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  1. Hiaasen is much better looking. (Gentle reminder: there's no "ass" in Hiaasen) When I saw Barry's photo, I said, "I am not making this up. Who is Dave Barry?" I couldn't think of the name of the award; I settled for the Cannes Film Festival Award. I don't think I'd have been awarded any money for that one. ETA: Just watching "Country Music" on PBS and I'm struck by how much Ken Burns & Dave Barry resemble one another. And here's a pic of Hiaasen...
  2. You could always asked them if they've been washed in the blood of the lamb. That usually gets folks to avoid you.
  3. I goofy-guessed Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. I, too, said Happy Face. There's a convenience store/gas station near me that uses one as its logo - "Happy Stores" - used to have the cheapest gas until Quik Trip moved into town. I was surprised at how well I did on the rivers. But I certainly had a great run of wrong guesses! There weren't too many I was confident on that turned out to be wrong, though. I either flat-out it was a stupid guess or turned out to be right.
  4. Asking for a friend: If you take 2-hour nap in the afternoon, does that count towards last night's 8 hours or tonight's 8 hours? Or is it a stand-alone event, not affecting either night's sleep?
  5. Yes, he's got his pants on,, but not zipped yet, from what I see. I try not to look.
  6. Instead of Aleve, now it's "What is Geico?"
  7. I've been seeing the first one a lot, too. Can't stand it. The kid is SO smug. I pass by their HQ on the way to Home Depot. I boo.
  8. J.K. Simmons is the actor in those Farmer's Insurance ads - "Seen it; covered it." He's a guy showing people around their museum. Did you know the character has a name? Closed captioning says: "(Burke) We know a lot of things because we've seen a lot of things." WHY does the character even HAVE a name? Is it necessary to the ad? Does anyone without CC know? This is just so weird to me. It's not like somebody touring the museum says, "So, Mr. Burke, can you tell me what this one's about?"
  9. I saw this on the Kroger in Steubenville...
  10. There are two Fort Knoxes - the one we all know with the gold in Kentucky, and the one in Bucksport, ME, next to the aforementioned bridge. And, no, it's not vertigo inducing. When I was there, there were a LOT of signs warning of wasps in the area. I wondered how badly someone had gotten stung that they put all those signs.
  11. They're so special, they skied UP the mountain, too.
  12. I don't understand people who confuse mammal with animal. I don't understand people who pronounce Borough as Bureau. I don't understand why the games have been so crappy lately. RE: Being taught modern history... Having graduated high school in 1967, I can tell you that the Dade County Public School System (Miami, FL) had the teachers spend SO MUCH TIME on Pizarro conquering the Incas in, yes, AMERICAN history (because, after all, Peru is in South America) that by the time the school year ended, we were barely up to Reconstruction. And because Miami was such a magnet for newcomers from other states/school systems, each year did NOT follow up on the previous year, but started all over again with Columbus, et al. That I know anything at all about the early 20th Century is due to my parents, reading, and PBS.
  13. Stella loves cooked tomatoes - tomato soup, marinara, pizza sauce - she'll eat it all. But she doesn't like dairy. Which is OK, because Bosco does and she leaves it all for him. Mmmmm...sour cream residue after the cheese blintzes have been eaten...nothing better! The late Scooter ate anything orange except citrus...pumpkin, carrots, canteloupe, butternut squash, peaches - she'd gobble it up. Cats are so weird.
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