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  1. This one's easy for me -- beer and soda. I hardly ever drink either one as it is, though I'm much more likely to have a soda.
  2. Instaget FJ for me tonight, which surprised me. I wasn't at all confident when they revealed the category, but I suppose I should have known it would be a well-known painting. I was also surprised that Donna missed it. I only got two TS -- infrared and Amnesty International. Anderson was fine. I could live with him as the next host.
  3. I wish I had been able to watch on a different channel. I unfortunately picked CBS to record, and Gayle was insufferable. Fortunately, she and her pals shut up when everyone entered the chapel, and they remained silent throughout the service, but her chatter afterward was inane. She actually asked the "Royal expert" who would attend the family tea! He sort of hesitated, then said, "Well, the family, of course." The service itself was lovely, if that can be said about a funeral. Whoever chose the four singers for the choir chose very well. They were excellent.
  4. Tough FJ tonight. I finally did come up with the correct response -- after time, but before the first response was revealed, so I'm giving myself credit. And an asterisk! I also got Northwest Passage, Birdseye, grouse, Born Free, and in vivo. Born Free was the first movie I cried at. I saw it on TV in the early 70s.
  5. Well, I do sometimes have to hunt one down and drag them halfway back across the store. I think I've gotten the store manager to reach things for me a couple of times.
  6. I will ask a grocery store employee to reach things like that for me.
  7. Everything also seems to be squished to the left. I hope that'll be fixed, too.
  8. I don't remember all of the things I followed! How can I find them all and follow them again?!?!?!?
  9. I always associate opals with Coober Pedy, Australia. I don't think I even knew they're found in South Africa.
  10. Yay, me! I actually remembered something from Physics class lo, these many years ago. Although my response was, "Is it force? I think it's force... Let's go with force." I also got foot candle, Eisenhower, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and opal. I wonder if Lindsey actually looked at the photo -- that was a brilliant opal. I was a little surprised no one got Eisenhower or Millay.
  11. Why can't John Masters ever remember that Barney can't sing? (Not a lick!)
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