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  1. In addition to the feminine hygiene products, extra food, and clothes, I wondered about what they are hopefully using for protection/birth control. I'm guessing condoms.
  2. I missed the beginning of the first case, but when that lady called fibromyalgia an “autoimmune condition”, that told me all I needed to know. (It’s NOT)
  3. So much this!! I thought that was going to be the purpose of that scene- Ashley catching him. I am liking Mallory more, but I can't help but wonder if she isn't a little obsessed with Kate, and is almost "grooming" her in a different way/using her in her own way. Kate is definitely vulnerable, and some of Mallory's quirkiness could go either way. Her intro to Kate's stepdad, "I'm Mallory and I like snacks!" and the way she woke Kate up the morning after they smoked pot made her seemed to be more pushy/selfish than cute.
  4. I am starting to really dislike most of the characters on this show. I'm glad Madison spoke up for herself. Kate and Toby were being ridiculous. Well, mostly Kate. If Toby had brought it up at a better time, maybe? They already had a biological child that they wanted badly, spending loads of money from who knows where, risking her life and the baby's life to have. THEN, they adopted another child together, spending more magical money on top of the time and energy they already had to devote to their special needs child. Then, months later they are fighting (at her brothe
  5. I was also trying to determine if he looked like a weasel.
  6. Maybe he’s not really dead and that is what the title of the episode refers to. That was so intense and gut wrenching! I’m literally going to have to calm down to get to sleep tonight. Other observation: If my son defended his sister in the cafeteria like that , I would take him for an ice cream.
  7. Hooray! The judgiest of judgies are going away!
  8. This tax case today... did the tax PREPARER actually use the phrase “they received a return” ? I just can’t with these people.
  9. Funny, I made that connection today when Mr. Brightside came up on one of my playlists. Isn’t that the song Cameron Diaz danced around to while staying at Kate Winslet’s cottage? (It was playing at the bar last week when Zabel was drunk)
  10. I believe it's been pointed out before that he could just be using/observing Mare for material for a new book. I noticed the past couple of episodes he had a lot of questions for her, such as "how did the meeting with Carrie go?" and a few other personal questions.
  11. I keep trying to get Mr. Shibbles to watch this show. I think he would like it. He said it sounds like a bunch of teen drama, which it absolutely is 😄, but it is also more than that.
  12. This is what Mr. Shibbles and I loved about it. I hate being spoon fed the story.
  13. Yes! That’s what my cameo post was about above. Dr. Austin is played Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who played Phylicia Rashad’s son on The Cosby Show :). Inthought that was a nice touch!
  14. Did anyone catch the Malcolm-Jamal Warner cameo on the TV at Randall and Beth’s house?
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