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  1. ComeWhatMay

    S03.E08: The White Elephant

    When renewal is not guaranteed, cliffhangers are especially unkind. The Duke is abominable. Loved seeing the Queen subdue him — but only temporarily. “Snap his head like a chicken” rather. I hope characters do not simply disappear again if there is another season. Would like to know what becomes of them. I did not/do not mind the Sophie and Josef Harlequin style tale. I went with it and get it in the context of the time without the choices I have and with the vile husband Sophie could not simply divorce. William has been at Harrow and away from her. Sometimes children become what they hated/feared in spite of their best efforts and that of the other parent. I get saving yourself — as a woman in my family did so — and wanting to be happy. Money and status aren’t everything. Life with the Duke taught Sophie that and Josef wasn’t on the make — I don’t think — and would struggle along with her. Sophie has no clue just what a struggle it would be, though, and I hope she does not have it in her to leave William. Josef, if he does love her, and I think he does, will get it and I hope the writers have the sense to tell us. IRL, you never get over leaving your child, even if your reasons were unimpeachable.
  2. ComeWhatMay

    S04.E08: Episode 8

    Yes. What would Ross have said to Valentine and George at Elizabeth's grave that George would wish to hear? Does he have designs on making some claim on Valentine now? Glad Demelza stopped him. Time and place applies to him too. George and Elizabeth were lovely during their brief time together with Ursula.
  3. ComeWhatMay

    S04.E07: Episode 7

    Yes, Nidratime. If you are Geoffrey Charles, you know how much your stepfather hates Ross, so why say how much your brother looks like him? Not smart or thoughtful and I am not a fan.
  4. ComeWhatMay

    Season 8 Discussion

    RE: Jamie's apartment -- it's been noted before that he has a security side hustle and with his last name and reputation, I imagine it is lucrative. Jamie's loans are likely well paid off now. In Season Three, Jamie's place was not one he wanted to take his then-girlfriend to... I know people who lived on noodles and with no furniture to fast track loan payoff. Given my fussing about the writers and putting the show on time out as I cannot abide the JAG Harm and Mac style nonsense with Eddie or Eddie period:-), I realize the irony of this post.
  5. ComeWhatMay

    S03.E09: Episode 9

    Tom Harry & Osborne both need to die. Ross is slow on the uptake, to his & others detriment. Leave it to him to have an epiphany on the cusp of a riot. Next time, just listen to Demelza, Ross. But will Ross, now that there is the unspeakable between Ross & Demelza as there is with George & Elizabeth? George looked like utter Hell on the beach. Farthing’s portrayal has made me root for George to turn himself around. Something that bothered me: Ross laughed with Demelza & Drake when reminded about putting the toads down George’s pants. I didn’t care for it. Ross knows the damage it did. Prudie at the kitchen table with Ross reminded me of the dying Agatha with Elizabeth. Both realized they should have kept their mouths shut. Demelza’s tit for tat with Hugh just made her feel like crap. It’s not who she is.
  6. ComeWhatMay

