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  1. Are they going to go to Vegas every time something needs shaken up? I think Gemma had more fun with Tina in Vegas than she did with Dave. Calvin's story of the motorcycle crash, though, was gold.
  2. I knew captain because of MASH.
  3. But it fits the category! 🤣
  4. Instaget FJ for me tonight. But I'm not holding out hope for the rest of the week, since I started off strong last week, too. I also got Captain, John Wilkes Booth, and Revolutionary War. I did wonder if they would have accepted "dumbsquizzled" for "dumbfounded", since I say the former (even though I think I made it up), and it does fit the category. Now, pardon me while I go hitch my dogs to my druid to mush across the tundra.
  5. I liked it until I started seeing it at every single commercial break. Now I'm sick of it.
  6. Nope, definitely do not dance while mowing the lawn. That's more of a trudge.
  7. I've never seen Grimm, and really didn't know there was a show called Grimm. I guessed that one based on the clue alone, and hoped for the best.
  8. I definitely dance around the house from time to time. Often while I'm singing.
  9. I knew it wasn't Kennedy, but I couldn't decide if it was the president before or after Kennedy. I chose incorrectly, so no FJ for me tonight. I did get the TS of Grimm, star, elderberry, rattlesnake, and the missed DD of infer. Am I a bad person for being glad that end guy didn't win? Between his wild-ass guesses and his swaying, I had to root for anyone except him. Sorry to see Lucy go, but I like the new champ, too.
  10. Maybe another Halloween episode where he shows up in a moose costume.
  11. I ended up with an implant after a failed root canal. 😞 But I did try to start with the root canal.
  12. I don't hate Andie MacDowell, I just think she's a terrible actress.
  13. I am not a fan of either David Spade or Andie MacDowell, so they kind of ruined this episode for me. At least the mayor and Arpi worked well together at the town hall meeting. Didn't care for the B-plot with Orly and the staffers. I may have to give this up -- Mikaela's voice/intonation/vocal fry really got on my last nerve tonight.
  14. The first half or so of the game was pre-empted in my area. Did anyone do anything wacky like horse hands yesterday? For FJ I very confidently said "Pat The Bunny" because it has holes! I did not have The Very Hungry Caterpillar when I was a kid -- I didn't know it had holes (or was that old). I also got the TS of Buttercup and Cunard. Go, Lucy! I kind of covet her hair.
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