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  1. Did anyone catch how Jovi said he wasn’t going to have a drink a time lunch because he was driving? This, to me, proved two things: 1) Jovi does drive and 2) he can get through a scene without a beer in his hand.
  2. Will Asuelu and Kalani demand open concept, granite counters, dual vanities and stainless steel appliances? And insist the front door face in a certain direction? We already know Asuelu is afraid of ghosts, so nothing haunted or near a cemetery, of course.
  3. From the commercials for this week’s episode, why am I not surprised that Asuelu is such a dud in the sack that Kalani, who has never been with another man, is complaining that their sex life is terrible?
  4. Yes, I remember him saying that, too, in the counseling session. Heavily tattooed Asuelu doing a native dance in the hotel show must have impressed Kalani with his exotic-ness and when he found out she was an American (virgin, to boot) he decided to pursue her
  5. I believe it is a Samoan thing. Kalani’s Mother herself isn’t Samoan but married a very opinionated, domineering Samoan man who probably decreed she should grow her hair long and their daughters grew up following the long hair culture. I was reading a bit about it and there was something about in Samoa cutting your long hair was considered “spoiling your beauty”. Also, larger, buxom wives are seen as a symbol of prosperity. Kalani might not have had many suitors in Utah but when she went to Samoa, she was exactly Asuelu’s type.
  6. There’s no doubt in my mind that production could find a Utah realtor willing to show Kalani and Asuelu houses in exchange for free television exposure even though there’s no way they could qualify for buying one.
  7. And her cleavage on display in that low cut dress in her intro picture reminds me of Elvira or Morticia Addams.
  8. remember when she had the uterine biopsy scare and she freaked out because there was "lots of cancer" in her family? But I think Michael has figured out that at this rate, he's never going to get to the US but welcomes Angela's and TLC's money.
  9. That’s the disclaimer on the screen at the beginning of every episode of “My 600 Lb. Life” (but maybe that’s only for the super morbidly obese?)
  10. I think they had been zooming because at the appointment there was some mention about finally meeting in person. We know Angela had been in touch with his assistant, Natasha.
  11. She probably did, but didn’t bother to read it. seeing Rebecca’s surprised reaction to Jovi and Yara being on, I’ll bet she’s really pissed that they immediately got another season
  12. Absolutely, and we are to believe the surgeon never mentioned skin surgery until that day, too?
  13. I’m still thinking about tonight’s shit show and don’t believe for a second that the need for Angela’s breast reduction was just sprung on her THE DAY BEFORE HER SURGERY!
  14. She probably can still be reached. Besides, she’s not deceased, she’s just “on the other side.”
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