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  1. That's all it takes in the "Help, I've Fallen And Get Up" commercials, too.
  2. I heard that commercial while I was puttering in the kitchen. When she says, "I'm a performer..." I wondered what happened to the "I'm a spider" lady. Anyway, I can vouch for Voltaren. It works wonders. I no longer get cortisone shots for my arthritis - I just rub in some (generic) Voltaren. When I got my first tube, it was $68, prescription. My SIL had recommended it to me. Then she & my brother went to Europe - OMG; it's over-the-counter and only $16. She brought me back two tubes from Spain. What I found incredibly cool is the box it comes in has Braille on it. Blind shoppers can get what they need without sighted help!
  3. Remember the State Farm ad where there's an accident and one of the guys sings, "Like a Good Neighbor..." and gets an insurance agent, where the other tries it and gets his mom, on hold with his company. She calls him Jimmy and Jimmy says, "You're not helping, Ma." - Jimmy is Doug. It's the same guy. He does a lot of insurance ads. I never got the vibe that the guy who blows his acting lines (The desert never lies) by talking about Allstate was supposed to be Doug. If so, you'd think they'd have an ostrich or something nearby.
  4. Pink "frock" ??? I think you misspelled muumuu. LOL.
  5. Thanks. I did not understand the "Age of Aquarius" talk here.
  6. But it makes me sad because it reminds me of the Monk episode where he was trying to play Marco Polo and everyone ignored him.
  7. They certainly aren't maintaining social distancing.
  8. RE: the single ply TP. When this all started and commercial venues shut down, the factories that made the single-ply commercial TP cut back on the manufacturing. The residential, 2-ply factories had to gear up to make more. Perhaps they, in an effort to supply *something,* took the commercial single-ply and packaged it for residential use. Have you tried Viagra for Flowers for that hibiscus?
  9. In our condo complex, they've been sent outside with sidewalk chalk. We have the fanciest sidewalks on the block!
  10. Sometimes you don't have all the ingredients you want in a sandwich. As far away from Mr. Jimmy John's politics as I am (including big game hunting), I do appreciate his freaky-fast sandwiches, when, with delivery, turn out to be WAY lower-cost than other deliveries.
  11. But what kind of shoes is she wearing to make her taller. (For that matter, what kind of shoes is HE wearing?)
  12. I keep seeing the one for "Stories by AMC" where there's guy at the end, in front of an open portal shining with light and a bunch of people behind him (in our foreground) and the voice-over says, "The squirrel is yours." Even though I now know it's "This world is yours," I still hear "The squirrel is yours." And that woman's screaming about "NO OTHER BRIDES." Apparently, there's a Bridezilla who wants her special day all to herself. So what? On Pluto, I vaccilate between America's Test Kitchen and Leverage. Leverage is so preposterous, but so cleverly written, you want so much for this to be a real thing.
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