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  1. That reminds me of what happened when the first woman became a judge in England. As you probably know, English High Court judges are addressed as "My Lord." A controversy arose over what to call a woman judge. Research showed that the reason judges are called My Lord is that they stand in place of the Sovereign. And the Sovereign was (and is) a woman, so technically all the judges should be called "My Lady." That didn't go over well, so it was decided male judges would be My Lord and female judges would be My Lady regardless of the gender of the Sovereign.
  2. 2/5. I might try to claim some credit in the Barry/Berry controversy in that I did say B-E-R-R-Y, but that was for Chuck Berry, so no go.
  3. Actually, that was a pretty conservative outfit compared to what Johnny usually wears to skating competitions. The top reminded me of one of his competitive skating costumes. And maybe my eyes are failing me in my old age, but it took a while for me to realize the pants were mesh.
  4. I burst out laughing when Baby Yoda reached out and closed up his pram. Smart kid!
  5. Not only did Nick Hansen finish the course, but he was the first (and only) to climb the Mega Wall. It doesn't seem right that he doesn't advance. But at least he has $10,000 to console him.
  6. Just checking to let say I'm so glad to see so many back and welcome to the new players. I look forward to playing.
  7. If anyone needs more proof that Prince Harry needed to get away from the British press, this article should give it to them. His family is probably the only thing more important to Harry than the Invictus Games and The Sunday Times went after him on that. I won't link to the original article because it is vile, but even that had a denial from the Invictus Foundation, although it was buried deep in the article. How can the British press get away with stories like this?
  8. @saber5055, are you going to be hosting a Final Jeopardy Contest for Season 37? Say yes, please, please, pretty please with sugar on top!
  9. And a link to the EW article.
  10. I never thought about it before, but I guess in this episode we got to see Charlie and his Angels.
  11. They usually post the dances on YouTube the next day, so you can just watch Johnny there without watching the entire show.
  12. It was just announced that Johnny Weir will be one of the "stars" in Dancing with the Stars starting in September. I can't imagine that he will wear dancing costumes even more outlandish than his normal outfits.
  13. Doesn't legend say that Michael led the army of angels fighting for Dad against Lucifer in the rebellion that got Lucifer sent to Hell? Isn't it interesting that Michael is the "evil twin."
  14. So the ISU has decided to go forward with the Grand Prix, kind of. ISU Announcement.. Lots of details to work out and I doubt that they will allow spectators in. But the ISU will still be able to get the television contracts money, so all is good. I wonder how many skaters will choose to participate.
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