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  1. Damn...I cannot imagine being discharged 4-6 hours after birthing either of my two kids. I was so dehydrated from my early labor causing me to throw up every last bit of food and drink in my system and tired from having been up most of the night in labor prior to the birth that I could barely sit up 4 hours afterward. Not to mention I needed the nurses to help me position and latch the babies for that first day after while figuring out breastfeeding. If I'd had to replace the nurses who helped me in those first 48 hours to breastfeed, change the babies, take them back and forth to the nursery
  2. @SMama, I was in high school back in the late 90s so things may have changed since then, but for us the theme of the dance never had any bearing on what we wore; it only mattered for the dance committee doing the decorations. Unless her friends are planning to dress according to the Broadway theme, I wouldn't give it another thought. My daughters are in elementary school so we haven't had to deal with dances yet, but I have seen social media photos from friends who have high schoolers, and all of the girls I've seen this year are wearing short dresses. The general rule around here seems to be
  3. This was fun to read - my grandmother lived in the Chicago area all her life and for all the time I knew her, she lived in Mt. Prospect with Busse Road part of the route to get there. She's been gone 11 years now and I didn't remember the name of that road until now. I always love these "what a small world" moments!
  4. I just learned about this horse medicine "cure" a few days ago and I still can't get over it. I think people can't possibly get any crazier about Covid and then they continue to prove me wrong. So people think a vaccine that now has full FDA approval, or masks that have been shown in study after study to help decrease Covid transmission, are evil and harmful and eroding their freedoms somehow, but a drug meant to treat LIVESTOCK, that is not recommended for human consumption, is a better option. How the human race survived this long is beyond me.
  5. I think Claire is a cute girl, but those glasses look like the ones my grandma wore in the 80s and she is not pulling them off. Something about the color and shape just doesn't work with her face for me.
  6. I agree! Her facial expression in that second picture is so awkward, and it looks like she wants to squirm out of Ben's arms. Maybe I''m just projecting....but that pic just makes me uncomfortable for both of them.
  7. I liked that Jessa's dress was blush colored, but any points she got for that were negated by her ridiculous melted ice cream in a parking lot reception. 😏 I thought Jinger's dress was lovely and I really liked how her bridesmaids wore all different colors. I did the same thing with my bridesmaids - my wedding used autumn colors, and each of my bridesmaids wore a different autumn leaf shade, so I'm biased to appreciate that choice, I suppose. Something about Jill and Joy's looks seemed a bit unkempt and messy - hair just sort of hanging, dresses that were okay but maybe not super wel
  8. I don't quite understand when therapy is supposed to happen, then...regular daily life doesn't stop while you are in therapy. When I went to a therapist a few years ago, I had to go to those appointments in between work, child rearing, family weddings, seeing friends, etc. I didn't (and couldn't) stop doing everything else in my life to only do therapy for six months. I'm sure the people who only followed my life through my Facebook posts never knew I was seeing a therapist. I have no idea what Jill's therapy is like or how seriously she takes it, but I certainly don't think we can tell either
  9. Not good. 🙁 As of yesterday I'm hearing a lot of, "vaccinated people don't have to wear a mask anymore" that apparently came from the CDC? I admittedly haven't researched a lot of what has been changing in the last few days to verify what exactly has been changed legally in my state vs. just recommended as I just haven't had the mental energy to deal with it yet. The problem in my mind with the idea of mask restrictions being lifted for the vaccinated is...how do you know if someone has really been vaccinated? The people who will refuse the vaccine without a medically viable reason to do so do
  10. If Jeremy really feels that Jinger having doubts about the relationship was akin to a "bait and switch," that strikes me as the same kind of attitude as "I just paid for an expensive dinner and a show, she damn well better put out when I get her home." It's all about him and what he put into the relationship and expected to get out of it, her feelings be damned. Horrible.
  11. Holy crap...that song. 😳 What a steaming pile of shit. I can't believe those little kids were kept up past 10pm and forced to sing something so awful for Mama's "adoring public."
  12. As far as cutting Josh out of their lives - all this family does is breed. And breed some more. There are young children everywhere, all the time, at every family home. How do you keep Josh in the family circle and also keep him away from all those kids? If it were me, while I might still love him if he was my child, I would absolutely cut him out of the family life. Protecting the children from someone who has proven over and over that he cannot be trusted should ALWAYS come first.
  13. I feel bad for the kids, yes. Not sure how badly I feel for Anna at this point. I do not feel bad, however, for looking forward to Josh getting punished for whatever it is he did. If you commit a crime, you deserve punishment regardless of the effects on your spouse and children. Perhaps Josh should have thought about those effects before he did whatever it is he did. He received virtually no consequences for abusing his sisters, and we all know how much he appeared to learn from that. I am glad for whatever consequences he is about to get. It's also possible the environment in the Smugga
  14. I thought the same thing - her hair looks gray or frosted. Definitely not flattering color tones for her.
  15. Holy shit, you guys...I can't believe this and yet, of course, I can. I got my second Covid shot today and as I was reading the first posts about the arrest I suddenly felt like I got hit with a ton of bricks...fine one second and like I haven't slept in 24 hours not five minutes later. This is NOT the night to have to go to bed early, dammit! My eyes are falling shut but you all are killing it with the entertaining posts.
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