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  1. Same. And I'd rather they do it now, instead of waiting for her to be at the terminal stage of her Huntington's. Hopefully they'll rope him into Liesl's rescue. Or Britt will spark better with CM's Drew, which I'd also be down for.
  2. So much suspense for a scene that will surely just involve Jason assuring Carly that he will always love her and be there for her, but understands that her place is with Sonny and he'll never get in the way of that. Next!
  3. She might act as Sonny's moral compass as he settles back into his life, and if the show cared about Kristina, she would connect with Phyllis, and learn about "Mike" and the kind of man her father could be. I like the actress, but I don't think there's enough to her character to really add anything to the show.
  4. Michael is the only bio family that Jason has ever cared about.
  5. Seriously. Why did they bother with the "Jason and Carly love each other for real" angle if they were just going to drop it the second Sonny came back. I don't even want this triangle, but if you're going to implode Jason and Britt to setup this storyline, at least commit to it!
  6. I think Nina is about to be steamrolled by a parade of "How could you???"s Carly will probably rip her to shreds on a weekly basis. Michael will ban her from seeing Wiley. Sonny will shout stutter at her for hours on end. Maxie and Britt will temporarily shun her. Willow will throw in a sanctimonious speech. They have content through at least Christmas.
  7. I haven't watched the episode, but just reading your recap, I was shouting "SHOOT HIM!" at my computer.
  8. And Jason has been living in Casa Corinthos, so they easily could use his room too.
  9. I know it would have been nitpicked for its plausibility, but I wish they gave Chris/Lucas the same name in all 3 timelines, because that's going to be hard for me to keep straight. I admit I wasn't paying close enough attention, has Amy been introduced in the nurse timeline?
  10. Don't you remember the 5 second clip package they played at the end of an episode a few weeks ago? Because that's all we're getting, unfortunately.
  11. I would skip it. The entire episode is pretty dark, and a completely different tone than the satire of the first episode.
  12. And aren't Donna, Avery, and the nanny presumably at the house too?
  13. I agree. I really enjoyed Wandavision, but only felt that Elizabeth Olsen really deserved the nomination. It's unfortunate that she was in probably the most stacked categories of the night.
  14. He generally seems like a private guy, and he went through a pretty public breakup right before Ted Lasso blew up. His demeanor at all of these events has screamed, "Shucks, this is great, but the mother of my children left me for Harry Styles this year, and everyone knows it, and that kind of sucks."
  15. Now we're going to have to suffer another 8 months of Carly and Jason suffering amnesia, while befriending Joey Novak in a quaint bar in the mountains of Pine Hill or whatever.
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