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  1. 4/5 for me this week. Might have been 5/5 if the rabbit theme had continued!
  2. I initially thought Titanic as well, but also changed it in time to the correct response. The only TS I got was phone, although I'm not sure I could have specified princess phone. If I were Matt, it wouldn't matter -- it would be given to me anyway, but who knows if another contestant would have to BMS for just phone. She probably forgot the category. I did! It cracked me up, though, when she got "Rebecca". When the contestant's name is the correct response... I'm a little sad that the rabbit theme didn't continue the whole week. That would have been fun.
  3. Peeve of the day -- it takes too damn long for my eyes to recover after being dilated by the eye doctor. It's been more nearly three hours, and they're still not back to normal.
  4. She's a beautiful girl, but if you aren't ready, you aren't ready. Take all the time you need. Also, ham freezes well.
  5. The tea drinkers in my family just order tea when at home in the South-- the iced part and the sweet part are assumed. I remember once when I was young (this would have been the 70s) and we travelled somewhere that was not the south, and my mother ordered tea. She got hot, unsweetened tea, and confused the waitress by asking for a glass of ice to go with the tea. I mostly drink water, and have a terrible time getting a glass of water at breakfast when I'm out and about.
  6. That quote makes me twitchy.
  7. Instaget FJ for me tonight, although I did almost switch my answer to frogs. Guhan definitely should have made his DD a true DD -- he could have been the new champ! TS I got were Syracuse, dust, and John Cho. I loved the Navajo code-talking category.
  8. I re-write the songs that make the whole world sing....
  9. Break it down and you get "Car Shield saved my family thousands of dollars" and "Car Shield saved I thousands of dollars." Should be "Car Shield saved my family and me thousands of dollars." Jinx, @ABay!
  10. I thought it sounded more like a Brady Bunch moment.
  11. The lazy atheist plot pissed me off, too. I cracked up at Darlene running between sets. Did the extended Conner family members know in advance what questions they'd be asked?
  12. It could be "Car Shield saved my family and me thousands of dollars." Or, to clean it up further, just "Car Shield saved my family thousands of dollars." Because, presumably, if your family saves money, so do you.
  13. I did not get FJ, though I should have. I focussed on the marathon part instead of the three decades part. Then I thought about rabbits, and since I didn't have any better guess, I said the rabbit-proof fence from the movie of the same name. And the only TS I got was elementary, though I admit to not giving the game my full attention.
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