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  1. It appears that Debbie approves of Vanessa, maybe because she's NOT Brazilian or in need of a green card? I thought it was interesting that one of Larissa's cats was named "Wolfie" then she told Jess that Debbie is a wolf. Did she name the cat to take a potshot at Debbie? I don't believe for a minute that Larissa's motive for talking to Jess was to warn her about Colt, she was straight up getting junior high type revenge.
  2. I can’t wait to see Cynthia and Molly’s reactions to Angela modeling her wedding gown! Guess we aren’t seeing that tonight, but I would have preferred it to the biopsy scenes.
  3. she has such a low energy, unemotional, flat affect. I wonder if she's adopted, she looks absolutely nothing like her mother.
  4. She also screamed during Botox injections.
  5. Or a Pnina Tornai “Stripper Fairy Dress”
  6. My closed captioning said that Libby is Baptist. Don’t they usually get baptized by immersion as adults?
  7. The Moldovan landing music sounded like “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”
  8. Sorry I’m lagging behind, but I keep having to stop for photo ops.
  9. I couldn’t see the name of the store Angela went into, but signage said they sold “men’s and boy’s fashions” and they were having a big sale.
  10. Why can’t he use those two garbage cans sitting by the back door?
  11. I hope Karine’s coughing doesn’t foreshadow what it means for characters in movies
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