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  1. I... really do not agree with the above. The lines that are the same are lines from the book. I love the film and I didn't find that much similarities.
  2. I simply adore the green dress Kiera Knightley wears in Atonement.
  3. Thank you! A lot of people love this movie and I don't get it. Unlike you, I like the actors just fine and I think they did a good job with what they were given but they were given cliches and poor writing. They turned Bingley into a fool! Darcy was not shy in the book, he was just full of himself. There was hardly any humour in the movie. Jane Austen would hate the rain scene. She made fun of these poorly written romantic scence in her novels. Just an awful adaptation altogether.
  4. It won't disappoint. At least, I loved it. Especially season 2.
  5. Thanks for all the recomendations! I loved High Fidelity (well, I haven't finished all the episodes but up till now, it was delightful) and Two Night Stand. Off to try Dog Days and Plus One now. 😄
  6. akiss

    S01.E15: Dodger

    Thank you for doing this!
  7. akiss


    Yes. Season 3 has already been filmed. I think it's the last one, though.
  8. akiss


    I really love this show, although season 2 was a little uneven (didn't care about the subplot with Guilliano and Simonetta). I can't wait for season 3.
  9. I'm so sad. I loved her and Roxette.
  10. I adore this show. It is quite big in Europe.
  11. This show definitely had its ups and downs but I loved the ending.
  12. akiss

    Suits in the Media

    I'm so happy for them!
  13. akiss

    Suits in the Media

    Ahhhh, okay thanks!
  14. akiss

    Suits in the Media

    Is this verified? I wouldn't think it is so easy to quit a show.
  15. I'm glad it was portrayed so well. I hope I get to see the episode soon!
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