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  1. She has to keep those bottles of wine chilled and easily accessible.
  2. I loved traveling in the quiet car in the UK. Heck, I love traveling by train anytime in the UK!
  3. If there were I'd bet they'd taste awful. I'm not much of a hot dog person unless they're skin-on, fancied up.
  4. My neighborhood was quieter than usual until last night. Then it was constant from 8:30-11:30. I was about ready to call the police. I haven't heard anything tonight.
  5. I might have a glass of wine or something else. I think there was one time I had a bit too much of Fireball & Diet Coke because I kept on making typos.
  6. There's a lot of hot weather going around right now. In Minnesota we're going to see almost 90 or over 90 for the next week. I love my AC!
  7. I did a quick google search and that wasn't what greekboston.com said. "A Greek Orthodox man or woman can get married to a non-Orthodox man or woman providing they are Christian and have been baptized with water in the name of the Holy Trinity."
  8. That's bs about having to be baptized in the Orthodox faith. A Christian baptism suffices.
  9. It's usually short people who recline them all the way because they don't have any problems with the person ahead of them doing it. I'm tall, and I suffer!
  10. I think this whole phone conversation was set up by TLC.
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