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  1. Maybe this is all 90 day fanfic but I get the impression that Lo was a very tough father with very traditional views on dating. I have a vague recollection of some more religions thinking that you never really date to date, you date to marry. And you certainly aren't having sex before marriage. In that context some things MIGHT make more sense. But asuelu is so dim, half-witted and immature, I don't think he was a better conversationalist in Samoa. I think that's the part I don't get. Even if she was inexperienced, how could you meet that guy and want to sleep with him? I'd be interested to know if kalani had ever had a serious relationship before she met Asuelu? Girl, been there, done that, but wasnt about to make a baby with him.
  2. I think that's a majority of new housing developments. There are three to four different "models" and that's that. I read or heard somewhere that it takes like 20-30 years for those neighborhoods to start looking unique because eventually people add onto their homes, make reservations or otherwise change the exteriors. It's not a bad thing per se. My sister loves tract homes, but I love seeing unique architecture too. It used to be that if you'd go to different areas youd see differences in the local architecture. Just walking around the streets, like some areas have beautiful brick homes and maybe it's a weather thing...etc, etc. However it seems like do many homes now are the model tract homes.
  3. You just know this is all going to end with colt wearing Debbie's skin or keeping her mummified body in a rocking chair.
  4. She was South African and married that white guy with a father who did not approve of their interracial coupling. She was very low drama. I think the biggest thing was that her fiance couldn't live with her before they married so she lived with his brother and his wife. I think her fiance was a virgin and there were awkward family talks about sex because the producers were really trying to make something happen. She had a lovely and calm spirit and her mother was so sweet.
  5. Sorry @Tuneful sounds like this episode was kinda painful for you. It's hard to watch Angela's mom.
  6. I spied a company logo on the side. Betcha it's on loan from father Libby's business. Or it was just given to Libby and Andre and is written off as a business expense because there is a logo on the side.
  7. Every three to four years I'll forget how irritating Nair can be and I'll try it again and spend a week with a very embarrassing itch, but very smooth legs. This time though I noticed that my calf area was fine. It's that thinner skin above the knee that was really problematic. Can't remember if I naired my armpits. Seems like something I'd try and regret.
  8. Amy was all class. You could tell she got her grace and demeanor from her mother. I don't know how those crazy kids got mixed up in this franchise.
  9. LOL, it could have been Stouffer's. I only peruse the Bob Evans offerings on the way to the prepared turkey in gravy. The black plastic tray was the giveaway, BUT, I stand corrected, it very well could have been Stouffer's. Until he loses his shit one day and burns the place down or threatens to drown himself in a urinal. Just kidding......mostly.
  10. More steak and scalloped potatoes for Debbie! I personally think senior communities sound fun! Bingo, jello, movie nights, mall walks, casinos and apparently all the seniors are having boatloads of sex, hence increased STD rates in senior communities.
  11. Agreed. I've always kinda liked Larissa and can remember her being a good sport about that thrift store wedding dress and that trash cousin who showed up to their wedding in swim trunks. Colt comes off as a creep and epic gaslighter. I'm not a violent person but he would drive me to the brink too, especially if I didn't really have a means of escaping the house.
  12. I agree, he needs to move out, but last time I remember there even being a discussion debbie was passive agressively guilting colt for "leaving her behind" or something like that. My sister would call it a well worn path. I don't think Debbie is going to release her vise grip on colt anytime soon. I thought Debbie needed him to help pay the house expenses. I vaguely remember Debbie woefully claiming that she would just "go off by herself" if they left her. Colt can maybe have a relationship once Debbie kicks the bucket. But until then, I don't see how it could work.
  13. As a person who rarely cooks, I immediately recognized the Bob Evans plastic container of microwaved scalloped potatoes. If any of you get invited to my house you better either bring the side dish, or you too will get something off the Bob Evans microwave menu to complement my turkey meatloaf or vegetable lasagna, which are the only two things I make.
  14. I think Debbie wants colt with someone "like Vanessa" because Vanessa always seems to agree with Debbie. Sometimes people can say the right thing the wrong way. Substantively I can see why Debbie wouldn't want to see her son go through another painful relationship, but the idea that she has to stop him from doing it and then enlist his friend is.....the wrong way to express real concern. It was like colt wasn't going to be trusted to make his own decisions. Maybe he makes dumb decisions but at 34 they are his decisions to make.
  15. Those tires looked bald and that car had been sitting there for two to three years. Never mind the garbage and the funk, at the very least he needed to replace those tires and have the systems checked before taking a baby out in that car. it would have taken Paul all of a day to get that done and he could have cleaned the car and hit up the carwash. at every turn he says he is hoping to impress karine with America so she stays, but thus far everything he has done has been half ass. Karine left her comfortable position with her family and being close to her mother who seems like she helps with pierre. She is in a position where she is in anew country with no one to rely on but Paul. Paul has managed to make the situation with his mother uncomfortable so not only can he not stay there, he apparently cannot even be in her house. Less than a day after they land, Paul loses his shit on one of the only two people she knows in a brand new country. If there was ever a thought that Paul might be able to sweet talk his way into his mother's house that illusion is over. I don't think karine should expect Paul to have a suburban tract home and good paying job in a matter of weeks, but Paul's mom is going to stop paying for that hotel in a few weeks and then they are homeless. so, karine is in a new, unfamiliar country with a small child, shackled to a weirdo, not fully conversant in the language and is facing possible homelessness. With just the tiniest bit of effort he could have made that car not only palatable but a really nice thing. Instead he insisted that karine and Pierre go there with him in the sweltering heat because he couldn't clean out old french fries by himself? Id bet good money that Paul's mother would have given him money to get that car tuned up, an oil change, new tires, alignment and balancing, ac check. Paul's mother is tough, but willing to help, particularly if it means Paul has a reliable car to get to work and to take her grandson around. Im not sure his criminal history would allow him to work for Uber/Lyft, but could he work for instacart or door dash?
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