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  1. akiss


    I definitely got the impression that they are going for an Assane/ Claire endgame.
  2. We have dates! The first part of season 5 will air on September 3rd and the second part on December 3rd. The trailer is explosive. I like it. I'm hoping that it ends in a high note and not follow the trend of shows lately that completely ruin everything with their last season.
  3. I wonder why would someone want to see a wedding dress from a marriage that has gone so badly. I'd much rather go and see the famous black divorce dress.
  4. Interesting post! Some more facts. All Greek kings tried to side with Germany during both world wars, against the will of the Greek people. This led to continuing classes with the government and the citizens so by the time WW2 ended there was a strong anti-monarchy movement in Greece. In 1974 former King Constantine abdicated but not willingly. He was voted out by a referendum where the greek people decided they didn't want a monarchy anymore.
  5. I have allready listened some of the songs but not all. My favorite so far is Italy's.
  6. akiss


    I can't wait for this!
  7. I hated this episode because of the crying baby storyline. Ugh. And Kevin was twice very callous toward Randall's experience being black. I think this will come up later.
  8. This was actually the best episode so far in an, admittedly lacklustre season.
  9. Great news! I wonder if it applies to other countries too (not a US citizen.)
  10. Wow! Amazing dress, I agree. All of Gilda had great dresses iirc.
  11. Holidate was really cute! Not earth shuttering great but not bad either.
  12. akiss

    Tennis Thread

    Great match for Swiatek! I am so happy for her
  13. akiss

    Tennis Thread

    I jinxed it.
  14. akiss

    Tennis Thread

    Go Tsitsipas!
  15. Quino, creator of Mafalda. Mafalda was before my time, but the comics were very popular here and she was my favorite. RIP.
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