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  1. FJ was another instaget for me. As for TS, I only wrote down sutures, Black Angus, and love. I was unfortunately distracted by news of the untimely death of a friend, and missed a chunk of the game. 😞
  2. Well, I guess Lau got to continue on to Hawai'i for her honeymoon. FJ was an instaget for me. I visited there many years ago, and rented a car. It was a regular American car with the steering wheel on the left, so it was a little odd driving it on the left side of the tiny roads. I have often said, "Make like a tree and leaf." I only got the TS of begone.
  3. I finally got to watch last night's game, and I got FJ! Good for me! I also managed the TS/missed DDs of hermaphrodite, echidna, John Wilkes Booth, umber, and agitation and propaganda.
  4. I knew Terry Jones had been ill, but I'm still gutted at his death.
  5. Well, I finally figured out how to make my computer tell me what the wi-fi password is, and it still doesn't connect with the new satellite box. I now think the wi-fi might be too slow. Next up, finding out the speed of wi-fi. Or I could just let it go and hide all the on demand channels on the guide.
  6. He was probably trying to find a baseball bat or other suitable weapon before deciding the rocket would have to do, and that took so much time that Marty was on the couch.
  7. Damn! I was really rooting for Traci. Not a fan of Dennis. But I'm off to a great start for FJ this week -- I got half of it right (Secretary of State). Part of my problem was that I had no idea which four cabinet positions George Washington had. I did get almost all the TS, though, including Claire Foy, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, groundhog, Ash Wednesday, folies bergere (though I never would have been able to spell it), Alan Alda, and Univac. I was sad and surprised that Alan Alda was a TS.
  8. I have every single other password written down! And it’s quite possible that I have this one written down somewhere, but it’s been, well, at least 15 years since I first got wi-fi, so who knows where I put it.
  9. Parasite really is an ensemble piece. It would be very difficult to separate out a lead vs. supporting role.
  10. Sam Rockwell has the ability to disappear into his roles. I almost never recognize him immediately, but I think I've enjoyed everything I've seen him in. Starting with Galaxy Quest.
  11. Nah, muddy shoes guy was no help at all. He gave it a go, but couldn't figure out how I could figure it out, either.
  12. @saber5055, it was delightful. Although I did take a break somewhere in the middle to go see An American In Paris on the big screen. I still haven't figured out the internet thing, though -- I tried every number on every sticker on the router, and no go. I have absolutely no idea what to try next. Google, I suppose, to see if it has any more suggestions. OTOH, I've lived without streaming, on-demand, and whatever else an internet connection gets me for this long, so it is probably okay if I don't figure it out.
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