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  1. It seems like the idiotic plant buttered noodles one aired during every single commercial break during the weekly MASH marathon on Sundance today. Drove me nuts.
  2. I had no idea. I thought they started with Sesame Street.
  3. Just a damp cloth (like a Handi-Wipe or something I can wash if I want to, or discard if it gets worn out) around the seed ports. The bottoms of mine come off, too, so I'll wipe around that as well. I try to let it mostly dry before I add new seed, but since I don't get it terribly wet wiping it, it doesn't take long to dry.
  4. Browncoat


    Drunk Margaret is the best.
  5. We often have a few hummingbird stragglers around here, too -- sometimes even at the Christmas Bird Count (that starts mid-December). The folks who have them at their feeders will bring in the feeders at night, then put them back out at first light. They say the birds will be waiting for them, and will come to the feeders immediately.
  6. More likely, he had to be able to get to his bullet.
  7. Cornell says every couple of weeks, other places say four or five times a year. I rarely clean mine with soap and water, but I do empty them regularly and sort of wipe them out, getting out all the stuck seed and random bits. Mine get a fair amount of traffic, depending on the time of year and whether or not the Cooper's hawk is hanging around. I probably rely on the rain/snow/etc. too much, but the birds seem happy and healthy.
  8. While I enjoyed Missy beating that pitcher up for being a jerk, I really wished he'd thrown a decent pitch, and she'd nailed him with a line drive.
  9. I like seeing the Muppets, and I like the ads, but for some reason it bothers me just a little bit that they're being used for insurance commercials.
  10. Oh, well. At least it wasn't a runaway, I guess. I was half-right for FJ, with Japan, but couldn't come up with Russia. I will be glad to get back to regular games next week.
  11. I said the Book of Tantrums, but thought I might be wrong. I recorded last night, and fast forwarded through most of it. I like a little competition. I'll probably half-watch tonight and do something else at the same time. I'll pay attention to FJ, though, just in case I can break my streak of zero correct for this week.
  12. Woo hoo! My FJ losing streak continues! I feel like I should have known it, but it didn't even seem familiar. At least I did get "Good night and good luck", and Barbara Kingsolver, so all is not lost. I'll be out tomorrow night, but will record it and catch up before Friday's game. ETA: Go, Francois!
  13. Same. It was my "job" in the kitchen to skin the chicken after my mother cut it up for frying. She usually got a whole chicken because it was less expensive, and cut it so that there was a wishbone (for me!). But to this day, I cannot eat chicken skin. My mother is of the "taste it and if you don't like it you don't have to eat it" school of thought, but she wouldn't make anything extra -- we had to eat at least some version of whatever she cooked. So if we had SOS, for example, I ate just the toast, since I don't like the chipped beef gravy part. We did all take our Flintstones vitamins, but never had anything like Pediasure.
  14. There are places where you can apply for and receive a concealed carry permit without ever having touched a gun of any variety, much less be well-trained in using it.
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