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  1. It's actually comical how every time Erika relays her life to the women, she has to tack on at least a half dozen "oh but then"s to maximize the drama. "He got in an accident. Oh but then he flipped his car 6 times. Oh but then he was unconscious for 12 hours. Oh but then I was the one who found him. Oh but then he's been in cognitive decline ever since. Oh but then he's been cheating all along." "Burglars broke into Tom's house. Oh but then he fought them off. Oh but then he has glaucoma. Oh but then the stress triggered something with his brain and he needed to go to the hospital.
  2. Dementia-addled Tom confronted burglars which exacerbated his glaucoma which required him going in for eye -- no, brain -- no, ankle -- surgery. And then the son, who was the only person who could check on Tom, on the way home flips his car 6 times in a freak snowstorm (maybe he lives off the Grapevine?). Guessing Erika thought after these latest woe-is-me tales, anyone who crossed her would come across like a heartless bitch. Would explain her smugness at Door-it's: "Let's see who'd dare challenge me now and bring up the son." I'll always loathe Door-it or Pique after their bullshit rema
  3. "We are too kind, too forgiving, and very sensitive." Well 1 for 3 ain't bad I guess. "Not built for negativity" LOL. Every reunion appearance says "gurl what?"
  4. I was looking forward to NBCSN's coverage of the Paralympics since IMO they did a much better job with the Olympics than NBC. However, they're doing everything I hated about NBC and then some. 6 hour blocks making it hard to find events; rarely deviating from swimming, track, or basketball; replaying events 2-3 times on the same channel; and most frustrating of all, the USA!-USA!-USA! coverage at the expense of everyone else is even more extreme than the Olympics. Especially with swimming. Making it a point to caution the audience that no Americans are in a particular race (A I don't care, and
  5. To be fair, I yell fuck you at Door-it at least three times a week through the television so it wasn’t a tough guess. I wish Garcelle had gone in for the kill tonight. “Tell us again about all the black people your children and mother know.” But that’s why she’s classy and I’m not.
  6. IMO Door-it is the worst HW ever as far as Beverly Hills goes. Utterly worthless, vapid, and pretentious. Oh look, there’s another three “fuck you”s right there. Since Door-it rehashed Palm Springs, I wish Garcelle had brought up her ridiculous comments during the race discussion. “I’ve been done with your snobby ass ever since telling us about how you can’t be racist because of your mom’s best friend.” The way Sutton is handling Erika proves to me that she was BSing it and manufacturing drama with Crystal early on, face roller and all was just a performance to ensure relevance this seas
  7. My guesses? a) Door-it, Lisa, and Erika b) Door-it, Door-it's accent, and whatever tacky shit Door-it is wearing that day
  8. Last week at the end of the ep he told Zari 2.0 that he was travelling to the future to visit with their parents for a while. No idea why he couldn't just travel back to the moment he left, but apparently the writers felt there are too many cast members on the ship with the addition of Bishop? No idea why Kayla knocked Mick out and then fled. Does she know what Bishop has planned? Between the birthing scene and Constantine being knocked around to near-death, the last third of the episode was difficult to watch.
  9. How "nice" to see the real Door-it again. The wishy-washy asshole who thought that Eileen owed an immediate disclosure of her mother's passing to LVP prior to the reunion, who can't remember what her accent sounds like half the time, and who thinks nothing of disposing of animals as if they're dresses from last season. Oh, and also the financial shadiness and possible coke. Allegedly
  10. Lisa wishes she had an ounce of the wit and talent of Brett Somers.
  11. Maybe, but I think she was announced as the lead in the Days of our Lives spinoff for Peacock. I think she's just frantically digging her heels since she decided to go all in on Erika. Doesn't explain her continued face mutilation, however. She and her sister have been the biggest instigators in dragging on the arguments between Sutton and Crystal. I think Kathy was trying to stir shit up again by rehashing the other big argument they'd had in Palm Springs.
  12. That was a surprisingly mature discussion about race (although Door-it continues to be the worst). But I suspect the only reason it happened at all was that Kathy was trying to re-ignite tensions between Sutton and Crystal now that the Tomasina joke had to be put to pasture. Thankfully neither took the bait. I'd like to think they're truly moving on, but the real test is going to be at the reunion where it's likely to take up all of Part 1 (I'm sure they'll save the Girardi drama for the last part, assuming they're legally allowed to discuss it by then). Kyle and Door-it are starting to r
  13. It may be less of an issue with the Winter Olympics events, but have the camera operators stop acting like they're composing art projects. The diving coverage especially was full of pointless angles and zoom-ins on the platform/springboard of divers' finger nails... ankles... arm pits... the tops of their heads while the camera peeks up from below the platform. There's no art cinematography award, and some of the zoom-ins bordered on fetish. It's okay to show events in their entirety, even if Team USA winds up not being a factor for the podium (looking at you men's gymnastics... or rather
  14. Everyone altogether now... "Ga-a-as-lighting, ga-a-as-lighting. Let's have some ga-a-as-lighting."
  15. I think Lisa genuinely likes Erika, while I think she secretly hated Denise despite their years of being "good friends" (didn't they share an ex or two in common? Lisa laughed it off but maybe there's some grudging feelings there). But she, Door-it, and Kyle are also probably scared of Erika as well. Don't some of the allegations pre-date the accident? So Erika can't claim that Tom only did what he did because of a head injury. Or wait, was it the dementia? Or wait, did the dementia cause the accident? Yeah Erika, you blew it. No wonder you were crying/hyperventilating in the bathroom.
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