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  1. illdoc


    At the bottom of your homepage (just above "beyond tv shows"), there's a link that says "EASILY CUSTOMIZE YOUR TV SHOW SELECTIONS FROM THE TV SHOW INDEX". Click it, and you'll see the list of all tv shows. Find the "F" and just click on the "FBI MW" (and "FBI International") tab. You'll get a pop-up that says "follow" (with or without notifications).
  2. illdoc


    FBI: MW has been moved from a forum (something which has sub-forums, in this case individual episodes) to a topic (like FBI) If you have/had it marked on your homepage, check to see if it is still there or if you need to re-add it.
  3. That ^^^ includes me this week! Week 40: 2/5 0 * Overall: 102/200 14* Still above 50% this season, but barely.
  4. Question: Are we supposed to be able to see the results at this stage? Once you vote, the "show results" button is missing (so you can't see how the vote is going) and if you press "show results" before voting, you get a "are you sure because you can't vote once you see the results?" warning, but even if you hit "yes", you still can't see the results!
  5. More dog show musings.. Anyone think that the Westie's name "Boy" probably isn't that odd in Thailand (where he's from)? Whereas here, it's only one step above calling him "Dog". Then again, there was a dog called "I" in a different group.
  6. You'd think, with arms that sunburned, Sara would have worn something with sleeves!
  7. Week 39: 3/5 Overall: 100/195 14*
  8. Yellow Fever = Walter Reed. How could no one have gotten that?!!
  9. Well, the clue wanted the two branches. CLUE: Alan Moorehead published histories of these 2 main branches of the world's longest river. "What is the Nile?" is incorrect.
  10. And please do something about Ken's eyebrows! He looks like he has none!!!
  11. I was at Baker's Square, which had one of those "QR Code need a cell phone for the menu" things on the table and it said underneath "if you are having trouble, ask the waitress for a paper menu".
  12. Week 38: 3/5 1* Overall: 97/190 14*
  13. Couldn't remember if it was Hobbes or John Locke, but I got the work and an asterisk!!!
  14. (a) Has Elliot ever called Benson "O"? It's always "Liv". But the text message began "O." This doesn't raise her suspicions? Nor does she call him back to see why she's needed. Crack detective. (b) By coincidence, I watched "The Godfather" on Wednesday. In it, Vito is in a hospital that seems to have no patients/staff on his floor. Michael goes to his father, sees that he's alone, and starts yelling "I need help" in the empty corridor. Sound familiar? Angela also is alone on a hospital floor that seems to have no patients/staff on her floor. Elliot goes to see her, then goes out into t
  15. They found a tube of lipstick, compared it the lipstick she was wearing in a picture they had of her, decided that "this is the place" and that's where they started digging and found her body. Presumably, she left other little things behind.
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