepts work. Once Suzanne left, it was like taking a wheel off a car. Doesn't help that the only thing I ever liked Julia Duffy in was Wizards and Warriors. The writing also fell apart too. Weird side note - one of the writers on Designing Women and Evening Shade was Thom Bray, who played Murray on Riptide, another show that worked because of the cast.
  2. Yes....Apparently they didn’t have a dad to teach them.
  3. I love that part of the ep - Orbach was a known pool expert in real life and I love how Mike is talking to the witness and then just watches Lennie run the table.
  4. I did not know that ::Johnny Carson voice:: I loved the "other digital nomads can come over" - dude, just say you're putting together a TikTok/instagram/social media influencer house. We get it. I also thought it was hilarious that he went on about how he'd done great in sales and realized he needed to be on his own and then his business partner is all "I have to keep him on task."
  5. ML89

    Figure Skating

    This is a sort of talk show thing that Adam did in 2018, I think - he skates with minor celebs and they talk. They're about 10 - 20 minutes.
  6. OOOH, could I ask what it is? I will pay to never have to worry about resealing caulk or grout again!
  7. That's what I think, too. Anybody with experience? I have a subway tile backsplash. It's sort of....plain after awhile (I also have the dreaded white cabinets. Never again!). The problem with the grout I'm having is behind the sink, as the backsplash goes around the whole kitchen between the cabinets and counters. But I think that would be a problem no matter the backsplash - the grout/caulk eventually starts to come apart and it has to be replaced. But behind the stove, it hasn't been a real big problem.
  8. Some kids go through Egypt phases, mine was finding a book about Genghis Khan and reading it over and over at around 10 so this was right up my street. Loved the stunt fight as well as the "watch this scene" challenge. I'm also cheering for the sisters, after being pretty indifferent to them at the start. I liked the NFL guys but that's wearing off, I'm souring on the beard bros too and Will and James are on my last nerve. Hung and Chee and Eswar and Aparna are in the middle for me, although I would definitely be the one helping out and then thinking "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!" Leo and Alana were okay until he left the sisters there on the last challenge and I know he was right in a game sense but as they used to say on Hollywood Squares, turnabout is fair play. I think it's the alliance that's annoying me, especially Will and James going on about how smart they were to set it up. I'm sure it's going to implode and I frankly hope it does to their detriment. I agree that they are playing the Big Brother game and there is a reason I stopped watching Big Brother. Too bad Rachel isn't around to show them how to really do it...
  9. My experience as well. Despite having a French name and a French father, I did not inherit his gift for languages and I was years past my French minor when I got to France, but if I tried, the French folks would speak back to me in English (thankfully!) - I think they wanted the practice. The French expression for bad pronunciation is to speak French like a Spanish cow (I have no idea why!). I spoke French like an American cow. But the French were happy I'd made an effort. I can't imagine six hours in a car - a friend and I were in Houston, missed an exit and then drove around for ninety minutes trying to get off the highway and find the hotel we were looking for. That's my limit.
  10. I think you could hand some teams a phone and it wouldn’t help. OTOH, I’ve been just as lost with a phone as with a paper map - it depends on how you read the actual instructions and how they translate into the world. Unless the app has pictures of where you’re going’], you can get just as lost. Thanks for explaining why my DVR didn’t record!
  11. There's a series on...maybe Netflix? Can't remember...with Nurse Ratched right now.
  12. OOh, I need that! I thought the glass showers were a great thing until I had to clean them. I would love to go back to a shower curtain, frankly, with a liner I can throw out when it gets messy. What I can't believe is that in one of the HGTV dream/smart homes and a couple of times in HH International, the master bath is open to the bedroom so that the freakin' glass shower is A WALL in the bedroom. I can't imagine waking up every morning and staring at the shower. It's bad enough when I walk in there to see it.
  13. Finally watching Edinburgh “no jobs” - what was up with all the weird shots? Let’s focus on the front door opening, two shots of the windshield wipers, the guy’s shoes on a coffee table - was this someone’s show reel for film school?
  14. Hi ML89! I should have edited myself better, I had a feeling that my line would’ve been misunderstood. What I meant was because there was only an opportunity for her to wear one outfit, out of the gazillions that she keeps inferring about, I’m surprised that’s the outfit that she picked because I found it to be very unflattering and ugly - pregnant or not. Oh absolutely true. That color combo was something else!
  15. Not to defend her fashion sense or lack thereof, but if you watch closely, they're usually wearing the same clothes every time so they can more easily swap in scenes from several days (if you watch Great British Baking Show, they wear the same clothes so the editors can use footage from all days). Again, not to defend magenta and yellow together! I also thought that her saying on Instagram that she was now pregnant explained the dresses but I'm not sure of the timeframe either...
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