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  1. Haha of course they did. My family are regular people like Raquel's and we'd all be thrilled to bits to be in the background crowd for a big RH blowout - I'm sure they were warned in advance! This story will keep Buttons in gin-and-tonics at the home for months! 😂
  2. Is he in school? I thought his t-shirt informed me last night that "this guy ^ has a master's degree" 😄 But yeah - I totally agree that he's the problem.
  3. Yeah I know he said that - but what does it mean? Why doesn't his family think he does anything besides annoy them with his cell phone? He should be able to explain what his job is, and point out examples. Unless he doesn't have a job - just a "career" 😄 Exactly!
  4. I thought it was because she was pissed/jealous that Scheana was asked to be a bridesmaid and she knew that her bitchy history with the bride would keep her out of that loop!
  5. I know - it had me hoping the "wait-listed" students don't watch this show! Sander is just so darn EARNEST - makes me want to punch him in the face. Maybe I'm drunk from taking a sip every time he said "proud of me/myself". In spite of the fact that he earnestly explained his feelings about his "career" to his mom, Hope, and his family - I still have no idea what his "career" is - making tik toks and trying to do interesting transgender-type activities in order to steal the show from Jazz? 🤷‍♀️
  6. IMO it's a total loser move to stomp off and then return 5 minutes later. If you're actually leaving - go to bed. I like Jennie overall - her problem is she's a little too aware she's on tv. From the sister-wife story, to when she angrily bursts into arguments she's not involved in, even to winding up her precocious little daughter. That's when she gets on my nerves 😄
  7. It certainly looks like something a 22 year old CHILD would make! 😄
  8. Haha I guess for "formal wear" he does feathers 😄. That explains her purple feathered suit from a week or two ago!
  9. It's like "Lala" on VDP Rules - she's very into "having a brand" but does next to nothing to promote it. She had the regulars to her "launch party" and we did learn that she has pink lipstick but that's about it. I know both of Whitney's "brands" but must not have been listening if they ever mentioned what it is she actually sells 😄.
  10. Wow! I saw that picture and wondered if Jax bought her bigger boobs! 😳
  11. Of course she did 🙄😄. They could call it "Something About Middle School Boys" and have Lisa make up too-obvious smutty names for all of their sandwiches. 😄
  12. All they need is enough money to pay rent, buy supplies and employees, so they can swan in every day like Lady Vanderpump does, order minions about and get nosey in their business 😄. (And I know Lisa and Ken have owned many businesses and know what they're doing - but I don't think that's the part of Lisa's life these two are dying to replicate!) As for a theme - it seems to be "unapologetically feminine" which once again to me says tea sandwiches, and if not still something small, vegetarian or eggs or poultry. Once you add ham or bacon or roast beef it turns masculine very quickly! 😄
  13. So I'm a little behind on this season - mainly because each episode is 3 HOURS LONG!!!😡. Does anyone know if that's the plan for all episodes all season?
  14. Honestly, last night on WWHL was the first time I have ever liked "Lala". Ever.
  15. That reminds me - so why did Scheana show up in Tom and Ariana's room in a bathrobe?
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