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  1. Sorry. 😁 It got me thinking so I went and looked at all their ages since most of them act like they are in their early twenties (most are not). Besides Amber being 33 which was mentioned before the biggest surprise was that Berna is 31 and Emy is 22. Along with Renan, the youngest. CT being 41, the oldest.
  2. For me it's "Uncle CT" is about respect. I don't think it has anything to do with being washed up but he is alot (10 or more years) older than most of them. Something to think about. If CT had a kid when he was twenty years old, that kid would be old enough to be on the challenge with him. I like Hughie. He owns his issues. He wasn't putting anything on anyone else.
  3. Amber was the best endurance runner in the final but she would have had to eat all the food because Fessy would not do it. It would slow them down too much.
  4. Agree. She picks who she thinks is in power and either hooks up with them or becomes their best friend. I guess that might mean she got a good social game to some but she's only ever a number to them and no one takes serious. When compares to the other women there is very few she might beat.
  5. The Fessy situation is different than with Tori. Chances are that Fessy would win any physical challenge so they can't just throw him in because he would come back. His reputation for throwing friends and allies over does make him a target but they will have to wait for a elimination challenge that they think is not physical to throw him in. The agency will have to do it and if they can pair him with a 'weaker' female they will.
  6. It really wasn't because he Fessy wasn't winning, Devin was. He could have dropped one of the other teams and still not do anything to Fessy. He would have come out of it with his best friend winning.
  7. She said they were stuck which Hughie replied that theirs was too so deal with it like they did.
  8. Nichelle Nichols is not fighting anything or contesting anything. The only ongoing thing is her former manager fighting her son for the control of her money. All the articles is old articles. Most of them don't even have the updated information from last year in it. I wish that just because Britney is now saying it's bad that they would stop dragging out every single case and reporting it like the person under conservatorship is fighting or needs to get out.
  9. From the article it sounds like the manager is the one taking advantage. It didn't seem like anyone was saying that she didn't have dementia. It was just how bad it was and what level of care and supervision she needed. It was also three years ago.
  10. Maybe it was something sneaky Jamie did, maybe it was because of a previous deal Lynne had with Britney, maybe Britney wanted to pay her mother's expenses, maybe it was a Britney payoff to get her out her life. I'm not going to automatic assume it was a sneaky thing Jamie did until more facts come out but I do consider it one of the possibilities.
  11. Maybe he thought 'f*ck it, I have enough money now. Let someone else deal with this mess.'
  12. Just because she just got an iPad doesn't mean that she had to get permission for one. She might just not wanted to have a tablet and just did everything on her phone. She may have just decided that now was the time to get one. I know a lot of people who don't or never had an iPad. I don't or never had an iPad. From my understanding that anyone who has a conservator appointed that conservator gets paid. Anyone who has to spend time managing someone else's life deserves to get compensated for their time. The amount her father gets paid I have a problem with. I don't have
  13. Maybe I'm really cynical but the first thing that came to mind when I saw the picture was that he was involved with the Kardasians so it's probably a publicity stunt to get people and the press talking about him for his new album.
  14. Does EVERY SINGLE STUDY a part of studies where children testify about physical or sexual abuse because most studies I have found does including children testifying about physical and sexual abuse and not just against their parents. How about studies done based on just children testifying in cases of cases of custody in divorce. No it wouldn't been.
  15. But were you one of those children who wanted their voice heard and were denied? I know quite a few and I include myself in that group. It carries with you for decades after. It carries the message that your voice is not important.
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