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  1. Well that was an enjoyable ten minute episode. Loved every minute of Xander and Gwen and always love the history of Jack, Steve and Kayla. Skipped the rest and glad of it
  2. I will add them to my fast forward list along with Kate and Jake. Thanks for the tip!
  3. I stand corrected. Kayla is the only moral character left. Glad to knock Eric down a peg.
  4. I guess I am easily entertained because I loved the Xander/Gwen stuff yesterday. And Xander/Nicole too. I see Jack projecting his own past onto his two foundlings and making excuses for their behaviour while hoping that if he nurtures them, like Jo did to him, that they will come out right in the end. Lots of Sarah mentions. Wonder if that means that Xander might buy a clue and wonder how Susan could possibly have called him to tip him off when she was in jail at the time. All he needs to do is realize that and know that Kristen was involved. Chloe and Brady are both judgemental and
  5. ffs will we never be free of Kristen? https://www.soapoperanews.net/2021/06/remington-hoffman-stacy-haiduk-return.html?m=1
  6. https://www.soapoperanews.net/2021/06/michael-lowry-exits-days-of-our-lives.html?fbclid=IwAR3ZVX6RRO6FZjNXbBN5ti5JI_7fI1pIsjsP8-GlL-0mgOZZu42ex5pJbjU Ugh, Xander does not need this crap in his life right now. :(
  7. She is doing a fan event with PT in October, makes me wonder if she will be back on screen by then. They probably want to get Xander/Gwen going before they bring her back, although honestly I would much much prefer Xander/Nicole. I like him with Gwen but they feel more like Jack's wayward children and siblings than potential love interests
  8. It would be nice if she mentioned she left Sarah on an island and the reason for that no longer exists, so maybe go rescue her ?
  9. I liked very much that EJ pointed out what I have long said, that while Xander does bad things, he does not have it in him to murder people he knows in cold blood, particularly on Kristen's say so.
  10. https://soaphub.com/days-of-our-lives/days-of-our-lives-paul-telfer-talks-losing-sarah-new-xander-and-gwen/?shec=yes&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DAYS - 6132021 AM 2&utm_content=DAYS - 6132021 AM 2+CID_d413379dfdb7b0b53b58204116143587&utm_source=Email Marketing&utm_term=READ MORE&shec=yes
  11. Love that Xander is busy with Nicole and Gwen's blackmail plots Bonus photo!
  12. EJ DiMera is back! And he's not about to let Lucas come between him and Sami. Watch #DAYS, weekdays on @NBC. https://t.co/XGKxYuDB7l
  13. The first scenes of #EJami alone from Monday’s episode which was accidentally uploaded to Peacock lol. https://t.co/eBrtF38HSl
  14. This is reminding me I did not miss Kate and her plot this past week
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