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  1. I do, and I thought the same thing. At least they could have added one line near the headline explaining that it was written in advance. Until I read the article, though, I thought it was just a nice tribute.
  2. The nightjars really are cool looking birds, and so good at hiding! Perfectly camouflaged.
  3. I thought he poked his head into it. Like through it, not just into an open bag.
  4. How exciting! I hope it all goes well!
  5. I don't think they can hear Alberta singing, just humming. I feel like that was mentioned early on, but I could be hallucinating.
  6. I am going to relax the rest of today. I shoveled a path to the driveway, cleared the giant snow hump, and also cleared a path to the bird feeders, which I filled. The snow changed to sleet right on time, as predicted, and it's still sleeting now. Incidentally, wind plus sleet equals feeling like you're being sandblasted! It hurts when it hits your face! But the birds are happy, and I have a vat of chili on the stove. I can relax until tomorrow, when I will likely have to shovel the snow hump again, but I'd rather shovel six inches of snow twice than a foot of snow once.
  7. It's been pouring snow here since about 7 this morning, but it's really teeny tiny snowflakes, so the accumulation has been minor. The grass isn't even fully covered yet. The roads, on the other hand, are in abysmal shape, although the ones that were pre-treated are slightly less bad. So far, the temperature and the wind are the worst parts. Actual temperature is about 16, and the wind is fierce -- not sure what the wind chill is, but I suspect it's in the single digits.
  8. The version I saw had them almost crashing into a taco truck, and they decide on tacos in the end.
  9. Add in how supportive Emmett was in the original -- believing Elle immediately and without question or doubt about Callahan -- and he is just about perfect.
  10. I actually had a scammer leave a message this afternoon. Occasionally I get messages in Chinese.
  11. My bank will take loose coins, but prefers it when I roll them. I have a change jar that gets full once or twice a year. Rolling the coins is a nice rainy day activity, and I usually get $50-60 out of it.
  12. An ad that is irritating me at the minute is for some car or the other. The couple in the car is deciding what to have for lunch. He suggests sushi, she says she had sushi yesterday. He vetoes Indian and then suggests seafood. She says, "You know I don't like seafood." It irritates me because I always think of sushi as fish/seafood -- how does she eat sushi and not seafood? I mean, I know, not all sushi involves fish, shrimp, eel, etc., but all the sushi I eat does!
  13. They've decreased the predicted totals for snow for my area, but it's because there is expected to be a few hours of sleet and freezing rain. Storm total now is meant to be less than a foot (maybe 9-10 inches). I dread the sleet and freezing rain! The grocery store wasn't horrible yesterday -- I found everything I needed except milk, but I found that at a different store today. Target was a ghost town this morning.
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