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  1. LOL, you wouldn't even trip over that bar its so low.
  2. Was the place out of t-shirts, inquiring minds want to know.
  3. G is weird in that way, because when he talks to Mia alone, he seems supportive, like of her situation with her mother, or how she feels about the women, and though he never wanted to be there in the first place, its cool that as soon as Mia wanted to leave he was ready to go. He asked her about Candace and appeared to listen to what she said without interruption, and no discussion of his penis or sex. So, I'm not sure if this is who G feels he needs to be to impress these guys, or if he is just putting on a show the rest of the time. He is weird and creepy, but I cannot fully hate an
  4. I still think nothing tops production speaking through T'Challa. I miss that shady bird more than Monique.
  5. Trust and believe, if the Ashley Darby "difference without a distinction" tour comparing Michael and G hasn't started already, it will soon. I'm sure "aggressive" will worm its way back into Ashley's vocabulary, and probably with some effect. I'd actually like Michael and G to meet, because G may be the one guy who even approaches Michael levels of weird and creepy, but he is also is plenty rich and doesn't give a fuck, so he probably won't be kissing Michael's pasty, misshappen ass Also, G picking on Ashley just makes me like him because I can't stand Ashley. Ashley can miss me with h
  6. But to me, the point is better made if he didn't tell kinda objectively shitty people. When Love killed Natalie, it was because she got her in her, and yes when Joe killed Ryan, it was because he got in his way. Natalie was "kinda flawed" by Ryan was just an awful guy. Thank you for the spoiler, that actually makes sense. I don't know why I made that comment? I agree with you Ryan sucked from start to finish. Maybe I was tired.
  7. I think this is an interesting point. I hadn't thought about it from a sexism perspective, but I remember seeing that Penn Badgley was a producer and wondered if he had any say in the script or the storyline. Because he was presented in a far more sympathetic light than Love, IMO. And mostly because nearly every death or "bad act" could be tied to her impulsivity.or "craziness." Joe had held back with Natalie and was trying to do the right thing, but Love went crazy and then they had a body on their hands....her fault. Love got mad at Gill and hit him in the head with a rollin
  8. Binge watched this season because I'm too much of a baby for squid game and really, REALLT enjoyed it. There are some moments of disbelief but I thought the entire season of the desperate life of rich suburbanites was really interesting. I looved the nod to desperate housewives with Marcia cross as a guest star. I enjoyed the new characters and situations and I liked that everything was kinda neatly wrapped up so thar season 3 was a standalone. Tony Bennet left his heart in San Francisco and Joe goldberg left his toes in Madera Linda. No. Their house was bei
  9. @drivethroo wow, you have like a photographic memory! Good on you, I can barely remember where I put my car keys. Every season up until the current one I've enjoyed Gizelle. She is funny, and she can kinda make something out of nothing. I still remember her livening up Monique's (kinda boring) lakehouse trip by having a pageant off, which was fun. She doesn't have a storyline and I'm not entirely sure she needs one. She and Karen remind me of Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her. And as much as I roll my eyes at Karen, I've enjoyed her this season even though I think
  10. So then there are exceptions for people who have committed transgressions against cast members? Like, say a mom, who, by mias own account treated her poorly and continues to do so? Or is this "exception" only applicable to husbands? And the point still stands that there was not the level of outrage for comments levied against Eddie, Ray and about moniques baby and calls for a dragging as there has been when candace made an offhand comment that was a take on a yo momma joke.
  11. It was a take on a yo momma joke. Candace took what Mia said, simply put a yo momma before it and made the comment. She did not know mias mother so it wasn't an insult specific to her mother. However, Mia likely knew about the strained relationship between candace and her mother from watching past seasons of the show and knowingly used candaces mother as a tool to hurt her and tear her down. So, at worst, both Mia and candace used the others mother to hurt the other. However, in candace's case it was a simple takw on a yo momma joke that, since she didn't know mias
  12. Do you watch Dateline too? Because this is almost the first thing I thought of. Lisa will mysteriously be "at church" when it happens. Personally, I think she is going to go for some auto-erotic asphyxiation gone wrong when he was in the straitjacket and couldn't get out. What better way to make sure the family quickly covers it up out of shame!
  13. Every single time they talk about milking the prostate, I immediately imagine someone milking a cow. I know its not the same, its just what I think of. LOL. But yes, Lisa is truly lazy, like does he need it milked multiple times a day? I wonder how many days of "lovin'" Stan needs to pay for her to get rid of those awful extensions?
  14. Every time she says something other than being extremely nice, she is called aggressive, extra, insulting and is accused of saying something worthy of a beating. Anytime she stands up for herself. Can you think of a time, this season, where she has clapped back and the chorus hasn't been "she did too much!" "she is asking for a beating!" I mean, MAYBE when she said Mia was handsome and had large hands and feet, but I'm pretty sure she said that in her confessional and not in response to anything Mia said (except in the most recent episode, where, AGAIN she was accused of saying too mu
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