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  1. I love Coach Beard. I hated this episode. I'm choosing to believe that Coach Beard just got into the mushroom jar again and the only thing that really happened is him falling out of bed.
  2. I really got into the cartoon world, so much so that when the show shifted to live action, it took me a minute to adjust. Cartoon Lucifer also made me realize that real life Lucifer is getting some real beard action going.
  3. I'm glad they did because I first said the name of the city (albeit the wrong one) and then changed it to the name of the colony only (but still the wrong one). I thought the clue was poorly written.
  4. This does not bode well for the Winter Olympics taking place on schedule.
  5. Maybe the season ends with the team in dire financial straits, being sued by Dubai Airlines, losing Bantr as principal sponsor, and the fans not buying tickets because of the team's performance and Rebecca and Sam's relationship. The players are asked to take a pay cut, but refuse and go off to other teams. Ted believes that Rebecca intended this all the time and betrayed him. Nate is offered and accepts a coaching position elsewhere. The season ends with everyone separated and in distress, which is pretty much how The Empire Strikes Back ended. If Season 3 started with Keely in a metallic bik
  6. I loved this episode and I am still trying to process it. I really liked the juxtaposition of Jamie seeing "Dad" show up on his phone and him frowning and ignoring it with Sam also seeing "Dad" calling and smiling and answering it with joy. But what really impressed me is something I have been noticing for a long time which is how the back scenes continue the story. In this episode, while Rebecca is on camera in front of her door after coming in from her date with Sam, you can see a figure in the opaque glass behind her also just standing there for a while and then slowing walking away. I fir
  7. The rules are very simple. Keep track of whether you got each day's Final Jeopardy (FJ). correct for the week. (If you miss a show, our wonderful host, @saber5055, posts all the FJ clues at the end of the week.) If you get FJ right and none of that day's contestants do, you also get an asterisk. Then come here and post your score for the week. Bemoaning your stupidity or bragging about your prowess is encouraged. Some participants also put themselves at tables based on the scoring and then design amazing foods to be served. (I often want to change my score based on the menu). Each week our dis
  8. Memo to Show: there are many things I enjoy watching on this show, but a young man sobbing an apology to his deceased grandmother for falling in a made for TV game is not one of them.
  9. That's an interesting thought. I noticed in this episode that several times the pundits were heard saying something like "he should be a head coach somewhere." Foreshadowing, anyone?
  10. I'm in. I always look forward to the posts in this thread.
  11. Not to be a shill for Peacock, but it is worth the money, especially if you like to see the skaters that never make it to prime time. It's like watching in the arena, with many of the competitions being run without any commentary.
  12. I'm not big on "special" episodes, but this looks like it could be fun.
  13. James played more games with Richards as EP than anyone else. He certainly had the opportunity to observe his behind the scenes behavior.
  14. Here's the schedule. Peacock has the Grand Prix, Nationals, Europeans, 4CC, Olympics and Worlds. NBC will also be showing some of these. Nebelhorn is not on anyone's broadcast schedule in the US.
  15. It's complicated. The short answer is in the top 6 for ladies and the top 7 for men. But that is among the countries looking to qualify. So skaters from countries which have already qualified their maximum number of skaters don't count. For example, Vincent Zhou ends up 8th. But the 4th place skater is from Japan, which already has 3 spots. Vincent moves up to 7th among qualifiers and the USA gets a third spot.
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