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The Jeopardy! All-Star Games

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Team Colby: Pam Mueller and Alan Lin

Team Buzzy: Alex Jacob and Jennifer Giles

Team Julia: Ben Ingram and Seth Wilson

Team Ken: Matt Jackson and Monica Thieu

Team Austin: Roger Craig and Leonard Copper

Team Brad: Larissa Kelly and David Madden

Here's the list of teams, as posted by @SuperCam1 in the main thread.

I am team Austin.  I like him, plus he had the good sense to choose Roger Craig. I have to say I have no memory of Leonard Copper - maybe I'll remember him when the tournament starts.

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I wouldn't miss this for the world: I have high hopes for some really sparkling play, since every last one of these people has a track record and they also have the experience with the game that will prevent technical problems (especially with the buzzer) from getting too much in their way. TOC is by far my favourite tournament of the year.

I don't generally root for contestants, certainly not on the basis of their looks or demeanour. So if they have the ability to blow me away with the crazy breadth of their general knowledge I'm definitely there for the entertainment the whole way through. May the best man/woman/android win!

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I can't stand Buzzy. Colby (as with half of them in my opinion) seems to be extremely socially inept. (I am to a degree, so not judging.) Even still, I can see he bugs. But he is a fellow Chicagoan, and so I won't bash.

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1 hour ago, PaulaO said:

I loathe Roger Craig

I didn't like him at first but I came to really like him sometime during that tournament where he played against Brad and Ken.

So I am Team Austin. 

I am not against anyone so mostly I hope they all do a good job and give us some great games.

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I don't remember a lot of these people by name, and I'm almost certain Austin's run was during the period when I wasn't watching the show.  So, if pressed, I'm Team Julia, just because I remember quite liking her.  But I'm really just here for some good competition in a new format.

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Actually, madding crowd, that is what was supposed to happen. Today was Single Jeopardy only, tomorrow will be Double Jeopardy only. I assume there will be a day of Single Jeopardy only & one of Double Jeopardy only involving the other 3 All-Star teams. Don't know what's happening with FJ. I posted in the main season thread, but might as well here too---maybe we need to ignore the All-Star team days & have short weeks (X/2 this week & X/3 week after next) for the contest.

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I’m in Chicago and was also confused.  Today was just single J! and tomorrow the next group of contestants will do DJ!  Alex explained how it works at the beginning of the show but he lost me.

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2 minutes ago, PaulaO said:

Alex explained how it works at the beginning of the show but he lost me.

I actually missed the first 10 min or so, so missed the explanation (came in at the "let's take a peek backstage to watch the teams strategize" part)

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Just now watching the first show of the tournament. I remember that some of those folks annoyed me when they were on, but I'm kind of enjoying how they're trash talking each other.

ETA. I'm a little slow and maybe this was explained before, but  is the plan that each team has to assign one person each to jeopardy, double jeopardy (is that the right term?), and final jeopardy?

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Sooo...what did everyone think of the format?  There was so much board jumping that I was getting dizzy & I am still not sure how the game works 🙂 It was fun seeing familiar faces & I liked Colby's emotional response to how he helped his Mother with the money he won.  

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The podiums are too busy, too much to look at.

Julia I love you.

Is it weird if I would prefer if Alex just did all the rounds?  I mean actually two weeks of Julia, Ken and Alex would be fine with me.

Austin no one was talking to you at the beginning it’s not all about you.

That DD was not worthy of a game with these players.

Does Colby always swallow the question so it doesn’t sound like he’s doing it right?  Also this is my first real exposure to Brad and I have to say I am not a fan.  Part of it is that I’m salty that Alex was not leading but Brad is too extra.

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This episode was so frustrating! I just wanted them to get to the questions already! Also what the hell was Brad’s strategy doing the regular Jeopardy round instead of Double Jeopardy where he could maximize points? Can they not play the same round twice? I guess he’s banking on making the finals and will play double then.

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I don't mind the trash talking since I am not particularly rooting for anyone and only against a couple of people.  I am somewhat confused about how it will all shake out.  It reminds me of something called a gatling gun historic base ball tournament I attended awhile back which I ultimately loved so I am hopeful.  But it could be a long couple of weeks.  

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5 hours ago, Abstract said:

Triple Rhyme Time was insane. I don’t see how they got any of them.

I wasn't going to watch, but I need my fix. 

I admit that I felt pretty smart when I got Gibraltar alter vaulter.  

I really don't like all the talking and wasn't even sure there'd be a game. It was stressing me out! I kept checking the time left on the recording and freaking out that they'd never get through an actual game. Gah! 

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10 minutes ago, opus said:

There’s going to be 4 FJ’s during this tournament? Do I have that figured out right?

I think so -- Match 1 has one, Match 2 has one, the Wild Card game has one, and the final has one?  Or is the final two games like a normal tournament, and so has two? 

I kind of hate the format, too, and it doesn't help that I'm still a little confused by how it works, despite the helpful graphics at the beginning of tonight's half game.

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15 minutes ago, absnow54 said:

This episode was so frustrating! I just wanted them to get to the questions already! 

I agree with you here. I gather from the other comments that some people are enjoying the trash talking, but some of these All Stars seem to have been told to exaggerate their most annoying qualities.

I didn't realize from the explanation that they would be playing Single and Double Jeopardy on different days. 

I felt good getting Greek Peak Week and Gibraltar altar vaulter!

