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  1. Honestly all of their wild and crazy sexcapades sound made up to me 😄 I don't feel for her anymore because she doesn't seem to learn from one season to the next. (Actually I do feel for her a little because if a trap door opened and she fell through and disappeared no one in the audience would notice, even as she tries to keep herself right in the middle of the judgmental bitching 😄 )
  2. She didn't say it on tv - it was in her book 😄 You are right! I thought of Deonna and Greg after I posted, but forgot about S&J And she seems much more fun and interesting than she did initially - she came off in the intro episode as a real weepy weed. As far as Brett goes - he's already risen above Luke, Brandon and Zach as far as I'm concerned 😄
  3. I would too - what I would NOT do is present Denise with a bunch of accusations and then sanctimoniously announce that I was taking the cautious high road. Since she seems to be doing the bidding of Kyle, Brandi and Rinna - I'd say shame on her 😄 But SHE thinks it's adorable 🙄 Yes! I've always found it's best to let someone vent about another who annoyed them and then go back and have fun with "the group" - honesty about everything is the easiest way to ruin everyone's day! (Or trip to Rome 😄 ) Haha these are great! I thought that maybe while the others were getting glammed up she had joined the mafia 😄 😂🤣😂🤣😂 You're adorable 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  4. I think all of the couples who have stayed together have had sex on the honeymoon (except for Jamie and Doug and I believe she later admitted to giving BJs 😄 ) That's why I use it as a litmus test for their longevity - if they don't do it then, they don't seem to get to it ever. I think they need to define what each means by "relationships" - 10 "serious relationships" by 26 would have me wondering if he was including high school and middle school girlfriends 😄 But he said "monogamous relationships" that he was entering with the goal of finding a mate, which could mean that he doesn't date around, and those "relationships" are short but focused on one woman. I thought Brett was a nice husband this episode!
  5. I agree with this to a point but I'd like to see them actually look nice and Dorit too often just looks stupid. And she is beautiful and has a great body so she COULD look so much better a lot of the time! Erika dressing for the country they visit is usually one of my favorite things; she's blowing it in Rome.
  6. I feel like all the stories have "FRAUD" written all over them, which is what makes the show a chore to slog through. No matter how much we know "reality" tv is not real, you like to believe there's something real going on and this show makes it too hard. Kind of like the one a few months ago where the thin guys were dating the super obese women.
  7. I always thought Camille had the most hits and the fewest misses, fashion-wise.
  8. In my opinion not trying = not very nice. The whole point of the "experiment" is to try, even if you're not feeling it originally. Not trying before you even get to the honeymoon says self-centered jerk to me - a nice person would maybe realize that the spouse might feel awkward too, and try for that reason alone.
  9. Good for him! This should be a great time for a business like that, with gyms closed or restricted and people bored at home. I'm sure Whit is just "too busy" with all of her other things 😄
  10. Yes - remember how weird Kyle was acting in the first few episodes? At the time I was wondering if something was wrong between Mauricio and her. But he's still absent and she has cheered up greatly, so now I think he's just laying low and she's pleased to have the upper hand again with the ladies. Haha I can't stand her on the show but in real life I think you're right. I could do a potluck dinner in a house that opens up onto the beach. She's just not made for reality tv. After everyone ruined her potluck and spurned her spa party, she's decided that this is how to stay relevant. But she's not doing herself any favors. Conversely, I don't mind Rinna that much on the show - somebody has to be the asshole. But I'd dislike her the most in real life. She could have at least talked with a French or Chinese accent! 😄
  11. I believe in the past they sent the couple out for brunch with some friends/family - but as a couple. (Which meant that one family member had to take the role of the asshole who asked, "Did you consummate the marriage?" I guess you and your husband weren't matched by experts then 😄 I know Bennet and Amelia are both "quirky", but when one person has always wanted to have kids and the other is ethically opposed to having them - I'm no expert, but I'd say that beats "they're both quirky" . Of course, I've never seen the inside of their (or your!) underwear drawer, so that could change the outcome of so many things . . .
  12. Haha everything about this post is so true! For me the show has jumped the shark tonight - I can no longer pretend that there is anything "real" about it. Due to the fact that last week's show ended on that big cliffhanger - followed by them all chatting away and hanging out all day in their different groups - followed by them all getting "glammed" for the follow-up to last night's cliffhanger. Which they all just ignored last night. As for Rinna - when she showed up in her regular hairdo - yes, that's how she looks best. Dorit - your outfits are silly, but your hair has looked great this season. Erika - Marilyn Monroe died in her 30s. Unless your costume was "her corpse" (in which case - well done) you looked stupid. Garcelle - you were fun this episode and I'm glad you enjoyed Rome. Sutton - I liked you for a while but I know why you're an asshole. I also understand why you don't want to try on clothes in public - I don't look good in clothes either 😈 Teddi - who? When you popped up in the last 5 minutes of the show I had to wrack my brain to remember you!
  13. This is interesting and I will remember to look for it in the future! I have always hated when people start "diagnosing" someone or calling them gay based on their portrayal on reality shows. But I must say that this is the first time ever that I have thought a cast member actually was "on the spectrum" and I am feeling it with Henry. (And just for the record I worked with special ed students for 30 years which is why I feel qualified to judge. I am also married to a guy who has very "aspy" tendencies - he graduated before that was a diagnosis 😄 The difference is I got to know him while dating and chose him myself.)
  14. After leaving my diamond ring behind (twice!) I stopped taking it on trips. But Mr. P always wears his so then I thought I looked like The Mistress. So I bought a cheap wedding band to wear when traveling 😄 When I go with other women I don't wear anything.
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