    S03.E08: Episode 8

    I think Demelza is looking for the level of feeling from Ross that Demelza thinks Ross has for Elizabeth -- even though from my perspective, Ross left Elizabeth standing at the Trenwith window twice: first with Francis & then with George with the ultimate +1. I believe, but Demelza doesn't, that Ross & Elizabeth are "never, ever getting back together." I believe this not because of Ross & his real & imagined monologues, but because of what I saw from Elizabeth in that church. In Ross' imagined monologue to Demelza, Ross states he wronged Elizabeth (any admission of wrongdoing on Ross' part surprises me frankly), that 15 years ago Ross would have given the world for Elizabeth (first love can be that way, but I don't think Ross & Elizabeth were ever built or compatible for more than first love) & that he still found Elizabeth so very lovely (the kisses all over Elizabeth's face already said that to me). "You changed me" Demelza actually heard much the same song and dance before. Remember Ross' "imperfect love" Demelza vs. "idealized love" Elizabeth monologue? I'm actually glad Ross kept these thoughts to himself this time. Who is he trying to convince -- Demelza or himself? Perspective & knowing what you want is what you have is a gift. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Ross wasn't married with children when Elizabeth married Francis, but Ross didn't put up a fight then either. Elizabeth wants money & position, he sputtered at the time. In their conversation at the church, Ross reminded Elizabeth how George always looked at her -- & made a point of saying that he always knew it. Interesting. Unfathomable as it was to Ross (or George or Elizabeth herself for that matter) that Elizabeth would ever be with George & the depths to which Ross sunk to prevent it, here they all are. And, there was Ross coaching Elizabeth on how to maintain her fiction about Valentine and thereby maintain her marriage to George. But after Ross kissed Elizabeth all over her face, it was Elizabeth who actually said the word "goodbye" & walked away with her head held high. Ross just stood there looking verklempt. Maybe because Ross realized Elizabeth doesn't just have to be with George, she actually wants to be at this point? Toads! Other than finally having it out with Ross as she ought to long ago, I don't think Elizabeth was out of touch with the times and looking for a reunion in that church. I also think Ross' blase attitude about "George's son" Valentine was the final wake-up call Elizabeth needed to lob the Holy Water on the ghost of her love for Ross. Geoffrey Charles is blossoming at Harrow on George's dime (whatever George's intentions were sending him there) & Elizabeth was quite the lady of the manor eating strawberries in bed with her man -- a man who is not unpleasant to look at IMO, thinks she is the most beautiful woman in every room & would never let her go. George is a mess, but Elizabeth has seen way worse, her cousin is married to it, thanks to her & her husband. Channel your power for good, Elizabeth.
  7. ComeWhatMay

    S03.E08: Episode 8

    I continue to be impressed by Farthing. For all of George's behavior & my sympathy for the untenable position Elizabeth found herself in thanks to Ross, I feel for George after Valentine in the scenario. Ross' "goodbye kisses" all over Elizabeth's face were all kinds of inappropriate. I imagine Ross in the George position with Demelza & Hugh & its not pretty. George is a cuckold; the unwanted child of his worst enemy bears his name. Ice & avoidance is preferable to what George could have been doing to Elizabeth or Valentine this episode & Elizabeth knows it as does Ross. Seems to me Elizabeth was off the stuff -- her moments with Geoffrey Charles & stepping up hard, albeit very late, for Morwenna with Morwenna's odious husband. Elizabeth knew she needed to have her wits about her, I think, as the jig is up. I appreciated Elizabeth's bluntness with Ross in the church. There's no Maury Povich on DNA Test Day to say, "George, you are not the father," but I think we come away from that conversation knowing we don't need Maury for this one anyway. FWIW, I know George should have shucked the toads out of his pants & kept moving & set on another girl. He didn't, though, & it struck me that Ross wanted to save Elizabeth's marriage for Valentine (Ross has no intention of being a father to Valentine after all), but Elizabeth seemed to want to save it for Elizabeth. Caroline clocks everything -- I love her.
  8. ComeWhatMay

    S03.E07: Episode 7

    At the outset, I liked Agatha & will miss the character & actress. George is a bad guy. Agatha’s truth bomb about Valentine’s parentage on her way out over the cancelled party makes me think of how George stewed over those toads put down his trousers & heavens knows what else Ross & company did to him over his apparent childhood airs. Resentment that twists into hate is malignant & will take you places you never thought you would go. Agatha screwed Elizabeth & an innocent child, Valentine, by outing Elizabeth’s paternity lie, hence her appropriate apology to Elizabeth. Farthing did a great job conveying George’s devastation — he was gutted. Lying about the paternity of a child is low & whatever I think of George, I felt for him still, credit to Farthing who looked about to fall over. Where Agatha lost me was picking at Valentine’s rickets, especially when by her own estimation he is actually a Poldark, her blood. Really, what choice did Elizabeth have but marry George thanks to Ross POLDARK? It’s not like Ross wants to or will face up to what he did — step up & claim Valentine & take the backlash it would entail & inflict on Demelza, Jeremy & Clowance & his life in general? Ross’ attitude when Demelza spoke to him about Valentine’s plight made it clear. What little love Valentine knew will likely go by the wayside.
  9. ComeWhatMay

