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  1. I passed someone with a dog on my walk today, going the opposite direction. By some mutual unspoken agreement, we gravitated to opposite sides of the road, but her dog really wanted to come say hi to me. I apologized to the dog and promised to pet it when things are better. ETA: Watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail now. The "Bring out your dead!" scene made me a little uncomfortable.
  2. I was so certain Alberta was right! I confidently wrote that, then struggled to come up with Saskatchewan. Oooops! I completely forgot about Manitoba. But at least I was in the right part of the country. It made me a little sad that none of them knew the Orca was the small boat in Jaws ("We're gonna need a bigger boat.") I got Korea on a guess after Japan was ruled incorrect. I also correctly guessed tennis, but I knew Bordeaux!
  3. Dolly Parton is a treasure. Seriously, she is so generous and caring about people in general and people of Tennessee in particular. I'm not particularly a fan of her music, but I think she's awesome.
  4. Nooooo!!!! Liquor stores here have been deemed essential services, and the last I heard, business was up something ridiculous like 250% over this time last year.
  5. I don't think I've ever seen any Sonic ad that has actually made me want to eat there. Way to go, ad folks -- driving people away!
  6. That's where I got it from! I haven't seen Moneyball, but I loved Bull Durham. Fun fact, I was in grad school in Raleigh, NC when/where they filmed parts of Bull Durham. We weren't associated directly with the movie, but on more than one occasion, I did sit in the same seat in Mitch's Tavern that Kevin Costner sat in. So my butt is one degree of separation from Kevin Costner's butt.
  7. I had to think for a second about FJ to make sure I knew whether they wanted the place in the UK or the place in the US. Once I knew that, it was an instaget. I mostly listened tonight, but did write down several TS that I got, including The Show, Grand Ole Opry, Sears, San Francisco, extradition, and Georgia. I shouldn't have been, but I was a little surprised they couldn't get San Francisco with a photo of the Coit Tower. The Sears miss surprised me, too.
  8. I didn't detect vocal fry, but the up speak was driving me nuts! That, and the part where Pluto sounds just a leeeetle too much like Elmo. 🙂
  9. I am old school, and write my grocery list on a piece of paper. I take it out before I get in the store, and toss it before I leave the store. It honestly never occurred to me to use my phone for a grocery list.
  10. I could have sat here all night and never come up with FJ. I had absolutely no clue. Pretty good game, though -- maybe just compared to Friday's, but it didn't seem like there were nearly as many TS. Ones I did get include cassowary, Mississippi, Miami Vice Principals, Bobby Kennedy, and Nixon.
  11. I am talking about Virginia, thanks! I'm on the whole other end of the state from Va Beach, though. (I know, the rules are the same.)
  12. It would scare me to death, too! Imagine waking up and seeing one of those first thing -- especially before I put my glasses on.
  13. I'm sure there is -- I was just watching the local news while I ate supper, and heard the news.
  14. Our governor just issued a stay-at-home order for the state. I'm not entirely sure what that means -- can I still go for a walk around the neighborhood? Can I go for a drive to see the spring blooms from the comfort and safety of my own car? My parents' main source of entertainment is an afternoon drive (they are 88 and 92, and no one else is allowed in their car or their house) -- can they still do that?
  15. If a cat moved in, I'd have to move out. I'm allergic.
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