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  1. Week 6: 2/5 Overall: 18/30 1* 60%
  2. I went with "Walk on the Wild Side" (Lou Reed--1972). And I have read "Cyrano" (as well as seen Steve Martin in "Roxanne"). All I could think of "nose" and "hookers".
  3. Until he started speaking, I didn't even recognize Amaro/Danny Pino!!!
  4. At least, that part of the storyline (the suing part) is over (they've accepted the settlement). However, we aren't done with the congressman (Bell overheard him apparently giving a payoff to Nova to give to Nova's boss, saying that there's more coming). BTW, the promo indicated a Nov 4th episode. Does that mean it's not on next week (which would be Oct 28)?
  5. The picture looked something like this: N G T I H (only with no blank line between the two rows (can't seem to single-space))
  6. Not stupid----that was my choice (and I always think of him as Mad Anthony Wayne!). Gary never crossed my mind. I'm not even sure I've heard of LaFayette (and I'm in Chicago, so we hear about Indiana cities all the time (one local weatherman was once pointing to what he called "the eastern suburbs" and I screamed "that's INDIANA")).
  7. First, we had Bread week, which had a lot of Italian breads (playing to Guiseppe's strength) and now German week (presumably playing to Jurgen's strengths)? Are the people at the show playing favorites???
  8. Week 5: 2/5 1* Overall: 16/25 1* 64%
  9. I don't even think he was there when she was drinking or in the hot tub. In fact, he kind of just disappeared for a while. Once those videos were done, where did he go? She'd gotten out of the hot tub, gone downstairs, gotten raped by two guys, got dressed and was in the bathroom crying by the time he finally showed up looking for her!!!! So much for "I'll look out for you. I'll keep you safe."!
  10. Actually, I took it as "if I (congressman) accept the invitation, my name will be in the book (since those who attend go into the book, not that my name is already in the book). I'd rather not" Bell, in turn, said she'd make sure it wasn't, since he would be, in a sense, working for the police at the time.
  11. But I think she showed up after Gil left. Of course, Hodges had spoken about his mother many times before we saw her.
  12. Didn't she commit suicide??? Granted, not shown. But I thought Gil found a figurine with a noose around its neck in her cell and immediately there was an alarm sounding---I assume it was because they found her (Gil seemed to think so too--he ran out of the cell at the alarm).
  13. Not to mention (a) Sarah is Jess' first serious girlfriend since his wife died (wasn't he still wearing his wedding ring when he met her?) and (b) Tali has had a traumatic experience just a few months ago (Sarah's ex being shot to death in Tali's home, in front of her). Do you think Tali's had any sort of therapy because of (b)? I doubt it.
  14. It's official--Velasco is joining the squad---https://tvline.com/2021/10/13/law-and-order-svu-octavio-pisano-cast-velasco/
  15. illdoc


    Which they refuted, with photo proof, immediately and he still lied! At least normal people say "ok. you got me. I had reasons", or make up some story---"I was there to try to get people to give up their "lifestyle" and go back to church" or something).
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