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  1. kathyk24

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I have a small connection to Jeopardy today. I live in Worcester which no one can spell correctly. The most common error is adding an h where it doesn't belong.
  2. kathyk24

    S03.E21: THE S-T-A-- STAIRCASE

    I was confused when Jimmy said that the family was paying for college themselves. Vocational Rehabilitation should be helping JJ and he should qualify for financial aid since the family isn't rich.
  3. kathyk24

    Disability On TV

    I'm more annoyed than angry when abled bodied actors are cast as disabled people. I think networks don't realize that casting disabled actors will give them free publicity. Every disability organization that I know of has a website that can be used to promote the new show. There is a new show debuting next Friday on Netflix called Special. The lead character played Ryan O'Connell has CP.
  4. kathyk24

    S03.E21: THE S-T-A-- STAIRCASE

    I loved the Izzy and JJ subplot! I can understand why Izzy wants to go to college at NYU her dad is too overprotective. I loved the use of Ain't No Mountain High Enough. I didn't like the Kenneth subplot it turned JJ into a inspirational cripple which Kenneth should know JJ doesn't want to be.
  5. kathyk24

    The Village

    Thanks for the information. Now I know to ignore this show. Disabled people are under represented on television and this doesn't help.
  6. kathyk24

    Season 16 Discussion

    This is just my speculation but what if the coaches switched teams? Adam had to work with Blake's team and vice versa?
  7. kathyk24

    S03.E20: ON THE R-O-- ROAD A-G-- AGAIN

    I loved the scenes with JJ and Jimmy. Jimmy is a great dad and I think he doesn't get enough scenes with JJ. I was annoyed that Kenneth decided to come on this trip I think he gets the heartwarming scenes which should go to Jimmy. I thought Kenneth was so poor that he needed to work two jobs it's ironic we never see him at the grocery store.
  8. kathyk24

    Season 16 Discussion

    I thought this week's battles weren't as good as last week. I was glad that Blake stole Karly I thought she was better than Celia. I liked the battle between Kim and Kendra, I don't understand Adam's strategy. He drops Karly and Sierra and steals Kendra? I don't think she'll last with Adam. I loved Kim's enthusiasm when Kendra was stolen.
  9. kathyk24

    S03.E19: P-R-O-M-P-- PROMPOSAL

    I loved this episode. JJ video for Izzy was awesome. I thought it was so sweet that Ray and Dylan teamed up to find a date for JJ. The protesters could also be a nod to the Upside where disabled people objected to Bryan Cranston being cast as quadriplegic. I don't think JJ needed to Izzy he didn't know she was going be there. It's not a good idea to give someone mixed messages.
  10. kathyk24

    Season 16 Discussion

    Tuesday shows start on April 9th according to TV Guide.
  11. kathyk24

    MLB Thread

    That was my issue. The game starts at 10:00 on the east coast Most Sox won't be able to stay up to see the whole game. If the start had been 7:00 p.m. that would be no problem.
  12. kathyk24

    MLB Thread

    Not if you are a Red Sox fan. Who decided to have the World Series Champions open the season in Seattle?
  13. kathyk24

    Season 16 Discussion

    I thought this was one of the strongest battle rounds I've ever seen. None of the coaches chose songs that favored one contestant over another. I think older contestants are at a bigger disadvantage than younger ones. Teens have won the Voice a forty-year old contestant never has.
  14. kathyk24

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    You can watch today's episode on YouTube.
  15. kathyk24

    Speechless in the Media

    I'm surprised they aren't airing reruns during the NCAA basketball tournament the ratings are likely to suffer. I voted to keep this show and the Murphy Brown reboot.