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  1. Isn’t there some kind of limit at Customs for the value of gifts you’re bringing into a foreign country? I don’t believe those ugly watches were worth what Stephanie claimed because she casually tossed them into her checked luggage. And of course Ryan is selling them! I’m positive we are going to see a scene where he claims to have lost the ones she sent before. And how convenient for him that she’s supplying her own ring!
  2. Just watching to Bonus Scene with Hazel, Tarik and Auri waking up in bed together. Hazel is complaining, and rightly so IMO, that she and Tarik have no privacy and why does Auri have to share their bed. So Tarik takes her to this messy bedroom with a mattress on the floor which is where Auri could sleep and Hazel discusses fixing it up “pretty” for her. Tarik says, with Auri within earshot, he isn’t sure if he wants Auri to sleep in another room then he asks her, “Do you want to sleep here?” Big surprise when Auri gives him an emphatic NO!
  3. Despite knowing how enormous Cindy was, Sandy probably just picked up an average size potty chair at a yard sale or something just to be able to truthfully say she had gotten one. Cindy would obviously require an industrial strength “double wide.”
  4. Yes, Sandy was her caregiver for four years before Sandy moved to Houston. I couldn’t get over how Sandy pushed the idea of her coming there to be Dr. Now’s patient. “But where would I stay?” Of course she’d stay at Sandy’s. Sandy made all the arrangements and was pretty relentless in her arguments that it was what Cindy needed to do although Cindy repeatedly expressed no desire to be in the program. Even when the ambulance was waiting at the door, Sandy continued to hound a reluctant Cindy to go. The camera crew was filming and there would be no more episodes if Cindy backed out now. (Okay, Cindy couldn’t really back out of anything, I mean it figuratively) I'm convinced Sandy was just doing it for the caretaker and TLC money for her family, to get on TV, and like a poster said above, she thought she would look like a hero.
  5. I wonder if his refusal to kiss her was because he had already stopped off for a drink on the way home
  6. I would love to hear the backstory of Natalie’s supposedly rich first husband
  7. Let’s start a class action suit against TLC. Our time has got to be worth something, not to mention the billions of brain cells we lost
  8. That was just a little amuse bouche
  9. @nutella fitzgerald, please don’t let this episode discourage you from watching this franchise. Cindy was probably the most boring poundticipant (as they are called here) EVER! We didn’t see the usual horrifying scenes of her shoving enormous amounts of food in her mouth or the arduous journey to get to Dr. Now’s, nor the drama of whether or not she would lose the weight necessary to be approved for weight loss surgery. She said from the beginning she didn’t want to go. It was two long hours of her in bed, whining about how hard she was working while in reality doing absolutely nothing.
  10. Look at this ad that just showed up on this forum. Too bad I didn’t see it in time for today’s festivities I had to explain that commercial to my husband
  11. Does anybody else think the Sandy just wanted to get on the show?
  12. Lupe! Lola is our favorite baby-voiced bewigged therapist
  13. One time they showed him driving to someone’s house wearing his lab coat and stethoscope in the car. Mr FB! Welcome and hope you’re enjoying this forum. Tell everyone how you visited Dr. Now’s office for a photo op!
  14. You win by being the closest without going over! Dr. Now, tell her what she’s won
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