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  1. Her mother has said that it wasn't as bad as brittney makes it out to be. I dont put much stock in that statement by itself because her mother is an addict and addicts lie. With brittney there is always someone else who is responsible for her actions, explicitly or implicitly. Even her poor decisions as an adult are laid at her mothers feet, because if you listen to brittney she was forced into her adult mistakes by her childhood. Which is all her mother's fault. Id have to go back but id bet that any expression of regret was followed by a reason why it wasn't her fault. When they were having babies without a corresponding income, who was responsible? Marcelino, who had to get a job because brittney has all the excuses and these pregnancies just happened! Im not saying she made babies on her own. But it was two people, one of whom is brittney who decided to make a baby when marcelino has no discernable job and brittney apparently cannot work (for reasons she has no part in....its just that no one will hire her, not her fault!)
  2. I don't know that I'd fully trust Brittney's accounting of events. I've heard things that call her account into question, and she seems to have a very strong vested interest in being the victim to her mother's villain. Obviously her mother was awful, but I don't think of Brittney has a trustworthy source either. If you really think about it, Brittney has never really accepted much fault in any of her actions, and making her mother the villain allows Brittney to place blame for her actions at the feet of her mother. There are very few times I can remember, on the show at least, where Brittney has taken 100% responsibility for anything that has gone wrong in her life.....there always seems to be someone else for her to implicitly or explicitly blame.
  3. I thought I had responded to this, but I don't see it here. Even if she signed a contract, that doesn't mean that Brittney's behavior is less reprehensible. Exploiting and humiliating your desperate mother for a reality show check, especially when you know how hard the hold of drugs are, is not a good look to me at all. Even and especially when that person is your mother. Brittney has done a world of things she is likely ashamed of too when she was on drugs. Would she have liked to have had her behavior and desperation and humiliation broadcast to the world when she was in the grip of her addiction? Of course not. But is she happy to do it to her own mother so she can keep getting paid. Yes, she and Marcelino know that that is exactly what they are doing to her. Back in the day there was this guy who would pay homeless, desperate (and often drug addicted, alcoholic) men like $100 to take a 2x4 to the head, or a trash can to the head, maybe a cinder block. His defense was always that they had signed the contract, and legally, it was a defense. But, IMO, the fact that you could get a desperate person to agree to humiliate and hurt themselves didn't make it any less reprehensible. I thought Marcelino called her Claudia....but I might have not been paying attention because Marcelinozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. ETA: @PrincessPurrsALot - I know your'e the mod of this board, I feel like I had posted a lot of this, but if you removed it for some reason because I had broken some rule, please let me know. Right now I'm assuming I did something dumb like wrote it all out and then clicked a clear button instead of a post button. Thanx!!!!!!
  4. I feel bad for them. I also wonder about their financial situation and if that isn't causing some stress and strife. I dont even say this to be shady boots, but andreas and nylas hair have been looking very rough. In SLC andrea and nylas hair were ALWAYS on point. Visible bald spots and weave tracks? No one looks 100% all the time, but overall it just seems like they may not have the same disposable income for hair that they used to. Weaves are expensive. Even if you want to install them on the cheap (often a mistake) the hair still costs money. Even living in that part of LA is expensive. Besides the reality show check, Andrea sells real estate. The real estate market is great but there are a million real estate agents who likely already have a hold on the area. Or any area. Also, Andrea is filmed taking her kids to swim in a pool while the owner is away. Even if it was for a storyline, wouldn't it stop some people from using her as their agent? An agent has all kinds of access to your house.
  5. I thought marcellino called her Claudia? Admittedly, I dont pay much attention when he is talking because zzzzzzzz. Mileage will vary, but even if she signed up to be humiliated and embarrassed its still not right for Brittney to take advantage of her mothers desperation and/or guilt to humiliate, embarass and debase her. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should do it or that its not reprehensible. "Well they signed the contract" was the same excuse used by the guy behind "hobo fights" who often paid a desperate homeless person like $10 to get hit with a 2x4 or a trash can or be otherwise humiliated and hurt. Yeah, he could do it. He had the signed contract and no one could prove that the guys who signed it were too drunk to legally sign. But it was still reprehensible.
  6. She suffered the same fate as the saleswoman who was supposed to be finding them "the most expensive car" on the used car lot.
  7. For some reason, I only watched half the episode on the TLC app, so I has no idea what some of you were talking about. That last scene with Brittney was chilling to me. I think there is something seriously wrong with her. Her mother did not appear drunk or high and Brittney looked low key disappointed. Brittney JUST SAID that she was worried she might have pushed her mother back to using....and the first thing Brittney does when she gets Claudia in the car is start needling her and pushing her to admit what she has done. I felt like I was watching more of an abduction. Brittney spent FIVE HOURS stressed out that her storyline was ignoring her and she wasn't about to risk letting her human punching bag slip through her fingers again. So, she hustled her into the car and they are going to "talk about" things tomorrow. I hope, for Claudia's sake that Brittney buys a clue and realizes that she is starting to look shitty and sends that woman to inpatient rehab. I shudder to think of Claudia spending the night in that house and being constantly harangued, humiliated and embarrassed, judged and shamed and pushed and pushed until she just goes out and gets wasted out of her gourd so Brittney can capture it for the TV cameras and continue to sell her mother as a total villain and Brittney and Marcelino as total saints. I saw a little half smile on Brittney's face when they saw a crackhead fight, another little grin and an excited tone when she thought her mom was in the cop car or sitting on the ground. There is something seriously flawed in Brittney's soul and/or she may be more addicted to that crazy life than he thought. I dont know, I think Scott is playing with fire. Literal fire because I feel like Lindsay could burn down that house while he is out. I hope the landlord got a healthy security deposit. Actually, wasn't Scott remodeling the house? Can you do that with a rental?
