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  1. What if you saw her dressed like that at the grocery store, only they weren't leggings but tights, and when she bent over they split right down the back? As happened in season 1 😄 She says - but when she was dating that Avi she was excited to tell Heather or Ashley "He's really attracted to big women!" so I call BS. IMO it's not so much the concept of being "fat and fabulous" in itself, but that she uses "fat and fabulous" and "I like being fat" to avoid facing her problem and therefore having to do anything about it. Like the alcoholic who has lost his job, wife and driver's license but is just fine and everyone else is the jerk. If she admits she's not happy and has disabled herself she has to let go of the pizza apps, car ice cream and bedroom wine and deal with it. I don't think they "used" Whitney any more than she "used" them - they were paid to do a job and they did it. But they're going to need to be a lot more interesting to get their own show. And now that it looks like Ryan has left and Whit is keeping NoBSactive I'd be curious to find out who gets the most subscribers. I wouldn't watch Whit and Jessica for free!
  2. Don't forget the "hairdo" (including the bird!), makeup, earrings and hairy pits. Hard to make all of that appealing to Henry or Brett IMO 😄 I'm on the "more to the conversation that was edited out" team. In the SM thread a while back someone posted an article about her where she said she did it on a whim and thought "Either I'll meet a great guy or if it doesn't work out I'll get a divorce." Not DIVORCE like the experts say it 😄 That would be my attitude going in to this too. But I would have tidy hair on my head (and none under my arms!)
  3. At first in that scene I thought she was ON the unicycle 😄 Yes it would have. Producers! Pay attention! And if you need a moderator for that show, please choose Woody over Jamie O!
  4. Yes - there are small things one can enjoy that I have been calling "Covid perks" - like now the FedEx person will drop off the wine at the door without one of us having to be home to sign for it 😄 I thought a "Covid perk" for these couples was getting their own cabins rather than having to share a house with everyone! You can't be miserable about everything all the time. I thought she was just showing off for the cameras 😄
  5. I agree with you that Miles was totally appropriate, and I got the sense that the others felt so too. In my mind I could hear the producers saying, "Thanks for expressing yourself Miles. Now Bennett, could you get the talk back on yourselves and your marriages please?" 🙄
  6. I keep forgetting to add - I was so happy to see Bennett wearing gloves to cook! And not for Covid reasons either 😄
  7. Yes - it involves holding the tp between the side of your thumb and the side of your index finger. You couldn't do it with only one square 😄
  8. Aaaaaand "expert" Viv has done her job - created conflict between one of our happy couples. What a stupid exercise - should they all be writing "Dear younger self - wait until you get older and go on a reality tv show! You'll have a blast and meet the love of your life!"? Haha what a match Michael and Christina would have been 😄 And I think she expected Henry to say "I'll show you who's not gay!" and pounce on her! I liked Dave too. (I didn't mind AJ either 😄 )
  9. I think he's done it and she knows it but they're playing along for the cameras and she's trying to rehab her own reputation. I noticed in the morning that while the "black love" couples were still in bed, and the strange love couple was singing and dancing the worm, he walked into the room, they were both fully dressed and she said a big "Good morning!" Made me think he spent the night in the funny-smelling extra cabin where Olivia and Brett were not. Also - Woody's facial expressions are hilarious 😄
  10. I don't remember what he said but I feel like it was more than just a "come on" or it could have been easily laughed off - there are some people who think everyone is hitting on them 😄
  11. Yes - when the show was constantly telling us that Danielle refused to tell Bobby she loved him, and that Deonna had "walls", I could tell it was the show trying to make a conflict where there wasn't any. Karen really doesn't seem into Miles. Amelia told us - and it's because he's living out his environmentalist principles, not because of TP shortage. It's his lifestyle 😖
  12. I don't watch but sometimes I read here and think I'll have a look. But apparently there's a new version of "The Soup" that I watched - it showed a clip of Kris dressed in a dalmation onesie telling her "boyfriend" that he paid too much attention to the dog so she dressed up like a dog to get his attention. That reminded me why I don't watch this show. The new host of The Soup is not funny either ☚ī¸
  13. if you consider him sitting next to one of Henry's female guests and saying hi "hitting on" - he left soon after she sneered and huffed off with Henry and the other female guest in tow. I didn't think Henry should be bringing girlfriends to a joint bachelor party with strangers anyway, and the party sucked. Obviously Brett doesn't waste his time when he feels it's being wasted 😄 I didn't think he saw it as a waste - to me he just seemed surprised she had one.
  14. He said in the beginning that he was a "school administrator" - my guess is guidance counselor, but could be an assistant principal. Or a liar like Michael 😄 You would think so but I thought he handled that very well - merely pointed out that if he were gay he wouldn't have come on tv to marry a strange woman. No disdain. I think Brett was attracted to Olivia (and frankly I was surprised that he was) - she was the one who confidently told "pastor" Cal after their honeymoon that they'd have time for sex eventually because they are married. She didn't like his income or his house (and you just know she hated that suitcase and told him so even if we didn't get to hear it 😄 ). If she had a personality more like Amani I think he'd have been fine with her. Bingo! Totally agree. Funny thing that you should ask - when this quarantine started that's almost exactly what I decided to do - I say almost because I did do a fresh produce run twice a week, and would buy other stuff if it was needed to make a meal, but the rule was I had to use something from the pantry or freezer for every meal. I did a really good job cleaning out my space! I am Team Woody on the puppy thing - I always thought that if I had to go home to kids I might as well have a pet there too, but if there are no kids I don't want to have to miss happy hours, trips, etc. to go home and let a dog out.
  15. He may have broken her pride or her will, but not her heart 😄 For the last few seasons they have sent the couples on a group retreat towards the end of the season. And if you saw the scenes from next week - it is happening!
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