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  1. AND post a picture where Jill's knees are showing!
  2. Wasn't JD the only Duggar to put Smug in his wedding party post-2015 banishing? Even though it messed up TLCs filming? I just found that so strange, especially since he seemed to be really upset with Josh when Counting On started.
  3. Apparently the hearing only referred to "charges" but never stated what they were. He can't be around minors if he's released on bail though... Source
  4. Wouldn't moving into TTH be an upgrade? At least they'd have windows.
  5. My only solace is that Britt is also in a good position to fake her own death.
  6. I LOVED the Mighty Ducks reunion episode. Fulton breaking the window. "What a bunch of cake eaters!" "When I first joined the Ducks, I would have fit right in with you." "I can't believe we named one of our kids after him!" The limo on the ice. Kenny Wu figure skating! Even the Charlie reference was just so Charlie. I really hope Joshua Jackson decides to make a cameo one day. Cash in on that sweet Disney money, man! I was a little confused by the timing. The Ducks formed in 1992, and in 1996 became the mascot for Eden Hall, which isn't the same league..
  7. Someone please come up with a better topic name! It seems about time to start a book talk thread, since SO many things were changed or added to the show. I'll start. I love everything they added to the Crow's story. I really think they could have carried their own series with various Grisha-verse related heists. I mean they barely even touched any of the original content from the books (Nina and Matthias excluded) in the first season, and had no problem putting together a story that fit in seamlessly.
  8. Could it also be Robin? I thought it was all but confirmed that she was coming back for it. (Which would make Robert's -- who is currently on the show -- absence even more odd.)
  9. I caught part of a Q Documentary on VICE that delves more into the origins of Q and who were likely holders of the mantle throughout Q's reign. They focus a lot more on the Flynns, with the Watkins playing very minor roles. I didn't see any future airdates, but it's available for purchase on a few streaming platforms.
  10. So did they move Actor to the end because they knew it was going to kill the tone of the show for the last few awards given out?
  11. Maybe they’re still trying to figure out who Best Actress will go to.
  12. Did they fast forward the In Memoriam tribute? The music sounded like it was double time.
  13. Crossing The Fold is primarily for supply runs, since the East doesn’t have access to the sea and trade routes like the West does, so they’d need to invest in a fleet of cargo planes, not a hot air balloon. I do think given how steam punk-ish this show was, there should have been at least one zeppelin floating about.
  14. By that logic it would go away every time he was asleep, I would think.
  15. More and more people are finding out gender via blood test instead of waiting for the 20 week ultrasound, so at 12 weeks, which is the “standard” announcement time, many already know the gender. I think the earliest you can test for gender now is 8 or 9 weeks.
  16. Alina hiding in the Crows’ carriage after their plan to capture her failed was a pretty hilarious scene though.
  17. It would be a soapy bookend to Jason catching Carly and Sonny in bed all those years ago, and I bet Laura Wright is salivating for that kind of story, but Jason/SB has been pretty adamant that he’s done with Carly. It’s probably the more interesting story path for them to take over Jason/Britt, but the chemistry between SB and KT is worlds better.
  18. I lost track of how many times Mal walked off a mortal injury. He was mauled by a volcra, mowed down by a machine gun, stabbed, shot at a few more times, and then had his insides crushed. If I ever do a rewatch, I may incorporate a drinking game. I did not read the Shadow and Bone books, and only read the first Six of Crow book when it first came out, so I’m a bit rusty on the Grisha-verse. The Crows stole the show hands down. Jesper, especially, was so perfectly cast, and Freddy Carter was a good, but not perfect alternative to Nicholas Hoult, who would have been a great Kaz, were he not
  19. Isn’t he in prison in Louisiana or something? I do think he’s a probable candidate for CM’s character, but knowing TPTB, they’ll create a new character for him.
  20. I’m wondering if they cast Harley Quinn Smith only for the inevitable Clerks/Mallrats punchline.
  21. The music is great! Nothing else feels very 90s to me. I mean they did the spaghetti straps over a white t-shirt thing, but this feels like a show that should have just been made in “modern” times (calling something from the 90’s a period show makes me shudder.)
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