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  1. Brenda had her parents and Pope call her out when needed. Nobody told Fritz that he was being passive aggressive. Fritz should have told her about his drunk driving arrests especially since Pope knew about them. Brenda didn't deserve to be blindsided like that.
  2. I'm so glad someone else doesn't like Fritz. Brenda should have broken up with him after he didn't tell her about his alcoholism. I hated that the only time he brought up his alcoholism was after they had a fight. I'm glad they didn't have kids just because Fritz wanted them.
  3. FYI for Boston Jeopardy viewers tonight's show will be on Channel 38 at the usual time.
  4. I watched HBO's Tiger documentary and it is excellent, My favorite interview was Tiger's college girlfriend she saw a side of him that no one else could see.
  5. I hate to add more names. Mario Andretti's twin brother Aldo died yesterday. Representative Jamie Raskin's son Thomas died today. He was only 25.Many motorsports reporters have expressed sympathy saying Aldo was a gracious man. His son John was an Indycay and Nascar driver.
  6. kathyk24

    NFL Thread

    This has been the year from hell as far as family tragedies are concerned. James White lost his father Bill Belichick and Ryan Fitzpatrick lost their mothers. Devin McCourty's daughter Mia was stillborn. The Patriots will be wearing special cleats this weekend and Devin's will spotlight pregnancy loss.
  7. I thought this program was great. I think Laura and Rose clashed because they were so alike. I was surprised that Rose wanted to omit Mary's blindness from the books. Almanzo loved Laura so much and she returned his feelings and I think it impacted her later life. I wonder why Charles would leave Wisconsin with a pregnant wife? Rose seems more like an English teacher than a daughter while she was helping Laura write the series.
  8. I read Karen and With Love from Karen when I was in 8th grade. I have cerebral palsy and it was nice to read about someone with the same disability. Disabled children weren't guaranteed an education until the 1970's so her mom was ahead of her time by advocating for Karen.
  9. I was reading the books while the tv was airing. They could have aged up Carrie and Grace and made these new characters their classmates. Nellie's maturity made sense you can't be a spoiled brat forever. I stopped watching the show when they ignored the books especially Mary's storyline.
  10. The Little House series were written for children. If Laura had told the truth that her Pa didn't pay his bills and had been a squatter the books wouldn't have been published. Also certain events like the death of her baby brother were too painful to include in the books. People should be more upset with the tv show which turned her life into a work of fiction. The Ingalls never adopted a son named Albert and Mary never married and had a child who died.
  11. I wonder why Charles chose to leave Wisconsin. It's ok to wander when you are single not if you have a wife and young children to support. Laura's respect for her father makes sense to me. Children were expected to obey their parents without question and she had no way to know how other families behaved. Children were expected to help their parents after school not play with children their own age. Laura probably felt she did her share to help Mary she was under no obligation to help Grace.
  12. Celtics Hall of Fame member KC Jones died today at the age of 88. I feel terrible for Bill Russell they were teammates in college as well as with the Celtics. He was the coach of the 86 Celtics one of the greatest teams of all time.
  13. I think you are too tough on Laura. She was just a little girl when the Ingalls lived in Kansas and couldn't have known that they were there illegally . It's much easier to access public records today than when Laura was alive and even if she wanted more information the state of Kansas could refuse to share it with her.
  14. I loved this documentary. I thought it was very honest and I thought it was interesting when they were describing how they created their music. I thought it was so sad when Barry was talking about Andy.
  15. I can't wait for the Sesame Street category tomorrow! I got buttercup knickers and NY Islanders.
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