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  1. I've noticed an evolution with some younger Muslim girls wearing shorter skirts, jeans, but still wearing hijabs. I think it must be an agreement worked out with their parents.
  2. Sorry, I'm not up on local radio stations except listening to MN Public Radio. On topic, that's really interesting that the idea that Twitley is conversing with a North African might be legit.
  3. Not quite believable. It would be believable if he said his mother was American. My baseball team, the MN Twins has a German player, Max Kepler who speaks unaccented American English, and I wondered about it. It turns out his mother is American, and he attended bilingual schools. That is a believable situation.
  4. If her hair had been cut at the point where the big wave ends, it would've really looked nice. It would've been about a foot and half shorter.
  5. I decided to have a look and came across this article, relating to the upcoming season. Apparently, mama Sumit might agree to a wedding if Jenny takes Sumit to the U.S. Haha https://screenrant.com/90-day-fiance-sumit-details-mom-jenny-together/
  6. Don't prisoners often have some menial job they have to perform. Imagine Josh having to clean toilets! The thought gladdens my heart.
  7. I don't think Whit will ever be able to top Darcey's drunken ugly cries.
  8. He might fall prey to those Voodoo people who might turn him into a zombie!
  9. Yes, there are some Austen fans who principally adore the novels for gentility, good manners, and romance. Then there are those of us who most appreciate her wit and satire. I imagine most of them wouldn't like the fact that Jane's father, a clergyman, allowed her to read all kinds of novels, including the raunchy stuff of the 18th C.
  10. I was sorry to hear about Gina. There was a comment on an article about her death that someone had read elsewhere that her death was due to cellulitis that turned septic. Considering her past poor hygiene that wouldn't be surprising. I looked up the Live Chat, and we had an epic snark about her, 22 pages! It appears Beth stuck with her until the end. I hope she separates from that horribly dysfunctional family of Gina's, and starts a new life without them.
  11. A normal young man of his age if stranded in Cleveland, with vacation time, would've probably lived it up there. Sorry Mom, I just can't join you!
  12. It's for Cumberland Presb. Church that broke away from the main Presb. church in 1810 as they didn't believe in predestination. https://www.cumberland.org/hfcpc/birthp.htm
  13. Yes, Jill wouldn't find much in common with Shakers. They believed in celibacy, pacifism, equality of men and women, and communal ownership of property. They also believed work was a gift to God. I'll always remember a PBS documentary about Shakers that it turns out was an early film by Ken Burns in 1984. It had beautiful cinematography.
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