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  1. Speaking as a woman surrounded by mens in my career field (tech), sometimes smart men are also...like Jovi (fratty, stripclub, party types).
  2. Reading between the lines, my guess is that Brandon fucked something up.
  3. Is TLC angling for a psychics TV show? They are really pushing this "everyone has a psychic" narrative.
  4. Michael, Angela doesn't have big jugs because you take "good care of her." I suspect it's because the hamburgers and sodas are taking care of her.
  5. I spotted a grey tank top under it! I know in some shots you couldn't see it... But YES, come ON, Eileen!
  6. Kolini is giving me tan farmer fantasy with the overalls and I'm into it.
  7. Angela must be bleaching that hair about once a week to have it look that crispy.
  8. Good night, guys! Have a great week and we shall convene for the next season!
  9. Ooooh the first time I tried Retinol, I was able to fake a fever and go home "sick" because of how burny it made my face! But I recommend it.
  10. I missed all this (late gym appointment) but I am going to read ALL the snark!
  11. Can you IMAGINE if Julia got a good career going and made more money than him? Oooooh he would not be nice to live with.
  12. Brandon is so plain-faced, I can't even imagine him when I close my eyes. He's the PLAINEST.
  13. Charlie just seems so ragey all the time. What is the problem? Terrible marriage? Small penis? What is wrong in your world, Charlie?
  14. It IS kind of crazy that Andrei hasn't been employed yet.
  15. Okay but how do I get the silky waves hairstyle that Jen is wearing?
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