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  1. You left out Gibbs and Provenza too. Why isn't this show on any of the retro channels? I'd rather watch this and falcon Crest instead of westerns.
  2. I also heard Ring a Ling. I'll bet Nick gets mistaken for a woman quite often due to his voice.
  3. Did anyone see Reasonable Doubt tonight? I would have thrown something at the tv if Chris and Fatima didn't take that case. How do you convict someone with no physical evidence? I think the police badgered the eyewitness until she chose the one they wanted.
  4. No we did not all have Blackberries. I think Jeopardy needs to raise the prizes that the losing contestants get. Wheel of Fortune is giving away 10000 for one person getting the triple toss up correct so Sony has the money.
  5. I wasn't sympathetic to Conrad's mother. She could have done more to protect her son. She could have gotten an unlisted number blocked Michelle's number or gotten a restraining order against her.
  6. kathyk24

    NFL Thread

    NBC missed a golden opportunity to have a camera in the owner's box. I would have loved to see Jerry Jones's face during the last two minutes. Do not leave Tom Brady any time on the clock he will beat you.
  7. kathyk24

    NFL Thread

    Substitute the Patriots for the Giants and I totally agree. This has been a sad week for the Patriots. David Patten died in a motorcycle accident and Sam Cunningham died at age 71. He was Randall Cunningham's older brother.
  8. Mugshots aren't supposed to be attractive. I've noticed that with other show as well they get beautiful actresses to play average women. I don't have sympathy for men who let their sex drive overrule their morality. I do have sympathy for teens who are manipulated by authority figures.
  9. I love Lucy Worsley. I learned more about Queen Anne on her show than I ever learned in history class. She doesn't have much time for analysis since her specials are an hour long. I think she does a good job interviewing the experts on her shows.
  10. kathyk24


    I think there was a choice by the writers to not give Monk more friends. There were episodes where someone was nice to him and they were never seen again. For example Monk and the Employee of the Month when he he helped his former partner and the college reunion episode when he reunited with Trudy's roommate. Trudy's parents seemed fond of him yet they were only in one episode. It's no surprise he was so dependent on the friends he was allowed to have.
  11. Kara may not have been a sympathetic defendant but there were huge holes in the case. The little boy's testimony changed so much I thought he had been coached by the police. The use of jailhouse informants is a huge red flag for me I don't trust them especially after reading An Innocent Man by John Grisham. It's a true story and two men were sent to prison by a jailhouse informant. I found the stepson very credible.
  12. I loved this episode. My grandfather died when my mother was young so I loved the idea of meeting their younger selves. I think they only had one guest so the story could focus on Elaina and Ruby. I think the episodes are being shown out of order. Last week Ruby ordered a passion friut Daquiri this week they added it to the menu.
  13. I love Amos Decker books. Memory Man is depressing. I loved The Last Mile I'm interested in stories about about people trying to clear their name. Who is the main character? Atlee Pine's sister is named Mercy
  14. I enjoyed this episode more than last week's. I love the relationship between Elena and Ruby. They seem more like partners then boss and employee which is a nice change from the original show. I felt Ruby's struggle between her old and new lives.
  15. If people are aware that you can feign being disabled they might think actual disabled people are faking it as well. The only exception I would make is if it would harm a disabled person. For example I wouldn't someone with mental illness to play Tara in United States of Tara due to the graphic scenes of child abuse.
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