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  1. magemaud

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    We currently have a major power outage her in Jersey so I had to rely on live chat and this forum to tell me what happened tonight. Based on what I read, I can’t believe Ronald terrified poor Daniel with stories of human trafficking like he was warning him about The Bogeyman! Poor kid will be scarred for life! But on a brighter note, I had a valid excuse not to watch Family Chantel (as if I needed one!)
  2. The two of them sitting on the couch reminded me of the cool cheerleader sorority sister types when they were forced to interact with the Tri Lams on "Revenge of the Nerds." But maybe Colt thinks he and Ash will end up together like Lewis and Betty. Looks like Thomas is about to burst his shirt buttons.
  3. Look at Chantel (mis)quoting the Bible! I'll bet she and Pedro "become one flesh" on a regular basis even though they haven't succeeded in the leaving their parents' part.
  4. Ratings for Kate Plus Date sputter at 773,000 Total viewers for the premiere were 773,000 or .773M viewers. http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-monday-cable-originals-network-finals-6-10-2019.html The ratings were less than the ratings for the 3 episodes aired in July 2017. 7/10/2017 .918 - A Haunting at the Gosselins 7/17/2017 .781 - Kate goes skiing...sort of... 7/24/2017 .801 - Six Teenagers thanks, but I don't understand if that's good or bad ratings-wise.
  5. Minus the beard, he'd look like a little boy headed for a photo op in the Sears portrait studio for his parents' Christmas card
  6. interspersed with lighter moments of twerking lessons and the added drama of Winter's boyfriend in the Dysfunctional Family Chantel dynamic.
  7. Is that the one where you forsake your relatives and "cleave" to your spouse like Chantel accused Colt of not doing (but also didn't do herself)?
  8. Next she’s going to explain whether the chicken or the egg came first and if no one is around to hear it does a falling tree in the forest make a sound.
  9. Blame it on the language barrier. She saw lots of hot young men and didn’t realize they were looking for other hot young men
  10. I’m sure Dean is (but he’s not “here”)
  11. Does anybody know where and how to do that? I’d also like to look up “Kate Plus Date” and “S’Mothered”
  12. After this, she’s going to head to the Duty Free store in the airport to drench herself in all sorts of gag inducing perfumes like she did before meeting Jesse.
  13. Just some random thoughts from tonight Ashley sat there alternating between glaring and crying the entire time. Chantel wore her medium length eyelashes. Did Colt get contacts or LASIK surgery in addition to a new car? Poor Pedro, too depressed to even play his video games!
  14. Is that supposed to be a sexy pose? Eric's well developed pecs are almost drifting into moobs territory and he has the physique of a teenager.