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  1. Re Ragtime: Saw the movie in...1982? I was waiting in line with my Grandma while my aunt & mom were parking the car. By the time they come up, there's me, a guy in front of me, and then my grandma. Mom says "why did you let that guy cut in front of you?" Me: "Because he let Grandma cut in front of him!". Grandma didn't go to the movies much. You didn't want to sit near us since she did a lot of talking thru out the movie (related to points in the movie, but still). She did enjoy the movie.
  2. illdoc


    Question: On Law & Order, evidence gets thrown out all the time, because someone (not the police) gets the evidence without a search warrant and the defense claims that they were "an agent of the police" ((even if the police didn't have anything to do with it) and therefore, it was an illegal search). How is this (the taking of the gun out of a locked safe) not the same thing?! In fact, the law enforcement (ie FBI) told her to do it!!! Are the rules of "search and seizure" different for the FBI????? They certainly didn't have enough evidence for a search warrant (someone thinks they remember seeing a gun similar to the murder weapon is the only supporting evidence)
  3. Week 19: 3/5 Overall: 53/95 (7 *).
  4. Here's a comment about Ken's style: If a contestant is wrong on something that (we think) is simple, Alex would say "No". Ken tends to say it more drawn out and a bit like he's amazed, like he's puzzled that the contestant gave that answer, sort of like "No. Why would you give such a bad answer? How could you not know it?". Sort of "No (smh)"
  5. For FJ, I got "Carson City" right away and then "Sacramento" but then I thought "Sacramento is too far away", so I ended up with "Salt Lake City" as my second answer (maybe I thought it said "minerals" instead of "metals", maybe I thought "maybe salt is classified as a metal"). Oh well!
  6. https://tvline.com/2021/01/19/buffy-summers-turns-40-the-vampire-slayer-sarah-michelle-gellar/ (mentions the above mentioned "sequel"/reboot).
  7. Actually, not only do I think that (^^^) was the right call, but I thought "Uneven parallel bars" should be incorrect! I always thought they were called "uneven bars". Uneven parallel bars sounds like an oxymoron.
  8. Week 18: 2/5 (0 *) Overall: 50/90 (7*)
  9. Due to ABC News coverage, I missed today's J!. However, while I don't know the context of the above, I will say I have heard the phrase "Sick sense of humor" and have never heard "Sixth sense of humor". So....maybe you heard it wrong?
  10. https://tvline.com/2021/01/13/jeopardy-mayim-bialik-guest-host-full-list/ Actually, not a full list (article mentions "more guest hosts to be announced"). While Ken may be here as a "try-out host", the others will be just guest-hosting for charity.
  11. Week 17: 2/5 0* Overall: 48/85 7*
  12. Today's crossword in the Chicago Tribune: 27 Down: "I'm curious about everything--even things that don't interest me" speaker. Got this one right away (clue used his full name). RIP Alex.
  13. I'm watching the replay of the pre-empted Jeopardy episodes (Tues & Wed) and would you believe it gets pre-empted again!! Press conference interrupts the last ten minutes of the Wed episode. Channel 7 is the only station in Chicago carrying the presser. Sigh! At least it's now and not an hour from now (potentially pre-empting the final episode).
  14. "Gimme a head with hair! Long beautiful hair. Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen waxen." Now it's stuck in your head, isn't it?
  15. Chicago Channel 7 J! viewers: There was a crawl along the top today: "The two Jeopardy episodes missed this week due to breaking news will air Friday from 1-2pm".
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