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  2. I thought the same thing but when no one else mentioned it I just thought I was crazy. Maybe she was just meaning the height of the arrangement by pointing at those. Thank you.
  3. It's been a well kept secret for awhile. I'm actually surprised she made a public announcement. I thought they were just going to move to AU and then announce. Good for them!
  4. Katy has a whole Instagram tab about going to Australia. I would assume their parents knew already. It’s seems like they had to wait until their jobs were done. Not necessarily because of the LGBT part, but because they work together. Kelli’s daughter posted about how excited she was, so I would guess Kelli knew it was going on. I’m just perplexed (but also happy) that they are being congratulated and everything. But I don’t understand how higher ups can justify blacklisting girls who get in relationships with players (Paige)but know about this and be okay with it.
  5. langford peel

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    I would note that Dr Balsey-Ford made over a million dollars from her go fund me account. So when you say she had no reason to come forward and didn't get anything out of it you are not quite correct.
  6. Halting Hex

    Buffy Calendar

    Later a longtime central player on General Hospital, to the point where I know one fan who calls Tara "Carly-vamp" after CB's GH character. And, allegedly, a member of the Sapphist faction (the casting director on General Hospital is said to have a preference for "family"), thus possibly partially answering the question of which female guests SMG was very glad to have cast in S2. Still, Tamara's parts are so peripheral…what would Sarah have to say to her other than "I'm glad I didn't really burn your tongue, baby", after all? (How does Tara tell Buffy where Absalom is doing the ritual, exactly? I mean, Buffy did just burn her tongue, right?)
  7. Bastet

    Sex Education

    I watched this for Gillian Anderson, and wound up quite liking the younger set, too. There's some good acting going on, even though several cast members don't have a lot of experience. Anyway, the Eric and Adam thing was the glaring exception to my enjoyment. Even after their hook-up, Adam was right back to threatening him. But a little scooting up to each other in class, and it's all okay? Very disappointing. My favorite scene was when Maeve explained why she was helping the mean girl for free. I teared up when she said she wouldn't let some boy kiss her at a party, so he told everyone she gave him head and bit him, so four years later she's still called "Cock Biter" to her face by people she doesn't even know, and there are all these wild stories about her. These things stick, and if she can stop another girl from being shamed, she will. I liked the "It's my vagina" scene, too, but it was Maeve's recounting of how she got her reputation that really did me in. A lot of my favorite scenes revolved around Maeve, including the mini wave with the two other women at the abortion clinic. I like the way they handled the abortion - it was a pragmatic decision she didn't agonize over or become traumatized by. Most women who opt for abortion say "relief" is their primary emotion afterward, but TV just loves to present it as some haunting experience; I like that this show just got on with it. I love the friendship between Otis and Eric, and their make-up dance was a great payoff.
  8. meowmommy

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    You know you watch too much Rachel Maddow when, as you're flipping through the Special Counsel report at 10 am, all you can think is how much Rachel and her team are digging through this in detail and trying to guess which sections she's going to read out loud to us tonight. Nicolle Wallace said Rachel's going to have Adam Schiff on tonight. Good.
  9. ProTourist

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    About her being proud, well, it's all relative. After being in bed for 2.5 years, leaving the house at all is a big achievement. I agree with the rest -- I tended to dislike LaShanta, and found the episode uninteresting and pointless. But I do hope she will build on the bit of progress she made at the end, for her own sake and for her family's.
  10. Natalie68

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Seriously??? That makes me stabby. I had it written in my files I was to never be referred to him again. I had to see him because my primary was busy. Next time I saw my primary, who to be honest is super sweet, I laid into him about this doc in his office. But I do tell everyone I come into contact with my story and tell them never to see this asshole. I could have been given treatment so much faster if he had just listened instead of assumed. You betcha! It is really something how many people have these stories. And not in a good way.
  11. These elitist ho's hate Barbara because she gives off a working class vibe. That threatens most of them because they come from Working Class backgrounds. That is why they make fun of John and think that they are above everything. Luann tolerates Barbara because she is useful to her and she needs her so she uses her. You notice she doesn't defend her from Dorinda's drunken attacks. On the other hand maybe Barbara has just watched "Bound" on Netflicks one too many times. I just don't know.
  12. MissLucas

