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  1. Y'all are forgetting what women will go through when they've been dickmatized. I'm convinced this guy must have a magnificent wang and not much else going on.
  2. Oh jesus, guy, what the hell is wrong with you.
  3. I am so jealous. I want to go! But I already have a big trip planned for this year and it's in about a month... maybe next year? I have friends in Mass so I'd be down for flying up and making a week of it!
  4. Jenny acting like she has more important things to do than help around the temple all day.
  5. He's actually at the NEW job! He's the person who talked me into applying. So I won't have to say goodbye! And y'know, maybe there will be a business trip that will happen and I'll have a drink and end up making out with him On Accident in an elevator somewhere. Not that I've plotted this out or anything.
  6. Guys. I accepted a job offer last week and now I have to break it to my current team that I'm leaving the company. Yikes... (so my interview went fine!) And I kind of want to make out with my friend who works there, but he doesn't know it. Anyway, hellooooo let's fret about hurricanes now.
  7. Ok, time to guess the big Mormon Secret about His Past. I'm going with a handjob at church camp one time.
  8. Flown to Colombia five times. The D must be incredible.
  9. Cory looks like a guy who would get deeply scared from his own erection and it would make him start crying.
  10. Wait. The "beachfront property" they purchased is just a small patch of dirt? .... Cooooool....
  11. Yeah it sounded familiar. I thought Sleeping Beauty. Either way, it's Tchaikovsky. Edit: OH, it's Saint-Saens? My bad!
  12. Different person, but cut from the same bland cloth.
  13. So how Ariella tells it, she was married to a nice man for 10 years and then decided she was done being married because she wanted to travel the world. But figured one day they'd get back together. So she's a total asshole, I see.
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