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  1. Because now she's the HBOC 😄 but his hemorrhoids comments had me laughing hard 🤣 Yes he appeared once last season, I believe Thank you! I meant to google that to prove I'm right and she's wrong, but now I don't have to 😀 Yes she is. The most surprising part of her personality this season is when she compliments someone else in an animated voice - that's what is completely unlike her 😄
  2. I didn't think Kyle ever came at her with prejudice - ignorance, probably, but from what I remember Carlton was hoping to shock and Kyle's stupidity sort of tore the rug out from under her feet 😄. I remember when she took them around her house and mentioned that the glass ball in her yard (which in the 80s we referred to as "tacky yard balls"*) was called a "witch's ball" and Kyle laughed, "Oh, are you a witch?" and Carlton fixed her with her best Wednesday Addams glare and said she was, and Kyle was kind of left speechless. I wouldn't call that prejudice; I think Kyle was just making a si
  3. The perky one is Lisa. The one full of world-weary ennui is Meredith 😁
  4. That sounds about right - I'll confess to being 230 and close to her size, although where she is flat-bottomed and big-stomached, I am fortunate enough to be the opposite. And I'm probably a few inches taller than her. But if I had to say my weight on tv I'd definitely shave off 15-20 lbs and blame "the cameras" 😄 Yeah I thought so until she said, "I'll just have to meet him in person as soon as possible so I don't invest any more time if he's not into me" - once again, this is not about a coffee date, but an overnight flight to another country!! Insane 🤣 Absolutely shenanig
  5. I thought Todd looked a lot older than last year. I think Annette must be on to Whitney a little bit - she got her the double bike so Ashley could do all the work while Whit obsessed about her "boyfriend" 😄. Why can't one person even ask her, "What has he said that makes you think you are in a relationship?" I'd love to know. Because she said in a TH that she doesn't think she's doing anything weird! 😳
  6. Haha! I, on the other hand, upon hearing that Heather was sticking up for Jen, immediately thought, "She must hate Brooks Marks too!" 😄 But maybe it's the face thing 😂
  7. Didn't work out so well for EJ, did it? 😄. Maybe Coach Shah will do better! You just might be 😄. I hate the whiny little twerp. IMO Jen is upset because she didn't show her vagina, he didn't see her vagina, but he did a TH on HER show to embarrass her and claim she did. That little creep wants to go on an adult women's tv show and taunt the most aggressive, nasty crazypants on the show? Learn a lesson, little asshole.
  8. Huge mistake! It looks like she used that boob tape, but rather than to push them together to plump up her cleavage she separated them as far as she can! And then covered them with airbrushed makeup so that her chest looks like some weird plastic mannequin. Yeah Jesus is not out there chasing down the enemies of hucksters and false teachers!
  9. One of the reasons they were originally matched was because they both claimed to be very into sex. Maybe she will be one day, but right now she's at a level below Iris 😄
  10. Tweaked her face and her bosom - and not in a good way! Her breasts in the TH with the low and wide cut v-neck look very very strange. As far as her "turning in" Jen - all I could tell was that she possibly told the police where to find her - so what? It's not like the arrest warrant expires if you can avoid the cops for an hour 😄
  11. Exactly! She was planning to be the wronged but courageous ex-wife by the time the shit hit the fan 😀
  12. Well she claimed to wear it with pride, but I believe her real motivation was to shock. As would be her motivation for hissing it in Sutton's ear when no one was looking. As I said previously - if Sutton had been around during the necklace days it might not have flummoxed her, but since she wasn't I can see where it might if she thinks it's coming out of nowhere.
  13. And if she's not a cook she's buying premade meals, which are more expensive.
  14. She got drunk at the Girardi's dinner party and talked back to Tom when he chided her!!! (Leading Erika to tell another lady the next day, "I'm not ALLOWED to behave that way" 😂 Ah that was her own fault. Keep her gone 😖
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