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  1. I think there is a push for states to adopt lower punishments for possession and to try to get offenders into treatment. It's also expensive for the state to house them. Much cheaper to bond people out and put them on an ankle monitor that they have to pay for
  2. I'm not sure Brittney and Marcelino are interesting enough for the web series. I consider their segment a good time to refill my water bottle. Not only is their "drama" uninteresting, it's very clearly all orchestrated. I don't doubt that Marcelino would be a horrible know it all in any work situation, but that job interview reeked of producer set up. Brittney "confronting" her mom and any associated drama will also be manufactured.
  3. Hey, I hope you're feeling better and I totally agree about everything. Blake and Jasmine are a one way ticket to snoozetown. I have a feeling they are going to try to manufacture some sort of confrontation between Jasmine and blake's friends. It's going to be really obvious bad acting. I've never even watched a pillow talk, but the clips I see are.....meh. I think everyone here is much more entertaining. Blake is so very clearly butt hurt and defensive about everything. They played his music for about thirty seconds, so I'm not sure this going to catapult him anywhere. Honestly, the only buzzworthy thing about his performance was his Dr. Huxtable sweatsuit and matching ski mask.
  4. LOL, just wait until their state catches up with California and calorie counts are required on the menu. I was shook when I found out just how many more calories a CPK salad had than a CPK pizza. ETA: 1. What the hell restaurant is this where you can sub mozzarella sticks for fries???? 2. Mozzarella sticks have dairy, which has calcium, which an active adult woman like Tammy needs so I call shenanigans. 3. What if these mozzarella sticks were paired with the awesome calorie erasing power of a diet sodie? Asking for a friend.
  5. Fingers crossed! I figure ceasar is also headed to the Ukraine to meet maria lose a kidney or two.
  6. As I said Lacey is the true victim here. She should hang out to see if any random desperate men are being released. It's dark so no one can see the fine details. LOL, I knew they were gonna put rock in the mix. And just LOL, Michael has been cheated on and Megan is being sneaky! He is totally justified in seeing other women!
  7. Chon's depression drove him to relapse and he is back in jail for a long stretch. But the real victim here is Lacey.
  8. I think Josh is reasonable. Cheryl is cuckoo bananas.
  9. Cheryl's friend, he was in her first season. He seems level headed but apparently he is always in clown makeup?
  10. Kinda wish they had put Brittney and Marcelino on the web series. They are a snooze. And the mom is fake drama.
  11. LA is expensive but there are so many less expensive suburbs. So is that clown makeup permanent? Her car is new, how does she not have Bluetooth?
  12. They are so level headed. I really like Tennyson, he isn't even trying to be fake excited
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