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  1. He supposedly overstayed his Visa when he came to the US with his first wife and son. I don't think that has ever been said on the show, though. But last night Ari discussed something with her parents about having applied for the K1 Visa for him but the pandemic derailed that plan. Does that mean there was never "The Other Way" plan and that the idea all along was to bring him to the US? That change of plans seems pretty common on TOW, people move to a foreign country instead of bringing their fiancé to the US, but then all of a sudden they are applying for a spousal or fiancé Visa.
  2. Oh! I want to watch that one, that sounds really good! I think a Biblical stoning would be appropriate. After all, Jesus had friends who were stoned (but different meaning than today.)
  3. Maybe you know the answer, I was wondering if many of the phrases he used were "stock" responses that he memorized as part of his missionary work in Russia. I noticed that the English translations appeared to be full of platitudes and religious mumbo-jumbo. Was his Russian as good when he wasn't pitching the Book of Mormon?
  4. I’m rewatching that scene right now. A lot of people thought he said that, but at that point he was actually talking about abstinence being the best way to avoid pregnancy. Then he threw in an awkward comment that “only one girl has gotten pregnant being abstinent” and he was presumably referring to The Virgin Mary. He goes on to make some lame argument that “without experience, Faith cannot be tested” but Alina and her mom both call him out on that BS. Besides, I'm positive that if he’d gotten a girl pregnant he would have immediately married her! @nutella fitzgerald Jinx!
  5. Yes, and they were very good friends until they found about Jenny's nightly trips upstairs to Sumit's room.
  6. Sounds like a concern of a royal family. and Angela!
  7. Otherwise, using Kenny’s sperm in a surrogate would make the baby the same relation to Armando as Kenny’s existing children, ie none
  8. Then he went on to talk about abstinence and how “only one girl got pregnant that way” and I took it to mean he was referring to the Virgin Mary. Fortune telling bunnies! That’s a new one! I was afraid he was selling them for dinner.
  9. Ari is the princess of the family…spoiled and entitled. Ari is the only child from Janice and Fred’s, I mean Dr. Weinberg’s, marriage.
  10. As if! Actually I was trying to comment on SteVen’s Virgin pregnancy “joke”. 20 minutes ago! Damn iPad So now Ari’s family is trying to get Avi early acceptance into Princeton?
  11. He claimed to have “made out” with over 100, got some kind of action with 23 or so and actual intercourse with 4 or 5
  12. That line is longer than people waiting for the Covid vaccine
  13. She is so obviously laying the groundwork for getting him here somehow. Maybe some kind of loophole medical hardship visa based on a bogus excuse like Avi can't travel back to Ethiopia after his surgery signed off by Doctor Daddy or his cronies
  14. But he's FRENCH! Hairy could be "de rigueur" to him
  15. Slow Saturday night and I found myself watching the wedding in the Philippines episode of this shit show. Every time I see Winter dressed in that ridiculous blue monstrosity, all I can think of is a parade float. And Karen's dress looks like Carol Burnett in the famous "Gone With the Wind" parody. Too bad she didn't have a tiny hat! It was even funnier to see how everyone else was dressed so casually. oh my, is that MY "popular post" from over two years ago swearing I would never watch? I'm also a top poster on this forum. Busted!
  16. Maybe the family and camera crew weren’t allowed inside. Newark is a busy airport and they probably couldn’t clear the area for filming like we often see when people arrive at a suspiciously empty terminal. It appeared like they were waiting for her at the international Arrivals parking lot.
  17. She might have quarantined at her parents after her arrival, we just won’t see that. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a consultation with the surgeon already set up and then would schedule the surgery when she saw him.
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