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  1. Congratulations on your parents wedding anniversary! They're great proof that age gap relationships can work. I'm new to the Bachelor in Paradise franchise and I guess I'm confused by the fact that any of these couples can find love/engagements in such a short time frame. I hope that these couples take the time to really evaluate their relationships outside of the limelight of TV.
  2. I agree that Maurissa never specifically said she was used for sex, but its what I gathered based on her first date with Riley. Maurissa told Riley that she's very sexual in a relationship, doesn't get reassurance from men, and has never been taken on a real date in her relationships- essentially that men unfortunately didn't fully value her. Maurissa was putting all of her insecurities on the table on the first date in hopes of Riley building her up on each one and then felt validated by his responses and started talking about how sexual she was- Riley then escalated the situation and sug
  3. I completely agree with you on all fronts! Maurissa and Riley give me red flags- an overeager 20 something who has issues about being used for sex in her past meets a sweet talking lawyer who seduces her on day one. I get anxious vs avoidant attachment style vibes from them and she'll constantly be doing a dog and pony show to seek his approval. I can't stand Maurissa's fake lashes and heavy makeup either. Kenny and Mauri are way too big of an age gap and Serena and Joe are too. I'm put off by a lot of older men who have never been married and continue to seek out impressionable early-20'
  4. Riley told that same exact sickly sweet fantasy story about Sunday breakfasts, kids and a future wife to Tayshia when he was trying to win her over 🤔!
  5. I really liked Abigail and Noah together- they were a gorgeous couple. I think that Abigail handled the breakup well and she rightfully was confused by Noah telling her he was falling for her and then ending things the next day. The expectations of BIP producers to have fantasy suites/engagements by the end of the show must have weighed heavily on Noah's conscience and he decided to call it off rather than going through with things and leading her on. The BIP is such an unrealistic and toxic pressure cooker of forced bonds and accelerated feelings and I'm glad that Abigail and Noah both tre
  6. This show shouldn't pressure people to get engaged at the end of BIP. Wells should just say, "Glad it its working for you two, now its time to have Skype dates, or take a Greyhound bus/plane to see each other again- take care!"
  7. That would be television GOLD and I'd kill for that drama! It would be the merging of my two favorite guilty pleasure TV franchises 😆- I could see Joe complaining about poutine or ice fishing and dramatic tense music suddenly playing as Serena glares at him!
  8. I look at guys like Ed and Riley and I see that they've taken bodybuilding way too far and have completely distorted their physiques and possibly their hormone levels with steroids. When it comes to dating, I'm not into a heavily muscled look- I'll take a dad bod or a slender and toned look any day. I want a guy who can lie down on the couch with a bag of Doritos, but be able to run after a bus if he needs to!
  9. Good call, Irlandesa and Crash Course! I completely forgot that Kendall and Joe lived so far away from each other- if neither of them wanted to permanently move, then it wasn't going to work out in the long run anyway.
  10. Despite his curls and good looks, I'm not a fan of Grocery Joe anymore either. Joe is 35 and turning down a beautiful, fun and quirky 29 year old skilled taxidermist for a basic, shrill baby-voiced 23 year old. If I were Joe and had to choose between the two, I'd choose Kendal in a heartbeat- she had me at describing bird mating facts 😆. Good riddance to the wishy washy socks and sandals man- onward and upward, Kendall!
  11. Thank you 😄!!! Kenny is certainly a character and his giant star tattoos scream early 2000's MTV TRL rock band! Your profile name is so great by the way- very clever!!
  12. hahaha tell me about it 😄! I suffered big time yesterday- I actually made and ate homemade grilled chipotle chicken tacos yesterday for lunch not knowing what my TV viewing future last night had in store! "Great taco?" 🤣
  13. He does nothing for me either- mainly because of the huge tattoos and I think he's really immature for his age.
  14. Kenny is in love with taco tits- for now 😏! He's pushing 40 and looks like cheap 4th of July firework packaging with all of his patriotic tattoos and has two giant stars near his penis- the man is not looking to finance a ring at Zale's anytime soon, Mari!
  15. James is definitely a handsome hunk of a man! I love his complexion and blue eyes- he'd look great with a short, wavy hair cut. I don't know why he's having so much trouble finding ladies on this show- he was fun and outspoken on Katie's season. I'm always surprised about which guys/girls are crushed on the most or cast aside on this show. I bet he looks even hotter in person.
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