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  1. Prevailing Wind

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    I gave mine back. Tried a slew of different masks - they all fit fine in the doc's office, when I'm sitting up, but as soon as I lay down to try to sleep, the mask shifted, air escaped and my cheeks made farty noises. Never could get it to work and I wasn't sleeping any better with it. Has ANYONE ever had a sleep study done and NOT been told they have sleep apnea? I think it's a scam - and NOW we have to buy some goofy additional appliance to clean the damn thing? Nope. Not falling for that.
  2. Prevailing Wind

    Small Talk: We'll Be Right Back

    My brother, just turned 75, had a hard time trying to get rid of HIS trains; he finally found a family with kids and a dad that love trains, so he gave 'em away. My SIL was really perturbed having to move those trains FOUR times before Joe finally got rid of them (and they finally found a house/neighborhood they like.) She was pissed because she got rid of almost all the mementos she was keeping, yet Joe still had his goddamn trains.
  3. Prevailing Wind

    Small Talk: We'll Be Right Back

    Sometimes, they even CONFESSED!! She was a criminal mastermind!! (I like to think Lansbury would be amused by this.)
  4. Prevailing Wind

    Small Talk: We'll Be Right Back

    I've noticed CoziTV has been editing "Murder She Wrote" for time. It used to begin with the title sequence announcing who the guest stars are, one by one. Now they're all crammed, in tiny print, several to a page, at the end. So instead of saying, "Oh, look who's in this one..." and watching out for a formerly fave actor gone to seed, I have to wait to the end, thinking, "Who IS that guy?"
  5. Prevailing Wind

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I don't mind mayo, but it took me a long time to get over what Mr. Moses, the English teacher in high school said, "Mayonnaise looks like somebody's had a heavy cold." I transferred out of that class and into Miss Kranzler's, who wasn't so gross.
  6. Prevailing Wind

    Midsomer Murders

    I think Acorn has Rosemary & Thyme. Acorn used to have Dr. Blake, but it seems to be gone. They DO have "The Blake Mysteries: Ghost Stories" and it seems Dr. Blake's been "gone away" for 8 months & Jean takes over sleuthing duties. It's a two-part story.
  7. Prevailing Wind

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I thought it was less Field of Dreams and more Children of the Corn.
  8. Prevailing Wind

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    IMDB says he's 5'9"
  9. Prevailing Wind

    As Seen On TV: Does ANY of this crap work?

    I just used GoodRX a week ago and have transferred my prescriptions from Walgreen's to Publix Supermarket's Pharmacy. WAY cheaper!! In fact, they dole out some drugs for FREE! If my doc didn't insist on "extended release" Metformin, I could get my diabetes drugs free at Publix. Some antibiotics are free, too. But I printed out a coupon from GoodRX and the Metformin was less than half the price I had been paying at Walgreen's. If it weren't for GoodRX, I wouldn't have known that, so, yeah, it works well.
  10. Prevailing Wind

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    We have a litter room. It's the half-bath in my condo - two litterboxes fit nicely in there. Nobody else is around to use the "guest bath," so it's perfect for them. Stella & Bosco seem to like having their own room. The only problem is Stella thinks, "This is my box; that one is Bosco's," and Bosco thinks, "This is the box we poop in; that's the box we pee in!" so I have an overly-saturated litterbox and a nearly empty second box. For a number of months, we've been getting ads for Beaver Toyota of Cumming, GA - "Hi, I'm Linda Beaver; we're here to WOW ya!" and now those ads have stopped and we're back to the Toyota Jan ads. I never missed Jan while Linda was on, WOWing me. Now that Jan's back, I realized I hadn't seen her all the while Linda was running her ads. Either way, I'd rather watch paint dry.
  11. Prevailing Wind

    Favorite Commercials

    Not only do I like the Chantix Turkey, I like his house. When he comes home after surfing, I look at that exterior and say, "I want that house."
  12. Prevailing Wind

    Small Talk: We'll Be Right Back

    My SIL once bought herself, my mom and me the same velour robe, but in different colors. Carmen's was red, Mom's was purple and mine was dark blue. She got 'em at JCPenney's - velour, zipped up most of the front (you still had to pull it on over your head or step into it) and nice, VERY nice pockets. Loved that thing. The elbows wore out first. It eventually died. Of course, JCP doesn't carry that style any more. Now, for the winter, I have a stupid, long, fleecy hoodie that zips, but the zipper separates so you slip it on like a regular jacket. I hate it. For warmer temps, I have the old-woman standby of a "duster" - you can still get them! - snap front, easy care fabric, pockets.
  13. Prevailing Wind

    Murdoch Mysteries

    Acorn has 3-minute "behind the episode" videos, so after you watch the show, you can see two of the actors discussing it. Lachlan Murdoch said he had to make up the gestures and everybody followed his lead.
  14. Prevailing Wind

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I remember the guy who played Mr. Whipple being on the Mike Douglas Show (Yes, I am THAT old) and Douglas was highly amused that the actor named his swanky house The TeePee. Whatever happened to Sarah Coventry jewelry? LOL. "This show has been brought to you by..."