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  1. I haven't seen any other versions of this, although I have heard of the British version. Has there ever been a time when none of the contestants make it to the final round?
  2. 1/5. Thank goodness for Elvis and high school Spanish.
  3. In the episode thread, there is the promo paused on the license. It looks to me that it says it expires August 31, 2020. I did some research in California driver's licenses, and they are good for 5 years, so licenses that expire in 2026 would be issued in 2021. I think 2020 is the right expiration date. I also read that California allowed a delay in renewing licenses because of Covid, but that seems to have expired. So either the crash happened before Kevin's 40th birthday, Kevin didn't renew his driver's license on his 40th birthday and the crash is in the present,or this is another prop goof like the ovulation box. I have spent way too much time thinking about this!
  4. Randall now owns the homes of both of his birth parents. He bought William's apartment building and now is given Laurel's lake house. He ought to go after his maternal grandparents' house too. He could be a real estate tycoon!
  5. Maybe it's a flashback to an earlier time in Kevin's life. It's when he moved out to California without Sophie and was fooling around with a woman and they got into a car crash. That's how Sophie found out about Kevin's cheating. So now, as Kevin is rushing to Madison's side, he's remembering his mistakes with Sophie and wondering if he can be true to Madison. Again, a misdirection by the promo.
  6. I have no doubt that the prisons in Pennsylvania (prisons are state functions; cities have jails) were overcrowded if judges were sentencing first offender drug users to five years, no parole, I did criminal law in the 80's, and although there were a lot of users being locked up, first offenders were usually given suspended or six month sentences. That's why her attorney "forced" her to plead guilty. Either her judge was biased or upset Laurel was using drugs while pregnant or the cops tried to get her to turn her dealer and she refused, so she got a harsh sentence as a warning to other addicts.
  7. Yeah, I think the promo monkeys are trying to fool us. We've seen Kevin in the future, looking healthy, with a son, and wealthy enough to have built his father's dream house in the woods. There's no way he dies or even is seriously injured.
  8. Simon works on the fourth floor and he's in marketing, not coding. So I assume that the other women we have seen are in his department or other non-coding departments.
  9. The thread for tonight's (January 12) episode, there's a still of Zoey and Max kissing. For the first time I noticed that Max is sporting a scruffy, almost beard (what I, as an ancient one, call the Don Johnson/Miami Vice look). Max has always been so clean faced. Maybe that's what is throwing everyone off.
  10. What if you don't want to clean up your apartment or, as @Dani said above, you don't have the space for a big group? A lot of restaurants make most of their profit from liquor sales, so they wouldn't have to make much of a mark up on the food. Also, the Mo/Max's place could have their own delivery/pick up service rather than pay fees to outside groups.
  11. 2/5. I was like 2020. I started off strong but went downhill quickly to end up a total mess.
  12. Johnny Weir is one of the 2021 inductees in the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame. Because of Covid, the induction ceremony won't be held until the 2022 Nationals in Nashville.
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