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  1. 2/5, no * However, I am in contention for the Close, But No Cigar Award, as I got the first name of 142, 2 out of 3 of the countries in 144, and I went back and forth between two Presidents and chose the wrong one in 145.
  2. I'm baaack! It turns out I'm more essential than originally thought, at least for now. 3/5 no *
  3. I won't be able to report my scores until March 30. I'm fine; I just won't be able to access my computer. So don't worry when you don't hear from me and be careful out there, everyone!
  4. 4/5. And I'd rather be in Montreal.
  5. It would be cool (in more ways than one) to go to Stockholm, but first I have to get my money back for the all event ticket, hotel, plane fare, etc, that I already spent on going to Montreal.
  6. The ISU (International Skating Union) statement indicated that if Worlds was rescheduled, it would not be until October, 2020. I think it would be highly unlikely that they would hold Worlds then since that is the start of the Grand Prix season and skaters would have created their new season programs. 2021 Worlds is already scheduled for Stockholm in March of 2021, so it would be a real mess to change that. I think it is most likely just canceled.
  7. Well, the coronavirus won. They canceled the World Figure Skating Championships yesterday so no trip to Montreal for me. Boo hiss. I'll just have to wave to all of you from home.
  8. 4/5, 1* I will be gone next week to Montreal (coronavirus be damned) for the World Figure Skating Championship, so I won't be posting my next scores until March 24. I'll be wearing my blue sparkly scarf (with several other fans) but I'm not sure how visible I will be on TV (It's harder to get good seats at Worlds). Look for a group of US fans near one of the corners of the arena. I will wave to all of you.
  9. FJ was an instaget for me. We in Cincinnati take great civic pride over the fact that the Filet-O-Fish was created here. Ray Kroc wanted the meatless offering to be a fried pineapple slice with cheese on a bun. Those Californians!
  10. 4/5, no *, geography is not my friend.
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