    S02E13: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part I

    Ah well, if Discovery is really going to the future and stays there are work-arounds. There was this weird transporter accident that created a copy of Riker in TNG. They could use that to keep a create an accidental copy of Spock on the Discovery when he beams off to the Enterprise - not that I think they will just because I enjoy Peck's Spock. But they could!
  13. Mikita

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Sharon and Holly did not get along on Celebrity Apprentice. I was actually surprised that they were both hosts back when the show first started. You could also see some of that when the show began. Sharon would make snide little comments to Holly at times. I knew that they would not show or mention Holly. She is the actual star of those movies, not Rick Fox. Six of these movies have been made and Rick Fox has only been in three of them, the last three. Sorry mcrae! Raggedy Ann was on today, Sara and Eve were out. Jodie Sweetin was on. No mention of Lori Loughlin college story. Even though mention has been made in the press that one of her daughters received a letter notifying her that she may be investigated over the scam too. That's a pretty big development not to talk about. You just know that they promised Jodi that there would be no mention of anything about Lori on the show while she was there.
  14. JohnnyStar5

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Yes, having worked in Television News she realizes you don't grow deep roots anywhere in that business.
  15. AngelaHunter

    The People's Court

    I don't understand why JM let these litigants rant and rave incoherently about incredibly nasty Springer crap and being pissed and married boyfriends and bigamy and blah blah blah. What is one to do if one's married boyfriend runs off with his wife? Why, you need a brand-new expensive cell phone, even though you can't get your own plan because you have no credit. That always mends a broken heart. I guess she never heard of blocking numbers. No, if you get unwanted calls, just get a new phone! I love how no one ever brings any evidence that might reveal their lies. The only person who cares about this nonsense is Levin, jonesing outside with his NitWit Posse. He got so excited about this sordid mess he even undid another button on his shirt to reveal yet more of his baked-chicken skin. Eww. I swear I could recap these in my sleep. Another dim-witted plaintiff who thinks he's a special snowflake and should get all his money back because the 13-year-old vehicle with 131,000 miles he bought has problems down the road. But he had a 90-day warranty! JM wants to see it, but well, he didn't bring that with him TODAY. He figures JM will just take his word for it, as she's supposed to believe him that the heap has transmission problems. He didn't bring that evidence with him either. He never took the car to be inspected. He couldn't because it might not pass! Isn't that the whole point? Oh. Def was more than generous to this lamebrain, fixing the thing and giving him a loaner car - none of which he had to do. Go home and cry to Momma, little man. She's the only one who will care about your distress and angst. JM gets an A+ for her deciphering skills. Mine seems to be getting worse because what I heard from the plaintiff, in his distinctive bulldog shirt was: "I was livin' in an antyshanty... it was attached to a divulgence in the back and the garage plus the anty I was livin' in and...." I couldn't be bothered going back and putting my CC on. He lived there for nearly a year, and now wants back every cent he paid, since city authorities gave him the heave-ho and he had no idea that living in someone's garage/shanty/anty is illegal, with no plumbing or any amenities. Doug in the hall asked about the no bathroom thing, and the answer was, as SRTouch mentioned, that he's in construction so he don't need no stinkin' bathroom. I am so thankful Doug didn't ask for details. Triple "Eww!" Gross. Landlord is a horror-movie character, very scary looking, who gets away with letting people live in her garage or shanty or whatever, pretends she doesn't know about the crowd bunking there, and she's charging 500$/month for it. Really, she could be in a frightening fairy tale or horror movies (like "Pan's Labyrinth")and make a lot more money. Oh, please! Do you think our litigants are going to make do with something like that? They want and deserve only the best, well, as long as someone else pays for it.
  16. Judging by some of the comments, they’ve been together/engaged for the while but had to hide it. Does this mean until they had both finished up at DCC? Or just until they’d told their nearest and dearest. I think it would be great to have more LBGT cheerleaders but I imagine they’d be worried about tarnishing the image, which is a real shame especially when Jinelle was an exemplary cheerleader!
  17. LexieLily

