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  1. princelina

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Haha - my thoughts were "It sounds like they're working on their 'storyline' for this season" 😄
  2. princelina

    S09.E06: Real Life and Real Wife

    They call him "Mr. Picky" - I wonder if super-annoying girls like Elizabeth are his "type" - he finds them charming at first, but that's why he ends up dumping them all 😄 IMO they want to be on tv. Some of them would like to meet a partner, and if they happen to get a good one it's gravy, but their main motivation is their 15 minutes. Actually, she said, "Iris is going to use liners in Iris' drawers. That's what made me want to give her a slap. 😄 And WTF is with the women on this show wanting to share bathrooms? Sheesh.
  3. princelina

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    When they went to France she ordered a margarita and made a remark about how she's not into rose, but always has a margarita - which was news to me; I thought it was her trying to give herself a "thing" like rose was Lisa's "thing" Because the VPR cast are supposedly her employees, so they suck it up. But I know what you mean - and when she does it she always has an "aren't I the cutest" smirk on her face, and a gleam in her eye that shows how she LOVES talking to them like that. Definitely a disher and not a taker. I thought LVP was supposed to do B&J's wedding, but due to the death of her mother Lance Bass stepped in at the last minute. I remember that too - my impression was Ken was joking but I felt it was in a "rubbing her nose in the fact that they give her stuff" kind of way. (Like a friend of mine who thinks he's hilarious at restaurants making constant jokes to the wait staff about the size of the tip they may or may not be receiving - I think it's crass and embarrassing.). Rocio may like the things Lisa gives her, and once again - she's an employee so she will suck up the VDP/Todd's bad manners, but I don't care for it. Also, I recently caught the episodes from season 1, which I did not watch at the time - Cedric was definitely a house pet. They were generous with him, but when Lisa wanted him to do something he didn't want to do, he was told by her that she gave him all this stuff for free and she expected him to do things she asked him to.
  4. They're all just horrible people but I confess that I don't really hate any of them (except maybe Jax and Brittany - I come closest with them because he's just a sociopath and she's a big faker.). I like Tom Sandoval and James cracks me up because he has some of the British wit LVP tries to lay claim to. Lisa is interesting to watch on the show - she loves to put them down or speak dismissively to them, and make "nuts" and "balls" jokes to her male employees all the time. Unlike the BH ladies they just put up with it, but they give her a lot of subtle shade in their THs that she is not clever enough to get, and that amuses me too.
  5. He just said she was bringing one at a time to visit since she can't travel with 2 - I took that to mean in the car, and I thought it seemed like they are together.
  6. I'm the opposite - I could watch the "chuckleheads" without her condescending snottiness.
  7. princelina

    S01.E01: Can't Buy My Love

    Creepy is what I was thinking too! Other than Brianna, who seems more young and stupid (although her mom was creepy so I guess the potential is there 😃). Bill’s teeth and unbuttoned shirt with the necklaces, Katie’s horrible plastic surgery face, Kolton’s “music” (😂) and voice, Rosie’s obviously a whore, and I don’t even know where to begin with “Gentille”’s boyfriend 😖. Originally I wasn’t planning on watching because it seemed so fake even in the commercials. But I figured I would check it out and they’re all just awful! But I’ll follow along here now that I know the gross cast of characters, and those of you with stronger stomachs than me can fill me in. Thanks 😁
  8. princelina

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    If Kyle wants to wear sexy clothes she needs to take Rinna's advice and "Own it!!!" If someone had already publicly shamed me once for improperly condoling her, I would take a picture of my next condolence too, and keep it in a safe place for the next public shaming. Totally Team Erika on this one. I don't really care how LVP felt or what she meant; say it in private or (preferably) don't say it at all.
  9. princelina

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    I don't believe it either - you can't tell me with all the glam and facial touch-ups and false eyelashes and heels and everything else that LVP gets regular old manicures that need to dry and start to show flaws in 2 days 😄
  10. princelina

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    She's not the brains - she's the moral compass! That's even more exhausting 😄 I don't think she's the dark cloud either; I think she's kindhearted and fun to a point; IMO her problem is that she always has to feel superior to others. So she makes her little digs, under the guise of British humor, but she's not clever enough to be actually humorous, so they annoy or offend people instead.
  11. princelina

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    I think she's happiest with minions, pets and Ken - but I repeat myself 😄
  12. princelina

    S09.E04: Stranger Love in Paradise

    Haha mine too! I went without him 😄
  13. princelina

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    I'm sure they haven't - I've never believed any of them were friends. That's why they always refer to each other as "this group" 🙂
  14. princelina

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    Haha complete with a banal sex pun that I'm sure she thinks is hilariously risqué 😄 I don't like when they use human beings as props/decor for their parties. Never have so I thought I'd mention it.