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  1. Yes! And then I tried to figure out what kind of person I was that I got teary over the death of a spider in literature and not over the death of the four people in literature that were in the other clues. I was caught off guard by Mayim's comment about the Aerosmith clue, but not offended. I didn't take it so much as an ageist comment as it was that Aerosmith is a hard rock band and the contestant looked like a sweet, prim, Mom type. (And I know that today's sweet, prim, Mom types are the ones who grew up listening to Aerosmith, but it's easy to forget that!)
  2. I knew Julia was going to be in trouble on this forum - ha! Though I actually did laugh when she got one right and hesitated and then said “Great...?” like she wasn’t sure it was. I got FJ because of Monty Python’s “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” sketch.
  3. I was worried that June was going to try to do something to Serena to make her miscarry. I kept yelling at the screen "Why are you letting her get so close to you?!"
  4. Maybe SNL should just be 90 ministers of Colin and Che reading jokes each other wrote. Before they started cutting to all the groups in the cold open, I thought the four who started were doing that bit because they were all leaving after this season. He’s probably not up for it yet, but I wish John Mulaney had been the season finale’s host.
  5. Considering how great KMK is, this was kind of disappointing for me. And did he think he was hosting the season finale?
  6. I have to say, I was thrown by the category having "glasses" in the title. Tea is usually served in cups, not glasses, so tea never came to mind.
  7. SHD

    Mayans MC

    All of this! Once you take Adelita away from Angel, I couldn’t care less about her and her child army. The Squeeze song was “Pulling Mussels (from the Shell). Such an odd choice to soundtrack that scene!
  8. SHD

    Mayans MC

    First time I’ve ever heard a Squeeze song used to soundtrack an execution style murder. Was not expecting THAT. Adelita’s story holds no interest for me when it doesn’t involve Angel.
  9. Carey and her husband should co-host SNL some day. They had great comedic timing together. This was the first time in a loooong time I’ve been really amused by the WU guests. Obama and Bruce, Pineapple, and Iceberg were all decent. I usually hate the WU guests, because a lot of times they just seem to be excuses for Cecily or Kate to be weird and loud.
  10. I didn’t realize that I needed to see the SVU part to know the plot. I thought he was just going to be reintroduced there as coming back on the force and then his storyline would begin on the actual show. So basically, I didn’t know what was going on. And I was distracted by how Olivia’s face doesn’t move. (I stopped watching SVU many years ago.) I like Dylan McDermott but feel like he picked up some campy overacting issues from working on all the recent Ryan Murphy projects.
  11. Is that where the Sopranos cut the song off? Just wondering if they do it purposely for that reason. LOL
  12. Honestly, if I didn't do crossword puzzles, I'm not sure I would know what an "erne" is! I'm glad I did a lot of fast forwarding! I pretty much just zipped through to the questions and saw that she got them right, so I thought she was doing well. And I also didn't know the one she missed. That was tough though, because everyone obviously knows that the story was fictional, but almost everyone else portrayed in that movie WAS a real person, so I can see how someone might think that Leo's character was actually based on someone around at that time.
  13. I don't think they say on this version, but on the GSN version, they have two sets of questions, A and B, and the contestants get to pick which set they want to play. The chaser got the other set. It was a blind pick, but at least there was no question about questions favoring the chaser or the contestants. One set might be easier, but it was a random pick that determined who got which set. I think that the "consolation prize" amount they let them play for was too high in the first episode last night. They should've made it minimal, like $15,000 to split if their representative contestant
  14. Has Carly Simon been part of this narrative before? I don't recall her speaking out about this in the past, but I could definitely be forgetting things. Her appearance and involvement in the documentary surprised me.
  15. And wasn't it something even more ridiculous, like The Aunt Jemima Wagon? I loved that joke too!
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