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  1. Yes. I'm impressed with the contestants who are left. Mother/son were talented as well, but the "date me Rebel" schtick was getting old. Fortunately I didn't catch any of that this week. I'm rooting for Gabriel, but I'm getting runner-up vibes from him.
  2. I kind of wish they'd kept Cat out of the storyline. Not only does her position as of 2009 not really line up (2010-2014 must have been AMAZING for her), but the recasting (while understandable) was a bit distracting since we know that Calista Flockhart looked exactly the same in 2009 as she does now. Nia and Brainy could have used one of the Legends' flashy thing guns, because no way now that Alex and Kara aren't going to recognize Brainy and Nia as Brandon and Brenda when they join the gang. Especially since they're apparently Kara's first encounter with other young aliens. Right n
  3. I could have sworn Gary's been without his glasses before. Also, and I hate to bring up the evil nipple storyline, but why would it have maintained its human form? But hey, now Constantine can say that he's had sex with a pansexual man-eating alien. Guess those glasses are really effective. Interesting that this is the third Arrowverse show to have its female lead trapped in another dimension/lost in space this season.
  4. If not Anthony Hopkins, I'd have given it to Riz Ahmed.
  5. I'm guessing that at most 25% of those complaining Chadwick was robbed even saw Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. For me the shock of the night was that in a trio of Andra Day, Daniel Kuluuya, and Glenn Close, Daniel was the only one not to set the censors into a tizzy. Maybe his mother, who you'll be thankful to know has had sex, called him to rip him a new one and he decided best to try to behave the rest of the night. What was Joaquin Phoenix rambling about, something about not really knowing what it's like to fully immerse into a character? If that's what he said, how does he explain his
  6. So fitting that they bucked tradition and rearranged the big awards to end on a touching Chadwick Bozeman tribute, and instead got to end the night on an Anthony Hopkins no-show. Whoever was responsible for putting together the In Memoriam segment should be banned from ever doing it again. Not only was the music wrong, but zooming through and showing some for less than a second is despicable. Didn’t like Quest,ove playing dj instead of doing music clips. Didn’t fit the vibe at all and I love hearing classic film scores. Seemed like a lame way to try and be more hip. Give it up, Academy
  7. I'd wondered since the beginning if the show would end with the title card changing to "Captain America and the White Wolf." Turned out to be half right. I'm a little annoyed that Sam now has two Avengers monikers (since, to my disappointment, Torres did not become the new Falcon at least not yet), while Bucky is still primarily known by his brainwashed assassin name. Winter Soldier's not exactly a name that can be reclaimed, even if Bucky is taking all the right steps to atone. Maybe I'm being stubborn at this point, but I'm still not convinced Sharon as Power Broker is an actual villain
  8. Nope, sorry FOX. “Cluedle-Doo” is not going to be the next “Agatha All Along.”
  9. So Silas is permanently a phantom now? So they basically killed him without technically killing him (yet). Did the show hire some writers from The 100 this year?
  10. I'm not sure either. Tamra getting demoted/fired is the best thing that could happen for her relationship with Sidney, but Tamra's too desperate to get back onto the show to care.
  11. He’s really never been to a Red Lobster? Even after years of being on the road like 90% of the time? ”I don’t know anything. It’s a miracle I’m employed.” Okay, she’s growing on me. The closest finish we’ve ever had (in the two whole episodes we’ve been on). Sure, there’s a decent chance these were filmed in a different sequence but still. It’s pretty crazy to think how long it’s been since the original show? Their family competed a decade ago? Wow Please, someone, tell Cena which camera to be looking at. It’s getting creepy, especially with his tendency to just stare wide
  12. Yet somehow these judges seem to know every past and present player in the NFL and NBA and their life stories. Riiiight.
  13. The show was much better with Niecy hosting 😥
  14. I liked Cena better than Miz on his wipeout knockoff show, but I think he needs to do a better job of knowing where to look at the camera. It got kind of uncomfortable to watch him staring slightly askew. I’m really missing the Johns.
  15. Did Rebel only agree to do the show if she's given an opening vignette, and that's why they're pretending that the entire show is a dream her dog is having? That part was a bit WTF. Hopefully they drop that little gimmick going forward. LVP didn't annoy me as much as I feared, probably because she's not the designated "mean" judge, but I see she couldn't wait to make a "doggie style" joke. Yes Lisa, we get it, you're a naughty Brit. I like that they have a judge whose focus is on the dog handling aspect.
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