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90DF Live Chat: Rice-A-Roni & Google Translate

Message added by SilverStormm

Don't post social media info/spoilers in the live chat.

This is the LIVE CHAT topic for ALL 90DF shows. Posting should only occur in this topic during the FIRST live airing of the episode.  See here for more details.

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3 minutes ago, LennieBriscoe said:

Baby Love not down to dab, dab, dab!

Right now Baby Love say, "Get me cab!"

"Queen Lisa don't want dis box spring!

Usman! Come here! What is dis ting,

Dis bucket, for?!" "Baby Love,

Lisa Girl, dat is for wash, to clean!

Why every day you be so mean?"

Dab, dab, dab, we dabbing...


Bless you! Too funny. You know I really need the laughter and distraction on these threads. It takes away the anxiety and fear of our realty for at least a little while......

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1 minute ago, Floatingbison said:

Finally some A listers.  Tom and Darcey.  So far this show has been dragging a little at the BisonBunker.

But with only three minutes left, there’s only enough time for Darcy to get halfway shit faced drunk. I feel frauded.

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Funny thing about the timing is that the lead on the show summary is "Tom and Darcey prepare to meet".  Oddly, when they  were already shown in the previews meeting at the restaurant table.   

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1 minute ago, sainte-chapelle said:

Fucking Geoffrey....yelling at her for keeping secrets when he is a convicted felon....fuck you, I hate him with the heat of a thousand suns.

Me too, I hate Boring Geoffrey with the heat of thousand nuns on acid

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1 minute ago, kendi said:

I hope she tells him when he tells her about his prison record. I can't wait!

Wow, I cannot believe he was taking a dump all over her for lying and he hasn't told her not a solitary thing about his prison past.  Wow.  And he has the nerve to act like he has been wronged.  Just wow. 

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3 minutes ago, Pepper Mostly said:

I've always been a fan of Jenny and Larry. I think they're sweet. 

Larry may not be the smartest or most handsome, but he struck me as a decent, stand up kind of guy.  

If memory serves, Tom called it quits with Darcey during their last conversation. I believe the only reason he is back is to show viewers that he lost weight.  

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I cannot wait until Geoffrey has to confess and own up to his criminal past with Varya. I hope she smacks him across the face and leaves him in the Ukrainian (Russian? Whatever) dust with his smug ass standards and stupid tattoos. He's such a hypocrite.

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She's bloated and blotchy...she doesn't look well at all, like she's sick. Maybe she's drinking too much?

Why is Tom so nervous when he's the one that asked to see her? Such an international man of mystery!

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21 minutes ago, blubld43 said:

How do any of Usmans friends not burst out laughing when they meet his grandma Babylove

The one friend prefaced his conversation with, “Your wife is very beautiful, but...” 

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