    S03.E05: Episode 5

    Agatha: “I have little to lose.” “George is a cruel man.” Truth. Makes me pity Valentine all the more. Half-siblings Jeremy & Clowance are bathed in love. “Entitled ease...” George tries much too hard, which old money in general are turned off by. Jewelry that is too ostentatious, houses that are “not practical.” Those who blend in & are not too showy — act as they aspire to be & don’t pick fights with or trash the people there — fare much better. Debasing himself over the dreg of the Godolphins at Morwenna’s expense is also hurting him & he doesn’t have a clue. Ouch. Geoffrey Charles snatching his hand from Elizabeth’s penetrated the narcotic induced fog. RIP, Captain Henshawe. Ross’ vision was brutal & showed self-awareness I appreciate before Ross’ obvious guilt at the funeral. Bless Demelza being so free with the hugs at the unit’s arrival. George foiled again. Caroline & Dwight are the sleeper super-couple.
  10. ComeWhatMay

    Blue Bloods in the Media

    Thanks for posting, mtlchick. I see Donnie's friendship with Amy in how he chose his words. Moynahan's comments are quite illuminating.
  11. ComeWhatMay

    S03.E04: Episode 4

    George is so damaged. If he wasn’t so utterly detestable, malicious & sadistic in response to all around him, a choice, I would pity him. Ross meeting Clowance was utterly precious. Poor Valentine — when one cannot separate a child from his or her mother or father enough to open his or her heart to the child, it’s tragic for the child & entirely unfair. Elizabeth regards that poor baby almost with disdain. Demelza probably thinks Morwenna like Elizabeth, they are family after all, & not cut out for hard times. Drake would be hard times. No money on either side. The Godolphin is gross. No amount of money or drugs can compensate, as Elizabeth knows, which makes it worse on her part to push it. God Bless Dwight. Such a hero. Terrible to watch him & his comrades suffer that way. Caroline is a gem.
  12. ComeWhatMay

    S03.E03: Episode 3

    I think the infant cast as pale as George and his hair easily explained by Elizabeth's. I don't look at the child cast in the role & think love child of Ross Poldark. If Elizabeth was more cunning & assertive (rather than limited in terms of options, selfish & weak with nerves to match) & George less drug addiction inducing evil, Agatha less mouthy & Ross less impulsive & self-destructive, I think the violent horse episode and walking -- that George expressed concern about -- could have been used to explain Valentine's early arrival. Not to mention, that ridiculous corset... When I saw Elizabeth in the bed chamber minus the corset before her first contraction, I thought, that poor kid.
  13. ComeWhatMay

    Season 8 Discussion

    I think the writers, at least since season four, feel it’s Tom & Donnie who put butts in seats — & I agree they draw a crowd — & don’t care about much else, see Jamie of that undercover op & Front Page News still clowning with Eddie in Season Eight when they could have ended it quietly in Seven or Six or Five or Four & moved Jamie to Sargeant Reagan with Renzulli as a mentor. With that dinner table, they could have stuck to a girl of the month for him. The family doesn’t like new people. Different kind of status quo they seem fond of, but the writers think Vanessa Ray is Meg Ryan in her When Harry Met Sally days apparently. See that interview after that fish of a kiss last year. Letting Amy go over a raise request that I doubt was in any way exorbitant smacks of know your place. Note to other cast members not named Tom or Donnie — this is a hit show & you are lucky to ride along. Pardon the pun.
  14. ComeWhatMay

    Season 8 Discussion

    More & more this reminds me of the Dan Stevens scenario on Downton Abbey even though Dan Stevens was out of there no matter what they gave him. More money & tired of it are why a lot of people walk from contract free gigs well before seven years. I just always think it’s a shame when backstage drama is put out there onscreen with a sloppy presentation. Best to Amy. Good for her for not taking less than what she felt she deserved.
  15. ComeWhatMay

    Season 8 Discussion

    When actors want to go, it’s my experience they say so clearly, & for whatever reason. Part of the reason is that fans are inclined to be angry at the show & if it was the actor’s choice, he or she should own it, IMO. I remember Amy from Another World too. Amy’s a real pro & her exit message reinforces it. Something I noticed that could be nothing — in a single tweet DW complimented Carlson & Esposito’s abilities. I thought that was interesting Donnie lumped them together & could have been DW’s way of telling us that Carlson did not choose to leave any more than Esposito really did. Again, could be nothing. There are several characters it made sense to move along down the line... Nikki, Jack, Eddy... Real money there. I would not have done this to start with, but when you have to kill off a beloved character, a show should milk the goodbye for all its worth & give the fans a chance to say goodbye properly. I think this was shortsighted & tacky.