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  1. I adore this show. It is quite big in Europe.
  2. This show definitely had its ups and downs but I loved the ending.
  3. akiss

    Suits in the Media

    I'm so happy for them!
  4. akiss

    Suits in the Media

    Ahhhh, okay thanks!
  5. akiss

    Suits in the Media

    Is this verified? I wouldn't think it is so easy to quit a show.
  6. I'm glad it was portrayed so well. I hope I get to see the episode soon!
  7. Oh, I see. Thanks for the answer!
  8. And that someone could be Samantha, i.e. someoe no one cares about but her death would have consequences on the show.
  9. Does anyone have any recs for post 4x23 fics? I think the possibilities are endless...
  10. akiss

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    I think the relationship itself was what people wanted because it cannot exactly be representation in this show when the main lead who probably won't die is a LGBT character.
  11. I, for one, hate the idea that Oliver would lie to Felicity because he's afraid of losing her. That's problematic for me. One should be in a relationship because one wants to, not because they don't have all the info. It's better, for me that he does it for BM or the kid or whatever. It's stupid and damages the foundation of their trust, but at least it's not manipulative. Also, I don't care if it's a quiet or a loud break up, as long as there is one because they should send the message that it's not okay to lie. And then let them have the message that it's okay to forgibve too, because I'd hate a prolonged period with O licity at odds.
  12. ITA. It has to happen sometime, so they better do it now.
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