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  1. They had motion. They had the kid in the bed move. I don't get why this show is not two hours long. It's my main problem with the show. We don't get to see much of the builds. There were floats there that I didn't see until the parade. A show that is 42 minute long and we get WA and the judges for about 30 minutes of it. I don't want to see them, I want to see the builds.
  2. I don't agree. Ever since she got together with Brad she has always been vilified as the woman who stole Brad from Jen. She has always been the 'bad' guy in that relationship. It has always been there sometimes at smaller degrees but always there. BP and JA were divorced for over a decade and CH was still taking pot shots at AJ. The moment the news came out that AJ and BP were divorcing most of the trash media and online were blaming her. That is why she is appealing. From the article that I read, they wanted to but the judge (who works with Brad's lawyers on other cases) denied
  3. From what I read she was ok was the joint custody. What she wasn't ok with was that the teenagers weren't allowed to testify. The judge didn't interview them.
  4. They are 15. 16 and 17 years old. They have a right to be stand up and give their opinion. It's not a criminal case and I doubt they would have been grilled but teenagers this age should have a voice and no I don't think that child services or therapists should speak for them. They are old enough to give their own opinion. It doesn't mean that the courts have to give them what they want they should have been heard. These kids are old enough to go to a court system and get emancipated so why should they be allowed to talk about how much time they want to spend with their mother or fat
  5. I'm guessing that she meant that she wanted the three teenagers to be able to testify in court, give their opinions and have their say. The judge denied that.
  6. He's a private judge. I guess that is what they called retired judges that still work sometimes. In addition he is/has worked with Pitt's attorneys. How does a person go from working someone to hearing them in court and being impartial to back to working with them.
  7. I can't believe that the judge is allowed on this case. His law firm worked/works for Brad Pitt.
  8. They really aren't. I always found electric consistent. And decent chef should be able to work with anything, wood, charcoal, gas, electric or propane.
  9. Blake has always coached as much as was needed. If he had someone that had a strong feel of who they were and what music they wanted to sing he let them pick their song. When he had people who were unsure or had no idea he steered them into something that he thought would help. Adam most often used to pick the songs for his singers. I think covid has effected the amount that the coaches interact with their singers.
  10. I have eaten and also cooked tongue many times. We always boiled it, peeled the outer skin and then baked it. It's very juicy.
  11. They don't do the 28 hours straight. It is broken up for them. And I love Hamish. I think he does a great job of hosting. He is not too in their face, does enough interviews and comments to each team and makes fun of himself. He does try to get a reaction of of the quieter people but that is his job. I do think that the right people won. David and Gus made an incredible build but I agree that Gaby and Ryan should have been second place. Scott and Owen was incredible busy and I just couldn't figure out what was going on in most of it. Also I couldn't see the wizard from the 'energy'
  12. I don't agree. What she got was featured on TMZ for a few weeks everywhere they went. That put her back in the mainstream for alot of people since TMZ caters to alot of different age groups. Her name was back on people's minds and she got talked about online. When TMZ started showing videos of clebs at home her videos was there most of the time. It was great that it was mainly about her cat but I don't think it would have been featured as much if she wasn't in the news fairly recently to them. Doing SNL would have given her a one and done show and it probably wouldn't been mentioned
  13. I didn't like the US version. Too much WA and not enough building. Also the eps were way too short. I hope this year of the US show will be better. That was mainly watching out for Hamish since he stole so many of the special ep last year. I think he stole half of the Star Wars figures that there was. I love Marvel but I wish they had more of a choice to build what they want. There were so many different worlds than those few. I would have loved to see where they would have went if they had just gotten a brief of good, evil or questionable.
  14. I'm not a fan. I find Kym ofputting and I don't really know why.
  15. They are my least favourite team and I think they are the least skilled. Unfortunately for me I think that brickman really likes them. The right team won which I don't always agree with. I wonder if the Lego people see some of these designs and decide to make sets from them. I know that they can't put all the elements in because they used so many bricks but I would love to have their set.
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