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  1. RealReality

    Benjamin & Akinyi:

    I think it's all in what we see or are exposed to. Like all these people who assume that Americans are rich.... when I was like 10 I assumed all Australians carried a giant knife and wrestled crocodiles. Or that their babies were carried off by dingos. Maybe both....I had a jumbly mind when I was 10. It's funny to imagine that if we publiclicized more of rural America fewer people would have the image of America they have now. Exactly. There are plenty people in the us living in poverty and in tents/boxes. I guess we just had a better stage mom.
  2. RealReality

    S01.E12: Baby, Come Back!

    For me, the forums keep it worthwhile. It's not nearly as fun to watch a trainwreck alone.
  3. RealReality

    Rebecca & Zied: Light Rings & Love Rats

    Maybe a few framed photographs down a hallway....
  4. RealReality

    Darcey & Tom: No More Meester Rice Guy

    Taking off your makeup for the first time in front of a man is tough. Which is why when a man has the forethought to offer a woman he just met her own damn room she should take him up on his offer so she can sleep in barefaced peace with her natural lashes!
  5. Boozy Debbie and passive aggressive Colt? Yeah, that's a hard pass for me, but the snark here will be good so there is that to look forward to.
  6. Oh yes, everyone is always putting their children first. It's fantastic how their personal and self serving interests align perfectly with the interests of the children they are definitely putting first.
  7. RealReality

    S03.E04: Little Lies

    He is dying to treat darcy with some respect but she is having none of it! Darcy is trussed up like a common streetwalker and she will not be treated like anything more or less! Leave the engagement ring by the nightstand on your way out!
  8. RealReality

    S01.E13: Breaking Point

    Wow, thanks for the comprehensive explanation. That puts a lot into perspective. Just for reference, is it relatively easy to get a jenose loan? And what is the normal monthly interest payment? Would someone like jihoon need a cosigner because he seems to have bad credit and works for himself? Are the payments under the wolse system of $800-$1200 affordable for someone with an average job? I live in the Bay area and rental prices in the city are absolutely bananas and ridiculous and unless it's rent controlled almost no one with an average income can afford an apartment on a single income. Is it like that? Sorry for all the questions. Feel free to ignore ...I can Google but I'm not always good at it.
  9. RealReality

    Rebecca & Zied: Light Rings & Love Rats

    And that's fine, people are different...but he had literally ....LITERALLY said he is jealous and controlling? Like WTF other "hint" is she looking for? Does he need to put it on a mug? He isnt even trying to hide it. He didn't just blurt it out under stress, he was like "yeah, I'm jealous and controlling.....can you pass me my hair grease?"
  10. RealReality

    Rebecca & Zied: Light Rings & Love Rats

    Ha ha, I love that this catfishing asshole never sent THIS picture to Rebecca. This x1000. I'm so confused by her. She repeatedly says she is on the lookout for any hints that he is jealous and controlling....and then she apparently ignores him saying outright and unashamedly that he is jealous and controlling! How is that not a hint?
  11. This woman looks sober, gorgeous and we'll put together (no thigh high boots and giant hoop earrings) and I still would question if she was supposed to be wearing pants under that dress.
  12. RealReality

    S02.E10: In My Heels

    I never saw the crying game but thought that was rae dawn chung?
  13. RealReality

    Darcey & Tom: No More Meester Rice Guy

    She would look 50 billion times better with a shorter, shoulder length hairstyle. I have no idea why she is so committed to these mermaid extensions.
  14. RealReality

    S02.E10: In My Heels

    Maybe next season Blanca can adopt a daughter who looks a little rougher? I still think that given the glamour of this show she would blossom into a beauty, but it may give us the chance to see the negativity and hate for someone who doesn't pass and doesn't look like they pass. We can also have so many Electra lessons....walking, makeup, standing, tablecloth pulling, how to find a random glass of pink lemonade when you're ready to vandalize someone's house.....
  15. RealReality

    S03.E01: Crazy In Love

    In the timeless words of Sophia petrillo...ceasar needs the wizard of Oz.