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  1. Yes, I always saw it as Mao Tse-Tung!
  2. Did they make any mention of the middle guy’s height? Don’t they put shorter contestants on boxes so that contestants look the same height? Did they not have boxes big enough to level them out? Maybe they should’ve dug a hole for tall guy to stand in. Did the woman contestant really butcher Mao’s name or am I a complete idiot who has been spelling it wrong all these years? (Could definitely be the latter.) I was rooting for tall guy. I found him delightfully quirky. He seemed like someone who would live in Stars Hollow.
  3. Disappointed that there was no Sex and the City question in the Carrie category. I got FJ just based on knowing Sodium is Na. I kind of laughed at all the guesses for the drowning question. I wouldn’t have thought a job based on swimming (scuba diver, lifeguard) would be right and underwater welder seemed so out of left field!
  4. Cousin Gregory is becoming a sleeping giant. I wonder if he would’ve helped if anyone else had been the designated fall guy.
  5. I agree with the posters who said they seem to be leaning on slightly risqué remarks or double-entendres this season. It cheapens the show for me. I was kind of surprised at the exchange with Noel and Alice (I think?) where she gave her conversations with Noel an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 and he kissed her. I don’t know if he liked the compliment or appreciated a kind of Spinal Tap reference, but that host-unexpectedly-kissing-a-contestant thing isn’t something you’d see on a U.S. cooking competition show.
  6. No kidding. I kind of liked middle lady today, though. The champ is like Modern Family’s Alex on sedatives. I did enjoy Alex deadpanning the yelled quotes.
  7. I’m getting tired of these lame games. I’m not opposed to a runaway game, but only when everyone does well. This trend of players being in the red or only at a couple of thousand in the second round...what’s happening?
  8. SHD

    S02:E09 DC

    The wording Rhea used when talking to Logan...I thought we were going to find out she was recording their conversation.
  9. I feel like something happened to Matthew Broderick’s acting right around the time of The Producers. Seems like he can only play super exaggerated, like he has to emote and mug for the last row of a theater audience and that comes across terribly on TV.
  10. My opinion of this episode suffered due to my high expectations, I guess. Just an average show for me, and I love PWB. Even Taylor Swift was kind of meh to me, and she's usually at least good at making performances a spectacle.
  11. I’m confused. The AK answer was referring to an AK-47 gun, in an Ice Cube lyric. Did someone in the game say something later about air conditioning?
  12. SHD

    S02:E08 Dundee

    Why do the Roys ever travel as a family? It never turns out well.
  13. Even though the winner ended up with a significant score today, I still felt like the game was a dud. The returning champ was making me nervous with his gestures every time he was beaten on the buzzer.
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