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  1. Looks like Kristen Stewart's Oscar run is DOA.
  2. Disney: If you loved Baby Yoda, get ready to meet Baby Rancor! Bunch of hipsters on vespa speeder bikes.
  3. I mean Jim Bob exploited his kids to make all that TLC money, plus the girls “wrote” a bunch of books. Any “help” he gives them is more like giving them access to funds they were already owed, but he’s so controlling, he made sure that they couldn’t survive without his generosity.
  4. That's basically what happened to Josh Hutcherson. He worked a ton as a kid, but then his career stalled once he hit adult roles.
  5. I agree that Ilia and Vincent both fill the wildcard slot. I think Vincent locked up his slot when he beat Nathan Chen at Skate America though. Without that, they may have been compelled to swap him out for Ilia.
  6. Sure, but look at their records, pretty much all of those listed skaters were reigning World Champions, or had at least 2 well performing seasons in international competition. Alina Zagitova is probably the best comparison, but she dominated the senior grand prix and Europeans leading up to the Olympics that year. Ilia just has a really good Nationals performance and did well skating at a junior level this season.
  7. Golden Globe Winner. They seemed to really like The Power of the Dog. Other notable win would be Nicole Kidman landing the first major Best Actress award in what will be one of the more competitive fields this season. Her and Rachel Zegler will be the early frontrunners.
  8. That might actually be a good thing. At the rate it’s spreading, Jason would test positive in a few days and be in the clear before the games started. This is going to be such a stressful month for everyone who made the team.
  9. Yes, they clarified that somewhat when Gracie Gold nailed her SP, that there was no path to the team for her based on other selection requirements. The quads explains the point deficit, but why did he compete as a junior? Did missing Nationals not give him enough points to qualify? I’m trying to interpret the rules, and see you need a minimum number of ISU points to enter.
  10. I don’t get why Ilia competed in the junior Grand Prix instead of senior this season. It may have boosted his overall point total, since it looks like even though he won his events, he was averaging 40 points lower than Jason. Also if he thought he had a snow ball’s chance in hell at the Olympic team, he would have put himself at the senior level like last season.
  11. Something similar happened in 2018 when Ross Miner pulled off a huge upset to come in 2nd at Nationals, but he didn’t have the International points to make the Olympic team, and they took Adam Rippon instead (and again with Ashley Wagner in 2014.) Ilia was interviewed after the competition, and it sounds like he’ll be annoyed if he doesn’t make the team.
  12. As someone who lives in Fairfax County and has kids, I think he may be talking about the COVID lockdowns. The DC region shut down hard, and is no where near back to normal. It probably took a big toll on his training.
  13. It reminds me of when Mariah Bell fell on her butt in the middle of her Britney short program a few years ago. They had footage of Bradie Tennell and Amber Glenn reacting and it was hilarious.
  14. For a second I thought Nathan Chen falling flat on his face during the step sequence was choreographed.
  15. Yes, Jason is a solid Top 10 skater and made it to the Grand Prix finals this year. He’s had his Olympics chance, so I wouldn’t be heartbroken if he doesn’t make it, but someone like Ilia has very little international experience at a senior level. I could see them skipping him for the Olympic team, but putting him on the team for Worlds.
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