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  1. The manager did enough sucking up that we were okay with buying some token from the registry. IIRC, the expensive item might have been store-specific? It's been, oh my god, it's been more than thirty years! since this incident! Now I have to go lie down.
  2. Once upon a time, when I was a college student, a friend got engaged and registered at Big Department Store (that worked on commission). Several of us pooled our money to buy a gift from the registry, but when we went to the store, looking like college students, the sales clerks completely ignored us. I mean, they looked at us, sneered, and looked away. That made me so angry that I waved our money around and started shouting, "Hey, we have money! Is it not good enough for you? We'll be happy to spend it somewhere else! Where's the manager?" and so on, in that vein. Of course my friends were ready to crawl under the nearest rock, but damn if we didn't get waited on. But as retribution, I told the clerk we weren't going to buy the expensive thing we'd wanted to (and could afford), because we didn't want to give their rude asses that much in commission. The manager was pissed, too. Sadly, I couldn't convince my friend to change the registry to another store. All that to say, your peeve is other people.
  3. I thought he was a magician, unrelated to the mother and daughter, and it was meant to be magic that he pulled all that out from behind her. But I do agree that those are the worst of a bad lot.
  4. Zurie is the best. I guess Rachel did okay with the singing, but I'm not a fan of that style. I am enjoying this show far more than I expected to. I think it's at least partly because Terry doesn't take himself too seriously.
  5. Sadly, I'm allergic to cats, or I might take you up on that! Yeah, I know. I've lived in this house for nearly 30 years. It's a regular thing, although it hasn't been cold here! Like I said, I just need to get brave enough for the creaky ladder (it gets scarier the older I get) and investigate and mitigate as I have done nearly every fall since I moved in.
  6. Oddly, I don't consider that weather an advantage. The skittering extended into the walls. I suspect it's mice -- it's about that time of year that I'll get more mice in the house. It's quite remarkable how loud tiny little mouse footsteps can be. I guess I'll have to screw my courage to the sticking post and take some traps up, since I don't have a landlord to do it for me.
  7. I suspect because the quote just says, "tear down this wall" without specifying which one.
  8. There is something skittering around in my attic, and I am afraid to go see if I can find out what it is! I am able to turn on the attic light without opening the door and pulling down the stairs, so I did that, and the skittering stopped. But I'm sure it'll come back! I'm a little bit scared just of the pull-down stairs. Who knows what kind of creature might be up there, waiting to bite my face off!
  9. I was hoping for better, but only had 3/5 this week. But I did have an asterisk, so I've got that going for me.
  10. Totally blanked on FJ tonight. Boo, hiss. Good on middle guy for getting it and the win! I got Parthenon, Jesuit, basilisk, ubiquitous, and Argo. I had no idea there was an opera called Nixon In China.
  11. I really wish they'd film a new opening. The plate switch is not well done, and I'm over the whole sausage thing. Loved the Clooney flashback. I always thought Booker was a good match for Jackie. Well, except for that whole he's her boss thing, of course. Laurie Metcalf's legs look great! It is kind of a step backward for Darlene and Becky to work at Wellman, but when Roseanne worked there, the Conners were never hurting for money in the same way as they were after they all quit. Plus, those jobs should come with benefits, right? Solid, realistic ep, IMO.
  12. I feel like Jim Morrison would be fun, but I think I'll go with David Bowie. This was a really hard choice!
  13. Those two weren’t right for Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett, either, but that didn’t stop Tim Burton casting them. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they play Gomez and Morticia.
  14. I had to think about FJ tonight, but I had time to write it down before the music stopped. I wonder what color the Jeopardy! music is? Alex should have asked middle woman that instead of what music is black. The TS that I remember getting were abut, dam, bridge, the Nile, Spitfire (love those Triumph cars!), germanium, All My Children, and Jack Hanna.
  15. I am surprisingly sad to lose the Olympians. But they were struggling from the start, and got apparently the worst cab driver of the bunch (maybe in all of Colombia? Seems like a cab driver should know where a University in the city is!), and just couldn't recover. After last night, I'm ready for the whiny boys who wouldn't read the damn clue to go next! I suspect they'll stick around though. Love the couple who won, and the NFL players are growing on me. The backflip at the mat helped a lot. I also cheered at the flashback to Colin and the Yield. That was one of the best episodes ever.
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