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  1. ML89

    Figure Skating

    I think Johnny and Tara together get too inside and compete with each other, while with just Terry, Johnny can be informative and Terry just tees up what he needs to say, like Terry does with Tanith (or Faldo or Rankin on golf). I think there must be a new producer or they finally are realizing they don’t have to fill every silence. Also the arena music was cranked and it seemed harder to talk over. I’m glad it’s not just me! She vaguely looks like her plus she has a similar beautiful flow over the ice.
  2. Plus no one has made anything that makes me want to cheer them on - Aaron is the closest. When Christian went over to Coral for that trade, I was thinking “‘who is that?” Meanwhile, we got a lot of Meg, I guess to set up this week’s narrative.
  3. ML89

    Figure Skating

    Definitely, and I say that even though every time the Josh Groban "Vincent" starts up I think "he should have used Don McLean."
  4. ML89

    Figure Skating

    I just wondered - did she take the Etta James version and strip the vocal out because it was the exact arrangement. She can sing, though. She needs someone to elevate the rest of her skating - her spins are good and she can perform. She's almost there. I really liked the Billie Ellish (and the costuming was great!) and I loved the George Michael medley from the Canadian team - the switch from 'I want your sex' (while never having him actually sing it) into "Freedom 90" was some terrific mixing. H/D's Janet Jackson needed a new costume for H and the first half was just strange. Nas
  5. Everyone above has articulated all the horrible moments so, I have to ask the judges why they didn’t ask Aaron how many times he’d seen Star Wars…(although that was one of my favorite looks). Also Mr TikTok can’t set up his camera so his ring lights aren’t reflected in his glasses?
  6. Yes, a “digital nomad.” Sigh. I had so many questions.
  7. Wasn't house #2 some sort of resort? I'm wondering if she was hired to run retreats for them and that's why they moved there. She's got to be some sort of trust fund/money because I want to believe that someone doing yoga stuff online is NOT making enough to afford $2300 a month!
  8. There's a Twitter thread about it: https://twitter.com/ibogost/status/1448078573542297607?s=20
  9. Couldn’t stand her, I want to know what they do for a living to get that amount of money, and I think even Hilary couldn’t believe that two part kitchen. I guess it’s set up for catering for serving 22 people… I still can’t figure out why they had bedrooms sitting empty and put their offices in the living room. Not one part of that set up made any sense.
  10. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who went "huh?" I ran the episode back, thinking I'd missed something. Guess I hadn't.
  11. When Peter said he went to Catholic school, I got it. That's so many guys I went to Catholic school with, their shirts unbuttoned and ties around their neck just like that. And I'm not in New York!
  12. The designer was on season 2 of Making the Cut, so it's interesting to see her styles in play here.
  13. This is a fantastic oral history of the first season: https://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/2021/09/amazing-race-season-one-oral-history/
  14. ML89

    Figure Skating

    As a sidenote on Peacock, if you are a Comcast subscriber, you get premium free. Now, is the interface a pain? Yes. So much yes. But you do get everything.
  15. But she has three million followers for rolling her hair up in carrots? That has to be a sweet gig. I hope she's saving the money from it.
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