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Ha! Well, Michael did date/impregnate his aunt and Elizabeth is married to her brother's brother, so....
  18. The guy has absolutely zero personality! Yea he is beyond creepy!! 🕵️‍♂️
  19. babyhouseman

    The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    I might believe this if they didn't raise Josh.
  20. heatherchandler


    I love Gabe so much, I am mostly watching for him. He is so cute without the beard! I know him from somewhere... cannot place him. I thought he was the guy from Mad Men, Jay R. Ferguson. Is this show supposed to take place in New York?
  21. Aryanna

    S05.E22: No Apology Necessary

    Yeah, it needs more of Eddie and his friends and less of Jessica. This show has gotten into a rut. Jessica learns basically the same lesson every week but by the next week it's forgotten. Rinse. Repeat.
  22. I want that nurse pronto. I need a boost.
  23. Aryanna

    S10.E20: Can't Elope

    Ooohhhh Can't Elope = cantaloupe I feel so stupid. I just now got that joke.
  24. Nanrad

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    You know what else is toxic? The North antagonizing someone, the best bet, coming to save them from the AOTD. His sister not willing to play nice and snarking against a needed ally. Regardless of whether or not Dany would be happy to get rid of them, AT LEAST, she was playing nice or trying to. She has no connection to the North and the North’s antagonism makes whatever generosity she has increasingly diminish the more they’re hostile to her. Dany isn’t being nice for Jon’s approval—she doesn’t need that. She already has his love. She’s being nice because she loves him and wants to save his childhood home and the people, the Northerners, he loves. Almost every person in this series would be happy to get rid of a person or a place who antagonizes them. How is Dany any different? The problem with mentioning Dany’s actions is that no one else is commenting on them within the series. We say Dany threatened Sansa during the council meeting, no northern beings this up and neither does Sansa. She goes into accusing Jon into kneeling because Dany is pretty. She just received a threat, right? The same goes for the food? Why is she more interested in discussing why Jon knelt than the food shortage that is supposedly this dire issue? So, there is a chance that either one or both issues are being overblown OR they’ll be addressed in another episode for better or for worse. But, we can’t criticize Dany for not addressing something when no one else addresses these “huge” issues as well. I’ve largely addressed comments from viewers about how we “don’t know” of Dany cares or how she’ll treat the North when it comes to the food. Some have said, “she’ll probably feed her army and let the North starve.” Nothing Dany has ever done supports this POV and that’s what I’m disputing. We have an idea of what Dany would do and that’s definitely not allowing the North to starve so her people can eat. As for in the series, we have to allow the storyline to play out. Who was at the table? Sansa or Lyanna? Who was Lady of Winterfell while Jon went out to get an ally in Dany? Sansa? Who was responsible for finding enough for to last through winter because she has a position of importance in Jon’s house? Sansa. Sansa has a different role than Lyanna, so she and anyone else sitting at that table should know better than to get snitty with their king or queen. It would be like Tyrion arguing with a Dany in front of lords—inappropriate. That space is for Lyanna to argue if she feels need be, it’s not for Sansa or anyone who has direct access to Dany (Jon) to use that same platform. They have access every single day and can literally voice their opinion any other time. It shows discord. There is no double standard. Sansa is being held to the same standard for someone with her access and power. I never said it exonerated Dany, I’m saying Dany isn’t wrong to react even if it sends the wrong message. Expecting Dany to be 100% unbothered is holding her to a different standard from everyone else who has been put in her position. We all know that Sansa has nothing to do with that moment and no one has connected her to that moment. It’s quite odd that people want that moment to bite her in the ass when she was justified for killing the Tarlys.
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