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  1. We've seen Georgia based bariatric surgeon, Dr. Proctor, on several TLC programs including the newest one, "Too Large." That's who I figured Angela was going to go to when she announced her plans to have WLS at the Tell All. But no, she went to LA to Mama June's doctors. I heard they have the same publicist so it must have been arranged by him or her.
  2. She smoked on the way in, then the hypnotist instructed her to "go outside and smoke" her last cigarette before he hypnotized her. When she came in, he had her symbolically throw out the rest of the pack.
  3. I must have missed it. I know that Loren is pregnant again, but is Anny also? update: Anny announced it on Instagram a few weeks ago. Is this baby #7 for Robert? I wonder what “Porn Star Granny” thinks of that
  4. WOW! Now I’m getting targeted ads for the Zion Ponderosa! I looked at their accommodations and from the outside it appeared that Kalani and Asuelu stayed in a Cowboy Cabin. But at reception the woman said they had booked two “cabin suites” which are much larger and fancier. It appears that there’s some kind of kitchenette in their cabin so I think it’s a suite. Maybe Lisa and the boys are staying in a Cowboy Cabin. Anyway, this resort even offers the option of staying in a Conestoga wagon!
  5. Did Alexei on PT just say that Natalie was "Ukrazian"? That's brilliant!
  6. He doesn't want it to ruin the look of his outfit. and it bothers his moobs
  7. Don't forget the Candy Panties! Have a great trip, FB, you've earned it! My daughter is coming home from Boston for Father's Day so I'm going to subject her to the show and will send you a recap!
  8. I believe that theory, too. Remember how they came separately to the Tell All? I think they were broken up but agreed to pretend to be together for another season for the money and to show the viewers what went wrong. Don't forget Natalie is an ACTRESS!
  9. The camera crew brought it for her. Anybody else here who wouldn't be thrilled to get one of Trish's scarves every year?
  10. I confess I would also like to whip the s**t out of Asuelu (but it wouldn't turn me on!)
  11. Now that you mention it, I wonder if any of his other kids were at his birthday? How about Racist Grandpa?
  12. This must have been filmed around the same time as the Tell All because Angela is wearing the same mask. I’ve noticed that in her THs she is missing some teeth on the upper right side.
  13. It was the highlight of my trip. Go in the evening when the lights come on in the buildings, it’s magical
  14. I planned to close my eyes for a few minutes before the show came on and promptly fell asleep and missed the first forty minutes. So now I’m five pages behind in the snark. Just wanted to comment, why is Kalani surprised Asuelu takes her to a cabin as his idea of a romantic getaway? His idea for a date night was taking her hatchet throwing!
  15. When we first "met" the Duggars, they also had 14 children. That must be the minimum level for getting your own TLC show. Over the years, we saw Michelle deliver babies 15-19, then miscarry #20. I don't think Karen will be able to reach the Duggar goal even if she has multiple babies at a time.
  16. I wouldn't put it past Trish to say something like, "What kind of job do you expect to get here, a hooker?" (cackle, cackle, she thinks she's a riot) Then Trish and Mike agree that Natalie "misunderstands" a lot of what they say to her. At the same time she thought Natalie was qualified to be a translator?
  17. I don’t understand why Natalie didn’t just confront Trish with “you disrespected me when you called me a hooker!” and instead she sat there refusing to talk. That makes me suspicious that Trish said it in the first place since we didn’t see it on camera and can only take Natalie’s word for what happened.
  18. I can’t get over how plain and dismal the “tablescape” is. No tablecloth, floral centerpiece or any kind of holiday decorations. Surely they can’t be Trish’s best dishes and silverware. A Pyrex measuring cup of gravy. Not even drinking glasses at the place setting. Later, everyone appears to have their own plastic bottle of water. Natalie seems to have made the only attempt to make anything look appetizing with her sour cream and parsley garnish on the borscht. And enough coleslaw for a church supper! (But no cranberry sauce)
  19. and Kalani and Asuelu are also going to replace the batteries in their new toys! If they weren't in a sex shop, I would have mistaken that feathered wand as a cat toy. Well, I guess it is for a pussy...
  20. Oh yes, what was up with that? He was one strange looking dude.
  21. After I add this to my list of favorite 90 DF quotes, I’m going to embroider it on a pillow
  22. No problem, I react to posts all the time only to find out others have already said the same thing! But I came here to post that I’m rewatching the “More to Love” episode and I’m surprised no one has mentioned Tiffany’s attorney’s weird crescent shaped forehead crease. I can’t take my eyes off it
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