  8. I think he would just tell the landlord he is moving out if he is on a month to month. He moves his stuff out and goes. Lindsay has no rights so she would just be a squatter. Even if he is on a year lease m, I believe that most times you get fined for breaking the lease early.
  9. Unpopular opinion, but I actually feel really sorry for Sarah. Yes, she gets enraged and slips into blaccent so its easy to hate her, but Michael LOVES to gaslight her and push her buttons. I've seen times where she kinda wants to disengage and leave, and he will just follow her around and needle her and needle her until she blows up. That argument enraged me. Michael is somehow arguing a) that he is a good father when he doesn't even know what his children are named, hasn't bothered to financially support them or live in the same state as them and b) that Sarah is at fault for painting him out to be a bad father when the reason he is a shitty father who doesn't spend time with his kids is her and c) that he has really done the "best he can" and that d) he deserves all sorts of respect from her and should be immediately granted access to his kids no matter what he has done to her or how long he has abandoned them. I disagree with him on all counts. Yeah, her kids are going to suffer not having a father figure in their lives, but they are going to suffer as much, if not more, by having an inconsistent father figure who treats their mother like shit. What is that going to teach his daughters? I would be outraged if I were Sarah, and I were raising those kids alone and Michael tried to paint himself as a good or equal parent. She may not be the best parent, but she is the ONLY parent as far as I'm concerned. Sarah is right, Michael traipses about, shows up whenever he feels like it, contributes nothing, demands to see his kids, calls them generic nicknames and takes off again. He isnt a good dad....hell, he wouldn't even qualify as a good babysitter. But, he just pushes and pushes and pushes. I think she is wants to disengage, she just doesn't know how, because his arguments are such bullshit and he is so insulting and outrageous. Those poor little girls. The best thing Michael can do is just leave. Sarah wouldn't get her hopes up just to have them crushed, and then she wouldn't take out that disappointment on her children. Her kids wouldn't see her in these rages. He must have a soul that looks like a funhouse mirror if he can delude himself into thinking that any of this makes him look like a good father.
  10. ***************************************** Oh, Scott all of a sudden thinks that Princess Victim Lindsay's prison troubles may not have been all been because everyone was "jealous" of "pretty" white Lindsay. LOL. These two deserve each other so much. Also, isn't tinactin an itch cream? Lindsay better be careful about exactly where "steaks for sex" Scott is itching. LOL @ Lindsay trashing the house she has to live in. If Scott is renting, he can move out anytime and just let the landlord keep the security deposit. Lindsay HAS to live there....in a trashed house. So.....way to play yourself girl!
  11. Oh spare me Brittney, you're worried that your storyline is gone and isn't answering your phone calls so you can humiliate her some more on national TV because you're too lazy and unmotivated to do anything else in life besides exploit and debase your mom for a reality show paycheck. When her mother asked for help, Brittney never mentioned the word rehab or recovery, and now she is suddenly clutching pearls over her mothers whereabouts? You know how that could have been avoided? By putting that woman in residential treatment and not dragging her to a couples counseling session and humiliating her in front of a national television audience. But Brittney wasn't about to let her golden goose run away. And yeah, maybe its pricey, but I betcha Brittney isn't above a gofundme and people would have been more than happy to contribute to help her mother. Marcelino can also miss me, oh you don't like Brittney's mom? Well she is the only thing keeping your boring ass on the show. Unless of course you won some big pot of money from playing poker or got a real job while no one was looking? Oh, of course not. Does Marcellino really imagine he is charming, witty or interesting? He was an outright asshole in his first season and is barely palatable now. The patronizing and condescending tone from Marcelino, who, while sober, has like no real job and is relying on Brittney's drug addicted mother for a paycheck is pretty rich. I really hope Brittney's mother is long gone and the two of them have to try to find someone else to exploit for a reality show paycheck.
  12. Yeah, the ladies need an exorcism once Michael possesses them with that "devil dick" Not gonna lie, just reading Michael's name made my elastic band pants a little looser. LOL And yeah, like how much more nail art are you getting for $20? Is it really worth your job, even that job? No. I feel like that was seriously all the game Marcelino has ever had, he used to be good looking and I suspect he relied heavily on that and not on his personality.
  13. I agree with @Gobiin that I think it was kinda staged. I used to work at a hotel in my 20s and that would be an all the way no. Even if a guest wanted a copy of THEIR OWN room key they had to show ID or if they had forgotten their key and ID, a bellman with a master key would escort them to the room, open the door and then see their ID. So when I first saw that scene I was as annoyed, upset and shaken as you were. But then I was like "who the hell would let themselves be filmed taking $20 to give someone else a room key, that doesn't even make sense. Production strikes again" Also, marcelinos line about the nails was so corny.
  14. Had Andrea been just a smidge nicer, someone would have given her information for someone who knows about weaves. She should probably switch over to a wig or some braids for a minute.
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