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  1. Week 14: 1 for 5. Hoping my brain grows three sizes overnight, because that's just pathetic. #grinchreference #itsgrinchdayatschooltomorrow #letthecrazyweekbeforebreakbegin
  2. lb60

    NFL Thread

    <exhales> It's not easy being green. #FlyEaglesFly
  3. Week 13: 1 for 5. Bah humbug!!
  4. I got latitude, The Bell Jar, Carol Channing, mites, Clinton, and Rin Tin Tin. I had no clue for FJ (including after the answer was revealed). Been a great week, so far.
  5. That was driving me crazy! Tonight I got equator, operetta, metronome, fencing, and precinct. No clue for FJ, so December is off to a bangin' start.
  6. Week 12: 1 for 5. Awesome!
  7. lb60

    NFL Thread

    A long read, but I found this on Jamie Apody's Facebook. She's a sports anchor on 6abc Philly. Yes, the Iggles have been stinking up the joint lately, but they are a class organization. This gives you an idea of just how far they went for these two teams struck by tragedy. Arthur Leo Taylor November 21 at 9:10 PM · Gonna mail this tomorrow! Dear PHILADELPHIA EAGLES, Let me preface this letter by saying first that I was a die-hard REDSKINS fan until the issues that I had with the NFL and it’s handling of COLIN KAEPERNICK (especially after last Saturday’s shenanigans). For the past 3 years I have been boycotting the NFL and could never imagine myself at the LINC. That said, I am a teacher at PLEASANTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL and was working the concession stand when the shootings in PLEASANTVILLE took place. It was just awful and from that night I could see that our students and staff were going to have a very hard time coping with its magnitude. We were upset about the incident and upset none the less about not being able to see our fellas play to the end of the game. And then there was THE EAGLES letting the fellas play on their field, a once in a lifetime opportunity. We had no idea how much of a GREEN (red) carpet you all were going to roll out. When I think about your generosity it brings tears to my eyes. Those fellas were provided an amazing opportunity thanks to the EAGLES. With 10 year old MICAH having lost his life that morning we knew it was going to be a difficult day. I can’t tell you how many of our staff broke down in tears upon hearing the news. The one thing that went right that day was that the fellas were going to play on EAGLES sacred ground. It would have been enough for us just to use the stadium to play, but no, you guys went and did the AMAZING: . Put the players and managers names on the lockers . Provided wristbands . Gave them EAGLES hats and Paraphernalia . Had our Greyhound logo posted all over the stadium . Used professional commentators . Allowed the players to meet QUARTERBACK CARSON WENTZ and other EAGLES . Provided free parking with smiling and helpful assistants . Provided delicious Hot dogs, pretzels and bottled water . Allowed the team to run out to through the tunnel with smoke blasts . Provided excellent seating arrangements at the 50 yard line . Gave an AWESOME tribute to MICAH . Had SWOOP available for pictures . Allowed the fans to come on the field after the game .Provided excellent coverage of the game .And I know I didn’t name it all The tears are rolling down my face as I write this because I spoke with some of the fellas today and that experience was life altering for them win or lose they will NEVER forget your generosity by allowing them for a little while to put aside the events of that horrible day. The level of compassion that you showed the PLEASANTVILLE community and CAMDEN too for that matter, was heartfelt and real and I, for one, cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH and will NEVER forget the day the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES let broken hearted families and young men FLY! The NFL has much to learn from you all! GOD BLESS YOU EAGLES! FLY INDEED FLY!!! Sincerely, ARTHUR TAYLOR PLEASANTVILLE TEACHER “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” MAYA ANGELOU In other news, Carson Wentz is going to be a daddy. In even better news, Dallas lost. Hahahahahahahaha! Happy Thanksgiving, Jerry!
  8. The only thing I got tonight was United States/United Kingdom. I did not get FJ. In my defense, I couldn't concentrate because I was still afraid that Julie's fist was going to fly out of the tv and punch me in the face. Flail, much? I did at least know that they were looking for two words that were one syllable each. Go, me! I really should gave gotten FJ. That is all!
  9. Tonight I got Amélie (I've actually seen it) and constellations. I said Levi for FJ thinking there was no way it was right because it was just wayyyyyy too obvious and hey, it's right! No way! In news that will probably shock no one, I'm not a fan of the new champ.
  10. Shit! The whole episode, all I kept thinking was how I really, really didn't want Corey to die. At least his last moments were happy, but damn. That was brutal.
  11. My thinking exactly! Still not a fan of Elise. I wish she would stop waving at me. I'm not going to wave back.
  12. Ugh! I do not like the new champ and I missed a FJ that I should have gotten. I love that movie. Either I'm taking up space in your brain or you're taking up space in mine. I did the exact same thing.
  13. Pooh: "Wait! That's not how you pronounce Milne." Me: "They still gave her credit." Pooh: "Oh, bother! Where's my honey?" Me: "Silly old bear." Seriously, though. That annoyed me (us). I'm happy for the new champ. He seemed bummed when he missed Caribbean because he forgot the category. FJ=instaget.
  14. Dr Oz: "Why rule out the possibility of co-parenting with Kate?" Me: "You've obviously never met Kate." Later in the interview: Dr Oz: "What you can fix is how you and Kate deal with each other as adults." Me: "Again, you've obviously never met Kate." Although, I think she has been on his show. He should have been able to figure out what a psycho Kate is. I'm happy Jon is at a good place in his life. Kate, as always, can rot in hell. Thorazine.
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