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To answer how the three-member teams work, one person does Jeopardy round, one does Double Jeopardy round and the third does Final Jeopardy. DJ and FJ will be tomorrow.

After today, here are the rankings (unofficial):
Brad Rutter -13
Alex Jacob - 9
Colby Burnett - 6

The intro reminded me how much I dislike Austin. As posted above, it's not all about you. If only you were half as successful in your life as Ken Jennings is in his -- but you're not. You throwing shade on him makes you look more petty than you are, if that's possible.

Trebek showed a graphic at the beginning that illustrated how the teams will move forward. There will be two games with three teams each (using the six teams in total); the winning teams from those two games advance to the final. The third team going to final will be the highest scoring losing team, that's the wild card team. So, three teams will compete for the Big Pay Off.

Alex Jacobs rocks, Brad was just lucky to find that DD. As for the board jumping, everyone was looking for the DD, that's why the jumping around. The laugh was, DD was a $400 clue, a place none of them expected it to be.

I'm not sure how I would feel if I were the person chosen for FJ. But I guess that should be the person slowest on the buzzer. Alex ruled in the buzz-in-first category. If anyone studied the stats when selecting their dream team, percentages of first-buzz-ins were given for every player. So was about every other stat you could think of to grade these players.

Colby's interview brought tears to my eyes, then when Alex told his story, I had to get some fresh Kleenex. But I'm sappy that way.

I hated Austin's intro. I wish lightning would strike him. He must have been ignored as a kid and has this need to be the center of attention. Or else he WAS the center of attention growing up and now expects it. I hope the other players kick him to the curb.

@opus, I think you are correct about the four FJs. But don't quote me.

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To clarify winning teams so even I could understand what I wrote.
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I just found out only this first round will be over two days, so all the interview stuff could fit in. All other games will be all in one day like what we're used to.

I found this on Ken Jennings' Twitter and it made me LOL:


And Ken posted this:


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29 minutes ago, teebax said:

Anyway, I think I'll just use episodes online to tide me over until this tournament ends. I really don't like all the talking and wasn't even sure there'd be a game. It was stressing me out! I kept checking the time left on the recording and freaking out that they'd never get through an actual game. Gah! 

I kept doing this too - I was watching a recording just as the episode was finishing up live, so I actually paused to check to see if the episode had run long and if I should be extending the recording out.

Looks like something similar will happen on Monday too 😞

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Whew. Still trying to catch my breath. Going between the good-natured filler interviews and the positively FRENETIC pace of the actual game was messing with my head a lot. On the (small handful of) times I was able to come up with the answer before someone else buzzed in, I felt like a superhero. The questions were crazy hard IMO, the board-jumping was all over the place, and there's a good reason there's usually only one (or fewer) dominant player at a time in this game. It felt like I'd done 1000 jumping jacks by the end.

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I'll join you all in the Austin hate, but I like Buzzy. I think he's actually funny, in an awkwardly endearing way. Unlike Austin, who only thinks he's funny.

Also, have they given up dinging people for not saying "What is?" Colby did it right off the bat and I was sure they would call him out on it, but nope.

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11 minutes ago, opus said:

So I was way off then. 8 FJ’s

Yeah, eight FJs. That's what I said. *cough*

29 minutes ago, secnarf said:

Looks like something similar will happen on Monday too

I guess they have to split next Monday's show so the teams all play exactly the same way, same breaks between segments. (Makes sense to me!)

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I really liked her when she was on, plus I either don't remember or can't stand <glares at Austin> most of the other players.

I am happy to see that Colby bought a suit that actually fits, and I did like his story about his mom, but he still irks.  

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6 hours ago, Bastet said:

I don't remember a lot of these people by name, and I'm almost certain Austin's run was during the period when I wasn't watching the show.  So, if pressed, I'm Team Julia, just because I remember quite liking her.  But I'm really just here for some good competition in a new format.

I’d like to amend that to say Team Anyone But Austin or Buzzy (although I do find Alex Jacobs quite an impressive player).  I didn’t see either of them during their runs (I went through a couple of long periods where I was working consistently late and didn’t watch the show), but they looked unbearable in their introduction montages – and I say this as someone who normally isn’t fired up for or against contestants.

59 minutes ago, PaulaO said:

Does the winning team split the million, or just the winner?

The team splits it.  (That's only fair, but confirmed by Alex telling Brad he doesn't need $333,000 to visit Australia.)

The delay in actually getting to the game - and then through the round, with a break before and after the interviews - was annoying since I watch the show for the clues, not the contestants, but this is so different, and presumably a one-off event (or at least the first of something that can’t be repeated until many more big winners have been accumulated), I'll let it go.

Colby had enough money left from taking care of his mom (that was touching how she’d be the first person in his family to actually be able to truly retire) to finally buy a suit that fits, I see.

Brad got an “Oh, hel-lo” AND a “Good for you.”  (And it’s funny that Australia was his bucket list answer, when that was just an answer in yesterday’s Alex’s Bucket List category.)

Triple Rhyme Time was fantastically challenging.  I’m great in regular rhyme time categories, and I got the first one unveiled - which stumped the three all-stars (Greek Peak Week) - so I was all puffed up, but I only got two more.

That was a rather frenetic game despite the slow pace of the overall episode, with all the board hopping and being fast on the buzzer.  But I dig the level of competition, and am looking forward to more now that I understand - which I didn't from the little reading I did about the format prior to tonight - how the whole thing works.

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