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  1. I don't like you! In the strictly platonic sense! ;-)
  2. I posted this same thing in the Days forum today, but it also applies to today's episode of GH: first. Talk later. When will these people learn? Also, Sonny sucks!
  3. Vivian, first. Talk later. When will these people learn?
  4. I am so over Kristen's whisper talking. Speak up, woman! Julie, STFU (some things will never change)! #teamGabialways Welcome back, Vivian. Here's hoping you can spice up the incredibly boring Elani wedding. Oh, my and lol!
  5. Screw that! I want a prize! <sigh> Always a bridesmaid...... ;-) Also, comparing my totals from last year and this year, I've gotten 0.0008772% stupider. Go me! Congrats to all the winners. Ya done good! Thank you to our fearless leader, saber. Although, I am tempted to send you a new Magic Cottage Cheese Tub. Just sayin'. ;-) Until next season. Whenever that might be.
  6. Dearest Necktie Killer, Perhaps dial back the judgmental attitude towards other people's mental illness. Signed, People in glass houses, etc.......... Show was also interrupted for me. They just lost the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy. Aside from Olivia and Tamara Braun, CBS cleaned up. I'm shocked, I tell ya. Shocked!!! ;-)
  7. O!M!G! That amazing father and son at the end of tonight's show:
  8. I know Brady is a complete moron, but I find it hard to believe that Victor didn't think through the whole recanting his statement. Did they really think Eli was going to be all, okay, no problem? I did like Victor's explanation about Vivian coming back naked, so he knifed himself. Eli, congrats on getting possession of the Salem brain today. I am completely and totally over the entitled brat known as Allie Horton. I also don't think she's a very good actress. And she needs to take off that hideous hoodie. I'm really, really, really tired of the Sami bashing. More Steve and Jack, please. Less Lani, always!
  9. Seriously. That first day she came in from getting breakfast, or whatever, I was all, "why is she wearing her robe out in public?" Eli and Lani continue to be the dullest dull that ever dulled. Let the baby sweepstakes begin! Who will win? Who will care? Ugh, Victor. No, just no.
  10. <points up thread> Maybe she got my letter. ;-) That sausage casing they had Ciara in today was not a good look. I'm guessing phone conversations aren't monitored in the Salem pen. Otherwise, Rolf could be in deep doo-doo.
  11. Watching the losers shake hands with the entire audience: cringeworthy, even though it was taped months ago. Watching Gronk do rhythmic gymnastics: delightful. And I loathe the Patriots and the Bucs. This show is goofy, silly fun.
  12. lb60

    MLB Thread

    5 Phillies/3 coaches test positive
  13. Dear Gwen, Please keep your hands away from your mouth. Signed, Dr. Faux-ci I know this was filmed months ago, but I cringe when she starts nibbling on her fingers. Also, are we supposed to care what happens to her, because I don't. Add my name to the list of those that would appreciate it if Nicole would can it with the Sami bashing. I usually can't stand Lucas, but he was dead on when he told Allie to start acting like an adult if she wanted to be treated like one. I'm also over her. #crankytonight
  14. Speaking of the penthouse, Gwen mentioned going out the window if Claire told J/M that she was there. Here's hoping it's a really short building or there's a really long fire escape ladder. I really enjoyed today's subtle product placement. <eye roll>
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