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  1. Yeah I turned off halfway cause the stupid yelling of Jack and Eve's superfans was grating and I really didn't want to watch the ridiculous wedding. Sadly, if it were Charlotte Ross I would be all over it
  2. Can someone explain to me why Haley is fake marrying Tripp and not JJ?
  3. I can't believe I forgot about Vern until I saw that clip. I used to love him being the father figure to Jack that he really needed in that time
  4. Right after the divorce from Kayla, Jack took Harper's advice to woo and marry Melissa Horton in order to improve his image, so he was not above using somebody to further his political career then either, or listening to bad advice, but listening to Harper, who he had such a complicated relationship with, versus Eve, who he barely knows, is not worth comparing. He was such a jerk most of the time post rape plot, especially to Steve, who loved him so much. Then he could be so sweet, like with Isabella, and I understood why Jennifer saw something in him I used to LOVE his fantasies with Duke and Harper, his dads
  5. He was pretty nasty to Diana Colville (the real one, not this weird parody Diana) when he nabbed the Spectator, and I will never forget laughing when Jen had her sob story friend Sally who was homeless and pregnant and Jack called her "Sally who won't have her baby in the alley". So he was mean but funny. I'm not seeing the funny so much these days, except when he asked Kayla how many ex wives he had Also relieved he didn't sleep with Eve. Has anybody told him that his son got there first? That would be a turn off for most dudes
  6. This is kind of a pre Jennifer Jack, before he fell for her and started to try to be better. This kind of reminds me of Jack after he found out he was Billy and was floundering after Kayla left him and was striking out at everybody. At least Matt knows the character inside out so I do not feel that he is out of the realms of Jack.
  7. So I came back for Jack, and painful it has been. I always loved him and tolerated Jennifer, but now I am in the weird position of having to agree with everything she says. As for Not!Eve...I quit the show back in October 1990 (I have had many lapses since) because I was a massive Steve and Kayla fan with a side of Nick and Eve, and the new regime decided to kill off Nick weeks after Steve left the show because the new head writer was unable to deal with all the things that made them interesting (ex pimp/hooker, age difference, etc). I am trying hard, but I just can't see the character of Eve in this incarnation. For starters she is jarringly tall which throws me off as Eve and Jen were always dwarfed by Jack. And she has none of Eve's vulnerability or sense of fun when doing bad things. God I wish Charlotte had been able to work things out, and maybe they could have dug up Nick and made me really happy as nobody really 'got' Eve like he did. I'm hanging on by a thread just to see if Jack gets any memory back to give me hope BTW...what happened to Steve?
  8. brisbydog

    S05.E15: Hell

    So Long, Bishop Bad Actor, shan't miss you and your weirdo whisper acting
  9. brisbydog

    S05.E12: Murder Most Foul

    I used to love this show so much, but half the episode with Bishop Bad Actor whispering his lines in an attempt to sound fierce, and the other half with Cackling Ivar and it is losing me. Also thought Bjorn and Princess Virgin was stupid. I guess he will be the father of Alfred's kid the way Athelstan is the father of Alfred. Liked Ubbe and Alfred, that's about it
  10. brisbydog

    S03.E24: A Devil of My Word

    Omg. That is all. Such a shame it's cancelled now when the last two episodes have been so good
  11. brisbydog


    Lasted to the end. Horrified there will be a season two. My question is this: How has Tom Cullen lived with Tatiana Maslany for 7 years and yet has not picked up any acting skills? Surely she could give him some tips. Especially if she watched this show lol
  12. brisbydog

    S04.E16: All It Cost Her...

    Yes they had to go hunting for a Protestant, after James II the rule was if you were Catholic you did not get offered the throne. Charles II was Catholic but smart enough not to mention it until he was on his death bed. His brother was an idiot who wouldn't shut up about it and lost the throne within two years. Another Fun Fact: If James had stayed on the throne we would have had two kings of England until the death of his son (the young Pretender) in 1766, instead we had Mary/William, Anne, George I, George II and George III If you are looking for another fun show in this era I highly recommend Versailles which is the tale of the young Louis XIV of France (who is a direct descendent of Conde's brother - you will remember his pregnant wife that he told Kenna was dead in season 3-once Catherine's sons all died out her son became Henri IV - was also married to Margo who we barely knew lol). It is higher quality than Reign in terms of writing, costumes, budget etc but has the high camp factor, Louis' brother Philippe was bisexual and a cross dresser and is by far the most fun character on TV. Two series so far and they are filming number three.
  13. brisbydog

    S04.E16: All It Cost Her...

    woops yes typed Scotland instead of England there. It's Mary-JamesI-(Elizabeth)-(Sophie)-GeorgeI-GeorgeII-(Frederick)-GeorgeIII-(Edward)-Victoria-EdwardVII-GeorgeV-GeorgeVI-ElizabethII: direct line from Mary QoS to Elizabeth II
  14. brisbydog

    S04.E16: All It Cost Her...

    Mary's son James VI became James I of Scotland and his descendants, Charles I, Charles II, James II and his daughters Mary and Anne were the monarchs through the 1600's and into the 1700's. When Anne died without any living children the throne went to the Elector of Hanover, who was the great grandson of Mary's son James through his daughter Elizabeth and became George I. From him you have a direct line to the current queen, George II, George III, his son Edward Prince of Kent, Victoria, Edward VII, George V, George VI, Elizabeth II. The Queen can trace her ancestry all the way back to William the Conquerer in 1066
  15. brisbydog

    The White Princess

    Margaret was a caregiver to Princess Mary and ended up in the tower as an old lady and was beheaded with no trial. This was during marriage number 5 to Catherine Howard