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  1. My husband has been a poll worker (I'm in NJ) for a few years and has to be there at 5:00 AM and stay until the polls close, usually 8:00 or 9:00 PM. It's a long day but he enjoys it and always has some great stories, especially after the last election.
  2. Maybe that's where Jenny went the last time she had to leave India for a couple of days to renew her visa? Can you imagine those two together?
  3. I really need to watch that program. It sounds right up my snarking alley
  4. Now that you mention it, I can totally see them being into S&M. Mistress Evilyn in black leather with a whip and submissive Corey in handcuffs being led around wearing a dog collar.
  5. The red sweater dress and tonight's yellow atrocity did her no favors. Edited to add, the leopard print Wilma Flintstone dress was especially unflattering. I think the Talking Heads were all filmed later, after she lost an alarming amount of weight. I am willing to guess she was even back in the US when they were filmed because we have seen season previews of her returning to America and a phone call when she tells Bini she will never go back to Ethiopia after what he did to her and Avi.
  6. That was Bini's highly opiniated sister. Her real name is hard to remember, so they call her "Wish". Her Royal Bitchiness would never lower herself to work as Ari's nanny. Perish the thought. Sister Wish is on the left and the sister in the middle’s nickname is Mimi. I think she resembles Nanny Mimi facially, but now I see she is much heavier.
  7. May I humbly suggest adding Libby's sisters to our list, too. I wanted Corey to THROW UP the soup, all over those witches. Much more effective than tossing it!
  8. I forget why Betty and Ron were applauding so enthusiastically. Did Brandon get an "A" on his algebra test?
  9. I believe they were married but decided to “take a break” when Corey went to Peru, but I might be misremembering, didn’t Corey admit to not being able to “get it up” with Jenny? If so, since there was no intercourse, maybe in his mind he technically didn’t cheat.
  10. The woman wearing the white shawl over her head was introduced to Leandro as Bini’s sister, named something that began with an “M” and to call her “Mimi.” To me she looked exactly like the woman who takes care of the baby. I’ll try to rewatch and screenshot
  11. So, if Ari, Bini, and Leandro went to Bini’s sister’s house for the Buhe holiday and Mimi the nanny was there (since it’s been confirmed she’s also a sister) WHERE WAS BABY AVI?
  12. SteVen’s awkward snorting nasal laughs sounds like Beavis. Night all, going to see if Mr. Magemaud is up for some spoodilypoopin’
  13. His stepfather was worried that SteVen doesn’t think the rules don’t apply to him.
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