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  1. I don’t think you can get a replacement card online anyway. I logged in yesterday to see if I can ever retire (probably not), and I *think* that’s what it said. I didn’t give that section my full attention, though, so I might have mis-read it.
  2. If I can't afford a theater, I might have trouble affording Netflix, Amazon, and the 47 other subscription services I need to be able to see their movies. (Yes, I know there aren't really 47 others.)
  3. I liked this, though like doesn't seem quite right. I agree with every word, though.
  4. I forgot my asterisk! I got the asterisk this week!
  5. I have relatives who used to live in Westerville, so I yelled that as well! Can you enlighten us what you think it is if you think it isn't an animal?
  6. Man, Terry. Good for him, I guess, but he needs to speed things up a bit and stop with the wild-ass guesses, not to mention the, "I'll take the entire category name for four hundred dollars please Alex" thing. FJ was an instaget. I feel kind of bad for the end woman who just couldn't quite finish writing in time. Not that it mattered, but still. Too many TS tonight, too! I wrote down V.C. Andrews, Untouchables, skunk, sponge, Normandy, hawk, hyrax, trebuchet, silver, blitz, and Westminster.
  7. Thank you very much, @WhoisMark! You've saved me regarding our contest here many times!
  8. Instaget FJ for me tonight. I didn't even second-guess myself. I only wrote down a few TS that I got, including icicles, desert, boiling, radiation, Cher, John Hinckley, and Elizabeth I.
  9. Maybe he did, but that doesn’t excuse the rest of them for missing it!
  10. I could not for the life of me drag Chamberlain out of the deep recesses of my brain. I ended up saying Churchill, knowing it was incorrect. Even when Alex said both names start with the same two letters, I couldn't come up with Chamberlain! But steakhouse, anaconda, free gift, Mississippi, S.E. Hinton, and Venus were no problem at all. I'm still kind of dumbfounded that they missed the Mississippi River. Mark Twain = the Mississippi!
  11. I agree 100%. Sometimes you have to know when to leave well enough alone.
  12. Of those seven, I would have put the Whippet as best. But I’m always just a little bitter, since judges apparently don’t like big dogs. Great Pyrenees never win group.
  13. FJ was an instaget for me, and I don't know much of anything about American History. I also got tintinnabulation (I love that word, and the poem), Marconi, Love Story, and alloys.
  14. I laughed out loud every time Goodwin and/or Kofo call Douglas, "Mr. Wheeler's brother." But do they call Christina, "Mr. Wheeler's sister"? I also admit to laughing when Abishola (and then Bob!) jumped up and down. And I do love Kemi.
  15. Google tells me that they are also known as the Marquess of Queensberry Rules. (Turns out I misspelled Queensberry as well.)
  16. Excellent start to the week -- give me an asterisk, please! Assuming spelling it "Marquis of Queensbury" would be accepted. A quick google tells me that it's actually Marquess, but I'd pronounce them the same. It doesn't hurt my feelings that the middle guy won. I also managed to get inland, Aeneas, It's A Wonderful Life Is Beautiful, The Monuments Men In Black, and Nashville.
  17. I laughed, I cried, I yawned, I was pleasantly surprised, and now I'm done. See y'all next awards season!
  18. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!! I'm thrilled beyond words! And amazed!
  19. Renee's speech was almost a more rambling hot mess than Joaquin's speech.
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