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  1. My SIL says the little girl cat is really skittish about the feeder, but if she wants to eat... I don't think they would work in my house - Bosco would just bully his way into Stella's by pushing her out of the way. Right now, they exchange dishes. When I feed 'em, she's on the right & he's on the left. I turn around to put the food back into the cupboard and when I turn back around, he's on the right & she's on the left. They're so goofy.... ...even with litterboxes. He thinks, "I poop in this box and pee in that box," whereas she thinks, "This is my box; that one is his." So I end up with similar amounts of solids to sift, but one box is totally saturated while the other stays mostly dry. I love my quirky cats.
  2. My brother has a cat that will drink ONLY out of a certain flower vase. The other 3 cats are fine with that. So they each have an auto-feeder food dish that's keyed to their individual microchips because of all the special diets each cat is on, along with a very tall pink vase with water in it that has to get changed/refilled several times a day. Not to mention the tiny girl cat whose skeletal problems prevent her from grooming her butt so it has to be wet-wiped at least twice a day, right before she gets her asthma treatment. Those hard-to-place/special-needs kitties have found a really great home!
  3. FJ was one of those If You Know It, It's Easy clues. I never heard of the movie, so I just shrugged and said the most recent American movie I've seen, "Cut Bank" (which was awful, considering all the great talent in it.) I knew Fillmore. And like others, once "As Seen On TV" was ruled out, "But Wait...There's MORE!" was a given.
  4. In last season's topic, we had a discussion of mnemonics for the planets and they all included Pluto. I just learned two new ones without Pluto: Mary's Virgin Explanation Made Joseph Suspect Upstairs Neighbor Moist Vagina Expected, Might Just Steam Up Nightly. (In case you were wondering)
  5. Saber, have you tried getting a booster for your antenna? My neighbor has one because she put her antenna in a weird place. We share a common wall and she wasn't getting 5 of the channels I was. Of course, the alternative is to move nearer to a large city. Hahahahaha.
  6. I'm not annoyed by the Mayhem Cat commercial, but some cat advocate group is pissed because people won't adopt cats now that they're depicted as destructive. Oh, puh-leeze.
  7. Re your spoiler: ...or whatever that quote was.
  8. I'm assuming it was the only 5-letter word he could think of that began with Na.
  9. I'm 70 years old. In high school, I took computer programming. We had a nearly room-sized Burroughs computer that ran off of punched cards (and the only air-conditioned classroom in Miami). My first job was as a keypunch operator and since then, except for about 4 years when I was a travel agent, I've been in some form of data processing. I don't think I'm the only one who's had a life in technology. Those commercials that portray we geezers as technological idiots are actually referencing our parents - I remember writing a list of steps for my mom to take to program her VCR. Those commercials apply to people, at best, in their 80s and older. And...guess what...we ladies don't wear black dresses with lace collars unless we're RBG and it's a robe. And we don't usually wear our hair in buns. I think the commercial creators forget that we're the Woodstock generation. We're old hippies and some of us STILL wear tie-dye. John Lennon would have been 79 last week. It's one of the reasons (probably the only one) I like the Consumer Cellular ads - they're old people, but they don't really act like the stereotypical commercial seniors.
  10. That happened to me recently. Dropped ABC and PBS. I did another "auto search" for channels and I got them back, but I lost two other channels, which is OK because I rarely watch them - who needs Carson reruns and "Two Broke Girls" ?? I also got more channels than I ever had before - they keep adding shopping, Hispanic, and come-to-Jesus channels! That's Johnny, not Kit.
  11. My first word was pizza, but I guess that was too easy. I also said Razzle-Dazzle.
  12. This so rarely happens for me...Albee came springing to the forefront of my brain immediately. I was stunned that I was correct. Y'know, I've been watching a lot of Brit TV lately, and they call it the Hokey-Cokey. It's not quite the same melody and not quite the same movements, but it's obvious that it's related to our Hokey-Pokey. As an aside to my aside, when the doctor asks me what I do for exercise, I tell her jumping to conclusions and the Hokey-Pokey. "Shake it all about..."
  13. For FJ, I said "The people that Tom Hollander worked for in the Capn Jack Sparrow movies." I knew the Dutch East India Company wasn't right. Duh.
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