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  1. So it looks like they have two options if they want to make it as influencers out in LA. They become open minded and tolerant Christians, denounce all the hate they're associated with, and donate to causes that support LGBT and women. Or, they accept that they'll only be partnering with Chick fil a from now on.
  2. I have issues with progesterone too, so getting/staying pregnant is really difficult for me. I've had 3 losses before 6 weeks, so I kind of understand Lauren's grief over Asa (not that I ever named any of them...) because there's this guilt that there's something you could have done if you had your levels checked sooner, or if you upped your dosage. It's also really nerve wracking to have constant spotting. Even with my daughter, I bled between 5 and 9 weeks, and every day waited for it to get heavier and for that to be it. Luckily, like Bella, she's doing great now, but that first trimester was really rough with all the uncertainty. It also sucks to have fertility issues when you're in a famously fertile family. All the women in my family can get pregnant at the drop of a hat, so I sympathize with the pressure Lauren must feel surrounded by all of her pregnant sister in laws.
  3. Blake is hitched to Richard Linklater, and that's about it. It will be interesting to see if he drops him from Merrily We Roll Along. They just started filming in the last year, so that's only one sequence to reshoot, but at the same time, the movie won't come out for 20 years, so he might gamble on this blowing over by then. It's definitely a huge elephant in the room, and I wouldn't be surprised if crew members start protesting Blake's inclusion in the cast.
  4. Now I understand why Nancy McKeon’s appearance in You Light Up My Christmas wasn’t advertised... did she know she was in the movie?
  5. When Kimberly Sustaud’s character announced her name was Marianne, I was like “That can’t be right...” I liked the cast though, so I just accepted the mischaracterizations and moved on.
  6. I think it’s different when someone has passed while someone is pregnant with their future namesake. The grief is still fresh, and some people in the family may be looking to fill the void that that person left, which can be a lot of pressure on the namesake. I’ve heard stories of family members being mad at women for being pregnant with the wrong gender after a loved one has passed because they were supposed to carry on that legacy. Maryella benefits from being part of a large crop of great grandchildren all born around the same time though.
  7. Didn’t Chad Michael Murray’s Hallmark Christmas movie have a same sex couple in it last year? Road to Christmas? I could have sworn one of the brothers had a husband, or maybe he was still a boyfriend.
  8. I’d like to say that’s true, but haven’t Michael Fassbender and Gary Oldman been accused of pretty heinous things by exes? But their exes weren’t famous. And Chris Brown still has a career, and we watched that unfold in real time.
  9. Is Nancy McKeon still in You Light Up My Christmas? They haven’t mentioned her at all in any of the promos touting a Facts of Life reunion.
  10. There is no way James asked to be kicked off. No producer in their right mind would go with the narrative of ripping apart someone's dances, announcing his family suffered a tragic loss, putting him in the bottom two, and then having the judges decide that after having an off night because his wife is literally still in a hospital bed, a dancer who has been close to elimination THREE TIMES deserves to stay over him. That is NOT a good look on them. If James wanted to leave he would have graciously announced it before they even got to the elimination. That way Ally wouldn't feel the backlash of ousting him, which was a really shitty position to be put in. I'm just shocked that James didn't have the votes to overcome the point deficit. I'm guessing burying the announcement in the second to last dance of the night cut back on the chances of sympathy votes. I also wonder if their first dance sort of fell apart because he had no time to rehearse this weekend, so Emma thew in a bunch of padding. I just don't understand what the producers were thinking last night. The way they played things out really optimized backlash, but not in a way that would get the media talking. In a way that would just turn off fans and chase away viewers. That said, Ally is a capable dancer. She's a good performer who makes dance moves look good even if she doesn't do them perfectly. The new format of the show has made it hard to root for her though. I don't dislike her, but the over scoring and constant judges saves is making me actively root against her. Lauren and Hannah are bland and forgettable dancers though, so Team Kel!
  11. Let. Ally. Go. So sorry for James and his family. At least now he’ll have time to grieve instead of practicing for the finale. He deserved to win though.
  12. I was only half paying attention to Write Before Christmas, and had assumed the brother/manager was Drew Seeley's love interest, so it was really jarring when they explicitly stated they were brothers around 2/3 of the way into the movie. Kind of bummed they didn't go for it (you know, without the whole brother part...) The movie was clearly a Love Actually ripoff, but it was still pretty fun.
  13. I'm surprised more people didn't bump the front door out to get additional sq footage. Mina and Jasmine played the final round really smart. Beds and baths are what up appraised values, and take homes into completely different ball parks. Leanne and Allison's designs were too personal. They were designing what they want, and not what buyers want. Do people without kids move into planned developments like that? I wish Mina had won, just because I hated most of Jasmine's choices (the mismatched flooring in the bathroom, the cheap closet unit, that buckling wood slab in the kitchen, and the rusty lockers in the living room) But 4 beds/3.5 bath plus pool in SoCal was definitely the most value added.
  14. Because Christmas now starts on November 1.
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