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  1. Oh, I thought that was just a misdirect for Dasha (a story to get her someplace secluded) and the plan all along WAS to kill her.
  2. It ended up being one 90 minute episode and then some kind of best of mess that I didn’t watch. That grease fire...I’m afraid somebody’s really going to get hurt on this show someday.
  3. I feel like maybe I watch too much TV because I actually knew FIVE of these celebrities. Wow, Dave Coulier is a LOT.
  4. I’m getting my shows mixed up. Every time an episode ends with Chris saying “Congratulations, good luck, and as always...” I always finish it up in my my head with RuPaul’s “...don’t...f*ck it up”.
  5. The guy from Train is looking like a Jason Bateman character.
  6. There has to be something between “I’m falling for you too” and “That was very brave of you to speak your truth.” Sheesh.
  7. SHD

    Normal People

    I just finished the series and have not read the book. Does the book explain why her brother is so verbally abusive and hates her so much? I don’t think I missed anything in the series. It just seemed that’s how he was introduced with no background to explain why.
  8. Seriously, they are working so hard to try and show romantic chemistry. Back in the day, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham generated twice the heat just glaring at each other across the stage.
  9. I was really surprised Tati didn’t go with those mod/hippie flowers like the ones on the Laugh-In set. That would’ve been such a fun cake and still looked spring-like.
  10. The shocking disregard for cake in this episode was tragic. I’m not sure I loved the vignettes format, but it was kind of cool to piece them together as we saw how they overlapped.
  11. I know who she is - she’s kind of a no filter comic, so the dating details didn’t surprise me. What bugged me was her talking about her charity. Didn’t she say she just randomly looked something up and that one looked legit so she picked it? Or was that a joke? She didn’t seem to really care. Who doesn’t have at least one charity that they know of that they’d want to play for?
  12. If you tried that in a Scrabble game with my family, there would be a fist fight. LOL
  13. I thought he looked like Andy Dick, so that was my gripe about him (and the leaning).
  14. Am I wrong, or is it true that if the middle guy - who was the only one to get FJ - had bet all his money, he would’ve won? I know that’s not really the strategy third place people should necessarily follow, but I’d be kicking myself forever if I had missed out on winning because of that. I wonder how long it will be until we start seeing the no-audience shows.
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