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  1. Filming delayed! Since it won't actually air until end of August, the start of the next season shouldn't be delayed. https://flipboard.com/article/great-british-bake-off-filming-is-delayed-amid-covid-19/a-a3bieoZqST-Y3tnnTuTX1A%3Aa%3A2679765603-9a5999a874%2Fco.uk
  2. Week 29: 3/5 1* Overall: 76/145 9*
  3. Episode title/listing confusion probably comes from the fact that this episode was supposed to air last week, the "Garland" episode was supposed to air this week, but "Dance" got bumped to this week, pushing "Garland" to next week.
  4. illdoc


    Let the "forced crossovers begin": https://tvline.com/2020/03/26/chicago-pd-fbi-crossover-tracy-spiridakos-hailey-upton/
  5. At the beginning, when Tali was first taken, there was the head of the department "I just took over last week. I'll look into it. Send me her photo". That guy set up the raid (back dating and essentially forging a signature to make it look like the order was authorized before the guy took over). He was a White Supremacist (WS). While they were investigating someone else, they stumbled upon him as being part of it, so they interrogated him (possibly it was "investigating him (in general), found he had connection to some WS that was a "person of interest", then interrogated him to find out more).
  6. illdoc


    After the intro, I thought "is everyone going to start applauding?"
  7. Should, but of course, doesn't. In fact, there's no real reason to believe that they are even at the factory!
  8. https://tvline.com/2020/03/23/law-and-order-svu-season-21-finale-two-returns-simon-death-secrets/
  9. Not to mention, but any "lack of birth control" was due to the fact he was Catholic. Rollins just seems to be lazy.
  10. Week 28: 3/5 1* Overall: 73/140 (8 *)
  11. Quick heads up! Originally, SVU was going to be new (presumably this episode) on Mar 19 (this Thursday), but it's being bumped for a COVID-19 special.
  12. On thejeopardyfan page: https://thejeopardyfan.com/2020/03/jeopardy-and-wheel-of-fortune-halt-production-over-covid-19.html, which we knew, but it does contain the tidbit that they have enough episodes to air through May 29 (week 38, I believe)
  13. Assuming there is another season, then yes, he is.
  14. Week 27: 3/5 (darn those Indian albatrosses). Overall: 70/135 (7 *)
  15. Did we know Carol's ex was a doctor before this episode?
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