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  1. I think Viola Davis is the favorite only because the SAG has the largest voting body in the Academy. McDormand would be the next most likely, as she picked up nominations in all the major awards, and won the BAFTA. Then Andra Day, then a toss up between Mulligan and Kirby. Davis and McDormand both suffer from "didn't they just win?" although Davis has never won Best Actress, only supporting. There's also the idea that the Academy won't give all the major awards to POC in one season, which could also spoil a win for Davis. Out of the other three actresses, Mulligan has the highest pedigree, but this is only her second Oscar nomination, so she can't really ride the "It's her turn" narrative. I don't know. This is a complete toss up to me.
  2. Maybe my judgment is clouded, because my daughter was born around the same time as Wiley, but seems 5 years older at this point. Because Wiley comes off as a prop, every infantilizing term they use about him is really grating to me. To be fair though, I don’t even think of my 9 month old’s room as a nursery.
  3. Also, who calls a 2 year old’s bedroom a nursery?
  4. Has anyone gif’d Peter getting tazed yet? Millow is so meh, and it was a dick move to have him hallucinate Willow wanting to move back in with him, while she was getting it on with Michael. Now I guess she’s the cheater? Or does it not count since she was only casual with Chase?
  5. I thought it was hilarious that Bombay’s “great” coaching advice was a bunch of standard over dramatic theatrics and not actual hockey. My favorite scene from the Mighty Ducks was D2 when they put Russ in the game, but have to disguise him as Goldberg, so he can get past the defense, and he stops to remove his helmet and reveal his identity before he shoots a knuckle puck, so that the coach can shout “THE GOALIE!” in utter dismay.
  6. It has to be more than tape! Apparently
  7. I happened to watch the season 1 finale last night. I admit, I watch season 3 of this show nearly once a year (usually the 4th of July I watch the run of episodes leading to "Joey's Independence Day") but I rarely watch any other episodes with the exception of the series finale, so it's been a LONG time since I've watched the season 1 finale. I couldn't get over how poorly Jen was treated! First off, Michelle Williams was so underrated back then! Katie Holmes certainly had a spark around her, but MW was just so effortless in her emotional performance. The scene that really stood out to me though, was when she went to Dawson for comfort right after her grandfather died. I have a new appreciation for James van der Beek in recent years, but he was SO bad in these scenes. Jen's pouring her heart out to him, and he plays it like he's grossed out and uncomfortable, like how dare she look for sympathy from me, we broke up and I'm totally into Joey now, so NOT my problem. It's a very bad acting choice. The season finale also reminds me of the premise in season 3, that because Dawson asked Pacey to look after Joey, Pacey fell in love with her, as if there weren't multiple occasions in season 1, where Pacey -- without any influence from Dawson, was a good friend to Joey and related to her in a way that Dawson never could. I don't think Kevin Williamson ever intended for this, in fact he went into the series finale set on Dawson and Joey, but the foundation to what made Pacey and Joey a great pairing started the moment Joey sat down next to Pacey after his affair with Tamara was revealed and was like "this town, amirite?" Josh and Katie's chemistry was stellar, and impossible to ignore, but I don't think they realized how great they laid the groundwork for the pairing early on either.
  8. Bucky certainly didn't have an upper hand with it.
  9. If Wandavision is any indication, we got the first post-credit scene during the penultimate episode. Definitely the line of the episode. I'm bummed that Lamar got killed, he's been the only tolerable part of the Walker story. I wasn't sure what direction they were going to take Walker in when he was first introduced, but after today's episode, there's no way he's surviving this series!
  10. I think it was important to show that Jim Watkins was at the rally. That Ron Watkins was the source for many of the Dominion voting machine claims that pushed the "stop the steal" narrative. AND that Ron Watkins was tweeting about Mike Pence trying to overthrow Trump the morning of the rally. I think at this point in the documentary, they were pushing that Ron was Q, so anything Ron was saying publicly on his own Twitter handle, was sowing the same chaos that "Q" had done anonymously. But I do agree, there were a lot of other groups and platforms at play to drive the events of January 6th that weren't necessarily related to Q's influence.
  11. It does look weird, but I'm pretty sure Abbie has her arm under Gracie's knees and Gracie's bum is supported on Abbie's hip.
  12. I agree, especially since the crew ended up playing the biggest role in transmitting the disease. I can't believe they weren't being tested along with the passengers! The Wikipedia page breaks down the demographics. I believe all of the deaths were passengers (mostly 70+)
  13. Is it possible that Jim was the original Q and let Ron take the wheel once he grew bored of it? IIRC the original Q was better at sounding more legitimate, but didn't necessarily have the best track record with predictions... or at least when they panned out, it was usually a stretch. I think it's also possible that someone with some level of security clearance (not a Q-level) went a little off the rails with conspiracy theories and was caught by their security and spooked with the threat of job loss or prosecution. I think that's the more likely scenario, and why they're not jumping at the chance to take credit.
  14. I recall Kevin Williamson saying he wanted to pair Pacey and Joey in season 4, but in an All Roads Lead Back to Dawson/Joey (and Pacey/Andie) sort of way. Then KW left after season 2, and the show started to implode through the first half of season 3, and the writers decided to jump on that idea a little earlier, and damn, did they write a good love story! I don't think even they planned on ending the season with Pacey and Joey floating off into the sunset. I think the actor's chemistry and the character's compatibility just took on a life of its own. I do think they could have realistically ended season 1 with Joey and Pacey. The second half of the season had so many moments where they really understood one another. I mean he stole his dad's car and bribed a guard so she could see her father! But KW felt that putting Dawson and Joey together at the end of the first season was the riskier, less expected storytelling move, which didn't pay off, in my opinion, because the Dawson/Joey will they/won't they thing got old real fast.
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