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  1. Interestingly enough - they were one of the only couples ever to have a decent reason for being matched - that Jamie came from a dysfunctional family and really wanted to be part of a nice one, while Doug came from a super-close family that Jamie would like, and he was looking for a wife to fit in. I think he looks fit and reasonably handsome (not a fan of big hair on guys) but there's a certain face he makes where he gets little chipmunk teeth - almost like Mindy scrunching up her nose to be cute 😄 Maybe that's what the experts matched them for 😄
  2. He said earlier something like, "I want to be the kind of husband that everyone in the crowd knows is the best husband" so I see him just acting like how he thinks the "best husband" would act. I fell bad because Mindy seemed so happy, but I'm not buying it. Haha I always think of a "handsome woman" as someone more masculine, like Bea Arthur. I think the word you are looking for is "butterface". Although it seems to me that for most guys - being tall and thin makes up for having a plain face. Zach is short and IMO needs a haircut; he may disagree but I think Mindy is attractive enough for him. And his wife is the least attractive of all 😄
  3. Maybe Anthony Michael Hall in his younger days?
  4. Joy's. Kristin's husband seems like your average selfish douchebag, who's also acting a bit for the cameras. (When he was covering himself in whipped cream and chocolate sauce he was not alone - he was hanging out with a camera man or two the whole time 😄) Joy's fiance - how do I hate him? Let me count the ways: 1. He encourages her to sit on him and squish him - what? 2. He was listing what had to happen for them to get engaged and the first thing was "meet his coworkers" - then it seemed like he gets together for drinks with his coworkers on a regular basis. Why hadn't she met them already? 3. When she did meet them he made her stand in the street while he went in first to warn them she was fat 4. He claims to want to do things like backpack around Europe, yet he wants to spend his life with a gal who can't even carry in the groceries? Unless he intends to do his thing while she sits at home (like he apparently does with his coworkers) 5. After all, his friend who had his bachelor party claimed that he goes out with him "all the time" - didn't sound like Joy was part of that either 6. Making the dancers on the bar stop in the middle of their routine to prove to us what a self-righteous fat lover he is - virtue signaling never wins any points from me 😈 7. Any concern over her health, considering that she can't even carry groceries in and had a COLLAPSED LUNG from being so big? None. He just wants her to sit around the house staying fat so that he has a pair of giant breasts to dive into when he feels like coming home from living his normal, active life. I hate him.
  5. Well that's the benefit of being the boss! As I used to tell my 7th grade students - if you want to do what I do go get a teaching certificate and a job - until then I'll be the only one cutting in the lunch line 😄
  6. Joy's fiance might be the worst guy I have ever seen on a reality show. And I have watched all seasons of Married at First Sight! And Joy, when you admit on tv to having a COLLAPSED LUNG from being so big - his mom is not out of bounds questioning your health!
  7. You mean you didn't have someone else do all the planning while you just stood around twerking for 20 minutes? What kind of trainer were you? 😄
  8. Fake. I'm not saying they are not friends, and I'm sure they're happy enough with the money, but they all started the season with "I haven't talked to _____ in ages" (except for Tal who started his "fight" with Buddy on day 1 of filming instead). I think in real life they'd be old high school friends who get together once in a while, but this idea that they all live in each others' pockets and are just fascinated by Whitney's life is as fake as can be. And Whitney does literally (yes literally) 2 hours of work with Ryan a week but we're supposed to see her as a "business woman"? Please.
  9. How about the other dude saying how he liked Dayna because they could have meaningful conversations, while with Scheana they talked about emojis 😄 😄😄
  10. I think anyone who agrees to play Whit's love interest is informed when hired that it includes having your pits smelled and pretending nothing's wrong with her 😄 Possibly because we are still operating under the fiction that BGDC is an actual thing and not just a cast of women for filming? Me neither. Single mama needs to pay the bills 😄 Last week I questioned why her entire 5 days of 20 minute videos, plus spending 30 minutes watching Ryan cook a meal, couldn't be done in an afternoon? This week she says it takes "90% of my time"? 😄 😄 😄 😄😄
  11. I am sure she will have the fertility conversation with Chase. It will be on camera and stretched out over at least 2 already-too-long episodes. Whitney will worry about it in THs, discuss it separately with her parents and each friend, discuss each of those conversations in THs, start the conversation, Chase will hem and haw into a "cliffhanger" ending, after which he will a) be completely fine with it like the Prince Charming that he is, or b) need some "time to think" which will include weepy THs from Whit, separate discussions about it with her parents and friends, THs about those discussions, possibly friends contacting Chase to express to him how Whit feels, repetetive TH's from Chase and maybe a conversation or two between him and Ryan, as well as conversations between Whit and Ryan so that we can hear him rehash each of the conversations with the other person. Followed by Chase deciding that he is completely fine with it like the Prince Charming that he is. Everything in this show may be fake, but clever and quick-paced it is not!
  12. Leanne is a mean girl and Kary was proud of being Mexican and said so frequently - that is why I think Leanne's main motivation was kicking Kary where she thought it would hurt rather than animosity toward Mexicans. The other thing Kary was proud of was her jewelry and Leanne insulted that too.
  13. I'm quite sure they are not allowed to talk like that on camera - can you imagine current couples talking about what a dick Luke was, or Iris the weirdo? 😄 I thought they were very cute.
  14. Haha it's so true! Years ago I watched a "Where are they now?" for the Flavor of Love women and one said in a TH, "Now that I'm a celebrity, . . ." and I wanted to tell her that no one knows who she is 😄 So maybe they see their "fame" differently. He did put the effort in to woo her during that honeymoon!
  15. Just sexually, which IMO he shouldn't have done if he knew from the go that he didn't want to be with her.
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