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  1. Is that even a Whole Foods? I've never seen one so sterile white and brightly lit before. I thought they just bought bags from home to recycle.
  2. absnow54

    The Star Wars Saga

    Aside from reuniting with her parents, her goals are turning Ren back to the light... for some reason. Getting Luke to come out of exile... for some reason. And to speak with all the voices of the Jedi past... for some reason. I get that they were trying to give her a found family, but the character felt very isolated from everyone else, especially in TLJ. Luke was very much isolated in Empire as well, but there were still scenes on Hoth that showed how close the team had become. Rey’s best developed relationships were with Finn and Han in the first movie, but they decided that she was all about the Skywalker legacy, and that connection just felt hollow to me.
  3. Holy shit Bong Joon Ho is going home with 4 trophies tonight!
  4. I’m guessing they’ve had Kirk Douglas’s in Memorium segment on standby for a few years now. He was 103!!!
  5. Ford v Ferrari mucking up the Best Picture predictions.
  6. Agreed. Sometimes toddlers only want one parent and there’s no appeasing them otherwise. Baby wearing is a good way to give them what they need while still getting work done. We use this type of carrier around the house and for short day trips to the aquarium or zoo. We’ve got a structured carrier with a metal frame for hiking. This one doesn’t distribute weight as well and aren’t super breathable, so you both get very sweaty after too much time.
  7. With film crew in tow because Jill was in that episode.
  8. These sketches are very kind, and I hope they bring the recipients comfort, but in both drawings it looks like Jesus is Joy’s and Vanessa’s secret side piece.
  9. Izzy is using an open cup. It's considered a toddler cup because it's got a suction foot at the bottom to make it harder to knock over. ETA: oops, I just noticed the cup that's off to the side at Chick fil a, and yes, he's way too old for one of those.
  10. absnow54

    The NBA

    The LA County officials couldn’t even confirm Kobe’s death as of yesterday evening. How were the other victims supposed to be reported? Their next of kin should be the first to know. Not strangers on the internet. I’m sure the names will be released in the coming days, as is the case with most reported tragedies that don’t have a famous person on board.
  11. To be fair they didn’t know what would be said in the press conference. This story today was huge, and I’m sure they were kicking themselves that the press conference was delayed to the point that it aligned with the two star skaters, but there was no way they were going to skip coverage of what will be the biggest story of the week for afternoon figure skating.
  12. Yeah. I’m really not sure he deserved the GOE he got on all his wonky landings. He still would have easily won without those points, so I don’t understand why they feel the need to inflate his score.
  13. Brits love awarding other Brits, so I’d be shocked if Mendes misses the BAFTA. I’d say 1917 had Best Picture in the bag at this point too, but the weighted ballot might give Parasite a fighting chance.
  14. Terry announced a little before 5 that figure skating coverage would switch to NBC SN during the press conference. Not that that information helps anyone now...
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