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  1. She did? Good. Sometimes the CO unions are strong enough to keep them out of jail. I wonder what her end game was. Like even if you just think youre gonna lose your job, why not quit?
  2. I actually think this could be a Scott situation the more I think about it. I remember Larry (stan?) making some kind of comment that made me think that 2.3 million is not particularly liquid. And it makes perfect sense for such a guy to seek out someone desperate and gullible. Like someone in prison or someone in the ukraine who doesn't have the access to pick up some of these red flags. You KNOW that Lindsay only figured things out when she saw Scott in the free work. She saw his work truck and the yard and that the house wasn't finished and he didn't take her on a
  3. She was going for arrogant dill pickle so maybe the extra brow hairs were a conscious decision. Didn't Mr. Peanut have a unibrow?
  4. And you know what, maybe they are. So what?, She knew she wasn't supposed to be dating an inmate. I bet you she knew damn well it was against the law and now she wants to cry victim. She is lucky she didn't end up doing time. I watched escape at danamora. The only people who are more stupider (tm mother chantal) than the two of them are the other COs who didn't pick up on a giant tattoo and were fooled by a couple of party city wigs.
  5. I wonder if he pre rinses? Daonte is 33 and if he went into the service at 18, he likely has some sort of long term military benefits that make him worth the risk for a CC company. Its kinda sad. He has a GI bill to cover the cost of education. He has the VA loan program so he can buy a home without a down payment. I wonder if he has taken advantage of either.
  6. I think he "dated" 125 women the same way David from 90DF is. For those of you who don't watch, there was creepy older guy who also boasted about dating 100s of women. "Dating" it turns out, was a euphemism for meeting much much younger women on a Ukrainian dating website and paying to chat with them. "Dating" also included taking those pathetic "love tours" where bottom of the barrel Western men fly to the Ukraine and dangle the promise of citizenship to get multiple women to sleep with them. I'd bet good money thats what Larry (stan?) Is referring to. Notably th
  7. I love you, but I love Lil Kim more. Brittney with that Yaki rug and bad makeup isn't anywhere near beautiful, colorful, sexually open, pasty wearing Lil Kim, circa 1990. I can agree to compromise and call her a poor man's version of Remy ma (who i also think is pretty but is no Lil kim). That sex toy was disturbing. I've seen a flashlight before but the thing about that is that a man just uses it to get the job done. What daonte had was some weird, headless miniature torso. So, it's like he has to look at it and get turned on by mininiature boobs and butt. I'
  8. I haven't watched this season - is it worth it? More than any other show in the 90DF universe this one is the most susceptible to participants manufacturing drama to stay on TV. Do you all feel that this season is authentic? If its manufactured drama, then its pretty much just watching terrible method actors, so I'll find something else.
  9. Um, excuse you, but he also has his own apartment, with a dishwasher I'll get the smelling salts.
  10. I think this is going to be a good season! So much good raw snark material. 1. At what point do filters and photoshop become catfishing? Brittney is like 50 pounds lighter in every single one of her pictures. Both Donte's "girlfriends" basically have V shaped anime faces in their pictures. 2. I get a strong vibe of internalized hatred from Donte. I think these women are little more than white, blond, big breasted objects to Donte that artificially give him esteem because he has placed them on a pedestal and getting one must mean that he is the "catch" he seems to think he is.
  11. While mobsters being overly friendly with elektra may be unrealistic, I know that mob families owned and operated gay clubs in the 50s and 60s. It was easy to make and launder money, the establishments could offer "protection" for patrons from police harassment and if a politician or two happened to wander in the mob could blackmail them. Just to say that, for all the machismo, at the end of the day it was really all about money. So while elekras storyline may have been unrealistic, I could see that basis for it.
  12. I wish I could like this 1000x because I totally agree. Real life has been depressing, it's nice to see characters I like get nice things.
  13. I'd also like to add that everyone can get off my lawn. LOL.
  14. I dont think law school teaches you how to be a lawyer but I do think it teaches you the basics of law, how to think like a lawyer, and how to research. By reviewing cases you can see how the law builds on itself and how judges use existing precedent other sources in persuasive ways. You learn how to compare and contrast your case to current cases to persuade your audience. Practically learning HOW to practice should be done in entry level jobs, externship and internships. I think most schools require that now, if not, they push it very, very hard. I can agree
  15. Is there a reason she can't just go to law school if she is hellbent on embarrassing my profession? I know hard work isn't fun and is boring to watch, but if she wants to be an attorney and if she wants to show respect to the profession, do the work. Get your college degree online, take the LSAT and get admitted to every law school you apply tto because you're KK. Go to law school. Put in the f'ing work like everyone else who has to struggle. KK has all the privileges of wealth and status so there is no reason for her to do all this. This apprenticeship route,
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