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  1. He has already toned it down. They told him about taking it as a joke and he has toned down some. Dave Coulier is also an ass. I can't remember from which reality show I made that judgement. I rather Johnny who does it for a career than someone who is just one in real life(not that Johnny might not be one in real life). An important question for the rest of this season Challenge viewing pleasure but which was filmed last, this Challenge or the Worst Cooks?
  2. I don't think Johnny's insane. It's his reality show personality. It's what gives him camera time and considering that he has been doing the Challenge for over a decade it has worked very well for him. To watch him in interviews and podcasts he is dialed down.
  3. And that was why I felt the movie was stupid. The premise didn't make sense. One thing falling on the track and stopping the train and the movie is done. Since it's common in today's world I don't see it not happening in that world. I'll give the show a chance but they better explain the hows and whys better.
  4. Nany was on the 2011 Vegas season with Dustin, Heather, Leroy, and Michael. There were also a few more but those were the ones I remember.
  5. I went and watched the trailer and I still don't know who he is.
  6. He will. It's the same as a forfeit. There have been a few times when someone couldn't compete and the other person gets the win. If Darrell had been a player in the game than it wouldn't ended in a draw. Darrell had no stake in the game so it didn't matter if it came down to a draw. He is but I kinda respect him. He seems very focus on the game and winning. It's his job to get to the end. I know we are a long way from Cameron walking on the beach because it was a vacation for her. I think that there are still alot of these challengers who take the challenge as something cool to do. Johnny was the first one who seem to realize that you could make it in a career. The amount of money you can win on these now could set someone up for the rest of their life. Who wouldn't want to spent six to eight weeks in some pretty and warm location(not this one) and then not have to work for the rest of the year.
  7. This. Rogan is a jerk. I felt really bad for Jay that he got picked again. Rogan is not a jerk for hitting Jay hard. It wasn't a low blow or a cheap shot. He hit him hard and it's not his fault that they are not equal size. It's what they have been doing for years. It's what CT would have done. It's strategy. You hit hard and make everyone else think twice about going up against you. It's why CT didn't go into an elimination for so long. I wish it wasn't Jay voted in again but he was. Next time he comes back he will have earned a little bit of respect and they won't throw him right away. It will be whoever they see as the weakest challenge rookie.
  8. I went back and counted the people. There are 24 people left in the game, most likely 23 after this ep concludes. That is still alot of people. I actually like this twist. I just think that most of them are too stupid to realize that it's better to go in first or early and get it over with. I think they are going to get a shock soon when TJ comes in and announces a purge or 'that's it' everyone who don't have a red skull is going home and that is how I hope they do it. I want them to be surprised because the next time they do this twist they will actually think about who to send in and who to try and keep out.
  9. But he's not doing anything impressive and he's not doing anything himself. This challenge he did a math equation. The other challenge he won it came down to Corey telling them it was time to drop the crate.
  10. xfuse

    Neighbours (AU)

    Voice, attitude and actions. A woman who I'm assuming is in her twenties who is so immature that her only friend is a teenage, gets in the middle of teenagers lives and can't have a adult conversation.
  11. Dee wanted to go in also. Me too. I would say that she is one of my favourite girls but that is not saying much since I like maybe two or three of them.
  12. xfuse

    Neighbours (AU)

    Nope, never. The character breaks the cardinal rule in any tv show. She's annoying. You can like or love a character. You can dislike or hate a character. There can be boring characters that you kinda forget they are even on a show when they are off screen but an annoying character makes you want to turn of your tv. Roxy is annoying. No matter what is happening I can't feel for her because all I want is for her to disappear.
  13. It was nutella. I saw the video elsewhere and he was laughing and said it was nutella .
  14. I don't think he cares too much about her banging anyone else. He just don't want anyone else to be her number one in the game.
  15. But she is not in the finals yet. She can get thrown in every single girls week. If I was a guy that is what I would do. Throw her in each week to either get her out or get rid of all the girls. If I was a girl I would throw in Jordan or Fessy and let them fight each week. You get rib of weak players but you take out some strong ones too. Johnny was on TMZ yesterday talking about The Challenge. He was promoting the shit out of the show.
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