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  1. In the Ford Fiesta category, I was kind of hoping someone would buzz in and try answering “Who is Ford?” just to see how far the lax BMS judging could go. Is there a guy named Valparaiso? If not, I made him up for FJ.
  2. Seems like most enjoyed that this episode deviated from the script of the British one, but I thought it highlighted some writing weaknesses. Still had some good lines, but it felt a little off to me. The hippie chick ghost has to go.
  3. I would say it wasted maybe 4 hours of my life. There was a good story in there stretched beyond its limits. The series would’ve been improved 100% if all the characters would’ve shut up 50% more. Also, did I miss something with the reveal of the doctor being the daughter of the Monsignor? Was that hinted at during the series before? It all seemed really randomly thrown in at the last minute just to give him a family to die with. I fully admit I could’ve nodded off at some point during one of the monologues and missed something. I wasn’t sure what we were supposed to think the fate w
  4. Second episode was way better than the first, or at least more balanced in tone between informative and entertaining. More the Jon Stewart that people knew and loved.
  5. I hereby award you the points!
  6. I thought that even by mediocre standards, this was a slow game. I’m not used to so many TS blank stares/wrong guesses, clues left on the board, first rounds where everyone was only around $2K. Was this the norm before? I no longer remember. Do not like!
  7. I totally understand your point of view. I just thought it was funny that the first one out of the gate after Matt was yet another runaway. And yes, no matter WHAT happened there'd be something for someone to gripe about! LOL
  8. They could’ve finished the board if the third contestant had decided to just go by RG.
  9. Glad getting rid of Matt resolved that runaway game issue so many people hated. LOL
  10. He’d just sit there and mumble “F*cking guy...” No kidding. When they were having the “What happens when you die” discussion, I kept thinking “Keep talking any longer and you’ll bore me to death, then I can just tell you what happens.”
  11. They are terrible Airbnb guests.
  12. As odd as the lottery sketch was, the randomness of Diana Ross sitting there and having a winning ticket was the most “Huh?!” moment for me. Che’s joke about the Nazi being Colin’s grandmother - it almost seemed like Colin didn’t know that punchline was coming.
  13. Did Lindsey Buckingham make Halsey dress like Stevie Nicks for that performance?
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