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  1. Awwww, look at Ciara, Bollie, and baby Bo (no to that times a thousand) living happily ever after. Even if it was a dream. I'm definitely team Sami, but smug is not a good look on her, either. I really need the baby daddy to get his ass to Salem and put an end to all the nonsense. I'm going to go with Tweedle-Heinous/Awfuller. :-)
  2. Awww, moss. Look how you've grown. :-) I'm going to need Brook Lynn to grow up. I hope Mike croaks at the track. Still pissed about Neil. Let's get rid of the good looking guy who can actually act. Good call, show.
  3. They killed Neil? Those bastards!! Seriously, show. WtheactualF? I hate this damn show.
  4. Ugh, Nibbles. Please locate some self-esteem. Pathetic is not a good look. What a craptacular send-off for Rafe (who I can't stand, but even he deserves better) and Gabi (who I do like). One call to Dario and they're all, sure I'll drop everything and run off to Mexico. Are the criminals after them geographically challenged and unable to find their way to Mexico? Did their passports expire? Are they on a no-travel list? Stupido!! I also think A Martinez has been horrible.
  5. lb60

    MLB Thread

    1000 career wins for Joe Girardi
  6. I never thought it would be exciting to watch people chop/saw wood. Did you know Murph was in the military?
  7. Ben: "Why is this happening? Why is this happening? Me: "I have a better question. Why am I watching this? Why am I watching this? Scene: Ciara unlocks bathroom door. Me: "Girl, you done lost your mind." Her heaving bosom is very distracting. Smug Nicole is not a Nicole I can get behind. Unless it's to push her off a cliff. Hey, Judge. Maybe a background check, character witnesses, etc. might be in order before you turn over an innocent baby. Also, said baby needs a guardian ad litem. Here's Bollie!!
  8. If the goal is to make me root (hard!!) for Sami, then good job, writers. Everyone else in Salem can take a flying leap off a short pier. Way to be professionals, Rafe and Hope. I guess it's too much to hope that Ben strangles Ciara (love in the afternoon, ya know), then finds Eve, does the same to her, then strangles himself. Vincent can stay. I'm so over this stupid story.
  9. Agree with you and everyone else who has had it with Nicole. I'm surprised my tv is still in one piece, since I seriously want to throw things at it whenever she's on screen these days. Good work, writers. <eye roll>
  10. Not by me. If I had my way, he'd still be locked in that freezer truck like EJ intended. I will admit, I like him a little more now, but I could not stand him back in the day. #EJamiforever <ducks flying objects>
  11. My thoughts on today's show. lol At least Nibbles* kept her fingers out of her mouth. Well, I think she did. I really can't look at her. *I think a poster's mom coined that nickname, which I love.
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