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  1. Hopefully our actual future leaders are out there doing better things than famewhoring on low-rent reality shows 😄 He managed not to do shots with them because he doesn't want his drinking problem out there; he was swilling from that red solo cup all night. The producer even mentioned it when Brandon was acting like an ass to production.
  2. Ok first of all, I'm annoyed that after his behavior on this show Zach is even allowed on Jamie O's show. He should be blackballed. Sitting there smirking in his little tight pants and no socks with shoes that should have socks, making comments on other people's relationships. 😡 Next, Katie: Vying with Brandon and Michael for who is the biggest asshole (since Zach wasn't on) and she almost wins! Wow girl. At that dinner it seemed to me that, with Sulky Pants and the Big Drunk out on the porch, the rest of the group was joking around and having fun, and Katie wasn't having it. As I've said before, she thinks Derek is allowed to moon after her or be sleeping; that's it. And I'm tired of her telling him what a loser he is. Brandon: secret drinker. No shots for him but he was sucking down that red solo cup. Add some hair to his head and remove it from his face, give him Caucasian skin and you've got my brother right there. A charmer who becomes a mean drunk. I'd bet my last rolls of toilet paper that he continued drinking most of the night, which is why he was still being a nightmare when production resumed in the morning. Michael: didn't speak on the whole ride down; took his tacos outside to eat; shocked that Meka doesn't want to share a bedroom and thinks that when he comes back the next night he'll have a great chance to work on his marriage? Dude must lie to himself too. Go Austin and Jessica! And show - you should have picked something more believable to make their fight about - no one believes she might dump a guy she's in love with because he has to travel for work. Sheesh.
  3. Wendell's boot was a surprise to me! I thought it was going to be between Adam and Nick. I am happy with the result 😄
  4. I love your whole poem! To me this was the funniest that literally had me LOLing 😄😄😄
  5. We'll never know for sure until he takes off his hat and shows us his hair hat 😄
  6. In this case the puppy bit back and IMO, won the battle. Not just because she talked back and made sense, but because the other girls were all giving "Lala" the side-eye. Best fight of the evening, IMO. And "Lala" thinks she's so hot, but wouldn't a Michael Vick pitbull be a poor dog that had been abused and tortured into fighting viciously for survival? "Lala" was the big dummy in this fight ETA: Speaking of abusing animals - who knew LVP and Whitney Way Thore were soul sisters in that arena? 😖
  7. I think Sandoval did violence against Jax because he was very hurt that Jax was one of his best friends, did what he did, and then walked around all "whatever" about it. If Jax had apologized and squeezed out a few tears his nose would have remained intact. I was happy to see it get punched in 😄
  8. I'm guessing because filming ended and she got her final paycheck 😄
  9. This is why I agree with those who say that not everyone needs a DSM diagnosis - some people are just liars and jerks! Yeah he had the nerve to give that wink to Jamie when she was disgusted with him on unfiltered. What a douche!
  10. I could understand feeling like that - but when she nastily calls him a dork and a loser to his face (like she did in the previews) she is sending a different message. Fortunately for Zach, being a giant asshole is perfectly legal 😄
  11. Oh yes! I always forget about that because I had to leave the room when they did it, but any Survivor winner who hasn't had to do that is definitely 2nd tier 😄
  12. Yes! I keep saying (in case production reads here I will keep repeating it 😄 ) that they should do a season one reboot - all of the challenges, rewards, etc. the same and see how the newbies play it!
  13. Buddy's a regular cast member so he'll be around - if Chase hopes to skedaddle before the wedding then he will have to make himself absent afterwards 😄 They could probably drag another season out of Chase robotically stating "it's not you, it's me" in a variety of scenes, but either way his presence on this show is necessarily short-lived!
  14. Or that never happened at all 🤔
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