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  1. princelina

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

  2. princelina

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    I don't really have strong feelings about anyone this season - like or dislike. Although I notice tonight that I am starting to resent having to listen to Reem, who should have been long gone weeks ago. And then the camera pans over the jury and when it hits Julia I think, "Who's that?" She hasn't gotten more memorable since she left 😄
  3. IMO she is not "shady and manipulative" so much as she is just way better than the others at pretending she doesn't give a hoot about them or their various conflicts. ("Why would I be upset? Who cares? I don't know what you're so upset about" etc.) That's always annoying during a conflict and the one who does it better usually wins 😄 I enjoy actual British humor, tv shows, etc. My problem with LVP (and now PeeKayy) is that they just aren't that humorous. I tend to think of British humor as having wit or cleverness and I find that lacking in most of her "jokes". (Maloof hoof was cute - I'll give her that, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally) I've only just started watching VDP Rules after catching it on a flight last year, but I already can't count the number of "balls" and "nuts" jokes she's made to her male staff. And you can tell they're just laughing out of obligation and trying to get on with the conversation. My former 7th grade students would have found her hilarious, but I'm about her age and just find it annoying. An example from this season - she's acting like she could care less about Dorit's dog dumping, but then accepts Dorit's invitation to the Bahamas, gets on the plane, and acts put out that Dorit wants to share the big suite with her because she snores too much. A jab at Dorit? Yes. Hurt Dorit's feelings? I think so. LVP's own special way of showing that she actually is pissed at Dorit? Absolutely. Funny? If the idea that someone snores makes you laugh, I guess. But witty or clever? Not in my opinion.
  4. I enjoyed the show tonight, except for the parts where they were talking about LVP. See how many shows Bravo could make out of this? 😄 It's actually the most normal thing that any of them have ever done! And Lisa actually only enjoys "British humor" when she's making the jokes. I expect Ricky Gervais thanks his lucky stars every day that Lisa and PeeKayy stick to 2nd rate reality tv, or Ricky'd be out of a job! 🙄
  5. princelina

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    Sandoval did acknowledge their dynamic; he was also offended that she talked about them that way in that context. And I agree with him.
  6. princelina

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    I do remember - that's why I don't think they are wrong for going 😄 And for LVP to act like they are when she's talking to tabloids or whatever is a bitch move.
  7. I call bullshit on people making random comments to her "while she's on the treadmill at the gym." We all know she's not working out unless someone is filming her 😄
  8. princelina

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    This. And LVP acting like she's such a "strong woman" who should advise James. Now I know he wants to be on this tv show, but if he's such a great DJ what keeps him from shopping his "See You Next Tuesday" thing around to other bars and restaurants? People who star on LVP's tv show. That's why they went; that's why she told them to go, and that's why she's a jerk for talking about them like they're lazy and stupid for going.
  9. princelina

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    I hope you're right, because I thought her favorite was the ugliest one!
  10. But in the photo with the bronze bikini bottom I thought she looked fatter 😄
  11. princelina

    RHoBH in the Media

    I think LVP is a jerk who thinks she's way better than she is, and she has reaped what she has sown in her behavior towards others over the years, and her refusal to just admit she was pissed at Dorit at the beginning of the season, preferring to make nasty remarks and dole out her own special type of "punishment." (IMO what makes her dog charity look bad is her "Why would I be upset with Dorit?") That being said, I can't imagine why anyone involved in this show would believe this makes for good TV for an entire season? It is not fun or interesting to watch the same ladies make accusations or fun of the same lady on the same topic week after week after week, no matter how much I don't care for that lady. I am looking forward to the trip, to LVP's bar in Vegas - even to Erica's tacky show - anything else!
  12. princelina

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    If it was - he wasn't her boyfriend, just her "boyfriend for the show"
  13. princelina

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    Considering that he might come back and want to still work with "Devins" (Rick?) I don't think it was a bad move. Had he given it to anyone else it would have been the usual "I hope you like me for doing this" but if he comes back and Rick (?) is still in the game it gives David a definite advantage. Of course that is the chance he is taking - rules are different this season 🙂
  14. princelina

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    It's The Hat!!!
  15. princelina

    S07.E19: The Exorcism of Stassi Schroeder

    I didn't say he was obsessed. I just think it's become an automatic response.