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  1. No clue for FJ, so this week's FJ streak ends at one. I did laugh/groan when the category was revealed. Off to play J!6, which makes me feel much smarter. Multiple choice for the win.
  2. Awww, that's what we love about you. ;-)
  3. Seriously! I kept wondering why he was shouting at me. Did not like. Kind of indifferent to the new champ. I got Four Weddings and a Funeral and Air Supply. FJ went something like this. Category revealed, hey, I might actually know this, clue revealed, sodium, Na, Nacho, yay!!!!!!! This just might be the week I break my 2 for 5 FJ rut.
  4. I was actually going to suggest a new prize category. lol We might also want to consider least improved (aka, person who got dumber!). I'm bound and determined to win a prize this time. :-)
  5. Note to self: Buy and take Dramamine before tomorrow's show. Stand still, Geoff. Aside from that, my other thought was that he looked stoned. lol I got muzzle (really, none of you three came up with that?), In the Heat of the Night, and Midnight Run (hilarious movie). I didn't get FJ, even though I feel like I should have. <sad>
  6. I'm going to need some contestants with a little bit of pep, so I can actually stay awake during the show. When I managed to stay awake, I got Gallipoli, woke, mausoleum, and Hartford. FJ=instaget.
  7. I knew FJ tonight. And by knew, I mean complete and total guess. Go me! I also got Morse code (missed DD) and Steve Kroft.
  8. Starting the week off with a thud. I said prayer for FJ, but I really had no clue. Obviously. I did get yoga. Yippee!
  9. "Tell her to her face." I thought Graham's little story about what Lucille Ball would say when guests at her dinner party returned from the loo was hilarious. Graham's delivery was spot on. He really is a treasure. I could have done with a little more Jackie Black Ball, but this was a very fun couch.
  10. If only I could like a post more than once. :-)
  11. Week 4: 2 for 5. Things went steadily downhill after Tuesday. Woe is me!!
  12. That was a terrible game. I got PGA, Lanai, pulsar, and Yankees tonight. With 100% confidence, I said Bible Belt for FJ. Oopsie!! Wishing you good health and happiness Alex, but I would happily accept a $10,001 paycheck for 30 minutes of work, you twit!
  13. My two day FJ streak is over. It was fun while it lasted. For FJ, I got as far as Russia and caviar. Then, somehow shad roe popped in my head, followed by beluga, but the whale kind, time's up, curses!! I did get Sherlock Holmes and DuPont.
  14. Looks like it's opposite week where I actually have a clue for FJ.* 2 for 2. I also got Dale Evans, John Ford, and bounce. *I reserve the right to not have a clue for FJ the rest of the week!
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