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90DF Live Chat: Rice-A-Roni & Google Translate

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Don't post social media info/spoilers in the live chat.

This is the LIVE CHAT topic for ALL 90DF shows. Posting should only occur in this topic during the FIRST live airing of the episode.  See here for more details.

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11 minutes ago, kendi said:
24 minutes ago, hisbunkie said:


I visit almost every year but I'll never forget when I took my daughter for the first time when she was a teenager. It was right after a devestating typhoon and the people who squatted by the river had to move. You know those tiny concrete island dividers on the street? They were living there, building little shacks out of cardboard and whatever they could fashion a home with. From that point on, my daughter never complained about material things again. 

It’s difficult to explain what women go through.  There is no enforcement of child support or order for protection. No free education .  The list goes on and on  

 Ed will be kind to her,her child will be fed and educated. Life will be much better for them.  

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1 minute ago, Granny58 said:

Darcey hasn't always been this large, has she?


2 minutes ago, kendi said:

She's bloated and blotchy...she doesn't look well at all, like she's sick. Maybe she's drinking too much?

Does the sun rise in the east?

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3 minutes ago, Frozendiva said:

There needs to be a horrified or gross button added.

I suggested a vomit button after somebody mentioned Lisa removing her teeth....😂

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1 minute ago, JustDuckie said:

Next week: Oh man, Baby Girl Lisa looks like she's been rode hard and put away wet. I love it. Such a trainwreck.

Lisa just makes NO effort.  Like she thinks she already owns this man.  At least with Angela, you could see her trying to look nicer for Michael.  

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1 minute ago, sainte-chapelle said:

Why is steph all up in arms about showing her boobs when she is all tits out on her YouTube channel?

She gets paid per click for that.  

She is basically giving it away for a bunch of Australians.  That's not right. 

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18 minutes ago, Adeejay said:

Larry may not be the smartest or most handsome, but he struck me as a decent, stand up kind of guy.  

If memory serves, Tom called it quits with Darcey during their last conversation. I believe the only reason he is back is to show viewers that he lost weight.  

If so, he is a turd and not nearly as hit as he thinks. 

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18 minutes ago, Frozendiva said:

Not a good look in the oatmeal sweatshirt, Lisa. Yikes.

I thought it was so hot in Nigeria. Angela was always sweating and Lisa had that sweat glow going on too. Now she has a sweat shirt on?

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My hubby and I played 90 Day Bingo and we did pretty well!  I am going too add, for next's week game:  "Catfish", "Chemistry" and "Mentioning How Far I Flew" - I want to add "Rose Gives Ed a Weird Look" but nah....too easy.  Oddly enough, we never filled in the "My Queen" space and I just can't with David - he is too easy of a mark.  I can make a Bingo card available to everyone if they want!!!  Something with Steph's illness will be included as well.  I will include something about Darcy and her crying and her plumpers too.

Stay safe everyone - use your judgment in these trying times.  I mean, we all need food, right?  Toilet paper I can get creative but man, I need my coffee!!!  And, you know, food.

Geoffrey need to go away.  Master manipulator and gaslighter.

Ed and RM's scene reminded me, on a weird level, of my ex and myself before we divorced.  Long story short, he never wanted to hear about my day at work.  Ever.  So when I said, hey lookie loo I am not sure I want to be with you, like ever, in a legal sense, boy oh boy I get text after text after TEXT:  "How is your day going?  Work going well?  Can't wait to hear about it - I have been thinking about you all day!"  Vomit, line 1.  It was so disingenuous it was cringy.  I asked him to stop and looking at Ed, on the floor, giving her a foot rub just brought it all back!!!  But being next to my awesome hubby who can listen to me natter on and on and ON removed any icky feelings, lol!

Lisa/Usman:  Boy when that video dropped ALL the air in the room went out, no?  She is such a Debbie Downer and delivering her complaining in that awful voice.....shudder.  I like Usman, so far he has done nothing horrible.  I will say that I can compose a song better than him:  "Dab dab dab, everyone dab!"  I mean, really??

Edited to add:  I just made a new 90 Day Bingo card but I am unable to upload it!!  BOO!!!!  I will keep trying!!!


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8 minutes ago, Mary Godfrey said:

It's a physical manifestation of all the psychological baggage she carries around and can't drink & cry away.

I think it is hysterical how she packs a bag, gets a room in the same hotel then tells Tom that he is nothing to her now...if that is what she was going to say then why show up with luggage?  

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23 minutes ago, Doublemint said:

Not watching the couples tonight - have to get up at 6 am for the "senior hour" at Acme.  It's scary - I'm a mile from the George Washington Bridge, in NJ.  Stay safe!!!

Who decided that all seniors are up that early? For years I looked forward to sleeping later and now that I’ve retired, everyone assumes I’m up before the sun. 

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Did I see Lisa's tic, tac, toe luggage does not have wheels? Those must have been antique bags!

I do wish she would stop speaking English with a faux Nigerian accent.

That world premier Usman was pitiful, Lisa keeps saying she has hooked herself a "slebrity," who drove himself to the club.

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