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  1. I remember it from earlier seasons
  2. I didn't really love the ending, but in reading all your replies I guess I appreciate it a little more. To me, the show was always a little unrealistic and fun, so it might have been nice to see them accomplish their goals. I DID think it was interesting that a decade after their sacrifice at the launch debacle......the daughter from Stanford was using AI.......so, since everyone has forgotten rat-ageddon....if middle out compression is developed again the same thing they tried to avoid could happen. Also, are we to assume jian yang has that orange thumb drive with the original code on it? Oh well - off to read up on TJ Miller. I had no idea about all this. I had assumed his career was going so well he had turned down being in the finale.....which seemed a little petty to me. But I'm shocked it was the other way around and no one even asked.
  3. LOL, I live in California now and even the prison ramen up here is probably too expensive for him.
  4. True. My grandmother on my dad's side had all four of her kids by different men and never married any of them. My dad was impoverished by the standards of a third world country. He immigrated here, joined the armed services, went to college then to medical school and now enjoys a pretty plum lifestyle. I'm not sure danis kids were anything fantastic.....with the exception of faith they all seemed a little.....stunted. good hearted, but just not....the smartest. But, that doesn't mean they are bad people or that Dani couldn't have ended up giving birth to the next bill Gates/Nikola Tesla.
  5. For the sake of her boys, I hope you're right. Though I think the underlying, small behaviors that make me deeply dislike mursel are hard to fake. Not getting any of his own luggage from the car, but expecting the boys to be his valet and not even bothering to get up and bus his own plate. Not even wash it, but to just bring it from the couch to the kitchen. Maybe I forgive these things if someone is a guest. But mursel is not, he is supposed to be living there. Those behaviors are small and ingrained, IMO. Some people are just ingrained with an attitude that they should be constantly catered to and their presence is so amazing that you should feel glad to have them around and honored to wait on them hand and foot. And it's also that self centeredness that is on display when it's urgent! That Anna stop everything! Right now! To see what mursel built! Yes, it was a cool honeycomb....but it's like what he wants must always come first, his needs must always come first, he cannot wait a minute for her to be done with what she is doing.
  6. Do these events actually make money? I can't imagine paying money to "meet and greet" any of these people....even participants I like or who I'm genuinely curious about.
  7. The sheer hubris of being broke and purposefully having a baby with a man you can "visit." I still don't want Ronald in the United States. Maybe they can both emigrate somewhere else. Are there any countries desperate for a make up artist who doesn't appear to have any kind of money and an angry addict who stole his mommas refrigerator? The country would have to offer amazing education and some brand of socialized health care because they don't seem to have much in the way of job skills.
  8. Zieds soccer friend seemed very......accepting. that poor guy just wanted a rich American woman to take care of him. I think "rich" was relative. Not sure why, but I want to see that guy win.....he has love rat dreams.
  9. She strikes me as one of those women who seem sweet, but then you find a string of dead husbands and lovers in her wake. As far as working out....I don't know, at my age I don't know that I'm looking to really change anyone. I was pretty chunky when I was younger. My father insulted me and my mother bought all sorts of gym memberships which I ignored. I had my own turning point and when it was my time to change I changed. I still work out six days a week and try to control my weight. I just think people change when they want to change. Being nagged into changing just doesn't work. At his age and her age, she has to be okay who he is. I don't think she was mean, but I just think her methods are ineffective. If and when he initiates weight loss, she should be there to support and help ....but she should also be fine if he never does. He isn't obese or at an unhealthy weight.....he is just a big guy.
  10. Wow those messages are messy, messy, messy! I'm not a fan of racists, so I don't think I'm fond of josh, but I think I believe him. If she has these pictures of him breaking up drugs she needs to post them or get off the pot. He doesn't come off as an addict, but Cheryl absolutely does. I can't figure out who Ralph is, but anyways everyone involved here is messy trash and I hope to see them on my TV again. Maybe Cheryl can just leave her kids with her sister this time.
  11. I'm not even a little surprised that Cheryl was fine leaving her children with a sex offender. I think Cheryl is legitimately nuts. If two grown people are talking behind closed doors I'm probably going to knock if I need to come in. The only way she'd know that the door was locked is if she tried busting in. Which supports josh's narrative that if he spent even a little time with his mom Cheryl became erratic and weird. He can miss me with judging her for stripping though. HE is perfectly happy to take Cheryl's stripping money.
  12. The men who survive the daily angel perfume bombing get a fantasy suite date. It could be a cross between hunger games and bachelor. Who among these men knows to cut steak on a bias? Which of these men can duck a flying louboutian? Who can escape drunk Darcy's ankle spraining antics? May the odds be ever in your favor.
  13. I think I posted it elsewhere, but just being signed to a modelling agency might not mean that a model gets signed to campaigns. I watched a documentary once with a bunch of models, some of who were "unique" or "niche" and they said that a lot of agencies will pretty much sign anyone because it doesn't cost the agency much money to keep a model on their books. If they book the model for work...great, they get their percentage.....if the model doesn't book work....it doesn't matter because the agency isn't paying the model a wage. So to me, it's possible that Julianna was signed to an agency but didn't book a lot of campaigns....or well paying campaigns.
  14. With all Jasmine's cosmetic work her vajayjay may have cosmetically implanted teeth or something
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