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  1. Babies legs are bowed until they get closer to walking. Totally normal.
  2. Buyer pays closing. Seller is responsible for realtor fees. Since Mina is the realtor, she gets her cut back, and can set the buyer agent’s cut.
  3. It’s not Jill they’re erasing, it’s her husband. It’s hard to edit around the groom in a wedding special. Jill did show up in last week’s clip show making pickles.
  4. I think Ivy was dragged around because she was still nursing. Although given how competitive Jessa is, I’m surprised she’d stop to breastfeed, instead of dropping off some pumped bottles for Lolli.
  5. To be fair, she could correctly multiply, where as Austin thought 2x2.5 was 10...
  6. The Munster episode was pretty uncomfortable. The whole “let’s move into my current apartment with my roommate who I may or may not have been hooking up with” vibe was pretty awkward. And the girl seemed to be second guessing her decision to move the whole episode. Do you think their relationship survived the pandemic in that studio apartment?
  7. Ciara admits that she hardly ate anything the day before and used to get so hung over when she and Claire used to go out drinking, and no one suggests that maybe she’s hung over, and should try a Gatorade and some aspirin? Okay.
  8. iPhone/13.3.1/Safari and I’m seeing this issue as well. I see the yellow new post marker, but am routed to the top of the page for each thread.
  9. Can we campaign to get this episode replayed, since they’re fine with playing episodes from this era?
  10. They really shouldn’t have killed off Morgan. He was such an interesting foil to Golden Boy Michael.
  11. absnow54

    The Star Wars Saga

    @andromeda331 I just think of the new cannon established in Rogue One, where Vader literally watches the plans board Leia’s ship mere moments before he captures her, and she plays it off all “what plans.” It’s such shades of Clone Wars Anakin, you know that causes Vader’s tempers to flare. I hope they write a book or comic series some day that explores the Vader/Leia dynamic, because no one really acknowledges that she grew up right under his nose, with Alderaan being a core planet, and her being a part of the political scene from a young age.
  12. absnow54

    The Star Wars Saga

    Leia was stubborn like Padme, but I always thought her personality was more like Anakin’s smartass side (that was mostly present in the Clone Wars cartoon)
  13. So when they say next week will be the “best of” the Nurse’s Ball, it will all be from the last 8 years and not from the 90’s during the Nurse’s Ball hey day. Guess I’ll poke through old you tube clips instead...
  14. absnow54

    Normal People

    Agreed. The show actually does a better job of developing Marianne's family than the book did. Her brother was just an over the top ass in the book (more so than the show, but at least it was more obvious in the show how insecure and jealous he was of Marianne's potential), and her mother was just kind of there.
  15. I kind of wish they just did a special on ABC soaps (even though they were clearly favored by the special), but that's just because it's my mom's network of choice, so that's what I grew up on. They only sort of skimmed the surface on a lot of my favorite story lines. I would have also liked if they did segments on the following: Recasts SORAS-ing Camp (although they kind of did that, but I would have loved a shot of Ford v Chandalier and Duke's cheese fondue face) Also, what was Jon "Just Happy to be Here" Hamm doing on the special? At least Bryan Cranston did a couple of soaps, I couldn't find any on Jon's IMDB page. I'm not mad that he was there, I'm just wondering what brought him there? Is he just REALLY into soaps?
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