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  1. Dylan being Dylan was never covered. My theory is that his father had a affair with his underage teen cousin which resulted in his dad fathering a child and Dylan kept his secret. Dylan wasn't able to kill his father's underage teen cousin lover and thus he acts like the way he does. We have already seen evidence of this in Easttown.
  2. The Martez sisters may be working with Ahsoka, but it wasn't Ahsoka in the hologram. Rafa referred the hologram figure as "him" when she directed R7 to patch a channel for the communication. Maybe the hologram figure was Rex?
  3. Anyone else curious about what Chief Carter was thinking when John said the he and Erin "had this connection"? The insertion of the Chief's reaction seemed a little out of sync with the rest of the scene.
  4. The weakest part of the series was Erin's murdur mystery. With such a detailed plan that Ryan laid out, I don't see how a prosecutor would not see this as premeditated murdur. Maybe he got a break on the charges because his mom was besties with the lead detective, so he was only charged with manslaughdur. The communication between Erin and John the night of her death was befuddling Mare said that cell records showed no calls to John number. John said that Erin called his regular number (assuming with the burner phone). According to Ryan account of the night, she also sent te
  5. I think you could say we're gonna need a freakin' cruise ship.
  6. In episode 2, Mare seemed to think that it was from a gun shot. When she talks to the chief at the crime scene, she makes a finger gun gesture to explain the wound to the head. This is from @SnazzyDaisy's post in the "Fathers" episode thread: Whether the wound looks like it's from a gun is debatable, but the Easttown police believe it to be. The show has been coy about confirming cause of death. You would think that the Medical Examiner scene would confirm the cause, but it doesn't. So with nothing to refute Mare's initial hypothesis, I am assuming Mare's cause of d
  7. I haven't seen anything in the past episodes that makes me believe that John is a master manipulator. Billy confessing to killing Erin dumbfounds me. Is John's argument "for family" convincing enough for him to take the fall? Doublful, unless Billy is a complete idiot. i am of the opinion that Dylan is Erin's killer. 1) With the Jess chase down in this episode, there is now an established pattern that Dylan will threaten someone with a gun. 2) Dylan has no alibi with the established timeline of Erin's death. 3) When Dylan threatened Jess, he said “Don’t open your
  8. Not sure how spoilery this is since my observation is from the current episode... I'm going to assume the sparkle space lady reference is from the Amalia's forward rippling. I'm pretty sure that woman is a slightly older Myrtle (as Chicago Redshirt pointed out in an earlier post). One thought I had about the Victorian artifacts in the underground bunker. I noticed a parasol was among the artifacts. It seemed to be in fine shape despite the fairly delicate nature of the item. Could that be one of Penance's creations (the electric parasol prod)?
  9. -- Never Mind -- Question was already answered.
  10. Well, this is a comedy. I think replacing Drew with someone who doesn't even remotely look like Drew (definitely not the same coloring) and just run with it like nothing happened would be bold and funny.
  11. Well, I'm in California. If the recall is successful, I'm doing a write in vote for the Bear. The bear will do a better job at being governor than the bear candidate would.
  12. I believe CHEDIAVOLO means that Dylan's parents should have gotten a paternity test when Erin first declared that Dylan was the father.
  13. There is a link to the skit in the Media Thread.
  14. Sorry to disagree, but Amalia says "when". This is with HBO closed captioning.
  15. So far, the show reminds me of Broadchurch. Small town murder. Investigating detective's life deeply entangled with everyone else in town. Every episode will probably present a new prime suspect. I'm a little confused about the gunshot question during the interview montage, was Erin shot? Did they say how she died? I had assumed from the way Erin's body was left that she was sexually assaulted prior to her death. I don't remember seeing a gun shot wound on the body. What is up with Mare's mom? Although she knew that Carrie (Drew's mom) was going to fight for custody, she pu
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