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  1. Ok after tonight I'm thinking it's becoming obvious that we're being set up for a "Rodney cheated with a dude!" season finale. Are we 10 or 20 years too late for that to be a giant shock to the audience? 😄 Every time they talk about him cheating it's with "this person" rather than "she" or "her" 😄 Other soap opera "storylines": Kevin is jealous that "Kattie" serves drinks in a thong - will he relent, move her into his mansion and allow her to spend her days "modeling" and combing her hair? Will Bri's shenanigans with her nieces and nephews motivate Bill to impregnate her before she completely wastes away? Will dad walk Erica down the aisle to Rick? Will dad reconcile with his ex-wife, since her current husband was apparently not invited to the rehearsal dinner? Will Notahobo accept his wealthy girlfriend's ring, if only to give the other hobos a nice driveway to skateboard in? Stay tuned! Invite your pernts to watch - they'll love it!
  2. I don't know him personally but I do know addicts - the answer to your question is YES. I think Heather and Jen were friends before this show; I think Heather was actually jealous that Jen was trying to "trade up" to the thin languid women, and probably she was right. That's to say that I think Heather was pissed off and talking to Jen like one would talk to a former friend, and "privileged white woman" and "woman of color" had nothing to do with it until Jen brought that up. None of their issues this season had anything to do with race (with the possible exception of the whole Jen/Mary/7-11 bit); Jen WAS aggressive, nasty and inappropriate towards just about everyone, and IMO she was gross for turning people's disgust with her horrible, disgusting behavior into a racial issue. Color me shocked to find myself sticking up for Meredith, but she did say that she had received apologies (off camera) from both Whitney and Heather, but not one from Jen. So that's why. I agree with every word you said about Heather.
  3. That was the late 70s! 😄 1980s was Molly Ringwald, Boy George, adult Michael Jackson and Wham! That's why you buy the box! 😄 I agree if he didn't know or found it offensive to bring it up. My problem with him was the sulking, making her beg to know what she did, and the storming out. Ha ha I'm the exact opposite - I'll leave stuff piled on my dining room table for weeks, or clean laundry stacked all over the guest room beds, until I can put things neatly away in their proper places 😄 I have hopes for them too, and Clara is probably - of all MAFS people ever - the one I am surprised each week to find myself liking more and more! Tricky girl - usually they're so astute 😂😂😂 She wasn't talking to him - she was talking about him. She said something like "I'm going to talk to Pastor Cal and expose all of his shit and everything he's done!" Pepper continued, "But does a lot of it break my heart, as much of it has broken yours? Do I understand your disgust? Of course I do. We must take responsibility for this match -- but I assure you the Chris we all see now, is not the Chris we met and married to Paige." ^^Pepper from that article. Pepper! The Chris you met and married to Paige was engaged to someone else a few months ago! Didn't you think that mattered at all? It wasn't a red flag to any of you who market yourself as experts? Unless an "expert" publicly says that Chris lied to them about being engaged earlier in the year, they can STFU with their excuses about him. I think what Virginia thinks of as rules and asking permission, he thinks of as courtesy amongst husband and wife. If a spouse asks you to let them know you got somewhere safely, or to text when you're leaving so they know you're on your way home, why is that offensive? Even if it makes you roll your eyes because you think you're fine, is it that hard to make the other feel better? And based on their discussion, I felt that what she thought was "asking permission" was in his mind being courteous. Several years ago I went to a friend's bachelorette party - it was a little farther home than I'm used to going, it was going to be a small town walking pub crawl, and I didn't want to have to police myself so I decided I was going to spend the night at my friend's house on the sofa and have fun drinking up that night. To Mr P I said, "Hey, here's what I want to do - do you mind?" I wasn't asking permission, just being courteous and considering his feelings. Another thing about being married - one of us might be invited to an event without the other, and one says "Hey, I was going to do ____ this Saturday" and the other says, "You can't because we're already doing _____". And I think Eric would be happy with that. (Once in a while of course, not every single Thursday, Friday and Saturday that he's not working 😄 ) Ha! You're nicer than me - if it were me the airport cops in Las Vegas would be trying to figure out who owned the unattended luggage! 😄
  4. Yeah Jen's just an ass. I was glad they talked back to her, but they can all get on out of here with that wise nodding along they did when she returned from her tantrum. I don't follow anyone on SM - did she really make fun of Heather on there that much? And saying "she wants to be an actress" had me LOLing - I guess that's the secret reason they're all there though. In other news - if "to know Brooks Marks is to love Brooks Marks" then it's for sure that I don't know him at all 😈. I loved how at the end they all said what they learned about themselves, and then Meredith announced that she was great with herself but had learned bad things about all of them 😄
  5. I got the impression that their conversation was more "when she wants time alone he has to give it" and his point was that she'll get that anyway due to his schedule. Mr. P joined a bowling league, so Thursday is my night alone to look forward to - I don't send him out bowling whenever I'm sick of him 😄
  6. So now we know what's wrong with Vinnie - he's a crybaby. If it were me I'd a million times over rather hear a "that's so Vinny" joke than that squeaking baby talk that I think she's overdoing to avoid sounding rude or sharp to his trembling ears. Jake is too much with the 80s stuff, but I have never seen Haley give him any sort of honest feedback until their conversation with Pastor Cal. And she's old enough to know that if you have sex with a guy you're going to be living with for the next few weeks, he's probably going to want to do it again. I think he thought she had a boyfriend because they said last week about her always being on the phone with her girlfriends. Maybe after "girls night" turned out to be co-ed, he wondered if her "girlfriends" were too. I'm starting to feel the idea that Chris and the fiancee are hirelings. If they are I hope Paige is too! Although I honestly don't see what's so great about becoming "famous" for being a giant douchebag on a Lifetime reality show. I was glad Pastor Cal told Virginia how wives aren't supposed to pass out on other guys' couches. But I thought he did a pretty crap job with Paige and Chris. Still liking Ryan and Clara!
  7. Well Avi was a mystery - she knows what and whom Chase has been up to 😄
  8. I don't know if they asked her, but I recall her saying that she wanted someone who made more money than her!
  9. Checkout an early season (2 or 3?) where one of the wives ended up getting a restraining order against her husband (after D Day). Pepper's comment on that relationship was that they had matched them because "we thought they'd look sexy together" 😮.
  10. Marcel WAS a gimmick - it was season 1. And the zoo guy was hilarious, as was Ross' response to him - "I'm not interested in THAT way, but - zoo dollars?" 😄 😄😄 Are you trying to bribe me? But you already told me everything!" 😐 <that's the zoo guy (hee hee)
  11. I do understand why Whit's parents were there - they have been "main characters" on this show from the start. Hunter? As someone else said - baffling 😄
  12. I too don't get why "marriage is hard". And not everyone needs to get separated - some people are happy to be married without being constantly "in love" and sexually attracted. I still am not understanding what happened with Lisa - I didn't see any type of intense backlash until she made a spectacle of herself - when this all started what was she trying to save herself from?
  13. It was not addressed - I would have liked to see that too!
  14. Yeah I wondered about this - if cooking is a hobby of his, and she loves to eat and hates to cook, wouldn't we have heard about this during the period while they were dating, in love, engaged? More proof that this whole thing was fake. If Whitney had a real boyfriend outside grilling ribs every night (and serving them to her in bed 😄 ) we wouldn't hear/see the end of it!
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