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  1. I was cringing at some of the footwear they had on to run after the truck. I can't imagine running very well in some of those boots. Sad to see Michelle punch out. She didn't get to finish her "patten" as Phil pronounced it, but what she had looked miles better than Myles'. And stupid Big Brother is now causing me to have to record this on Wednesdays and watch on Thursday.
  2. My primary meal is irrelevant. For dessert, I had a big heaping spoon of Trader Joe's cookie butter with M&Ms mixed in. Delicious!
  3. I've gone through drive-thrus, and into a couple of places just long enough to get take-away (only because those places didn't have drive-thrus), but big nope on eating inside a restaurant at all. Not by myself, not with anyone. Even on my mini-break a couple of weeks ago, I either took food back to my hotel room, or found a nice park bench way away from other people to eat.
  4. Agreed 100%. Had I known what kind of storm I was driving into, I probably wouldn't have done it. I saw the radar signature the next day, and was just floored by it. I was also fortunate that the electricity at my house didn't even so much as blip, while one of my friends out in the country (no water!) was without power for two weeks.
  5. We had one come through here in 2012. I accidentally drove through part of it (I'd been out of the country! I didn't know why my final flight was cancelled, just that I preferred to rent a car and drive the rest of the way home instead of hanging around in the next-to-last airport for who knows how long!). In addition to ferocious winds, that one had some spectacular lightning.
  6. I thought about you, @saber5055, when I heard about that derecho. Glad you’re okay!
  7. I’d forgotten there was a class reunion episode in color. Too bad Andy’s high school sweetheart didn’t show up (or was even mentioned) — Helen’s head would have completely exploded with jealousy!
  8. I third (or fourth?) the recommendation.
  9. I would like to thank "The Book Of Mormon" (the musical, not the actual Book of Mormon) for my knowledge of the angel Moroni and the golden plates.
  10. Oh, I almost forgot! I taught for a bit at a school that was not the University, and one of my students killed his ex-wife and himself.
  11. I used to work at a University where there was a mass shooting. While I did not know anyone who was injured or killed, almost everyone I know did. Does that count?
  12. I'm 56, and I consider myself both a 70s kid and an 80s kid -- I was still a kid in high school in the very early 80s, after all. A lot of things in both decades had a strong influence on who I am.
  13. Except on Sunday afternoons, when the Mendelbright sisters chat about their feet falling asleep.
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