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  1. I guess in the week since we last saw them Xander has got an inmate haircut and he's helping Justin get buff in jail. Meanwhile Cin were on all bloody week
  2. It's been so long since I've seen Xander... what's with his hair???
  3. I am really starting to hate Jonny. Both his grandfathers (I'm counting John) are begging him not to hurt his grandmother by dredging up this part of her past and all he cares about is his stupid movie. Allie does not seem to care much either, but that could just be her blah personality
  4. The possession thing going on at least until Christmas is awful. Should have been an October thing wrapping up Halloween. I'll be skipping everything not Xander lol
  5. I'm skipping next week. 100% possession and lame movie with a side of Chloe and her boring triangle. I want to see how Trask is treating the gang in jail. Oh and also Cin and Rafe Ava Gabi Nicole and a bit of Lani and Paulina/Abe. Geez literally nothing I won't skip
  6. I'm skipping next week. 100% possession and lame movie with a side of Chloe and her boring triangle. I want to see how Trask is treating the gang in jail.
  7. I mean, I know my Xander is not the brightest bulb in the box but once he knew Kristen was out and impersonating both Susan and Kate you would think he would question who called him as Susan to tip him off about Sarah and Rex. And why does Maggie not seem to know or care?
  8. I feel like the Steve searching for Kristen ties in with the Jack finally realizing something was off with Sarah leaving once he wants to protect Gwen from Xander's influence
  9. I was thinking today that Victor needs to end this mess. Why Steve??? Leave her where she is
  10. I am still incensed that Paulina would just say I HATE KEY LIME PIE to somebody she knows just specially baked one for her. Who does that?? Especially since in her case she still likes the main bit, just not the crust. Normal people would just say thank you and eat around it. Geez Hey when somebody is arrested in Salem and they are handcuffed to the desk (Eve, Kristen now Xander) are they stuck there 24/7 ? How do they pee? Eat?
  11. My question is why is Nicole acting like losing Rafe is the thing she is trying to get over when she just lost her decades long relationship with Eric? And I loathed Erik but geez this is dumb af
  12. https://soaphub.com/days-of-our-lives/days-paul-telfer-has-huge-hope-for-a-gwen-xander-sarah-triangle/
  13. Monday episode: Good: Duke in the trash. Sad Nicole rescued him Bad: Everybody ready to dump Doug in the loony bin. Shame on you Kayla Weird: Why is Chanel sabotaging Abe?
  14. I think she is trapped in that lie now. It happened right after she lost her baby and Abby said really nasty things to her. I don't think she would do the same now but it's too late. Anyway if Ben can walk around free and be lauded as a hero I have no issues with Gwen. Also helped by her being a decent actor as opposed to well, not.
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