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  1. In Dolly’s case, when it touches the ground
  2. Before the stripper got there, that had to be the lamest divorce party ever. Five people, all dressed up, sitting around a spartan hotel room drinking wine and discussing Jasmine and “Yeeno’s” sex life without a bit of food in sight! I can’t wait until Gino sees the video without Jasmine’s crotch shots and the stripper’s butt blurred out.
  3. Bonus scene of Ben playing guitar and singing “feliz cumpleaños” to Mahogany! UGH!
  4. Furthermore, IIRC, she slept in the homeless shelter the same night she moved out of Ricky's! Chick doesn't lose any time hooking up!
  5. A cozy moment at the hotel. Didn’t she say she had slept in a homeless shelter ONE night? That’s where she met Phillip. They must have moved in together the next day?
  6. She admitted that SHE had booked the "most expensive room"/honeymoon suite herself. She works in a café! I'll bet she also gets paid as a caregiver for her invalid mother. But, somehow she made enough money to buy a $ 7K MJ fedora. (I hope she has insurance on it after bragging on national television...)
  7. Hey, is that Ben Stein at the other table?
  8. Hmmm, isn’t it a coincidence that both Dolly and Tammy Slaton’s sketchy boyfriends are named Phillip?
  9. Finally got to watch and I’m just gobsmacked. I didn’t think they could top Lacey’s “journey” but in many ways they did. I kept having to stop and take screen shots of Dolly’s facial expressions.
  10. I wondered why, if he was such a good friend, we'd never heard about him before. Updated: I believe Amanda first described him as "my friend, Rob" and since she is also a relative (no pun intended) newcomer to the story, I think the family must only know of him through her.
  11. I think many of us viewers got that impression
  12. I'm convinced it was his high school diploma or worse
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